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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> this is a bbc world news. foundation of new york, stowe, >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major
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corporations. what can we do for you? >> the crackdown continues. pushing for sanctions against syria. >> syria is at a fork in the road. the government can choose to bring about radical reform. gerd >> they come under heavy attack by the libyan government also appeared of a security to reach at sony. users of the place station network are warned that information may have been stolen -- users of the place station network or one-third information may have been stolen. italy and france have order control as thousands of migrant stream in from africa. why is westminster abbey
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turning green for william aunt kate's beaumont region -- for william and kate? eyewitness reports in the south of syria have described more gunfire as government forces keep up their campaign to control the city. more than 400 people have been killed since the uprising began last month. international leaders are calling for tough measures to end syrian repression. our correspondent sam is a report from jordan. -- sent us this report from jordan. you may find some images disturbing. >> these are the k. of images syrian authorities do not new -- these are the issues the syrian authorities do not want the world to see. filmed last friday, they appear
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to support claims for human rights groups that dozens of people were killed over the weekend. then there is this from the town. down the road, a military vehicle and soldiers. holding the camera, a protester. to ais the army's response period of battle is hidden in witkin and the rolling hills of southern syria. in the distance, you might just make out of town. the border crossing has been close. there is an eerie silence.
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ever since the protests began, they have been trying to limit what we already know about what is going on within their country. they are trying to control the flow of information, to buy themselves time in hopes that they might just kill office of rising. time may be running out some. britain threatened sanctions if syria does not pull back its troops. >> its government can still choose to bring about radical reform and the some stability in syria. ->> on syrian tv, they were honoring their fallen soldiers.
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he insists his forces are fighting extremist terrorist groups, and he does not show signs of backing down. >> the un secretary general says he is watching with great concern. >> the continuing violence against peaceful demonstrators, most particularly, the use of tanks and fire that killed and injured hundreds of people. syrian authorities have an obligation to protect civilians and respect international human rights, and that includes the right to free expression and free assembly. the high commissioner and i agree there should be an independent and transparent
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investigation. >> hundreds of people trying to flee have been prevented from doing so. they're still trying to break the mold. richard -- the hold. the british government has warned it is likely to be a long time. >> rebels are still getting to grips. nato is paving the way, but they are not getting far. nato has done okay, he told us, but we need more help to finish off gaddafi's forces, but that is not the mandate. nato is here to protect civilians, not to fight the rebels and battles.
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in the past month, nato aircraft have flown 5000 times. 1676 have been attack missions. targets have not been hit every time, but plenty of gaddafi's military hardware has been destroyed, holding his and steps towards rebel strongholds. -- halting his advance towards rebel strongholds. they were destroyed early on in here. so far, air strikes haven't been enough to stop the drug -- have been enough to stop the rebels from being beaten but not enough to stop gaddafi. this is the latest footage. in recent days the raf has been hitting targets, but for many, the casualty toll is the
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greatest indictment of nato's role. good the city is still being shelled. >> every night we lose civilians. >> 10-year-old mohammed is in constant pain. a fragment passed through his skull. air strikes did not keep him safe in his own backyard. >> egypt's x x during your manager has ordered the shooting of protesters. he is also held responsible for
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the insecurity that prevailed in the early days of the protests. thousands of inside-government protests continue -- inside- government protests continue. they are close to signing a deal. international forces in afghanistan say they have killed senior outcry the leaders -- the senior out keitel leaders. they say they have planned a tax on travel leaders. they say he died in an air strike two weeks ago. and sony is warning of its global play station and networks that their personal information has been stolen by hackers. the company also said it could not rule out the possibility the
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credit card has also been stolen during good -- been stolen. thank you very much for joining us. some 77 million users globally. how surprised are you that they have been a target. >> i am not surprised. we have seen a certain kind betsy large companies as a game. -- that see large companies and their data as a game. they could take incentives of personal details. >> we do not know who they are, but they are perhaps not sophisticated. >> my informed estimates is that
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these will be the sort of people who will work alone or in a small group. >> lots of personal details are out there, including names and addresses. how worried are you? >> the hacks actually took place a week ago, and if you have not gotten any irregularities with your credit card, there is reason to be confident. >> that is suggesting people would target within those seven days. they may take longer than that. >> that is a possibility. zero week has gone find.
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-- a week has gone by. >> seven days is significant as well, attracting a lot of criticism. it takes so long to tell people their accounts will be packed into a. what is your reaction to that? >> it is difficult, because sony has to balance and worrying consumers unnecessarily with trying to be truthful. i think that they have had a week without profits. obviously, there is a concern, because 70 million people are connected across the world you're a good -- across the world. still ahead.
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>> there it is. is on the ground. reaching having too much of central united statesb3
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no mosque in north london serves as a haven for -- a mosque in north london serves as a haven. it's a just 35 men went to fight against western forces in afghanistan after being indoctrinated in britain. >> two preachers of hate that the government vastly underestimated. as he preached from the smallest infants very park, he was dismissed in 2000 -- in finsbury park, he was dismissed as a noisy cleric. he was more than that. a picture emerges of britain as a hotbed of the extremists. the wikileaks documents paint a clearer picture. they entered britain from mainland europe. they quickly became radicalized. they were then sent to pakistan and then on to training camps in afghanistan. thousands were trained on
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machine guns, explosives, and machine guns, ex anaves, and %atthew c a growing gc1 riow do about 25,000 miners displays from western africa. -- this place from western africa. >> this is becoming the worst in 50 years. they are going out of their way to apply the diplomatic rules. dividing them from the 25,000 migrants who have arrived in the past few months. moseley tunisian, italy warned france and the region wanted another year of -- italy wanted other european states to take them in. a face-to-face meeting seems to have some work to. with both men praising the actions of the other, each calling on the european union to revise the treaty that guarantees free movement of people across borders. >> neither of us wants to deny it, but in exceptional circumstances, and we both believe there should be variegations to the treaty, and
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we decided to work on that together. >> president sarkozy agreed, saying in exceptional circumstances, the treaty should be temporarily set aside to allow border controls to be put back into place. >> we are pleased we have a common statement, conversions of ideas, and we would suggest it to the european council to look into it. >> getting brussels to look again at its open borders policy may not be easy. the agreement was established by germany, belgium, france, luxembourg, and the netherlands in 1985. its aim is to create a single external border to guarantee free movement to those inside the area without the need for a passport. residents are cozy and now prime minister -- presidents are cozy
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and prime minister berlusconi are working on this. while president sarkozy concerned about his bid to stay in office next year. they warn of the danger of unchecked migration. that is one reason is opposes such a threat to the french leader of a period not -- this poses such a threat to the french leader. they gave the impression they wanted more cooperation and less and bickering. it shows the issue of immigration remains divisive within europe. that has not gone away. >> ford has posted its best third quarter -- first quarter profits in years.
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quite a turnaround from when the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. >> rising petrol prices are fueling this change. sales rose to $33 billion. >> we have clearly been increasing market share based on the strength of our product line, and our other fundamental part of our plan is to match with real demand, and we are seeing more demand for the product line. >> they kept up the pressure on rivals, ruling out new models. for years, ford and the other big sioux american auto makers were openly reliant -- the two american automakers were openly reliant on profits. this year they are selling midsize cars like this new taurus.
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the sticker prices are not getting smaller. they are helping the carmaker cope with the rising cost of steel. >> in our case, we are growing the strength of our products. we are improving our quality, so between the commodity of producers and our suppliers, and we will share in dealing with those commodity increases. >> there are more tough times ahead. gm and chrysler did not receive government money. instead, they are taking a lot of debt. >> ford still has a great deal of debt load. they have done a great job of reducing fat, but there still is going to be a problem in the next five or six years as they continue to lower that is dead
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end rampant spending for new vehicles. >> -- now to lower the debt and rampant spending for new vehicles. >> ford hopes it can keep up the winning streak. >> president medvedev has called for new rules governing international development of nuclear energy in order to avoid future accidents like the one in japan. he visited chernobyl for the 25th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident. india has been given the go ahead for a controversial nuclear plant, despite protests by local people. the region is prone to earthquakes, and activists say a repeat of the accident -- why this fear a repeat of the
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japanese and -- activists fear a repeat of the japanese accident. at least seven dead. governors and in missouri, illinois, and missouri have declared an -- and kentucky have declared a state of emergency. they were hit by a tornado overnight. >> it is on the ground. my god. >> thunder roared and warning sirens blared as 38 reports of tornadoes slammed the southern plains. at least four people were killed after a series of suspected tornadoes. further north west, three others were killed in flash flooding. they went through deep water
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saving young children. emma thompson's were the worst hit. they were in the house with very young children. >> we ended up in the closet. >> every tree is on their home, a total loss. in texas, a golf ball sized hail of shattered these windows. now 70 m.p.h. winds destroyed the side of this gas station and this highway sign in the middle of the road. 46 people have been killed nationwide by tornadoes. there have been over 5000 severe weather reports so far in april. heavy rain has caused another problem. flooding from oklahoma to ohio. cars are submerged in water. this roof is barely keeping above the water. residents were forced to evacuate, fearing the oncoming storm. the winds were incredibly
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powerful. this is the case right here in the middle, and over here is what is left of the top. authorities will go searching for the dozens of people who are unaccounted for. >> a chance to buy tickets for the 2012 olympic games have extended after the website crashed earlier for some customers trying to buy tickets online. the public was given six weeks to buy tickets, but there was a surge as the midnight deadline approached. final preparations are under way on london for friday's royal wedding, including the delivery of trees to decorate thing inside of westminster abbey. he expects the couple to be feeling a little nervous.
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>> every few hours in westminster abbey, they are asked to pause. >> today we pray for the couple preparing for marriage, and especially, we pray for his royal highness, prince william. >> the abby will be closed to visitors so it can be made now ready and the bride and groom can be in and ready to go over the details of the service. when the ceremony starts, the couple will be standing at the top of the steps just in front of the high altar. it will be here the couple will exchange their marriage vows, and later, they will kneel in prayer on these special kneelers in aid for the coronation. he will conduct the service and says they are ready. >> i am sure they are both feeling a little nervous and excited.
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i stayed the preparations this week as they come towards it and will -- i think the preparation of this week as they come to work it will reassure them. i hope they are going to enjoy it enormously. >> the transformation of that abby began with a number of trees delivered. >> do not forget you can get complete coverage of their royal wedding by visiting our web site. click on the link, and you can find the latest features, including a guided tour of a couple as they go from westminster abbey to buckingham palace. a growing number of governments are calling for sanctions against syria following its violent crackdown on protesters. plenty more to come. stay with us.
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