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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> freed from house arrest, dominique strauss kahn has his bail conditions relaxed as the case starts to crack. mass demonstrations sweep through syria. they're some of the biggest anti-government protests so far. colonel gaddafi addresses his supporters as a series of loud explosions are heard in his capital. welcome to "bbc news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. coming up later for you, the return of chenowia. all smiles on canada day as the duke of cambridge tries out his french on the crowd.
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>> hello, and welcome. a judge in new york has lifted the strict bail conditions imposed on the former head of the international monetary fund. dominique strauss kahn amid speculation the sexual assault case is faltering. he has posted a $6 million bail bond in may. now he's free to travel in america, although he can't leave the country and must appear in court again later this month. this report contains some flash photography. >> a relaxed and confident dominique strauss kahn arrived at the court flanked by his loyal wife as the u.s. media reported that the case against him was on the brink of collapse. in court, the former i.m.f. chief heard the prosecution itself raise doubts about the
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woman he she claims tried to rape her. >> the credibility issues, we are not moving to dismiss the case this time. >> since the case is now weaker, the judge released mr. strauss kahn from his strict bail conditions. >> thank you, your honor. >> he'll get back the $6 million posted in bait and insurance. his lawyers believe it won't be long until the charges are dropped. >> just maintain from the beginning that mr. strauss cannes is -- strauss kahn is innocent of these charges and these recent disclosures reenforce our conviction that he'll be exonerated. >> a maid from begin knee claimed he attempted to rape and sexually assault her. but now prosecutors say the maid lied to the grand jury, claiming she hid in the hallway and she now admits to cleaning another
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room before reporting the alleged attack. the prosecutor claim she lied about the investigation to being raped in guinea. outside court, her lawyer gave a graphic account of the injuries she sustained during the attempted rape. >> the medical evidence supports the victim's account. the forensic evidence supports her account. she was taken from the hotel to the hospital in an balance. a grand jury has already found her account credible. >> dominique strauss kahn was forced to resign as head of the i.m.f. as greece's economy was in crisis. since his case unraveled, his ambition to be a french presidential contender could revive. he hopes to be the socialist candidate before the deadline expires in two weeks.
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>> he will be welcome in france. and i think the people here will have for him a greater admiration than before because he has shown during this period great qualifies of courage, dignity. >> it's been a turbulent six weeks for dominique strauss kahn. he left court looking assured and encouraged by the cracks in the case against him. >> now, syrian security forces have reportedly shot dead at least 14 protesters as hundreds of thousands of people took part in some of the biggest demonstrations since czar's uprising began in march. people took to the streets across the country calling on president assad to step down. >> some of the biggest since
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demonstrations began in march. these pictures show hundreds of thousands of people. 10,000 people were killed after the regime suppressed an uprising until 1982. they are unafraid to defy their ruler. activists say at least three million participated nationwide in demonstrations today. a figure that is impossible to verify. but what is certain is large-scale protests are taking place. these pictures show crowds of demonstrators. similar scenes in the country's second city. and in the capital of damascus, too, more calls for president assad to leave.
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protests have been mostly peaceful today, after mounting pressure on the regime to stop using violence against its people. but troops often fired. many people are believed to have been killed. washington says it's not convinced the regime is serious about change. >> they are either going to allow a serious political process that will include peaceful protest to take place throughout syria and engage in a productive dialogue with members of the opposition and civil society. or they're going to continue to see increasingly organized resistance. >> but there are also many who want the president to stay and are rallying in his favor. but this fight that supports and promises change by the government.
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there may be no way back for the government. and among the protesters, at least, the sense is that the time is up. >> a series of loud explosions have been heard in tripoli and black smoke has been seen rising from one of the regime's key city compounds. nato has not confirmed any details of operations over the city. meanwhile, earlier, colonel gaddafi was heard in an audio address to supporters, threatening attacks in europe unless nato holds his air strikes. our correspondent reports from tripoli. >> a little earlier, we heard a series of loud explosions from the center of tripoli. we're not exactly sure what was hit, but there are reports of large pulls of black smoke in the center of the city. in the last few minutes, there's been more sound of jet aircraft
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flying over the city. anti-aircraft fire. clearly, there does appear to be a nato operation going in and around the city of tripoli this evening. this follows the largest demonstration we've seen in many, many weeks. tens of thousands of pro-gaddafi supporters flooded into the middle of tripoli into green square this afternoon in a show of defiance and support for the gaddafi regime. it was addressed by colonel gaddafi via telephone during which he made these specific threats, to attack back, to strike back at europe. he said, we will take the battle to europe to target their homes, their office, and their family. if nato does not stop its bombing campaign against libya. nowing there has been a response to that already from the state department, releasing a statement saying they take the threat seriously because colonel gaddafi's regime has been shown
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in the past to have carried out attacks in europe, particularly in the 1980's, but also that he is a man who is given to overblown rhetoric. >> that was rupert winfield hayes reporting from tripoli. share prices in the united states have seen their best weekly performance for two years. analysts on wall street say the market boost was due to better than expected data from the manufacturing sector and improving vehicle sales along with diminishing concern over the greek debt crisis. police in hong kong have arrested dozens of pro-democracy protesters. the demonstrators were calling for the leader of the chinese territory to step down. officers used pepper spray to disperse the protests, which was held to mark 14 years since the end of the british rule. tiger airways has been grounded. it is accused of flying twice under the minimum allowed altitude.
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civil aviation safety authorities say the fleet will be grounded for five days because of a serious risk to safety. the first regular direct flight has left from north korea to china's commercial capital shanghai. the service took more than 100 chinese tourists to experience the north korean capital pyongyang. the new flight will occur twice a week. morocco's keeng marie osmond has won a -- king mohammed has won a constitutional rally. with results in from 94% of polling booths, more than 98% of voters backed the new constitutions. critics said the referendum had been rushed through. our correspondent has been following it. >> there has been not a lot of surprise among a lot of moroccans here that the referendums have been passed. in fact, when i walked around
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this morning, several voting centers and spoke to people, i really had a lot of difficulty finding one voter who was voting no. all the people i spoke to, i could only find one young man who is opposing the reforms. and he chose not to vote. so it's also good to read a little bit behind the numbers, behind what it means to have 98% vote as yes, and 72% of voters turn up. that also means that basically 30% of the 30 million eligible voters did not show up and actually boycott it. the voting, which is about four million people. there is also the side to look at and say the four million people have heard the calls to
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boycott on this referendum. >> now candidates from thailand's two main political parties are canvasing for votes ahead of sunday's general election. the current prime minister and leader of the ruling democrat party is young help, who has political connections in thailand. she's a young american educated businesswoman and leader of thailand's opposition party. she has absolutely no political experience, but her brother is a former thai leader. like him, she's aligned herself with those held back by poverty, promising to increase the minimum wage and introduce subsidies for farmers. this man has been writing policy for the opposition and giving his sister political advice.
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if she wins the vote, she'll be thailand's first female prime minister. but she's taking nothing for granted. >> i don't know yet if i should be confident. i'd rather listen to the people's voice on election day. the leader of the democratic party is educated and has the back of the establishment. he believes the only motive for backing the opposition is to enable him to go home to thailand. he's warned voters that the former leader's return would destabilize the country and says voters have a clear choice to make. >> we want to move the country forward with the democrats. the policies that will help alleviate the problems of the people. >> thailand is plagued by violence. protesters have at times brought the capital to a standstill.
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last year at least 90 people were killed and some 2,000 injured during an army crackdown. the problem is that this election once again pitches thailand's rich against the poor. there are fears that no matter who wins the vote on sunday, the losers will refuse to accept the results and an already aggravated political situation could become even worse. >> you're watching "bbc news." still ahead, monaco sends off its royal newlyweds with a bang. poland has taken over the rotating presidency of the european union for the first time. polish and e.u. leaders met in warsaw to celebrate the event, striking a markedly positive note despite the economic crisis in many parts of europe. poland wants to strengthen the single market and perez ahead --
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press ahead with enlargements. >> there's been pressure little joy for europe's leaders in recent weeks, with greece's economic problems taking upmost of their attention. there are few signs of doubts about the european project in warsaw. >> standing firmly on its feet and raising its head high, because poles never doubted the point of the european union. even in times of crisis. and the world seized it. >> signs of gratitude too from europe's leaders. pleased, perhaps, to find a country where support for e.u. membership stands at 80%. >> i count on you, mr. prime minister and your government and the polish people to move us forward in the construction of europe. i wish you a very successful presidency.
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>> just the day before, protests on warsaw's streets. poland enjoyed economic growth, about 3.5% annually. but this demonstration in warsaw saw tens of thousands of members complaining, that ordinary poles are being left behind, victims of low wages and low pensions. and a welcome reminder, perhaps, of protests further west. an indication that europe's leaders have work to do yet, convincing people they can safeguard the continent's economic future. >> you're watching "bbc news." our main headlines this hour, the former head of the international monetary funds dominique strauss kahn has been released from bail in new york. human rights campaigners say at least 14 syrians have been shot dead during nationwide
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demonstrations. now let's bring you the latest news from northern ireland where there have been disturbances after the end of a parade in east belfast. police have moved in to prevent skirmishes between small groups of nationalists and loyalists. larger crowds then gathered and the police service of northern ireland used land rovers as a barrier. loyalists threw stones and bottles at police and vehicles were damaged. police fired energy projectiles and water cannons were deployed. stone-throwing lasted for several hours, but was not on the scale of the serious trouble in the same area almost a fortnight ago. we will bring you more on that when we get the latest news. the chinese president has warned members of the ruling communist party that they must fight corruption to retain the support and trust of the people. he was speaking in a televised address to mark the 90th anniversary of the party's founding.
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as our china correspondent reports, this anniversary comes alongside growing evidence of social unrest across the country. >> who said communism is dead? the party once led is 90 today. other communist regimes have collapsed, chinas has gone from strength to strength. this may look like a relic from the past, but they were congratulating themselves. >> looking at china's progress over the past 90 years, we have naturally come to this basic conclusion. success in china changes on the party. >> there was no mention of the disaster, tens of thousands that died from famine or persecution, but plenty of talk about how china is restoring the country
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to greatness. >> his body still lies in state here, but the secret of the party's success has it's adapted, dumping communist economic ideas, but keeping its script political control, crushing anything that threatens the party's sole right to rule. so the communist party is presiding over an economic transformation unlike any the world has ever seen. hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty. the world's longest sea bridge, spanning 26 miles, and a bullet train line from shanghai to beijing 800 miles long, present for the party's birthday. not unnerved by the democratic revolutions in the middle east, in the middle of its most severe crackdown since the tiananmen massacre 20 years ago. building the communist party has involved -- mostly over land.
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forcing people to make way for lucrative new flats, offices, and shopping malls. there are many who believe the party is increasingly corrupt, unaccountable, driven only by power and greed. >> we have had no compensation. nothing. in january, their hired goons attacked us. we have decided enough is enough. >> we were lied to. cheated. our land was stolen and sold. they send thugs to beat us. nobody cares. and i will go on fighting until my last breath. >> despite this, new recruits keep swelling the communist party's rank. it has 80 million members and driving. that's no surprise really. the party is seen as a route to success in china today and it has eliminated all its rivals. >> flooding from a tropical storm in mexico has left two
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people dead and affected 20,000 others. heavy rain fall led a river to burst its banks in mexico city, flooding neighborhoods and overwhelming the sewer system. it's expected to bring even more rain. chile's ash cloud has grounded passengers again, but this time many travelers won't even be able to wait it out in a hotel. with the soccer tournament under way, most rooms are booked solid. the flight schedules are in chaos. airlines cancel flights in and out of the argentinean capital. britain's duke and duchess of cambridge have celebrated canada day with thousands of people in the capital ottawa. prince william told the crowd on parliament hill that he was excited by the prospect of becoming part of the canadian family as they traveled around the country. >> they are young and glamorous,
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which undoubtedly helps, but to be a successful royal requires more. things like a sense of service and the ability to connect with people, because that lifts them beyond mere celebrity. william and kate arrived at the annual canada day celebration in a horse-drawn carriage. the crowds were large, the welcome, once again, enthusiastic. as the queen's representative in canada, the governor general mounted the podium. the crowd shouted for will and kate. >> will and kate! will and kate! >> they made their way to the stage, giving the crowd a chance to see that kate was wearing canada's national colors of red and white. canada's prime minister congratulated them on their marriage. the crowd cheered. the dignitaries clapped. and the happy couple looked, well, happy. and as the cheering went on and on, a little bewildered. she patted his leg and when finally the cheering stopped, it was time for william to try out
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his french again. >> [speaking in french] >> they were thrilled at the prospect of eight more days in canada. this is plainly a pretty partial and pro-monarchist crowd, but broadly speaking, that's how much of canada is and they seem to like the look of the royal family's newest couple. today would have been the 50th birthday of william's mother. he may be reassured that he and his wife are once again showing how royalty can reach out to people. nicolas mitchell, "bbc news", ottawa. >> let's stay on the royal theme, because the ruling prince of monaco, albert the second, has married charlene woodstock in a civil ceremony in the royal palace. crowds of people from the mediterranean city state
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gathered in the square outside the palace to celebrate. the wedding is the biggest such event in monaco since 1956 when albert's father married the hollywood actress grace kelly. [speaking in foreign language] >> the moment the former swimming champion became a princess. and the moment the people of monaco could breathe a collected sigh of relief. the exchange of vows brought to an end several days of speculation that this wedding might not happen. the signing of the marriage register with a golden pen proving the doubters wrong. watching on big screens, the residents. it is on tuesday that newspapers reported rumors that she had fled monaco for nice airport
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with a one-way ticket to johannesburg. the palace disrupted the stories as ugly rumors prompted only by jealousy. the last time monaco experienced an occasion like this was in 1956 when his father married the hollywood actress grace kelly. some believed albert, the prince with a playboy reputation, would never settle down. after the rumors the past few days, there's a general feeling of satisfaction in monaco that their reigning prince is at last a married man. >> now let's get a reminder of our main headline. a judge in new york has restricted the strict conditions posed on the former head of the i.m.f. dominic strauss kahn. much more on that, of course, on our website. you can also follow me on twitter and the rest of the team. you're watching "bbc news."
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