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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 20, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> welcome to bbc news. rupert murdoch denies personal responsibility for the phone hacking crisis, but says a story to the victims'. >> i would like to say one sentence, this is the most humble day of my life. >> and drama and chaos, the protestor accused of trying to attack rupert murdoch's accused with a public order offense. the imf calls on countries to take action to stop the crisis from spreading. amnesty international says the recruitment of soldiers is
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systematic. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. british prime minister david cameron will make a statement to the house of commons today. the latest developments in the phone hacking scandal. testimony on tuesday by rupert murdoch, the media tycoon's as it was the most humble the day of his life. but he refused to take personal responsibility for the crisis which engulfed the news of the world. >> of the most powerful and feared a media mogul. the policemen are there to
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protect rupert and james murdock, not take them in the questioning. be tycoons wife was behind him offering physical and emotional support. his son sat anxiously and protectively at his side. >> i would like to say how sorry i am and how sorry we are. >> barred from reading a script that apology, he wanted to deliver one line. >> i would like to say one sentence. this is the most humble the day of my life. >> whose fault was the criminality? >> the people that i trusted and those that they trusted.
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this is not an excuse. maybe an explanation. news of the world is less than 1% of our company. >> his wife told him to stop banging the table. when asked what he knew when, the sound heard more often was silence. that question about what he saw, internal e-mail, took 10 long seconds to answer. he hesitated on every question of detail. >> in daily contact, i forget. >> it was run day today by james murdoch. he blamed the police, the press and complaints commission, and an inquiry for the company's failure to reveal what had gone
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wrong. >> if i knew then what we know now, we can let all of these things. we would have taken more action are around that and move faster to get to the bottom of these allegations. >> has not yet included a stop to payments of this man, a man whose phone hacking is at the heart of this scandal. >> i know that certain fees were paid by the company. i was as surprised and shocked to learn that as you are. >> his children used to play with a gordon brown's. never photograph with mr. murdoch. despite visiting him and just days after the last election.
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>> to avoid photographers. i was just doing what i was told. but then, may have as parliamentary drama turned into a circus. >> what can you tell us? gosh i was sitting a few feet away from mr. murdoch. he was hit in the face with a plate of what i assume is shaving cream. >> it was delivered by the member of the public. it was rewarded with a right to the. the police to arrive sometime later. it is the sort of story rebecca brooks would have loved when she edited the news of the world. but now they follow the murdoch into the room.
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>> such fundamental issues. >> i don't know anyone in their right mind that would authorize approval of anyone listening to the voice mails. >> someone did if and someone covered it up. we did know that this is a day he did not enjoy. >> use of the moment that he was attacked with a plate of shaving phone. -- fome. -- foam. the protester's name is jonathan
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and has been charged with a public order offense. he is charged with a section 5 of the public order act. the husband turns with the public order offense. same with the story, within the last hour, the a trillion army will have questions to answer there. the country who controls a 70% of the newspapers. he told me how it has been covered by the australian press. this is the front page. >> this is a nice shot of
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rupert touching his son's arm. the minority group, controls all of the other major newspapers. he and his son looking grim and pretty unhappy in the background. >> ha people have been arrested in the united states for cyber attacks. it is retribution for the decision to terminate the accounts held by the whistle blowing site wikilieaks. --
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wikileaks. details about a warning from the international monetary fund. >> the rest of the debt crisis is threatening the recovery of not just europe but the world. the finance ministers are due. the german chancellor has said it is unlikely that they will draw a line under the problems. these calls from the imf are worrying. >> this is about the possibility not just within the rosellen, but outside of it. on the one hand, it is a
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situation where it is a junior financing -- it is facing in a shut by lead to a break out. we might see a change of course. the situation is really out of control after italy has been hit. it is really too big to bail out. >> president obama have focused
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on avoiding defaulting on its debt. there was a mix of spending cuts. a powerful typhoon has had parts of japan bringing heavy rain and wind. if forced road closures and flight cancellations. it is expected to approach eastern japan. congressmen are traveling to the islands on wednesday. the trip is a peace mission.
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you're watching live from singapore. still to come, hillary clinton's trade talks in india. why one of his victims is trying to stop the execution. the government continues to call for the downfall. >> is all part of the syrian cycle of violence. protests, shootings, funerals, shootings. these images, as some residents say they are stuck in their
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homes. as well as the opposition at home, it faces changes from nevada. >> i talked with them about the need for reform. he promised that he would work towards that. >> a broadening out of the diplomatic isolation. >> it is necessary that the international community and not just europe clearly speak out against the syrian government and condemned the oppression. and to make clear that the dialogue is one that we want to bring forward. >> is rejected outright by the
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street protesters. it is a stalemate between and determined opposition. and some places, some people are seeking safety by getting out of syria altogether. >> a reminder of the headlines this hour. rupert murdoch has described his appearance before a committee as the most humble day of his life. a professor accused of trying to attack rupert murdoch's charged with a public order offense. the u.s. secretary of state
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hillary clinton has pledged strong support for india's battle against extremism. we are joined now. what has been the outcome? in is if cued as a successful? >> ties between america and india have never been warmer than they are today. if you go back a couple of decades, if you read us -- if you remember, there were more closely linked to the soviet union. meetings between senior government officials are quite routine signifying the importance of both countries really putting on this relationship. america wants closer business
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ties. it wants greater access to this giant and fast-growing economy. there is also a possible will work against china. its roots to the talks table on global affairs. the fact that she is here is really the most important fishing at all. we have had no great announcements and no great agreements, but she is here and that is incredibly of horton. >> about a week from the mound by attacks. how has that changed the agenda? >> counter-terrorism and regional security are very important issues for both countries, particularly with some many u.s. troops in afghanistan and involved with pakistan. hillary clinton said that following those attacks that
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left 20 people that, terrorism was on everybody's mind. we heard from both her and her indian counterpart announced a greater degree of cooperation in counter-terrorism and intelligence sharing between the security agencies. >> declared in parts of somalia, an estimated 10 million people have been affected by severe drought. the united nations is expected, who has returned to east africa. andrew has more.
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thousands crowding into camps like this one. a fan is about to be declared in at least two regions of somalia. the mud of word is rarely used. images like these, ethiopia, 1984. somalia has now crossed a grand threshold. -- grim threshold. 4 out of every 10,000 children are dying daily. >> the international response mechanisms have triggered as a result of declaring a completely different emergency. it is a completely different scale.
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>> the horn of africa is prone to drought and poverty. in a recent visit, two decades worth of anarchy. people are coming here in search of food. militants control most of the countryside. an ounce they were lifting a ban on the organizations. the un says that too many obstacles remain. they are hoping that famine will provoke a surge in donations. but the short term looks bleak. the longer-term as much better. >> children in somalia are being systematically recruited as child soldiers by islamic insurgents. to protect the rights of children in the country with
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tens of thousands fleeing the extreme drought. >> the impact of the humanitarian emergency as hundreds of families seek help for the children especially and capital physically torn apart by war. amnesty international is warning that the drought is tightening the threat to the civilian populations that come from forces involved in the long- running conflict and the recruitment of child soldiers. children are often victims of the conflict. there recruitment is also rife. some are as young as eight. is used by the crew that range from luring children of the promise of mobile phones and money to of the actions. refugees are now pouring across
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the border into ethiopia. the conflict and the impact on their lives are reasons why they have fled. >> most of them have access to communication. increases their vulnerability to recruitment. they sometimes have to resort to desperate measures to feed their families. for instance, parents have been key in the attacks. we see the children separated from their families also becoming a prime target for recruitment. >> they hope to wrap up the response and stem the flow of
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refugees. they want the world to go further in tackling the crisis has proved so deadly for children. >> an extraordinary story, a man on death row is finding support from the most unlikely people. >> he is scheduled to be put to death in texas and is paying for crimes committed in the wake of 9/11 when the attack three people, targeting anyone considered an era of the and calling for revenge. one of his surviving victims is fighting to save his life. >> death row. murderers, rapists, pedophiles a waiting for their execution. this week, it is his turn.
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he killed two people and wounded another. targeting anyone he believed to be era of the. his last opportunity to talk publicly. >> i was angry american. every but it was saying, let's get them. we stereotyped. i stereotyped all muslims as terrorists. that was wrong. >> the attacks are all very similar. it was the killing at the garages that led to him being arrested. he admitted he carried out the shooting in retaliation for what happened. >> he opened fire with a double barrel shotgun and i could feel
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it is hitting me in my face. >> he was badly hurt, but he is campaigning to save his life. >> as we see a lot of killing and hate crimes, it will simply lose a human life if he is executed. >> he is prepared for his death. >> it is like going to the pound, off you go. i will be dead by 6:30. >> 10 years, there is the uneasy relationship between muslims and non-muslims in the u.s..
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the desire to forgive and to stop the execution is a small step towards bringing communities together. >> he can talk with those, so there is a chance we can be in a better society. execution is not a solution. >> he will be executed by lethal injection. >> you have been watching news day from the bbc. >> a reminder of the news. the british prime minister will make a statement to the house of commons late today as the start of an all-day debate in the latest development of the phone hacking scandal. rupert murdoch described the day answering questions as a humbling experience. from singapore to london, thank you for watching.
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