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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>>nd n, "bbc worldews." >> anoth victim of libya's bloody cflic a jrnalist is killed on the frt line. fitingontinuesn ms. cks the -- misrata. tohed buildings in clashes with police andirem. welce to "bbcnews," oadcting to o viewers in america and around thelobe coming up later for you, bning fr borr to bder. wildiresaging out ocontl across tex. two fefigers have been killed. the itin game. prince charles becomes btai's ngesservg era parent. -- heir apparent.
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hell an award nning british photographer haseen killed a mortttack inibya. she d code dectean osc- minatedocumentary on the afghanar. and ameran journalist died later. two other journalis have been woded. theyere among a goup people caughtp in mortar fire on the main roa leading into the center of theity. >> inmista -- in misrata heather wait forreatnt. the a other chdrenere. innocents cahtpn a brutal war. outside e battle continues. rebelsay ey are making ins. atanno b independent
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verified. so far, the figing has claimed hundreds of lives. no also lives of two western journalists. th british photographe tim heheriton spoke often abo the risks orepoingon conflict. >>it is dramatic, asou wl know therare lot ofdramic thin in fe. you n lose a child. those are traaticeven and yohaveo face up t them and go on with youlive bein in a war is no different. >> in a statement reased wednesday, his family said t is with great snesse learned at our son and brother was lledoday in misrata by a rocket-propelled grede. he was i libya to contin his oject to highlig humanitarianssue during times
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of w and conflict. heill be forever mr.." so killed was an american photographer, who has covered conflicts around the world, nning several awards for his work. a statement, the whe hoe said it w deeply saddened to ar of his deat he was killed reporting on war that ill ems to have n clear d inight. the rebels have ject the latest peace trial off from lone gaddafi. no one knows how many more wil die befor theattl for lya finally decided. bbc ns. >> oucorrespondent was the hoitalnd fired th report. >> wt weave en since retuing to misrata is a city th it's still very much und siege and under fire. if athing, the situation seems to be worse thanurinour previous viss laeek. the is a near a qut in the streets and pele a very luctt to g outside.
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even inside thr ow homes, they are not safe. there was a ukraini docrate ho inse hispartnt, paing s bags to lve the city, when we belve there w a mort attack outside. at a main hostal here, iis continuingeinglooded by casualti. they have more tha100. docts sess the majoritare civilian manyre cing in with horrifi injuries fro shrnel and from snipers. a group of jrnalts came undefire tod onhe mn fron li. a brish photographer s killed. he was an awa winning otographer anoscar-nominated docenta mar. on his twitter ft la nig, he had said "in the sge. misrata. indiscriminate sheing. no sign of nato. s famy issued a statement saying he will be forever missed. were close to therontines
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emsees today. they' trying to sh forward. ey cim to have cleared a muchs 50%f tripoli street. that claim cannot be independently verifi. >> the organatiohuman rights tch worked with ti mhetringn a number of humanitaantori or the year inpeakg tohe deputy executive direct of man rits watch, a closeriend and coeague of .hetherington. >> heas a very talented sualmage arrest, but he was a human rig pern. he dply cared about wh doroy cored. heived in monviafor eight years documenting the civ w for a brillit docentary he ma. he was the only person too such a thing. there were not jrnalts there
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dung that tim coverin i in way he did. he did because he carednd no one else did. >> wha was so ecia about this part -- hiapprch to the rk? >> i thinke knew very wel, you commted his lastweet in which hpoke of discminate fire. understood theaws of war what was acceptle a what was not in rtim what it meant r cilians to be e target warre rather tha simply collateral damag he was very sensitive t the human rights issues th are often athe center of warfare, but heasalso a delightful man whowas a woerful colleague. he wasarm d enthusiastic. he was willing to do things that many peopl sply were no because he h such a big heart. >> what dr h toonflict? hat in ieresting qution. think wt draw anyonento su danrous work, i comes
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really from a sense that only attention to situaons ke this can makthem better, tha whe conflictso on covered, when no one is watching, when the world turnlind eye to tyranns an dtatohips, and indiscriminate warfare,hen the things can go on. it is wh the eye ofheworld turned, whenhe lns is turned, on a r li wt is happeninin misrata toy orn chad, that is when something can be done aboutt. he w drin b tt sense of miion. >> you mtioned his last week where he ss "no signs of nato." wh mordo you thi,his hun watch -- human rhts watch think, thentertional mmuny could be doing? well, e number one porit of the inteatiol community st be see that civilians are proteed. that is a diffict thg to do
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d gaddafi is not listeng very mucho thentertional mmuny, but there are representatives om my different countes viting ipol ey canpeako the libn government about the many people o have been detained and from om there is no informaon out detention ey a believed to be in gornme hands. thehave simpl disapared from trili itself and from regions all over the cntry where gaddafi is sti in corol. what hapned to those people? the internatnal mmunity shou be demandingnswe when ey sak to the libn govement >> do u think theeathf tim heerington ghlightshe abuses of human rights in libya? >> i certainly hope so there is goo deal of med attentio head of hum rights watch has been on the ground i tnk t world is doing wha it can to follow the storyn liby therare parts of the untr that a comete darkness.
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we knother is terrible fighting going right now cme indirimite warfare. no journalists, and information mingut about it. aot is going on in libya tat we don't know. we must ctinuto pay atteion and to tn o eyes thaterrible conflict. >> t president of yen has rejeedpposition cls to sign quickly. at least four me people died in antgornment protests. at a progr rally, the present accusedis oonents of conspacieand coups, urging them to ke part in ectis. he h prosed noto se reelection when his term eires 201 otesrs are demding that he lee no detainee's at one of australia's main detention centers hav set fire to severa buildgs, climbed onto rooftops, and held nd thrown til at lice as theytruggle to bringhem under corol. migrion officials say up to
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100 protesters wer invved the riots on wednesday night. spo toick bryant from sydney and ked m to tell me w the rio started. >> they srted iamallesk aw with twpeop goin up to the roof, a rooft prost. on t numbers sweed t about 1 den. it was aft nightfall thathe trble gan. what had been a small-scale protes end up becoming a full-scaleiot with t proteste notnly on the oftop, but setting fes t buildings, nineuildgs in l. aitchen, a medical fility, a computer cenr, and a laundry. we' seng the sort of dmage that sometimes we s aer wildres in stralia. the pice d fire services fought through the nig. running baward with the protesters to y anget that situatioundecontrol.
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and to put out t flas. >> iis uer control n. whare e detainees? >> there is a small proteson going. the riot police of ose moved in, i undstan th're trying to get ou six people off the roo the people who we beevedere involved are silences seers fromurdi iraq and afghanista som of whom we broughtver to the mainland from chstmas island, whi is the offshore facily. e main offsre dtention facili tha australiaas. it follo a crisis, really, in the immigratn dention stem. there has bee lot of ercrding. there have beenrotes about the ngth oftime and is taking o process a refugee applications. e presters involved in this ocesare believed tof waited morthan yearor their ylum cims toe processed by authorities. ere a great deal of frustratn in the syst. there is a greateal of
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overcrowding becse of a surge rently i the number of asyl-seers. th is the second major incident we've snn a major fality over the past five or six weeks. >> y are watching bbc news. candlelight vigi mark the fit anniversaryf theulf oispil argumts ctinue over wh is to blame hh-prile figures connected to a ftball cub in scotland are being urged to b vigilant after theyere sent. james cookent is rort, whiccontns some flash photography. >> is this bge now we target? theanager, t lawyer, and a politician all have sethi in comn and are all now targets f nai bombsesigd to maim or even kill. the firstarce bo was fou inssorting office on march 4.
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seco device, ao sent to e ceic mager was sent on th26. two da later, a parcel was delivered to the conituency offi, west of t cit the frth package was posted here last week. but what lin theargets? en accuse t scoish football associationf bias against celtics. thredays later, e bomb was found. another was picredeari a celt t at theournament -- tournament. x days later, she received bomb. neilwasn aimilar situation. itoes back a loturth. th riotn 1980 is just one exampl of the hostility twee prottant uniont rangers a irishathocs
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celc. that is crude shorthand the days, buttis rted. >> to my kowlee, nothing like this hasver ppened befe, eith sports-reated or societal-rated thisould potentiallye a watershed in ts whe issue. >> why? because may be aemptg to muer people over football will shock sclandnto action. >> of this is bbc news. the main story, and car- nonee to journalist s be killedhile vering the colictn western libya. fierceightg continues in misrat rebel fors rected a cease- fireffer from colonel gaddi. is suing two other cpani over lastyear's deepwater rizon reg explosion which used america'sigge enviroentadisaster. they pland toue transean
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for least $40 billion in damages as well ashe firm that esigd the bloworeventer thatailed. a yeaof t disasr, t environmental andinancial costs are still beincound. we are in miami. it seemss though allhos involv arerying to sft the ble onto each other. >> i think that soing to happen. remember the huge sts was faced with. the were forced to put20 billn ase forompeation, ns of billions me to pay for cubaleanp operation. ev thebama administration did not just blad bp. i bamed tansocean and lliburton as well. bp is saying, clearly thiis not just our fault. we need to spre theost. thy're puring it through te courts. it will take yea. it could te decades. meanwhile, scientists sll cann agr on just how much dama all the oilas done in the gulf of mexico.
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most scientists i have spokeno says it isot as severe as ever en f thought. so say it is gonaltogether. many say is lyingn th bottomf the ocean floor. itouldo damage. that will take years inot decades study nd o just h muc damage in the end. >> bp i still inlved in the clnup eration, is it? >> it is't for the moment. peak, it was 50,000 peoe involved. it is now dn to about 20. last week, i w on gra isle in louiana we fnd a fresh cleanup crew ill nding things. the opetion is dow to a minim. some peoplareot ectly sure who is in arge the coast guard is involved. it haseen scaled down hugely now. he fe of it, se pas of the gf lo heahy again. is whathat-haties bew the surfa thats woying a lot of people. thatompsation process is still going on.
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i have not fnd anyone in all myrave to have be happy with that process. it is universally hat. it is seen byanys unfair, o slow,ar toolow, and is ill ongoing. could pay off f anothertwo yes. >> psumay, bp issuing ansoan to get me othe moy ba is gingut i compention >> the coensaon of $20 billion a drop in the oce compared to the bill for t cleanup operion. that is probably $50 billion or 0 biion. tranthe ace ocean is blamed weland they nt them to are e cost. >> captain sa hea is the first british officer tbe killed. she snjured and she was heand provce mday. sheas airlifd back to the u.k. he isur dense coespoent.
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captailisa hea,ust 29 en sied, doing one of the most danrous jo on the front li. a frndays he will miss the and fred -the fectious miles of the woman dscribed as brave, augely prossiol, and terlselfless. she was an elite higdesperate operator she aeadyerved in northern ireland, but was i helmand less than a montwhenhe was cled on to th fusend aevised plose device. she show extordinary coure and wenback to this region diffuse a seconbomb it went off. >>apta lisaead will be remembered by theffics and soldiers of thisegiments a rost andorthright individua whoenjod life to the fall. we more or los she is gone but will never forgotten bthisegiment.
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i know sheas proud to b part of it and we areimmeely proud ofer. her sacrificeould ipire otrs t folw heexample. >> cptailisa head was a thre opetor om the eod gime. theiob is one of the most demaing and the most pilous. it is estimat tha a high truc opetor stands aut a on in eight chancof losg theilife durg their s- moh tour of duty. >> huge amounts pressure on u walking uto aomb. here areo ma things to think about, not ju in terms of security anthe vilian pulaon, but the thnical mposion of the bomb. you are trying t regulate yo breathing. you're thinking about the reats. u're thinking aout howou're gog to ntrale that the vice. you're thinkg, are there secondy devices hden awhere? will ibm bush?
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-- wl i be ambushed? >> her family sys tir extrely oud of r. "we always saidhe o the best job in the wld and she lov every second of . she had twofamilies, usnd the army. she h a fanstic life and live it to the ful oneasmore loved." bbc news. >> firefighte in the u.s. ate ofexas are battling to contain wildfires which burned more than 1 million acres in the stortnht. a long-lasting drought, high temperates, d gusting winds havereat ideal condition for the fires to spad. several towns of and evacuate and fles a close to fort worth, one ofhe rgest ties morehan00 families have been ftomels in theentral lombn town after landslide swept away their houses. hey rain causethe local
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river to break itsanks. five of the pvinc havead ublethe amount of rain for april. the governmt hasaid the downpoursf caused billions of dollars in damage prin charlesasecom the longest-serving their to the throne in btish history, passing the record se by edwd vii. >>is mother w kno for her humanity andensef fun. his father d especially his grandmother are knownor tir coitment to duty. throughout his journey into adult le, wilam has been epared for s future role. now he is about to marry. very soon, he ll he a wife. she will help proje glaur and bring sensof renewal to the ancient instutio lile wonder thatxpernced
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gu whoave seen wiiam and kate togetr ar reassured about the future. this wast. andrews in february. >>etwe them, they'reoing to make a very good aertisementor the monarchy. >>oda i represent e qun. >> creangly, william is assuming the manef a future king. hereoday, we lovend w grieve th was new zealand a few weeks ago in christcrch. both the and in australia, in areas badly affecteby floods, methe families of th bereaved. he was dowto work and siere. people were impresse >> goofor eutur ofhe monarchy? >> definitely, defitel yes. he wl beheext ng. >> t couple inustria put to wor the feelinghat y gath momtum aer t
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weddin the ruleof succession to e british tone are very clear and theyon't permitny choice. william is a future kin bt he is not thnexting. the xt in line is the qen's elst sonprince charles who has made it clear that he hopes his wife wi be cwned alongsidhim asburt's queen. that is the way the conitutn work there can be no exceptions or can there >> ifime pass andrince willia i more at e center of the sta, on esti, would it b in the these intert, including the of the brish and wales, for a new, young, next-- next-genetion prince william to cceeto the rone i think an enmousmount will
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dend on what seems to be the will of the british peopl >> otheroices say no. rah bradford is t queen's biographer >> i think itould beery strange foronarchies if public opinion forced the a to ep asid i think tt would be extremely angeus to the monarch. i think they simplyaveo accept the rul. >> swilliam mustait, and thataccordingto h godfather, is how it should . >> in our line of business, there's no sh thi as being in aurry it works fm faer to son, moth to son. it is as it soulde. the queen wl be 85 tomorrow. she will never aicatand she wille suceded bcharles. as tngs sta, theeignf king william maybeecad away.
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bbc news, uckiham palace. > foruch re covage of the buildup to the roy wedding, make sure you tour wsite. u wi find a lk at the coat of arms eated for ke middton ahead of the remo as wl as an ieracve tour of the wedng rute d westnsteabbey. l on the bbc but said. ou main ws aga, details ve ergedf an attack in libyan which o weern ournalists were kild. a surviv told the bhat group was pling bac from near he fnt lines wheit was fired on. tim hethengto was killed. grants at an australian detention ceer he set fire to buildings andoughbattles withiot police folwing a otest set by peoplerought fr christmasslan this is "bbnews."
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