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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." warren -- who are attacking the international community. and officials are due to vote on the world cup bid that have taken bribes. indoor by many ordinary people in the north, welcome to bbc world news. coming up later, a shock for the art world as there are revealed over 250 previously unknown works by picasso. an olympic hopefuls are hurtling down the slopes of a volcano.
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the white house has ordered a radical shake-up in the way it has handled sensitive information. there was the lead of a quarter of a million classified correspondence. among the cables released by the web site, several unflattering sentiments of world leaders and confirmation that saudi arabia has been pressuring washington to attack iran. >> among the latest revelations, and american view of a british royal abroad. at a business lunch, according to the local u.s. ambassador,
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prince andrew also apparently lashed out at what he called the .diocy of the fraud office's also newly released this evening, more aggressive behavior seen most recently last week. senior chinese officials told the u.s. the north korea was behaving like a spoiled child when launching attacks to get attention. a classified report also speculated what might happen if kim jong il died and north korea collapsed. china could except south korea taking over. tonight, the u.s. secretary of state and warned of aggressive steps to punish those who stole the information.
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>> there is nothing laudable about endangering and -- innocent people, and there is nothing brave about sabotaging peace for relations between nations upon which our common security depends. >> it might be little more than diplomatic gossip, but some of it could be quite damaging. an insight into the daily secret traffic for over 270 u.s. embassies and consulates dated from 1966 to february this year and ranging to unflattering portraits of other leaders. the russian president is described as plain robin to somebody else's batman. minister ise
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dismissed as vain and ineffective as a modern european leader. >> i can tell you at least one of my counterparts, don't worry about it. this is well understood in the diplomatic community as part of the give and take. >> obama's white house might have suffered a battering, but they will all be wondering if they are next in line to be humiliated. >> we will have more on that specifically on the korea ankle later in the program. just three days before the decision on who hosts the world cup finals in 2018 and 2022, they have uncovered evidence of corruption. the bbc program has found
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evidence of 22 men took of bribes from sports marketing firms. >> the world cup is worth billions of dollars. selling rights is a huge business. one swiss company marketed those rights and held on to the business by paying out about $100 million in bribes. an investigation on the program "panorama," showed where the money went. there were three men from fifa's executive committee. they are the boss of south american football, documents show for 10 years, received
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payments equaling $10,000. he was given the equivalent of $20,000 in 1995. the man in charge of brazilian football field $9.5 million in kickbacks. -- received $9.5 million in kickbacks. >> is incredible, and i am surprised it has happened decade after decade of corruption. >> fifa declined to comment. but in a statement, the president said in an earlier court case, no officials were accused of any criminal offense.
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>> we will present you with books. >> the question is whether these revelations might damage england this chances -- england's chances. >> we believe we have put up a great bit and we are ready to host the world cup. anything else going on behind the scenes i don't think will affect it. >> to members of the executive committee were suspended and there is some exasperation among officials for the actions of the british press. they have already been paddling furiously to distance themselves. >> i am disappointed with the timing. we will have to see what happens tonight and move on. >> widely seen as trailing
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behind its rivals, spain and portugal will have to work even harder between now and the vote on thursday. >> egypt said that many of its candidates have lost their seats. protests about the conduct of the pull -- poll, they say it was marred by violence. a nuclear scientist has been killed, and another wounded. attackers attached to bombs to moving vehicles. they explain the u.s. and israel. the actor leslie nielsen has died at 84.
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he played the lead in numerous hollywood productions including forbidden planet and the poseidon adventure before turning to the comedy roles series in airplane and the naked gun. they have condemned last week's gunfire from the north. and they will pay the price for any further action. they have told us it is the first time, they have not indicated what they might do next. american firepower within striking distance of pyong yang. south korea military exercises a sure strength. but the south korean leader knows that there is a response to north korea oppose the aggression is not tough enough.
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>> for failing to protect my people's lives and property, i know well that they are greatly disappointed about the military's response to north korea near the island. i am very sorry and regretful for the death of innocent people. >> and those in the past, the president said, are now seeing its true colors. this is the image that north korea likes to project. strong, united, have defined. now, new interests have emerged to show a very different picture. film that considerable risk by a korean journalist and smuggled out. this girl is 23, an orphan.
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what do you eat, he asks her. and nothing, she replies. what do you want? this one is an idiot, she says. it is rarely rhythmists -- witnessed. the situation is getting more desperate. >> been number of homeless and vagrant have and increased. >> in seoul, protestors month the north korean media. they are piling on the precious from the south. it has made in north allot more
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ha desperate. -- a lot more desperate. >> can these men take on the militants within 20 years of anarchy in somalia? first, a brazilian police and troops are saying that there is a drug trafficker's stronghold. >> one of the most dangerous slums. is that more than 2.5000 in the hunt for dozens of drug traffickers. and the officers in the hillside, overcoming
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barricades'. this is what they are looking for. weapons and more than 30 tons of marijuana and cocaine packaged for delivery. the operation follows the week in question for suspected drug dealers, a least 46 people having been killed. the police quickly declared victory, and even putting the brazilian flag. >> our slum was an emblematic place for the entire area where we had a very large number together. for the criminals, this was no doubt a moral loss.
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>> many gathered for prayers. it is one of the biggest in a two-year campaign to drive from the stronghold. desperate to make the city safer, the olympic games a couple of years later. >> the latest headlines for you this hour, the u.s. secretary of state has denounced thousands of diplomatic cables as an attack on the international community. the latest confidential documents released suggests that china would be prepared to accept the reunification of north and south korea. diplomatic cables written earlier this year by the american ambassador discussed the possible collapse of the
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north. what is the background about the north? >> we are talking about diplomatic cables that were written in february this year, sent by the american ambassador at some time before that, there have been some talks on korea that had been private sessions, and one of the south korean officials was the deputy foreign minister in the south korean delegation on the chinese side. it is what he told the american ambassador over the latest disclosures. >> what did he tell the ambassador? >> the chinese officials believe that korea should be reunified under south korean control. they did not think that north korea was as much of value to
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china as a buffer state. as long as korea wasn't cost of the china, they thought the economic interests that lay elsewhere in the world, but not north korea. in telling me perhaps that china would not be able to stop the collapse of north korea. he said that north korea already collapsed economically and would do so politically in the next two or three years after kim jong il dying. is based largely on the recommendations of a handful of people. china has always been north korea oppose the most important allies. perhaps there are signals here that there is a mood change.
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it will shed a little bit more light. north korea is a very secretive state. >> somalia has been a base for pirates, kidnappers, and infamous militants. the prime minister is appealing for more international support. the bbc has been told that with outside help, the government can and 20 years -- [unintelligible] >> nice view. shame about the neighborhood. welcome to the most the bullet riddled city on earth. we are heading for the front lines.
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with us, african union peacekeepers now in control of half of the city. nowhere near strong enough to see at all. >> [ foreign language] we need more troops. >> in other words, deadly. they are not paid and prone to defect. bullets are cracking all around us. maybe a few inches from the front line. as you can see, [inaudible]
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this is linked to al qaeda. they are also widely feared. we take a heavily armored convoy to meet the new western backed government here. >> is also how much business is going on in the street. there are markets, a huge amount of human activity to impose the courage. >> the markets are ready. we are ready. our people are fed up with the chaos.
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when it comes to fight against terrorism. >> the outside world is wary of investing too much to the ultimate failed states. 9-year-old ali is caught in the crossfire. i have two brothers. neither has ever been to school. >> [unintelligible] >> on the edge of the city, a new ragtag army of volunteers.
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if their salaries are paid for by the west. can they help and a couple of decades of anarchy. there are no easy answers in somalia. >> an amazing treasure trove has surfaced in france, at least 200 previously unknown paintings of public picasso -- pablo picasso. >> the most expensive piece of art ever sold, 68 million pounds. just one reason why the experts are so excited about the latest find. this collection of previously unseen works includes sketches. watercolor.
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this is one of them. for almost 40 years, they have remained hidden behind these gates. he fitted security systems towards the end of his life. >> she wasn't going to do that just like that, was she? >> the administration is done by the size and range of the collection. -- is stunned by the size and range of the colelctions. -- collection. we know that some of this collection is from the early part of his career. he did keep records of his work.
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lawyers say that since coming forward, he has changed his story twice. the works have since been confiscated by the police and are part of a hugely expensive legal battle. electrician is not being charged. >> the latest chapter in our world olympic dreams series. today, we are at the extreme hot down hell mountain biking. -- down hill mountain biking. >> the top of the volcano in the indian ocean. they have gathered in the hundreds, but what makes this the ultimate by grace? >> difficulty.
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>> the only thing you can do is lay on the beach. >> they come from all over the world. olympic medalists. an eruption of activity. 500 competitors pushing their bikes to the limit. and putting their bodies through hell. like molten lava on wheels. 60 kilometers an hour, they dodged obstacles and the most punishing terrain which changes all the time from volcanic rubble to the rain forests and jungles where they have to avoid the floor. and it is through the dusty sugar plantation as they make their way down there from the
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indian ocean. >> it costs more than a small car. >> they all tried to be the first down. >> everyone who finishes is treated as a hero. then they have completed a course in just 44 minutes, but the real medals of honor are the scars and the broken by its. -- bikes. >> i kept thinking of the coconuts down there. >> after all that, there is only one thing to do. >> much more on that and all of the international news from the
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