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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 16, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> ts is "bbc world news america. funding for this preseation is made possible bthe freema foundation of new rk, stowe, veont, and honolulu. newman's owfoundation. the john andatherine t. marthufoundation. and unn ba. >>nion bank has put its financl stngth to work for wide range of companierom
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small businesses t major corporations. what cane door you? >> and now,bb?rld news." coleladda launches a frh attac oneesidt tel the bbcis forc aresingluster bombs. we have a special report from the city under siege. doctors s theare struggling to ceith e caage. >> doctors sayhey e running out of essentials d sulies. the medil stafare exhsted >> tens of thousands demonstrate across syria. reports suest they ae the biggest protests y. >welcome tbb news broaasting to ouriewe on pbs in ameca androunthe wod. coming up ler f yu, gri and gui, the struggle to rebuild a life flowing japan's earthquakend tnami.
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>> a doctorn th besieged rebel-held city of misrata h td the bbc that he has seen ustebombs being used by pro- gaddafi forces the weapo areanned by more than 100ountes acrs th world. the eyewitness account apars to confirm allatio by the campaign groupumanights tch,uthe libyan govement have dend using cluster bombs. one are has al seen colonel ddafi using tankand artiller he cy's port area s seen some ofhe hvies shelng. our corresponnt me it into eity oat deports now the civilians caught in the battle. her repo contns distresng imes from e stt.
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>> criesfgony. a little girl of s. retive say she isunnynd loveto py. she washell in heown me. her tiny bodyunctured by 30 pieces of shrapnel th is the rality of misrata. >> someoneas thelp. this is not human at all what is happening here. >> you feel you ha beeless do by thenternational mmunity. >> yes, definitel people here are total helpless and no one is helping. no one is ring >> ather power cut. evenith t ligs o the are running short of sff, drugs anbeds >> breathe i >> ts 17ear-old isne me
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innont vtim, doctors say. they insist 80% o the wounded andead are cilian most targetedith hea weapons. is sgeon rushed he to help, taking lea from his job in briin. is hated by o sisrs h could t sa. e youest toddler. didverything i have leaed ithe last 20 yearso save her le. e minute ias hpy becse i thght i had saveher fe. we smiled toather. she lived for me thaseven ys, d sadly, e left ale. >> thisighter has just me in. he w sho ting toomb snipe'nest. " am rady to g back to e ontow,"e says. "iill ght until we get rid of gdafi
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buheliby leader i hanging on and strangling misrata. dotownwe found deserted stets. th is a city that is desperate for more air strikes and more outside lp a city where ildr are lrnin to dodge th bullets. we a on theorne o benghazi street anyou n see w mu of a battlefield this areaas become. this is where the rebs say gaddafi's foes dtroyed that. as w he been here in e last few moments, the sods o battle have been getting louder and closer. the rebels say ty have suained heavy losses in is area. the figers and the supporters aecomg experts inhe enemy's weons. we call this a dog
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we call this the dobecae it has a nose like a do 1, 23, 4. survivacan a matter of ance athes children fou out. th wen out jusfiveinutes beforeheirome s hit. neighbors sayo onis safe. >>addafi killed our motr, kill our children, killed evyone. what means gaddafi? i a him, what he mean we need freed. >> bk at the hpita our she is cfortable. doctors epecto me a ful recovery. nitaays civilians a tir number one priority, but that --
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nai'as civilians a their number one priority,- nat says the civilians are their number one priority, buthat is not how it looks. thisocto to me aut inries to civilians caused b cluster bomb cut off limbs, severe burns. this is froxplosions and the shelling of tanks. the civians your trting arof ages, yes yes we have childn, o man. e have all ages. we e people from all over. there are rerts from hum rights watchf the uf clter mbs. ha you seen any evidence of at? >> yes,ctually, i have seen a lotf the cluster bombs.
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in a way that can sho us how they explode. >> we are hearing a lot of noe inhe bkground. wh sor of injuries are bng sustained as aresuof the lust bombs? >> therere a lot of injuries. there is also a lotof iurie like big holes in th chest. i cannot describe it becau we have so ma injies. >> who else has seen these o clustebomb >> a lotf the generals ha managed to come to srat -- a lotf journalists have managed to come to misrat i'm taing about french urnalists, a german journalist. they have seen the >>o theeople of misrata and
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knowhat cluster bombs are being used so that th can try to avoid are? >> i a sorry to tell you that gaddi's forces are tgeting al residential are of srat you cannot -- the vilis of misrata can not ho suca provce. ey a fe in theallest builngs in the city, buthey c reach a very long range, and on the bombxples, it will taet a wide area. ift do not kill you, it will definitely hurt yo >> do you think the attack on miata is getting wor? >> y, ye toye werxposed to the worst attack since e benning thi
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we saw the expsion we saw the tas. athe momt i am tking to you, it looks like a g the forc will -- lkeaddafi's forces will tak any means cessary. >> syrian security forces ve usedearg to bak up ai- govementrotests inamaus. tensf thsands of people took to the streets across e country. morethan two hundred people are liev to have been killed since the protests began, but spitehat tol the prosts se to spreang. >> the media are being kep away,ut for many partof ria, amaur vid the a fis demonstrations bj verifies --
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verifi denstrions. this is whahappened after friday prayers in a bigity to the north. oubleas al reported in the uth. they are sti defiant, one month and many deaths afr the firsdisturbance and there. th is the nd of behavior at h made many sians so angr thisoman seems to have bee taken bone the regime' manyrmed security win or militias ithowsembers taki pleasure akineating,umiliating bod dain's in a coasta town earlier this we. mo of the local m hav been rounded upafter anrmedmbush a nrbyighw killed at leasine rian soldiers. picean 30 troo and are offiallyeported to have been sho dead in difrent parts of the cntryn thlast we or .
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one personas killed by a iper. funerals havbeen swn repeatedly on state tv, saying they have been killed by amed gangs actg on behalf a foreign consracy here, where it al started, protesterpull down another statue of the preside's father who led the country for 30 years and paspower to his son. growing nber o ptests seem to pull down not just his statue, tis -- want to pull downot just his statue, but hisegime. in her news, the g-20 has agreed on alan forcounies whare at finciaisk if ft unchecked. they're measuring e tysf ngers and banceshat contributed to the finanal downturn. bt,orrowing andrade
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bances would be plugd into mput models for analysis. president oma has said tha the world economy couldlung back io ression unless the u.s. congress increase -- agree to increase the debtimit. mrobama sid aailu to rae th cling on the aount e countrys able to borrow could destabilize the markets hisacknledged that the country will ha to go further wh prosed spending cutto get e backing of congress. th algian presidentas announced ans amend the country's nstition. he said in a telesion address that the constitution chaes were aimed reenforcing docra in algia. he saihe wouldet u commite to suggest possible nstitutional reforms wch would then be diussed by parlment. u aatcng bbc news. still to come --
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>> human revolutionary oops such as these have invaded castr' leftist iand fortress >> rememringnd notorious chapter in ba's rationship wi the.s. dia's supreme court has grand bail to a leading publi health specialist anduman rights aivis he was sentenced t lifin prisast december. he was found guil of helping rels whoere active in large parts of india. weave more from lhi. >>he supreme court ruled that he cld be gen bail while apaling the conviction. hes qualied dtor who has been worki amo the poor tral cmunities of india. last decemr, aourt found him guilty oftreason, saying th he was lpingby carrying messages and setting a ban accounts. on friday, the judge at t
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supreme urt id that wle he coulbe smpattic to te cae, it did not make hm guilty of treaso it is a judgmenand pronouncent at has bee wily welcomed by family d supporters this case h receiveassive tentn, n just here in india, b ao in the international communy. he has bn described as a priser of conienc. 14 bel lreates wrote to the governmentskinfor h to be released. the trial wasonired b representatis ofhe eopean union, an unpredent event. e rebels control a large territory in iia. ey have bee described as a major threat to naonal security butuman rights campaigns have been mplainghat e overent, whi caring out tionagainst them, have been
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guilty of crinal ts of olen. >> poli chief has been kill. an attacker approached and detonated a bomb. officials saiat least two her people were injure >> thiss abc news. our top story, a dock -- this abc wbbc new our toptoryaoctoin misrata ys hhas been seeing uster bombs useagait civians. one month after the cattropc eartuakend tnamin japan, the is little sign of life movi on. thdeat toll i expected to reach 28,000, but a fther 150,000 are sti camping in shelters struggling to cope
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witho much loss our correspondent ha ge one of thewors hit towns o jan's eastern cst, d filed this rort. >> one month on, japais wracked by gri. dlso, among many survivors, guilt too. is woman is a swimming acher. her anguish is at she w t wither teamf schlchildren wh a tsunami struck. le was their designate unamshelter. e is looking for the store room whe, inedib, two rls naged to survive. >> this is the pla. >> the girls have td her how thwavewept tm inere. >> itas pure chancho lived and o died.
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>> just 6 ihes bel the ceiling, the watertopp rising in this tiny spa, the girls t to keepheir heads above water. on hadee clasng another frie's hand, but thater dr herway. >> ty could not help. >> outof t swimming team, six are dead. anotr istill missing. this 16-year-old now has frequent nitmares. it was s who tried t keep hold ofer fend's hand, but just could not >> on the third floo, the wave came oveus.
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i stillad my frie' hand, but we got separated. >>or the children who svive the tsuni, keeping busy and diverted, evein t limbo of evuation centers, is now a iori. its a way of wardin off the memo of that day. >> i w und water. above me was wreckage. i swaup. that small spa, i cod breae. i hrd my oth teaates say, e yothere? find aoor. we help ch other and wait untilthe water went away. >>helace she sheered in was in the midef th satelle pho. the wave destroyeeverhing. most of t higscho's other studentsscaped up the hill. the japanes red oss t up to 10%f allurvivorsay now suer pt-traumatic stress disorder.
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>> a nght, could not sleep. i imagine manythings h col the wat, mae they tried to swim and gop. i can imagine a of at, you know but i could notelp them. >> tts the dark legacy that may weigh iaugu onapan the trma othe tsunami -- w longeson japan, th traumaf the tsunam its clear tha many boken lives manevebe repaired. in other ns, two former croian generals have been jail forar crimes against se civilians in the 199' ante gotovina has been sentenced to 24 years prison for war crimes and crimes against humaty. a sondeneral, mladen maac,
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haseen ntenced to 18 years prison. a courtasrderedhe digging up of th bodyf forr present lende. they a tryg to determin i he wasille orommied suice. hisody wasound in the presidenti paleafter a 1973 coup led by pe sha. -- pinochet. a dsli hasclaid the liv of1 mo people. thringthe death totalo 56 since t begning of the ar. polling staons are due to open on in nigeria, but the country -- for the coury's pridenal election. ood luck jonath is considered the clear front- runner. his main chalnge expected tocome fro thex-mitary leader, whose song supportn
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the mainlyusli nor wl grant him forward. >> tos in this northern nigerian city are bacng t challeer. >> werexpectinghat this timeroundheener will win thelection. >> thi is his home region and the country'form military counon strong suort for his anti-rrupon platrm. >> he is comg toipe all thoseorrupt lears that they e now. >> like so much in nigeria, this presidential election isartly tale of north agait soh. thfront runner is th cumbentresint, good luck jonathan, ahristianromhe
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oil-rich delta ithe uth. mr. jonathan replaced in northern muslim preside wh died m-ter the genera is hoping to capitaze on regiol an ethnic visis, especially aer t ring rty lt ground in recen pliamtary eltion his reputation is tgh o corruption -- as toug on corrupon m serve him well at the polls. but good luck jonathan has won evy presidential race -- jonaan's party has won ery presidenal ra in recent years, and ts ye loo to b no exception the nerals as supports may ve tbe content with a second und. >> day rks half a ctury sie america launched an attack on cuba a of pigs.
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years later - cu's bay of pigs. years later, it stildefis theirelaonship. e venture pved aumilting defeat for arica the bay opigs is an isolated in lit on ba's sohern coast whose tranquil, coconut palm-frind beacs hide a body st. 50 yearsgo amall army of c.i.a.-traid an finand cubanexil landed onhis beh, intent on ovehrowing del castro and hisevetion. prod a humiliating defeat >> cuban revolutionaryroop such as theave invaded stro'seftist island foress,ut the fiy, bearded caro is hardly shortnords as hattacked what he calls united states imperiasm.
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>> thelan was to come ashore undetected at nig, but they lost the elent of surprise. asmall militia was wting for th in the trenches along the shore. >> was living near he. i went outse an saw what looked like a candle in the sky. i cam to the beach with my father and my brothe. when we arrived, the comrades and handing out pgu, tookur positions. >> we thought, this ishe invasion, ys. they areryin to invade. we opened fire >>einforcements qukly arved. fide ctro took personal charge of the operation. thinhree day thbattle s ov. thbay of pigs w aerft faure for thenited states. it was supposed to be a cover
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operation,ut t wholeorld w th theunit stas wa behi it. it wasupposed to rid the hesphere of a potentl soviet ba, bu instead it pushed fide castro into the waing ar of the soviet union. >> a yearater, thcuba missil crisiroughe wld to t bri of nlear war. >> within the pasteek, unmiakab evidence has establishedheacthat a series ooffeive missile site is now in preparation on that prised island. >> in the end, it was ill health which nally brough fidel castro to step dow this weend, hisrother, present raúl castro will host his lg-layed communist party congress. enomi reforms are on the agenda, but polical anges no clos now tn it w flowing ba's victory in the bay of
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gs. >> you are wching bbc new >> hello a welme. >> see the news unfd, g e top storiefromround the globe and clicto-py vid reports. go to c.conews to experience the in-depth, expe repting ofbbc rld news" online. >> funding was madpossle by e frman foundation of new york, owe,ermont,nd nolulu. newman'own undation. the john d. d caerine t. macartr fodation. d unn bank.
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>> union bk haput its global experti to rk for a wide rge ocompanies. wh can we do for you? >>bbc rld news america" was presented by kt longeles.
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