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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 20, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> friends at the feast. hu jintao is given a lavish welcome. controversial american terpastor terry jones is told he cannot come to britain. welcome to "bbc news". coming up later. goldman sachs reports a big drop in profit. that will not stop it from paying out billions in bonuses. in the midst of a carefully
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choreographed visit, the unpredictability of a press conference has turned up a surprising admission from the chinese president. standing alongside president obama, he then acknowledged that a lot still needs to be done for human rights in his country. mr. obama said china had come a long way on the issue but he would continue to be candid. they spoke about trade and currency. adam brooks reports. >> to presidents. together they preside over a quarter of the world's population, one-third of its economy. they differ profoundly in their philosophies but they covet each other's wealth and markets. >> we have an enormous stake in each other's success. in an interconnected world, in a global economy, nations, including our own will be more
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prosperous and more secure when we work together. >> they need each other, but do they trust each other? they spent the morning in talks. mr. obama told mr. hu that the ir market is too close. mr. hu said change would come on china schedule. they faced the camera. mr. obama calm and confident and mr. hu hard to read. >> can you explain how the united states can be so allied with the country that is known for treating its people so poorly? >> we have some core views as americans about the elaris all the of certain rights, of freedom of speech, assembly, and religion.
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they are important and trent said cultures. >> there were problems with translation and when he got his answer, he seemed to be reading it from a paper. >> we have made progress but we still have much to do. not much spontaneity or personal chemistry. there is a gift. china is to buy $45 billion worth of exports and it is welcome news. china may command respect in the u.s. but it does not command a lot of affection. president hu jintao's mission maintains that. to persuade americans in the future, china can be a worthy friend. the chinese government is running advertisements on u.s. television this week which showed china in the first light. perhaps they can persuade americans that china's rise to power is not to be feared but
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embrace. the standard is growing. these countries must work together because the whole global prosperity in their hands. >> if we began to pull away from one another, if we play games with currency, i we play games -- china plays games with u.s. debt, such that in the u.s. economy -- the u.s. economy is affected, the dregs everyone else down. >> tonight to my state dinner. only one-third of the obama presidency. -- tonight, a state dinner. protesters played out protests against the treatment of tibet. if the visit succeeds, they offer a succession-battered world more security. >> i spoke to our correspondent. i began by asking his assessment
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at that news conference. >> there was a lot lost in translation. there were problems with the interpreters and that to awkward moment where president hu did not initially answer a question about human rights and when we did, we got that admission that china must do more. causing -- linking that issue to china's development. for president obama, it is going ok so far. there have been tensions on human rights. he will not get anything on the currency issue. pushing ahead with the protocol this evening. the leaders and a host of a- list stars and politicians, passed and presient as the full fanter is laid on. it is as much about tone as
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anything else. >> martin, how do you think mr. hu has come off with this press conference? president obama seemed rather tough with the chinese. >> what he said in many ways is something we have had before from chinese leaders, particularly when they are traveling abroad. they talk about human rights and democracy. there is a degree of chat on these issues. the party's position is they're making progress but they need to make more progress on these fronts. the party's priority is stability. they believe the economic course is important for china and they stress that there is an economic human rights. e party has listed hundreds of
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millions -- lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty. they're not credited enough from that from western leaders. >> there is a new export deal. >> billions of dollars and exports. china's economy, the remarkable economic growth has been built on the back of exports. america as well as europe and the rest of asia. that is the model for china. getting a wide manufacturing base. china wants to develop higher and products and high-tech products. the party believes that it could push up wages and that will improve the living standards for people here in china and that is the priority for the party. stability and raising living standards. they believe if they raise living standards for the
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majority, that will guarantee stability and legitimacy of the communist party in the 21st century. >> i think there are tensions evident. we saw three congressman refusing to attend the state dinner. >> that is right. the senior republican leadership from congress was not at the state dinner. the people concerned were not in town. that has raised a few eyebrows. the president is the leader of the democrats in the senate and harry reid was not there. although senior congressional leaders will meet mr. hu on thursday. president obama, who has to develop a relationship with congress, they know the mood in their districts and they faced midterm elections. a lot of people here especially republicans won those elections by campaigning against china. china is taking american jobs.
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it is mr. obama's task to demonstrate to the american people this investment, $45 billion in trade, it will directly benefit the american people and to have the white house pushing hard, saying that will support up to a quarter of a million american jobs. >> thank you. an american pastor has been banned from entering the u.k. by the government on the grounds that his presence is not conducive to the good of the public. pastor terry jones who leads the church in florida was criticized last year when he threatened to burn a copy of the kathethe gra. >> brandishing the koran he promised to burn, pastor terry jones caused international outcry when he told americans to
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follow his example on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. muslims around the world poured onto the streets to vent their anger at his suggestion. it prompted world leaders to urge him to cancel his protests and for few days in late summer, he and his tiny church in florida were in the eye of the diplomatic storm. so, his intention now to bring his views to the uk as the guest of the group england is ours brought swift response from the home office. in a statement, they said, the government opposes extremism in all its forms, which is why we have excluded pastor terry jones from the u.k. we're not allowing entry to those who do not serve the public good. the decision is taken lightly. -- no decision is taken lightly. in reaction, he thought his
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exclusion was not fair and his message was one of acceptance. >> we're not doing anything that is against the law. against english law. we believe strongly in the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. we believe that they can build mosques and practice religion. that is not the issue. >> he will not get the chance to spread his views in the united kingdom. >> police in switzerland have rearrested a former swiss banker, rudolf elmer, who is giving what he says details of thousands of tax evaders to wikileaks. he spoke -- faced charges of breaking banking laws. he was charged with threatening an employee of the bank where he used to work. >> it is a case that has drawn attention to the market world of
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offshore tax havens. rudolf elmer was chief operating officer of a swiss bank in the cayman islands. he said he witnessed the rich and powerful hiding their money away and avoiding taxes. once he left the bank, he gradually began passing on that information. first to tax authorities, then to the press. in court, the prosecution claimed he had conducted a personal vendetta because he believed the bank, which sacked him in 2002, had treated him badly. the question for the judge did he act of moral conviction or simply revenge? the final verdict was mixed. guilty on charges rudolf elmer had admitted to come are writing a threatening letter -- letters and passing on information. not guilty of sending a hoax bomb threat to his former bank. no prison sentence as the prosecution had demanded.
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a very small fine. a verdict rudolf elmer's lawyer seemed happy with. they argued several points but on others that was not the case. we will decide whether to appeal. rudolf elmer elmer -- if rudolf elmer of this would be the last time he would be defending himself in a swiss court, he was wrong. he was rearrested on charges of violating banking secrecy. this time in relation to his most recent high-profile action. handing over details of thousands of alleged tax evaders to wikileaks. >> you are watching "bbc news". the exhibition on the british princes that continues to fascinate the american people. -- british princess that
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continues to fascinate the american people. the new 33 relatives of zine al-abidine ben ali have been arrested. >> the demonstrators were back on the streets of to and is demanding that each and every minister associated with president ben ali the acid from the unity government. more than 100 are estimated to have been killed during the past five weeks and ministers are said to be discussing ways to resolve the situation. in a televised address, the interim president promised to deliver a complete break from the past and protect the will of the people. the un secretary general, ban ki-moon, says he hopes he means it. >> now the tunisian government is formed.
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i hope their new government will listen more attentively to the wishes of the people, addressing many concerns, during this transition. first of all, provide decent jobs for youth, addressing their wishes to have more freedom of speech and freedom of association. >> president ben ali fled on friday. 33 members of his family were arrested. these rings and terrace were confiscated from them when they were arrested. -- tiaras were confiscated when they were arrested. >> you are watching "bbc news
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". president hu jintao has been welcomed by president obama at the white house. a controversial pastor, terry jones has been banned from the u.k. on the grounds his presence is not conducive to the public good. profits have taken a slide at goldman sachs. down near 40% revenues from trading bonds, commodities, and currency's plunge. on the back of poor performance, there will be no cutting back on banker bonuses. >> is the alchemist losing its touch? known as a moneymaking machine, their profits were lower than a year ago. their trading division saw revenue fall 48%.
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a reminder according to sue craig, of how challenging the market is. >> this is the second consecutive quarter we saw troublesome earnings. as much -- it is less than we are used to. part of it is the economy that had products that were making a lot of their revenue. it is a combination of a lot of things. >> while revenues are down, compensation is not. dropping around 5%. at the headquarters and offices around the world, the average banker is now worth $431,000. >> it is the feeling in the u.s. that we have been bidding on the bankers, let them get back to business as normal. in the hope that what they do normally will begin to trickle down to the rest of the economy. >> the earnings come at the end of a turbulent year.
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goldman sachs faces new regulations forcing it to depend less on proprietary trading, an important part of its business. all this as wall street watches, wondering. of the results the new normal? -- are the results the new normal? >> both attacks were in the stronghold of the insurgency. an ambulance carrying explosives was rammed into the compound and detonated. in the second attack, a man in a suicide vest targeted programs, killing three and injuring 14. lawsuits have been filed a jean- claude duvalier against, -- against jean-claude duvalier. mr. duvalier denies the charges.
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republicans in the house of representatives have passed a bill to repeal president obama'shealth care reform. the boathe bill is unlikely to e taken up in the senate where democrats hold a majority. the u.s. security council has voted to send 2000 more peacekeeping troops to every coast where a political deadlock between laurent gbagbo and his rebel continues. >> the un has become a target as it gets sucked into the political crisis. this car was set on fire by
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supporters of laurent gbagbo. divens 3 their support for -- demonstrating their support for mr. ouattara. >> attacking civilians and un peacekeepers, this is a crime on the international law. gbagbo and his loyalists should keep in mind eventually, all the person to perpetuate such crimes will be held accountable. >> a un along with the rest of the international community recognizes alassane ouattara as
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winner of the presidential elections. lauren gbagbo is ref using to give up the presidency. they are supposed to strengthen the u.s. attempts to protect civilians. faced with crowds of loyalists, patrols have been forced to retreat. from may sweep by security forces from a pro-alassane ouattara neighborhood. negotiators are trying to break the deadlock. >> we worked late into the night. a breakthrough that was needed did not materialize. >> the longer the crisis
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materializes, the greater the pressure on the un unless mr. gbagbo steps down. >> encouraging news on the condition of gabrielle giffords. less than two weeks where she was shot during a rampage which killed six others, barring any medical issues, she will be moved to a medical hospital in houston which is where her husband works. just 99 days to go before the most anticipated wedding in years. the excitement is spreading beyond london. prince william and kate middleton will be married on april 29. america's love affair with british royalty was started by princess diana. she was more at home in the u.s. than in britain in some ways. an exhibition dedicated to the princess has opened in the midwest. >> of all the places in all the
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world, grand rapids in michigan is right now a place of pilgrimage for fans of the late princess of wales. an exhibition celebrating her life has been a success ever since it opened here a week before the engagement. grand rapids has no role to connection. this place had not been settled by the europeans at the time of the revolutionary war. americans are flocking from all of the country to see the exhibition. what is behind this country's enduring fascination with the royals? >> we do not have one so it seems very ticklish and something we're interested in. any sort of story like that. >> it was not a fairy tale for diana. >> it was far from a fairy tale. people are interested because of the relationship between k-fed
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and william scenes more natural and realistic -- kate and william seems more natural and realistic. >> there was an outpouring emotion. >> we are still affected by it. the expression of caring for her. the charity work meant a lot to all this. she was doing what we all thought we should. -- the charity work meant a lot to all of us. she was doing what we thought she should -thought we should. >> we do not have the other connections related to supporting a royal family, being ruled by them. it is easier to be fond of what they're doing and intrigued by their lifestyle. >> diana's wedding was watched by 1 billion people. william and kate's will be a
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bigger drop. projecting a global image. it is hard to think of anything less american than a hereditary monarchy. what is appealing to this aspirational society is the idea of moving on and moving up. as kate middleton is about to show the world, what better way to do it then i'm burying the prince? >> she is not from a higher place family. that kind of speaks to the american dream kind of thing where you can be anything you want and she is going to be a princess. >> it was diana's combination of movie star looks and world grace which has the a mess bros. her followers are hoping william and kate have the same of me. >> -- alchemy. >> president hu is being feted with a bank would at the white
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