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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 23, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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this is "bbc world ne." funding for this psention made possible by e freeman undaon of new york, stowe, rmon and honolulu. newma'own foundation. the john d. d caerine t. macahur foundation. and union bk. >> union banhas t its nancial strength to wo for a de range of companies, fm small businesses to major corporions wh cane do for you?
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>> lerti -- libya's reig deputy mistelaim they ll dl with th rebels misrata if the army canno outrageousiolee, president ama condemned syria. following a row over migrants, france considers suspendin the scheen agreeme. welcome tohe bews. coming up, why this sll a indiantowns th cus o on going anti-nuclear monstrations. a yearrom the gulf of mexico will disasr, we gett and ere ccount -- firsthand account.
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ydi's deputy foreign minister hasaid tha tral groups loyo colonel gadda had given the army anltimum. deal with t rebels in e city, or we willot gbear sa to be ang that their lives are beindisrted. >>he situation will be dealt withy the rest of the people, noby the libyanarmy. wil see how will be swift and quick and fast a the lian ay will be o of the situion in misrata. the liby peoe cannot sustn thbest. of the peoe ha been seized by the rebel and the libyan
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army h saito have a solution, but it does t rk. woulbe a strikes, it does not work. >> misrata has seen me ofhe heavst clashes. rebere alreadylaimg a significant victoryin sections of the city of in the city. >> free t walk their own strts, colonel gaddafi forces are gone. the rebels fought lonand hard here, they told uthe've lost 0 men at. just t capre one devastat district. the rebs had a key target he. this office blochere inrancwas sold before snipers me 1d in.
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>> the sniperere killing ople from her >>es. it was so easy they can get people so easy. its a high building anyou can see all the area, allf downtown. >> h good doesteel to be le to snd he now? > my brother s shot from this building. >> his brotherwas one of my killed by e snirs. nothatanger is gone. local people arback out on the streets. bothebels and civilians ar checking be a ve hea dmage theris pnty of evidencof the fierce fightg th took place. the rebels were kept ouof ts area for 25 days. they are back he and control and they intento ph on for the yog, a glimpse of a
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new reity,ut many cldren om tsre have alrdy sn too much. like the court then sue liv on e front lin, 100 children, the yogestust five months old, who wer trapped in a basement for days. they h bee mov to a safe locati, but sff sd they brought the traa with the here, too, ty are afraid. he wants toe aoctor, at 10 york -- 1year old, time to consult the youngenes. >> when w hear boing, they fe frighned. i tellhem thais military training th i tell theruth >>odayrought hope for some. and the returno thr neighborhood.
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su, it was time to -- e fitingsn't over, i has just ved a few blocks. >> nato has carriedut air strike and the cter the lia pital tripoli. th lyan vernment says three people have been lled >> they have been taken to see the sights of an airstrike, ich aearso be a bker in e area o the leersh compound in the nterf tpoli. it is aarge aa cering many aes, several different compounds. the bunke itself is made of concrete, and reforc steel,
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the are to hold sat -- two holesn . doe noto apar to be any kindf secdary -- perhaps the bunker wasmpty. is an are whe the are vilis. there is a voluntr hun shields. you may year in t background some ofhose are having monsation. portraits of gaddi himse. following on from that report, uan see the are th latest picturesrom at airstrike in the cter of tripo.
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the libyan government was saying that it was a r bomb, b it is believed to b a bunker nr the ddaf cpoun three people haveeen killed there are dmonstrations there, and these are the latest piures after the air strike. we heard behind him that the were demstraons which em to be partf tse demotrations from the liby capital trilifter a nato airstrike. present oma has condemned what he cls serious outrageo vionce after human rights groupsaid government forces have kied more tn 70 proteste. tens othounds of people have taken to the streets after ida's ayer >> prosters wanted toake is the biggest day of demonstrations
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ey poured onto the street chanting for the dowall the regime. isas atatue of president's father, will btook over four yes ago. up theay aer he lt, -- the iseen a state of emergey i pce for half a century. the answerame quicy,hese pictures appartly the city and abouthe y, the toll o dead and iured grew steadily. >> the security rcesre crazy,nd tytartedshoong at t prosters directly becae theumbeof protesrs w ormo.
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>> among the casualtieas a 12-yr-old boy the pictures of this fatal injuries are too graph to show. william eggs of e killing of demstrators was unaccepble and call on the government to implement politicarefo withoudela the protest ban five weeks ago. the president has made a series of conssio. has formed a new government and fired somloca officls. l moves disssed by otesters as cosmetic, t little too ld. -- too late. >> the onlyeal causef action -- crse of action was a loyal army is to iniatehat will be bodba.
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> heould try making furthe reforms. mo repression and bloodshed is likely. he is facing an unprecedented and growi chaenge to his le. >> e u.s. coast guard ss ergey training a lack of safety colterontruted to the explosion of ledo thgulf oil spil the agency criticized f prticein training transoan. the explosn kied 11 pple. transocean has rjected the findings. the presidt ofhe iryoast has orded tros fr all sides of the country's nfli to retn. he recently won a power struggle wi his rival sd law and orr would be maiaine
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france sa it wants a mechanm to defend ose at tvel all arou the european union after influx of thousandsf migrant eeing bep ev and egypt and tunisia. ere should be a mns tput th schenn -- >> theleft north africa for italy,ut now migrants like these are causing a potical orm france. housands fle on st a fighti bk ho for aew fe iitaly, but the start theyived in squalor. the itali govnment is now hoed mostf th in proper camps and giv mantemporary vis. ths whats causing the problem. th schengengreent allows pele-- freedomof movement
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throughout most european countries. in paris, there isnchod. -- anger there shld be times le these when thecan fend the schengen areemt. that would be a dratic cnge before t eu. migration i a ssitive iue fo manfren people, especially in this presidential election year. t suggesting a sengen shutdown is bod toe contversl. several people have been inred after a toado hit e airports in missouri. the twister s pa o a series of strongtormin the area. glass s shaered in the terminal building and several cars were damad.
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stl tome, a year on from the gulf of mexico oilpill we are in alabama for firsthand acunt of a troubling year. taliban fightersavettacd the check point in norwest pakistankillg at least 14 soldie. hundredsf mitants stormed the post and the lowegion. >> american -- they stard under theatch ofeorge w. bush, b havincreased markedly in eirrequency sent prident obama took offic the latest attack was just credit morng. -- was just iday morning. two zen pple were kille among them wk mitants.
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for women and fiv cldrewere inhe blding next dr to the compound and they were also kill. that bad blicity has marked this drum campaign sce i inceion. did tha impact,he milants doot cgregate in the se way at ty you. ey have to move arounduch more. they are using the campaigns a bit of a recruitgool, telling people tt the ar amicanttacksn pakistan's soilnd they should do something about it to fht t ericans. ere ve bee strong successes and the campaign ovethe ars. but otrwise, it has notseen the thats gog to be desive. if you wt tolear an area of
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milints, you have to use ound troops. its an issue that has caed something of an anti-americ feeling here. >> our p stories, the libyan minister has wned that the army may withdraw from misrata d ave into local ibesmen. a no air strike s hia car rkedn the center of tripoli, killing three peop. present omacondemned vience against donsttors in syr. we n ta li. joins us from damcus.
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the offial new agenc has id that security foes have beensing only teargasnd waterannons. can you comment onhat? >> ty are lying about erytng, as usual. bout 100 peacefulroteers we kild today by the authories e around the untry. th event tt even though the videos and i witnesses' stories repo the crimes, the ma maacre today with the syri ople >> were you surprised to see the violce being use againsthe otesrs? the state of emergen h been lifted to aow pceful otes. >> wasurpred.
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nody was imagining back in a few hrs, they uld kill about 100 sian people, cluding childn. 10 yrs o and 12 years old, it is awful. >> nrly 300 people have died so far willhese prests continue or will this ter ople fro going out? >> t authority has practice violence agast i people. thewill ctinue unl th achievtheigoals. theyidot do l this crife for nothing. they wl connue.
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thank you for joining. india and t violent prests that been taking place ainst gornme plans to build a nucleaplan opposion srown since the crisis in japan. e protester wasille earlier is we in ashes with the police our correspondent trel to the nearby fishing port finout mo. >>heamilmourns the death of their only son. he was fatally shot during a vient ashes betweenocal protesters a pole. he was rt of ademotration agait anuclear powerlant that the gvernment plans on building in this aa. his father ss h has lost everything. >> hwas a young m.
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he supported a family, and now he is gon who's ing feed us? >> locals, the violence of recent days is new, but t strugg is not didn't ghti the reveloent of this area for fourears. the ader of the agitati said they bale wl connue. >>his education will build after whatas hpened here, it wi defitely gained strgth. we want our protest tgo peacefully. >> the prosed te of the nuclear power ant not far fromere, but givenhe frustratioand tension, security has bn raedup.
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it isnlikely that they will be leing any time soon. someersoel deployed to guard decide are far from happy to entertain visits. iteems that local leaders are alson willing to talk about thsimmering tsion. the esidt ofthe district congress cmmite was happy to let our camera rolled whi he shared h thohts. he refused to mke a official sttements. thes villagesave far main largely untouched by thindustrial age. many hereave told uthat they wou likto continue as it alwayhas ent. if the governmen moves on to build on what it describ a the rld's larstuclear power facility re, life in th ming years may aogether see veryiffent.
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this week mark a year since theeginng of the sast in thgulff mexico. local offialsave been on the ont lines of fighting e oi spill. we return to alabama, wherethe mar gives us a very cand accounts. > what aree gog totart ba rebuilding? with alarm liv be ckn trk? what we start moving rwar ere is still so much uncertainty that do not know whenhat day is going toe. weould provehis,nd we can mo on. this is a pork hard workingnd fishingommunity. th is not a summer resort. people live heecauhey ma a ling on the water.
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people here have been independent the al liv. it seems like everydy is gng to be depdentn . sevel months back, wheni take my bp claims to the claims fality to be prossed i felt like a bomum. i felt like somebody standing in line t getelfa or food stamps. now i know the hility that th go through. i te wanto be treated fairly. i do not thi theshould have toire lawyers ogiveto legal battles e bottom li, if they can ove loss of income, which is easily done, bpeeds to cut em a check mple as tha every day, youeed another piecof paper work order claim
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under review, but ty do not treat us fair. i blame it onhe federal overnment, the spe that we are in today. i did not wto say that, but is te fome to speakp. ithould ofeen a thousand people at this place. wh youre in the middle of the hrica, you areolding to is roofto evtual, your hands will gi away and youill ll off. i.s.o. many people fightg off -- iave many people fight enough and i am ry ccerned out at. thats exactly watbp wts themo do. it i no better n thait is -- was a year befe. as aatter of fact, it
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worse. it hasausea lot of famil prlems, financial problems. it is like the predents sittg back at the white house and may say one thing, but whatas done? there a difference between speaking gd andoing go. i woul rher hav somebody thats a doer, who keeps his moh shu u ha said evything that u caay a have done erything you can do. i wan to stay optimistic, but sometis, iave to be honest. ntil bpteps up the plate and does wt th need to do i did not look at a future. i do not know. i did noknow about theutur >> a jud inos anges ha
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sentend lisay lohan to 120 da in jail. she wa also ordered to do 100 hos of counit service. let's bring you e latest pictures from libyagai natoarrd out an airtrik in theenteof the capital tripoli targeting a bunker near gaddafi. threeeople have been kled. the authorities said it w a parkg lot b it is dersod to be a bumper. seveloud blasts had already been heard i tripoliate friday, a this is an air stke byato. nato took contr of e operion onarch 3.
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