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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 11, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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what can we do for you? >> and now bbc world news. me.wellcomco >> calm returns to the streets of england cities. three men were killed protecting their neighborhoods. damon kameron declares a fight back -- david cameron declares a fight back against the rioters. >> this malaysian student robbed during the london riots is recovering. rumors that france could have its credit rating downgraded. it is 11:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> it is 4:00 a.m. here in london.
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>> hello and welcome. a huge police operation involving thousands of officers seems to a prevented a fifth night of rioting in london, england. in birmingham, a vigil has been held for three asian men who were killed when they were knocked down by a car. >> every scrap of evidence from the crime scene is needed. police believe that the hit and run here last night was murder. the community pays their respects to the three men who were killed. the brothers -- he tried to
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revive his own son. >> something told me that my son was lying behind me. tauscher did cpr on my own son cared my face was covered in blood. my hands were covered in blood. why? anything i ever wanted done, i would always ask arun to sort it out for me. not my eldest, not my daughter. and they kill them. >> it is mindless and pointless. we need to all stand together and fight for peace. >> exclusive footage given to the bbc shows the street just after the men were mowed down. one of them was on the ground and a group gathers. >> they are dead. >> this was formed by a 13-year- old.
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>> i just can stop shaking. seeing someone died in front on the street i. it is not safe. >> there is concern that this could now be divided along racial lines. >> this is a time to be calm. if we're, i am absolutely confident that the people of west midlands can get through this. we can rebuild trust within canada is with a sense of purpose. >> -- within communities with a sense of purpose. >> this appears to show the tv crew giving the police a lift to chase after the suspected murderers.
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they are seen arresting a man, one of four people detained last night. this afternoon, members of the community press around. >> it is quite extraordinary that television crews are having to help the police. >> it is extraordinary but, in some ways, it is incredibly uplifting. it shows how much the community cares about their neighborhood, their city, their country. >> just a few hours ago, harun's father offered a plea. >> please respect the loss of our son and the grief of our family by staying away from trouble. >> people who knew the man can come right to the spot where the men were killed. >> david cameron has declared a
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fight back and says he will not of fear to take the streets. >> our political editor has more. >> taken now, do not pay later. >> i want the @ xbox. >> bayline up to clean out this family election -- they lined up to clean out this family electrical store. today, he inspected what was left of his business after telling the prime minister of the story of the night he would rather for debt. >> all of these people poured in. one of them grabbed me by the neck. i was frightened. >> david camren promised him and
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other retailers in this city a tougher police response. earlier, the prime minister presented himself as the leader of a new moral army to withstand up against what he calls the worst of britain. >> we needed to fight back and a fight back is under way. there are pockets of our society that are not just broken, but frankly sick. when we see children as young as 12 and 13 fluting and laughing, when we see the disgusting sight of an injured young man with people pretending to help him while they are robbing him, it is clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society. >> the prime minister did not risk walking to a city on edge. [screaming] the police moved in at the first sign of trouble. this is a city that is still
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living in fear. arrests on the street and shops have closed early in order to avoid another night with people bringing more trouble. ed miller band did take to the streets of manchester. -- ed milliband did it take to the streets of manchester. the leaders seem to be speaking with one voice. >> we need to do with the responsibility we need in our society, from top to bottom, including parental responsibility. >> back and no. hampton, they are preparing for the worst tonight. -- back in northern hampton, they are preparing for the worst tonight. people are staying home, except those who roam the streets.
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>> 820 people have been arrested in london since saturday in connection with some have already appeared before court. our reporter is outside of westminster magistrate court. he told us about the people facing the charges. >> to some extent, all walks of life. we see young teenagers, young middle-aged men. we see people charged with minor offenses, some of vandalism. we have seen people charged with handling stolen goods worth up to 40,000 pounds. one of the last cases i sat in on involved a 19-year-old was mother teresa expense -- who was mother to a six-week-old baby. she denies charges. some charges will go to another court.
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the crown court, and a defendant is found guilty, could get easterners' sentence. >> when images of the rise has really shocked the world. >> he was filled lane leading on a street in east london when he was a -- when he was mugged by a gang. this malaysian student has been recovering in hospital. >> these images have come to define a vicious mindset on display on british streets appeared >> i am actually helping him up . >> the former was bloodied, days, being robbed by those who pretended -- the forerunner was bloodied, days that, being robbed -- dazed, being robbed by those who pretended to be helping him.
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he says he hit the ground when attackers pulled him from his bicycle. others in the group threatened to stab him. he is one of 14,000 malaysian students in britain. many are scared by what they have seen here. >> it is very disturbing. you do not do that to somebody who is harmless. >> what does it make you think about london and people who could do that? >> basically, i have a strong relationship with the business people here. they have always been very well mannered, very gentle with me. to see this happening is an atrocity. >> muhammed rossi came to london without family. in the high commission, they are saying that we are his family now and they're working on bringing his parents to see him. everyone in malaysia and knows what happened to mohammed.
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>> an alleged mastermind of the 2002 ballet bombings has been indicted in an agenda -- end -- the 2002 bali bombings has been indicted in indonesia. joining me now from jakarta -- is it not significant that mr. patek was found in the city where osama bin laden was killed? >> they have told us that he has arrived in indonesia this morning after being extradited from pakistan. he was found in that same city that osama bin laden was captured in may of this year. he was found about six months ago. u.s. officials said they believe that the fact he was in the same town was a mere
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coincidence. but analysts say that there must be some sort of link. it is not clear if he was there to speak to mr. bin laden. what is hoped will come out from his detention here in indonesia is that he may be able to provide some clear and very definite links between terror cells here in indonesia, in pakistan, and throughout southeast asia, perhaps providing a more detailed idea of how closely linked, net -- how closely linked networks like al qaeda are. >> what concerns in indonesia have been trying him in the country? >> the main concern is a potential problem for the trial. it is whether he will be able to be tried under indonesians anti- terror laws that were passed in 2003. they cannot be applied retrospectively. that will be a key challenge
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going forward. >> thank you so much for joining us. still to come on the program, asian markets fall again after a day of turmoil in europe and the u.s.. >> nato says that it is hunted down those responsible poured shooting down a u.s. helicopter in afghanistan. clark'>> reports from hamas sayt they have pulled out from the operation. the u.s. has imposed sanctions on syria's largest commercial banks and loan operator. >> after days of violence, a syrian troops are pulling out of hamas. these pictures cannot be independently verified.
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soldiers stand and cheered as their units leave. their week-long operation reportedly left thousands of activists dead and a city broken. the burton out cars, the black and buildings, wreckage strewn across the street, all signs of the skill and ferocity of the army operation. in the u.s., there was more condemnation of the syrian action and a surge of sanctions on the country. >> we are looking at the actions he is committing on his people. we're working with international partners to make sure that pressure continues to be placed and is ramped up on president assad. >> so far, the criticism from the u.s. and other countries seems to have little impact. the violence and the protests continue.
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with the international community unwilling to intervene, this battle for syria comes down to a struggle between the president and the people. >> the media tycoon rupert murdoch says he will not step down from the board of news corp. c his statement came after announcement of a drop in profits. >> our headlines this hour -- thousands of extra police are on duty in english cities in an attempt to stop another night of rioting. the streets so far have been quiet. >> the prime minister has joined police and community leaders in birmingham to call for calm
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after the death of three men who were run over while protecting their neighborhood from looters. the asian markets are falling following worries of the u.s. and european debt crisis. shares in french banks fill the furthest as rumors circulated that they could lose their credit rating. three major credit agencies said there i'll look for france was stable. let's look at japan, south korea, and australia. they're moving in separate directions. we have japan and australia in negative territory. but we see a shift in asian markets. the south korean market is now in positive territory. with the the u.s. futures showing that wall street may be opening in positive territory
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when they open for trade later today. still, there is a lot of concern and uncertainty among investors here in the region. so far, there is no fear of credit rating downgrade. but there is worry of the european debt crisis and the u.s. financial worries. as for the euro, it is folly to fresh five-month lows. they worry that the euros on debt crisis could spread. as for the commodities market, we see crude oil prices falling and gold continues to soar. it remains at record highs. as for one of the major markets here in asia, china, they are feeling the effects. although, not to many foreign firms are listed on exchanges there.
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-- not too many foreign firms are listed on exchanges there. >> there is concern here in china over the situation of the economies in europe and america. and more generally, regionally, there is concern that china battles with inflation. authorities have been saying they are trying to slow down growth. you may remember back in 2008, it was china which led the world top rating. it was china's strong growth that pulled in the world with it. that does not seem to be the case this time. instead of boosting growth, they want to slow it down. >> martin, there are fears among governments and international authorities that, with the u.s. keeping their low rate policy and a potential qe3 or additional bond buying in the u.s., this could add additional liquidity into the chinese market, which could push prices
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even higher. >> that is right. there is concern about the quantitative easing. in effect, that would be printing money to kickstart the u.s. economy. but that will also concern chinese authorities because they are the biggest holder of u.s. bonds. if more money is in the u.s. market, then those bonds, the dollar become devalued. that means that the value of china's debt, the value of its investment will also drop. that is something that beijing does not want to see. >> in other news, the u.s. international forces have killed the taliban insurgents who shot down a u.s. helicopter. 30 u.s. troops were killed. many of them were members of the elite special forces unit involved in the raid that killed al qaeda leader osama bin laden. >> the final homecoming --
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military transport planes touchdown at dover air force base burying the remains of 30 american soldiers, most of them elite special forces. it was a sober moment for the commander and chief who would -- the commander in chief who would spend more than an hour with grieving families. it is the single biggest loss of life in america's longest war. in mordac province, they have sealed off the area while the helicopter is retrieved. those responsible have themselves been killed. >> at approximately midnight, coalition forces killed the taliban insurgents responsible for the attack on this helicopter, which we have assessed has been and are pg round -- has been an rpg round.
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>> the general said the two insurgents were killed by an ex- 16 airstrike. the man who fired was alive and fighting elsewhere. 22 of the american dead were navy seals on the same unit that killed osama bin laden. they operate in the shadows. some are being remembered publicly. like here in bonn, 30 years old, and the father of two. -- like aaron vaughn, 30 years old, and the father of two. >> my father came in sight in uniform. i fell to my knees. the energy, everything drops out of view. i remember saying nano. >> some are asking why they had to make such a vulnerable landing.
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special forces are likely to play an even greater role in the war coul. these deaths have posed new questions about the afghanistan strategy at a time when a president needs desperately to focus on matters here at home. many americans have already concluded that the war is unwinnable. >> there is a new warning that the drought in the horn of africa is likely to last for months. because of the harsh conditions in somalia, more than 100,000 people have fled into neighboring kenya. it has put a strain on the refugee camps. >> for a few hours every day, the children of this section can pretend they are
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children like everywhere. the playground cocoons them from a harsh world. the make-believe houses of they built for 1 million miles from their reality. and the aid workers insurance than to imagine affection. these children were born here and have never been to somalia. their parents left the country 20 years ago. >> would you like to go to somalia? the answer is no. their parents say it is a bad place. this massive aid operation sustains 300,000 people who said -- who fled the somali conflict of the 1990's and they have never gone back. they need help, but they are not starving. three out of every four people you see in the camps have nothing to do with the current crisis. in some crisis -- in some cases, they have been collecting their
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rations like this for a decade or more. there is a graphic reminder that there is something deeper at work again this year's drought alone. it begs the question -- is all low of this solving the problem or simply prolonging it? this person has been here since 1992. he has an answer, although it is not for the faint hearted. >> let the eight stock. then we will have to go back home. some will die, but others will find a solution. >> over the years, parts of dada refugee camp starts looking more and more like a town could it has its own economy, driven by the aid that flows in. refugees sell a part of their ration and spend what they get with other traders.
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>> of course, we would love to run our business in our own country. but there is war going on in somalia. >> the failure to solve somalia's deep-seated crisis drives a new generation across the border. another mother building another shelter in this no-man's land of hopelessness. >> you have been watching news day from the bbc. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. a quick reminder of the big story. thousands of extra officers appear to have prevented a fifth night of violence in cities across england. we will keep you updated on our website. for now, from us in london and singapore, that is it. do not for get you can follow the laws on twitter. for now, from bbc newsday, thank
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