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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 18, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome to the bbc. >> the headlines this hour. soon to be freed. the prisoner exchange of gilad shalit gets under way. calling on kenya to restore the troops from somalia. >> a special report from syria were more than 1000 protesters have been killed in recent months. as the flooding continues in thailand, a huge part is evacuate it out of the capital of the bangkok to. 11:00 to hear in singapore. >> broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. welcome.
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within the last few hours, hundreds of palestinian prisons the merger -- prisoners have left in exchange for the soldier gilad shalit. he has been held captive since 2006. what is believed to be female prisoners, the first of four hundred 77 palestinians to be released a. the remaining 550 prisoners will be released next month. gilad shalit is expected to be free within hours. our correspondent send this report earlier. -- sent this report earlier. >> a song of celebration for this family.
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strong in number, and hamas supporters to the court. the head of the household is missing. 25 years ago he was given four life sentences for carrying out attacks on israelis. in this photo, and he is with his son who is also an israeli jail. omar's 18 grandchildren should meet their grandfather for the first time when he is free today. his wife says the torture of the last two and a half decades will be forgotten once he is back home. she says her husband is only as much a terrorist as any israeli soldier. unsurprisingly, israel does not see it the same way. some of the prisoners being freed today were involved in planning suicide bomb attacks like this one on a jerusalem pizza restaurant in 2001.
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15 israelis were killed. among men, -- among them, their daughter. 1000the roth's, palestinians is the price too high to pay. >> let's take the case of the woman who murdered our daughter. she is 31. she is charismatic and influential. she is now an icon. she's going to be carried on the soldiers of her supporters. she is going to be an inspiration to a generation. palestinian arab and muslim children throughout the world will be persuaded that her heroism, crowned by this success of walking out with her health had high from an israeli prison is worthy of emulation. murdering children. >> hamas is preparing a rally to
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welcome home prisoners they regarded as heroes. hamas compromise to make this deal. they backed down on some of the bigger names. they wanted to boost their popularity, particularly against the palestinian president, mahmoud. 1000 prisoners for one is really, they are portraying it as a huge victory. the faces of the prisoners are not instantly recognizable. the same cannot be said for gilad shalit. is 0's conflict will go on. conflict will go on. >> they have called on kenya to withdraw its troops from somalia to avoid what it calls a bloody
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battle. this follows the incursion of troops into somalia over the weekend after the kenyan government said the group was behind a recent spate of kidnappings. >> among those kidnapped were to spanish health workers from this, the largest refugee camp on the border. the kenyan government blames the insurgent group for the kidnapping and has sent their troops tens of kilometers into a small in an effort to press the insurgents away. but t. al qaeda-linked group denies responsibility and issued a warning. withdraw immediately or kenyan targets would be attacked. >> the denial in the kidnappings is too little, too late. we know that kenya is not saying that tbecause we are intelligen.
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we know for sure what we're saying. >> the group also address the kenyan people directly saying they should not let it will call the flames of for spillover into their country. the people on the streets of nairobi appeared to back the move. >> it is ok for the government to show them. they will try to show them that we are here and not going to let it continue. >> it is a positive action. this is the common enemy. it does nothing to do with somalia alone. it is a worldwide enemy. >> it has threatened canyon in the past. this deployment of troops could prompt an escalation of hostilities. the group may lack the means for conventional war, but they have inflicted serious damage.
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the issue now is whether across border conflict in an area already suffering an emergency can be avoided. will grant, bbc news. >> more evidence of violence taking place in syria against anti-government protesters. >> that is right. there are reports of bloodshed in the central city. an investigation has found injured protesters being shot dead while lying in their hospital beds. sue roberts and went in under cover. this is her exclusive report. >> despite the daily death toll, the protests continue. the tactics have changed. they're held at night to
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minimize casualties and back in march when they began, the protesters called for reform. today as the name of each massacres carried out by the regime is called out, the crowd calls for the death of the president by hanging. these protests are taking place every night and are unabated. this is impressive because they have been going on for seven months and so little has been achieved. this is not the point. >> i have not seen anything like this in my life. the old, the young, everyone calling for freedom. this revolution will win, god willing. >> the army has encircled and attacks every day. people tell you they have rats, but no food.
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water and power are cut off. i was taken to meet mahomet, one of the soldiers who was ordered to attack the city. >> we were ordered to kill everyone that moved. everyone in the street. there were children who were being ordered to kill our own people who, at the end of the day, are our flesh and blood. >> on friday, the protests take place during the day after midday prayers. the army always attacks. doctors prepare for the inevitable casualties. they can no longer take the injured to the government hospital. >> we found that when we did that, and the injured were either arrested or killed. a man would go into the hospital with an injury and his family would be summoned to collect the corpse with a shot in the head or chest. >> it has cost them over 1000
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dead. they say they are winning. we will carry on telling bashar al-assad to go even if he kills everyone of us. >> and the latest on the prisoner exchange? >> it has been under way, the initial prison van leaving is reall -- israel. this is the scene of the prison in the west bank where vans have been arriving carrying the initial prisoners of some 477. they will be crossing from the egyptian border area right to the west bank as they begin this key moment of the exchange to deal that is to take place
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between the palestinians and the israeli regarding the release of gilad shalit, the israeli soldier that was captured in 2006. it is a two-stage process, the release of these prisoners. 20 or so women were the first to live -- leave one of the jails about an hour ago. they were followed by 400 palestinians that will make their way from the prison. it will take a some time to complete the crossing but there to be released on tuesday and will be followed by 550 prisoners in a month's time that will complete the palestinian prisoner exchange. we are expecting that gilad shalit will be released within the next hour. it could be as soon as the next hour or so. this is the scene at the prison
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where those initial prison and vans from the israeli jails, a caring those palestinian president where they will pass -- palestinian prison where they will pass through and carry on their journey into other areas. we will keep you updated on the exchange which more developments as soon as we get them. now we go back to you with more news on the thai flood. >> it has been devastating to the northern part of the country where the floods continue to wreak havoc across much of the country. authorities have ordered the evacuation of an industrial park outside the capital of bangkok. the bbc has gone over the most affected areas to see the extent of the damage. >> we have gone north and the further we go, the worse of
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looks. as you go at a bangkok, you begin to see the effects on the outskirts of the city of some flooding. we have gone over the main river into places with exposed banks. it is out here you get a sense of how much area has been affected by this. we are seeing the tops of the roots of factories, houses, some trees sticking up above the water. otherwise, as far as the eye can see, it is waterlog. the government says it has the situation under control. but all of this area is going to be under water for many weeks. people here who lost their housing, they're going to need help for a long time to come. i have been looking down and i see people signaling as our helicopter goes overhead, waving umbrellas at us to get the attention of these pilots.
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part of their job is to survey the area and see where aid is needed. then the airdropping aid where they can, where they think they can get it to people. looking around at all of this, even if the rains stopped, this water's going to take a long time to receipt, even if in caucus states, there is a humanitarian need and a big impact on the economy in thailand. storm clouds are gathering again. >> you are watching the bbc live from singapore and london. anti-gaddafi forces make progress in parts of libya but have to take full control of sirte. >> the lessons of fukushima. we have a special report from japan about the energy program.
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one month after the demonstrations began in the united states, similar movements have been springing up in cities around the world. they have included madrid, athens, and london. alex reports from outside the cathedral. >> god bless the banking industry and that man for telling me to get a job. >> a culture clash outside the cathedral. they have been here since saturday. they're planning to state. who are they? he is a musician and he says he pays his taxes. >> i do not want to world that is based on profit. i think capitalism is inherently broken. i want a system on collaboration. >> this may not be the usual congregation you expect to find, but they have their own tents. the cathedral has said that while there have been some
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challenges, they seem to be getting on ok. worshiper, a protester, and tourist coexisting happily. >> what is new is the global scale a protest as the try to occupy the london stock exchange and ended up here instead. similar things were happening in wall street and across europe. ed wood is not news is the stereotype of who attends the protest. that may have to change when accountants like tim short to lend to their sport. >> i am a pacifist but when i am trying to say is there a genuine movement growing. i'm speaking out for my children and their future. i do not want to see university graduates sitting here protesting with no hope. it is morally wrong. >> organizers claimed he is proof of their views stand for
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the many. >> he had eyes for you this hour -- the prisoner exchange has begun in israel which should these -- should see the release of the captured soldiers gilad shalit. al-shabaab >> -- >> al-shabaab has called on kenya to remove its soldiers. >> for gilad shalit, 1000 palestinian protest -- prisoners are being released. house -- is playing a role in the process. >> it is critical because a lot of what is happening is happening in or through or next to egypt. certainly the egyptian security agency that engaged in this
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effort is playing a key operational role. it has in a function -- a function in seeing an agreement consummated between the parties. >> much was said about the balance of one is really a soldier for the lives of 1000 prisoners to. having ahat they're heroes welcome. could they be seen as the victor in this? >> i think it is best at this stage to see and make the point that both sides see their interest being met by the deal and that has been signed and is on offer. i do not think one can say who profited more or less. the point is that each side, what they wanted out of the deal. that is a critical element, coming to an agreement such as
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this. in that respect, it does not make sense to ask one and who lost. -- who won and who lost. >> they're saying they now control the center of bani walid. tosirte, they're struggling dislodge loyalists who of been in the town center after days of fighting. our correspondent is there. >> in a flat coastal city, any vantage point is a bonus. even if it means lifting vehicles with big guns onto rooftops. [gunfire] cotton sniper fire, the attacking forces have reverted to bombing and blasting their way forward. there is now evidence that those forces loyal to the ntc are
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beginning to focus their attack on the center of sirte. there is a square mile inside the city which is still being held by colonel gaddafi's loyalists. it is not subtle or pretty, shelling that it's the city. the flag still flies. everyone has had enough. he is an interior designer from tripoli with a wife and two children. after a month from the front, he is desperate to leave. he says there is a job to finish. fighting.till we will take it. i hope today. >> wishful thinking given the amount of fighting today. these soldiers care little for
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gaddafi's hometown and have laid waste to much of it. in some areas you can see the wealth and privilege for which it was known and and the threat would be a. this, a luxury beach from complex, for vip visitors. most of the residents have fled. lifelong supporters of gaddafi, leaving behind mementos to be picked over by the not-yet victorious rebel army. >> let's give more on our top story, the release of palestinian prisons which has marked the beginning of the swap for the israeli soldier gilad shalit. this is a shot at the present and near the egyptian border which has been the scene of the first stage of the prisoner transfer process. within the last hour, up to 27 are thought to be left jails and
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to make the move across the egyptian border toward the west bank. to a prison where they will be met alongside an egyptian delegation to carry out this process which is expected to last up to some hours for a total of 477 palestinian prisoners being released today. gilad shalit is due to be released within hours. let's talk you through nearly half of those 1000 prisoners. the logistical process of that transfer operation. the transfer of prisoners is expected to take several hours. let's look at the details of their release. most of the 477 prisoners have been held overnight.
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you were just seeing those pictures near the egyptian border. on gilad shalit's release, 300 of them will go into egypt and then gaza. nearly 100 prisoners will also head to the west bank or they will enter the military prison and eventually they will cross through the checkpoint and make their way onto gaza and other areas. gilad shalit, who has been held captive since 2006, is expected to be free within hours. let's take a look at how the day will unfold. was to hand him over to egyptian representatives, he will be taken across the border to egypt. he is on expected to spend 50 minutes in total on egyptian soil.
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he will be transferred to israel or there will be checking his medical condition and fitness. then he will be flown to an air base where he will undergo a detailed medical examination, meet his father, and eventually the israeli prime minister before being flown home. that is the process. they're taking place as we speak. more on that to come as soon as we get it. in other news, thousands of women have taken to the streets of the yemeni capital to protest the death of a woman. eight people were killed and dozens injured in clashes between troops loyal to the president and protesters. egyptian justice ministry says the sons of hosni mubarak happen -- have had their money
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frozen in the bank accounts. most of the money is held by the eldest son who is being investigated for money laundering. flooding and mudslides across central america have claimed 80 lives. thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes in the worst affected areas. you have been watching the news today from the bbc. thank you very much for watching. we bring you the very latest from the scenes live at egyptian border crossing where palestinian prisoners have started to leave the prisons in israel where there have been held. this begins the a release of gilad shalit. we will keep you updated. stay with us on bbc news.
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