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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 30, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> an apology and a warning. hillary clinton says aggressive action will be taken against those responsible for leaking secret u.s. communiques. china may be ready to accept a reunified korea up with the salt in charge. in wisconsin, a gun man releases 24 hostages after a standoff. we are broadcasting in america and around the globe. coming up later on, the battle for somali'a's future. and a shock for the art world as over 200 unknown works by
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picasso are unveiled. now the legal battle for ownership. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has described the disclosure of classified documents by wikileaks as an attack on the international community. our diplomatic correspondent reports that the leaked file talks about prince andrew's behavior. >> a caustic american view of a british royal abroad -- prince andrew. according to the u.s. ambassador
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he burst on rude. -- verged on rude. he lashed out into the probe and bribes.rleged saudi senior chinese officials apparently told the u.s. and north korea was behaving like this. a spoilt child. a classified report from the u.s. of the state speculated what might happen if kim jong il died. china has limited influence and could be persuaded to accept south korea taking over. tonight, the u.s. secretary of state, herself at the heart of the leaks, warned of aggressive steps to punish those who stole
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the information. >> there is nothing laudable about endangering innocent people and there is nothing brave about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations on which our common security depends. >> some colorful tidpbits. are diplomatic gossip, but some could be damaging. after all, there were a quarter of a million documents being made public, and insight into the secret traffic from over 270 u.s. embassies and consulates in dating from 1966 to february this year and a raging from reported secret deals to unflattering portraits of other leaders. medvedvev is described as playing robin to putin's batman.
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and italy's prime minister is dismissed as feckless, vain, and ineffective. >> i can tell you that in my conversations that at least one of my counterparts said to me, well, do not worry about it. you should see what we say about you. i think this is well understood in the diplomatic community as part of give and take. >> obama's white house may have suffered a battering, but across the globe, as governments await the next weeks, there will be wondering if they are next in line to be humiliated. >> our correspondent martin it is in beijing and give his latest on china's reaction to the information leaked. >> i think hugely embarrassing for beijing. they would not want the documents to be weak in public, because what is it seen is that beijing's attitudes to north
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korea is changing. according to the documents, to senior officials told their counterparts that if the north korean regime were to collapse and the north should be reunified with the south. they said that this was a view that was gaining ground in beijing, and they went on to say that north korea was no longer seen as a reliable ally. there was talk about the frustrations of beijing with their dealings with north korea, with one official saying that people believe that china has more influence over north korea than it actually has. so i think there will be concerns in beijing, particularly as they have been talking, holding positions which perhaps they have not been telling the north koreans. there could be a reaction from north korea to some of these views. >> in terms of their position
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with the north korea, we know that china is increasingly frustrated with north korea in what it is doing currently. >> i think that is right. i think these documents make clear what we have known for a long time -- china is frustrated with his north korean ally. that started in 2006 when north korea first tested its nuclear weapons. there have been subsequent tests in 2009. the results of missiles tested during a year, in which the vice chinese foreign minister said was behavingn m jong il like a spoiled child in order to get the attention of the world. china's position at the moment as it does not want the north korean regime it to collapse the way to reduce current tensions
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is by negotiating and they called for an emergency meeting of the six party talks. these are the talks designed to end north korea's nuclear weapons program, and beijing has called for an emergency meeting of all of those partners. >> bbc's martin patience. chris is in seoul. the leaks show the limits of chinese patients. >> when you go through these tables, they show that a lot of people are operating here, not just the south koreans and the chinese but the americans as well. a lot of it is educated guesses about what is really going on inside the north korean regime. there were few facts. that concerns -- they often
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called the black hole of asia, because it is just so difficult, even for diplomats at the highest level to have a clear idea of exactly of what is going on in that country. >> we are getting some other news from north korea that north korea says it has thousands of nuclear centrifuges operating as a previously undetected uranium enrichment facility. do you have any more background on that? >> i think this is the begins of this, these are reports that came out in the ruling party newspaper in north korea. this is the first time they are in forming our own people about this program, this uranium enrichment program. this is a facility that was shown to the u.s. scientists earlier this month. he said he was surprised it is tall modern it looked. he was told then that the center futures were working. it is producing low-grade
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uranium. it is a fuel for a light water reactor. they are optimistic that the reactor will be up and running by 2012. the u.s. scientists thought that it did look like a civilian facility, but he made the point that it could be converted to produce highly enriched uranium which could be used in nuclear weapons, although a lot of work would be needed before that would happen. >> police and wisconsin say it is not clear what motivated a teenager to take a class of a high-school students and teacher hostage at gunpoint. the 16 year-old has released all of those involved after a standoff. we spoke to the chief of police. police entered the classroom after hearing three gunshots. >> the officers breached the door, entered the classroom, and
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saw the suspect standing in front of the classroom as the officers approached him -- as the officers approached him, the suspect fired one shot, injured himself. the rest of the hostages as well as the teachers were immediately evacuate it from the room. emergency medical was called in. they provided emergent care to the gunshot victim and he was transported to a medical center. at this point, his condition is unknown, but he was identified
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as a 16 year-old mary and at high school student. he was a regular member of that class -- a 16 year-old marionette high school student. there were two handguns in the classroom. one handgun was identified as a semi-automatic, the other as a 9 millimeter, semi-automatic handgun. >> the president of ivory coast has called on the countries electoral commission to reject the results from sunday's presidential election from three northern regions, alleging fraud. his rival receive between 85% and 93% in three areas of the first round of voting, but the un said that the presidential elections were conducted in a democratic manner despite allegations. egypt's main opposition
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movement, the muslim brotherhood, appears to have lost most of its seats in sunday's parliamentary election. the opposition claimed that the vote was marred by regulations. an iranian nuclear scientists has been killed and another wounded by car bombs in tehran. driving on motorcycles that test they attached bombs to them. iran has blamed the u.s. and israel. still ahead, hundreds of schools shut down as forecasters warned of plummeting temperatures. international election monitors in haiti has said that sunday's general election it was a valid, despite what they called irregularities. delays at some polling stations were not reason enough to
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cancel the election. the opposition call for the vote to be annulled because of alleged fraud by the haitian government. earlier, we spoke to our correspondent marc doral in port-au-prince. we asked if this would help to calm the tensions. >> no. as somebody you have seen elections in many developing countries over the years, this was probably the worst organized election i have ever seen. in the first two hours of the polling, many dozens of people, their names were not on voter lists. i saw in neutral election workers being arrested by haitian police , because they have been stuffing ballot boxes. normally reliable haitian radio
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stations reported all sorts of the worst activity, the boxes were full before many people had voted. . that certainly is still an open question whether it was a valid or not. personally, i think it was badly organized. weber, what is at now is that the power politics has kicked in -- however. the opposition did themselves say in a united front that the whole thing should be annulled and that woulthey would pull out. a couple of the leading candidates have said that they are still in the race. whether they think there was fraud or it means that they think they might be winning is an open question still. >> this is "bbc world news." u.s. secretary of state denounces wikileaks release of
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thousands of diplomatic cables as an attack on at the diplomatic community. a gunman has released the 24 hostages from a high school in wisconsin. the standoff lasted five hours. somalia has been a base for indian ocean parts and kidnappers and militants, and now as prime minister is appealing for international support to help defeat jihadist fighters linked to al qaeda. muhamed told them that it with outside help they could end years of conflict. >> nice view. shame about the neighborhood. welcome to mogadishu. [gunshots] we are heading for the front lines. [gunshot]
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>> [shouting] >> with us, african union peacekeepers, now in control of half of the city, but nowhere near strong anenough to sieze it all. >> give them more soldiers. we want more trooops. ps. >> in other words, a little the deadly. local militias are helping out that they are underpaid and prone to defect. right on the frontline here. bullets cracking all around us. praying, a few meters from the frontlines. the african union behind.
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[gunshots] here is the hardline islamists linked to al qaeda. they are riddled with division but they are also widely feared an in control of much of somalia. we take an armored convoy through mogadishu. not onlyriking is how much it looks like a war zone, but how much business is going on in the street. somalia is enterprising there are markets, stores. the government is hoping to tap into this to encourage them. >> do you think you can turn this around? >> i think so because they are ready, after 20 years of civil war appeared we are ready. people are fed up with chaos.
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it's doable. we need to act. when it comes to fight against terrorism and al qaeda. >> the police here are overwhelmed, but the odds of world is wary of investing -- the outside world is wary of investing too much in a failed state. a nine year-old has been caught in crossfire. i have two brothers, he says. none has been to school. >> we see 10,000 patients a month, most of them [unintelligible] >> [speaking foreign language] >> a rag tag army of somali volunteers.
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their salaries are paid for by the west. an these men tak oe on the militants and help to end two decades of anarchy? maybe, but there are no easy answers in the somalia. >> snow is falling in scotland and the north of england began adding to it. a warning of dangerous, icy roads. some of the heaviest snowfall ever seen in november. >> for five days and five nights the snow has smothered scotland. it blurred the lines between town and country. on the ground, it's stunning and tricky. today, every major route in it scotland ground to a halt. it is hard to believe it is only
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november. it is the heaviest snowfall i can remember. >> for this little girl and thousands of others, it was another day off occurr. from shetland it to the borders, nearly 900 schools have closed. >> keep them dry and warm. >> we will have to get used to it. it -- and hope it does not get any deeper. that is enough to get on with her >> and it is getting deeper, and extra road salt arrived in at number of away from -- in edinburgh all the way from peru. for a week now, they have been
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plowingg -- ansalt and snow, 24 hours a day. this is the a-9 this evening, one of the major roads closed for the second night running, cutting off communities again. up the road, this is one of the communities appear. people are preparing for another long, hard winter. hundreds of homes are without power tonight and what's next? minus 20. >> and winter has set in for countries throughout europe, experience haeavy snowfall. the flights had been canceled in munich airport and further cancellations are expected. france and parts of austria were overwhelmed by heavy snow.
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the remains of 18 french soldiers killed during the invasion of russia have been buried in lithuania. tens of thousands of french soldiers died as they fled, and now a handful of them have been honored. >> in the cold of a baltic winter, former enemies gathered to honor the dead -- 18 coffins for 18 fall in french men, carry gear by lithuanian soldiers appear. nameless casualties of war ordered by napoleon bonaparte, then military genius to became emperor of france and conquered most of europe. these men were members of the grande armee, a vast force
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that invaded russia in 1812. forced to turn back from moscow, depaul and's army fled in disarray. hundreds of thousands died from cold and hunger. those who reached lithuania found little solace. >> [speaking french] >> maybe 30,000 soldiers are died near vilnius in 1812. the french army was so disorganized that it is difficult to estimate how many soldiers died here. tofrance's ambassador lithuania was among those paying their respects. thousands ofrs, french bodies have been buried here, but the old hatreds are long forgotten. both countries are members of the eu. the remembered an era of european conflict that is gone but not forgotten.
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>> an amazing treasure trove of art has surfaced in france. now the 71 year old electress and it came forward with them is at the center of a legal battle. >> picasso's -- the most expensive piece of art ever sold. in may, it fetched 68 million pounds at auction. one reason why the experts are excited about this latest fine. the collection is pretty as unseen works by pablo picasso and includes sketches from two notebooks, there are watercolors, and ninth cubist collages. for 40 years, the treasures of remain hidden in the house of this 71 year-old electrician. he fitted security systems at picasso's houses. >> it's madame who gave them.
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he was aware of that. >> the picasso administration say they are stunned by the size and range of the collection. >> the picasso. one picasso -- all those pieces. >> we know that some of the collection is from the early part of his career, because it includes a painting from his first wife. the full inventory was not completed until after his death in 1973. lawyers say that since coming ford, the electrician has changed his story twice on who gave him the paintings. the works have been confiscated by the police and will form part of an expensive legal battle. the electrician has not yet been charged. >> and this is our "world news."
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