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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 18, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> not guilty of murder in the u.s. embassy bombings. the first what tom of -- guantanamo detainee to face trial is found guilty of conspiracy. a 300 engines need to be replaced after this month's's engine explosion. ireland might need a bailout. europe's top bankers fly to dublin. coming up later for you, a group of military officers in madagascar are say they have taken control.
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the government insists it is still in charge. pulled to safety. the dramatic resht -- rescue of a 3-year-old girl that fell down a well. the first suspect transferred from the guantanamo military prison to face a u.s. civilian court has been found not guilty of all but one of 286 terrorist charges. the man ahmed khalfan ghailani was found not guilty of all but one charge. prosecutors expect him to face a minimum of 20 years in prison. >> ahmed khalfan ghailani was said by prosecutors to be instrumental in the al qaeda
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embassy bombing that killed the 224 people in nairobi. they claim that he purchased gas cylinders that exploded and the truck used to carry them. he faced 281 charges. the jury returned just one guilty verdict, that is conspiring to damage government buildings and property. several pieces of testimony against them were thrown out by the court because they were obtained by the cia in so-called black prisons. ghailani was subject to enhance the interrogation techniques, seen by some as verging on torture. he will spend at least 20 years in prison. the verdict will be seen as a major blow to the obama administration and its pledge to close guantanamo. among those awaiting trial is:
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shaikh mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the september level of the tax. the suggestion that they might receive more lenient treatment in public courts might have officials rethinking their strategy. >> qantas has said that rolls- royce will replace up to 40 engines on airbus super jumbos operated by a number of airlines across the world. earlier this month, an engine exploded on a qantas plane. the plane was fair -- forced to make an emergency landing in singapore. >> it would represent about half of the rolls royce engines currently serviced around the world. the global fleet of airbus a380 super jumbo's has banned the discussion of discussion -- subject of discussion between
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qantas and rolls royce. the talks have been ongoing. this refit of up to 40 engines is not going to be cheap. each engine costs about $350 million each. >> they are still being manufactured. they are still in production. >> after the mid-air drama over singapore on the fourth of november when the flight was forced to turn back to singapore, it was on its way to sydney, debris was found that of the engine on a remote island. qantas reacted by grounding its entire fleet of a380's. it will remain on the ground until early december. air singapore has been forced to cancel some flights. this has affected a number of airlines. this refix is likely to take
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some weeks. >> scientists at the organization for nuclear research have for the first line attract antimatter, material for years that has been the subject of science fiction. perhaps the researchers hope to extend the time that antimatter can be kept. they believe this will help physicists understand the nature of the origins of the universe. the irish government has admitted for the first time that emergency financial help might be needed to ease the financial crisis. those from the european commission and central bank are traveling to dublin to consider a bailout of tens of billions of euros. >> not so much a bleak day in
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dublin. possibly a bleak new era. and the economy that was too dependent on a property bubble that has left too many estates empty. that was pumped up by reckless lending. they need massive future lending to protect them against future losses. today for the first time, the finance minister conceded that he may need a financial lifeline. >> the system has remained vulnerable with the continuing international uncertainties. we have to support the system and stabilize the system. >> even a country outside of the bureau's own -- eurozone says that it is willing to help. >> ireland is our closest neighbor. it is in our interest that ireland is stable and they have
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a stable banking system. >> an international bank is down to the tune of 107 billion pounds. the other big creditor is the european central bank. in a way, they have already led a rescue of the irish bank by lending them 109 billion pounds. that 109 billion pounds is equivalent to the size of the irish economy. a huge of equipment that -- commitment that the ecb wants to reduce. they are pushing for ireland to take further steps to strengthen their banks so that they can stand on their own feet again. should the royal bank of scotland before us to slash their claim, it is part of their
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rebuilding. >> they made terribly bad lending decisions. it is good that they suffer some of these losses. the taxpayers were not responsible. the danger is that this will trigger -- >> hear in portugal, it looks calm. the fear is that a banking collapse the starts in ireland, could affect other countries. this is a memorial to years of excess. the signs of a final bill and who is going to pay partly obscured. >> our business editor reporting there. the u.s. secretary of state says that she will press to ratify a nuclear arms treaty with russia. mr. clinton says that the treaty is not finished. the new start treaty needs
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bipartisan support to go through. they suspected russian arms dealer viktor bout has appeared in an american court for the first time and has pled not guilty to terrorism charges. kremlin officials are calling this a blatant injustice. italian police have arrested a wanted mafia boss. his nickname was the baby. he tried to escape by leaping from the balcony. he had been on the run for years. he was convicted in his absence of murder and extortion. one of the three major insurgents in afghanistan has told bbc that a ceasefire as possible. across the border in pakistan, it is alleged that the key insurgent group has sanctuary.
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>> under pakistani military escort, we followed a route edged into history. this is the tiber pass, gateway into afghanistan. invading armies have come here for centuries. today, there is chaos and conflict on both sides of this border. people here say it one thing. when there are foreign troops in afghanistan, there shall be no peace there or here. the fates of these two nations are intertwined. for many pakistanis, a pullout of all forces from afghanistan cannot come soon enough. they believe it will have a calming affect here.
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if there is to be peace in afghanistan, it probably has to run through here. pakistan's shadowy spy agency has backed them in the past and allegedly still does. it was here in pakistan that we managed to contact one of the main insurgent groups. we met the son. his father has been branded by a -- as a local terrorist. his group is maneuvering for influence and even talking of a cease-fire. >> talks can be held on the timetable for foreign forces to leave afghanistan. if they agreed to be confined to their bases and give a specified time line for leaving, then
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there can be a cease-fire. >> what ever the future for its neighbor, pakistan is still battling its own taliban. this was their latest attack. this was aimed at the terror police. experts warned that in the long term, militants here are the biggest threat to the west. >> even if there is peace in afghanistan, it does not mean that all of these local j ihadists that are in pakistan. >> back at the border, they pledged to defend their country with their lives. pakistan has paid a high price for supporting nato in afghanistan. if it is and -- ignored, it could jeopardize a deal.
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>> pakistan would be excluded only with the implications of this. that is something that nobody would want. >> pakistan is eager for the endgame across the border. forces no if nato goes too soon, there could be greater instability. >> you are watching "bbc world news." the afghan women that want to play football where the taliban was carried out public executions. heavy rain and strong winds have caused serious flooding and disruption in the southwest of england. search and rescue has been used to free people trapped in their cars and homes. residents have been warned of
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the risk of more flooding during the night as heavy rain is forecast. our correspondent reports. >> this county is used to water. the intensity of rainfall in the early hours of this morning seemed to catch everybody out. by breakfast time, rescue helicopters were searching for anyone in danger. roads became rapids. flood water cascaded down, bringing with it tons of rock and debris. this was the morning rush hour. this is the link road that crosses the camp. it is the damage to property that causes the most heartbreak. hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. in some houses, the floodwater
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reaching 5 feet, destroying everything in its wake. this brought rail services to a halt. communities clearing up before the next big worry. >> the next problem that people down there are facing is going to be the rising tide. this was starting to clear a short time ago. as the tide rises, those cars are floating all over again. >> this has been the first big storm of the winter. tonight, they are hoping to avoid any more. >> you are watching "bbc world news." the suspect -- the first suspect transferred from
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guantanamo to an american civilian court has been found not guilty of all but one charge in the bombing of a u.s. embassy. the engines on super jumbos are to reap -- be replaced after the engine on a super jumbo exploded this month. they have taken control with madagascar are. this was when people were voting on a new referendum of the constitution. they formed a military committee. the government insists that it is still in charge. >> opposition supporters taking to the streets, demanding the current regime is dissolved. this is the rebel leader who is claiming a takeover of the eye than nation. the colonel is one of the officers behind a coup that
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brought the current president to power next year. the president has been diplomatically isolated cents. -- since. it is a takeover of power by military council. it is still to be sorted out in the last 18 months. >> of these claims come on the day that a new constitution was put to the public in madagascar are. they have been monitoring the voting in the referendum, which has been seen as a test of confidence in the president's leadership. all three of the main opposition groups called for a boycott of the voting. >> we are here to show whether the result is yes or no, that they be destroyed.
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we will no longer tolerate what is happening in this country. >> the country's military leadership has vowed to crush any rebellion. he has described them as a small group trying to stir up trouble. he says that he is not afraid of their threats. >> sarah palin, who was the republican nominee for u.s. vice president in the 2008 election says that she is considering a presidential run. her comments came in an excerpt of an interview with barbara walters. >> i am looking at the lay of the land and try to figure out if it is a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i think so. >> they are engaged in two battles. one is against the insurgency,
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the other is to win hearts and -- hearts and minds. the bbc has spent in the country and found the most spectacular example of change on the sports field. >> you are watching something special, really special. it is not about the skills on display, but about the players that have taken to the field. a 19-year-old and her teammates are members of the afghan women's national football team. >> what do you think? >> i took her to her field of dreams. like millions around the world, she was inspired by one of the game's superstars. >> by watching him. >> 10 years ago under the taliban, playing football in
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public was out of question -- out of the question. >> we are worrying about the taliban coming back to afghanistan. >> afghans remember the stadium for a more chilling form of public spectacle. it was the place where the taliban impose their extreme interpretation of sharia law. the stream is a far cry from this place of execution. this symbolizes the changes that are under way here in afghanistan. for many more, life has not changed at all. whether or not women play football is a luxury. she is one of millions of orphans in this country. she had told me she had been selling on the streets for 10 years, ever since her husband
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was killed in a battle against soviet troops. she has seven children to provide for. every month, she falls short. the next bout is a part of a 30- year cycle of violence. she finds herself abandoned by relatives and forgotten by the state. >> security measures are being stepped up in germany after warnings that a terror attack could be imminent. hundreds of extra police have been deployed around the country. the interior minister has warned suggested that the attack could happen before the end of november. nigeria's military has freed 19 hostages including seven foreigners after raids on two camps on wednesday. they described it as a major land, air, and sea operations.
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a team of international scientists has made a significant breakthrough in the search on blood pressure. they say that hypertension can be reduced by destroying nerves in the kidney. many people struggle to keep their blood pressure under control. >> high blood pressure is often called the silent blood -- silent killer because it greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, yet many of us realize -- do not realize that we have a it. in the u.k., and nearly one out of three have high blood pressure. this device offers a radically new approach, by zapping the kidney with radio waves. in a trial of 100 patients, half had a tube inserted into their
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renal artery. this delivered a burst of radio frequency energy that knocked out the nerves that played a key role in blood pressure control. most of those that have the treatment achieved substantial reduction in blood pressure. cutting the risk of cardiovascular disease. those involved in the trial believe that it has the potential to save thousands of lives per year. >> we rarely expect to see big drops in blood pressure. to be able to drop some of the's blood pressure by this much with a relatively simple, quick procedure is somewhat important. >> fred cannot keep his blood pressure under control. after having a kidney procedure,
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it is substantially lower. he dreams of one day coming off of medication. >> i went through the operation. to me, it has worked wonders. >> fred is trying to keep fit, another key to lowering blood pressure. if successful, this could become another key tool towards fighting cardiovascular disease. >> a 3-year-old girl has been rescued after falling more than 20 meters down a well near buenos aires. >> this is vanessa, trapped 23 meters underground. she tripped and fell down an
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unprotected irrigation well. almost instantly, the rescuers were at the scene. they set up this video monitoring system. the experts decided that their best hope was to dig another hole that was parallel to the ones that vanessa was stuck in. recovering her was a delicate task. >> there is always a danger because there could be an internal injury. her physical state was good. there could have been 23 years of injuries. time was of the essence. >> it took six hours to get her out. although you might not be able to see her here, you can tell by the noise that they have done it. apart from a few grazes she managed to come out unchanged.
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she is a bit more famous than she was before. >> a reminder of our main news. the first prisoner transfer from guantanamo prison has been found not guilty of all but one terror charges. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe, and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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