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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 25, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> hello and welcome to "newsday." >> hunting for survivors following the earthquake in
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turkey. hundreds are still missing. a moderate islamist party claims of victory in tunisia's first elections since the arab spring began. >> u.s. diplomats hold exploratory talks with north korea, starting negotiations on nuclear disarmament. encounter, andse she meets the victims of brisbane's floodsin of australia. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. protesting to viewers on pbs in america and in london and around the world. this is "newsday." >> rescue teams in turkey are continuing to search for survivors after the strong earthquake that hit the east of the country on sunday. least 270 people have been killed and it is feared the death toll will rise.
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more than 1000 have been injured, in the earthquake which measured 7.2 and stuck close to the border with iran. this city was the worst hit, with 1000 building destroyed. from there, daniel sanford sent this report. >> hammering, clawing, cutting, pulling at the ruins of reinforced concrete apartment blocks. the ordinary people of this city are desperately helping the official rescue teams to look for the hundreds who are missing. at the center of this rescue effort, is a 29-year-old menu is trapped beneath the rubble, pinned beneath a car and a wall. he has been there for 24 hours, through one freezing cold night. amongst those trying to get about our his brothers. they had formed a human chain, fromng saucepans awawy their injured brother. with exhaustion setting in, his
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mother waited patiently nearby. >> we have all been here since yesterday, she told us. we slept in the car overnight and no food has passed any of his brother's lips. >> this 6-year-old girl has also -- is somewhere under the collapsed flaps. her uncle told me she had been playing at the time of the earthquake and no one has heard from her since. >> the saddest part, my sister's husband was in the rubble. we were burying him. and just got back here. hopefully that kid will come out, no matter how serious the injury, but alive. >> overnight in the regional capital, a small boy had been found alive. his restaurant meeting with him to be patient while they worked to get him out -- his rescuers pleading with them to be patient. this toddler was pulled out
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alive by emergency workers. cctv footage emerged today showed the moments the earthquake struck. the shaking stopped this couple in their tracks. late tonight, the man whose brothers had not given up was lifted up from the rubble. the 29-year-old, cold, dusty, and with several broken bones was carrying off of the concrete deck for the ban his tomb and down past his mother before being loaded into an ambulance. he has survived. latest from the turkey. i enjoyed on the line by a british journalist for the times newspaper -- i am joined on the line by a british journalist who covered the worst affected areas. what if you seen so far? >> the most striking thing is the huge number of very badly damaged or totally collapsed buildings. the further you get into the
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city, everywhere you look, their towering gates of rubble. other buildings listing at dangerous ankles. one of the most scary thing is is the continuing aftershocks. i am staying from the hotel. i have did it -- barely been able to sleep with the number of aftershocks. anyone living in that city would be crazy. almost everyone in this city of 71,000 is sleeping on the streets. there is a mess a problem with tents and the temperature is going down to freezing. the situation is very serious, even before you get to the rescue efforts. >> speaking of the rescue efforts, would you say the authorities and those helping them, the organizations, are coping? >> it is very difficult to say, given the large area affected by the earthquake. i have only bent here.
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when i first arrived in the city, i saw several buildings. local googled said they believed people were trapped but no emergency services have looked at them. the further and we got, the more impressive the rescue effort became it. i think partly to do with -- this is a poor area with poor infrastructure. has been it neglected in the past, and so i think getting arrested after going here has been difficult to carry >> into do you think we will see hopes began to fade of finding more survivors particularly with another night of freezing temperatures? >> yeah. a lot of people are saying that. like you say, the cold temperatures. it's -- i think it's going to
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being less likely they will find more people alive. having said that, you hear stories of people several days after, and i think the rescue effort will continue for quite some time. >> ok. many thanks for the update. official results in tunisias first democratic election are expected later, but the moderate islamist party ennahda has already claimed victory. all indications suggest that it has won the most votes in the poll, which will elect an assembly to draft a new constitution. it pledged to work with other groups and create a multiparty democracy. we have done latest from the capital of tunis. >> on the strength of provisional results, ennahda has declared victory. few doubt that full official results on tuesday evening will
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do anything but confirmed that they have the majority in tunisia's new constitutional assembly and the ability to nominated interim prime minister. tunisians have voted. both parties have been consistently part of the struggle for democracy. at the forefront of this is the ennahda party. >> that does not mean that tunisia's secular as are happy about it. some held a demonstration outside. a handful claim there have been voting irregularities. but the eu gives them a clean bill of health. >> the process to place normally, very enthusiastic. people were very emotional. i think that whenever the results, the final results o might show tomorrow, there is
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a winner. democracy has won. >> secularists do not believe ennahda will keep its word to respect tunisia's rights to worship as they would like. ennahda will hold its internal party elections later this year. >> now we have the latest on the ongoing flood disaster in thailand. >> chris, millions of people in the capital of bangkok are nervously waiting to see how far and how fast floodwaters are likely to move over the coming days. more districts and the northern suburbs have been put on alert as authorities struggled to manage the flow. sanitation is becoming an increasing concern. from bangkok, rachel harvey has more. >> rising -- it's getting
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further by the day. main highways are a loss. ordinary cars no match for these conditions. the best way to get around is in an army truck. he is trying to reach his home. he and his family evacuator last week after a sleepless night trying to hold back the rising water. the truck can only taken so far. he plans to travel the final 3 kilometers armed only with a rubber ring. >> every two days, we come back home and have a look. the most important thing is we feed our dogs. we have 5 dogs. they cannot evacuate with us. they are on the second floor. inside my house, is around my shoulders. at the front, i think it's already here. >> there may soon come a time
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when the journey is no longer possible. however, this is the mode of transport. this area is just outside of the capital city, where the water is on the move. people in this northern suburb of bangkok have been told to prepare for the possibility of floods and with good reason. the water is already starting to arrive. it feels as if with the state, more districts are being told they should prepare for the the worst. -- the worst. >> people once assured by the government that bangkok would be scared, are building a concrete flood barriers around their homes. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. it's really scary. i am building barriers inside and outside. i am sure the water is coming now. >> do you trust the information coming to and the authorities? >> not anymore, she says.
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>> public confidence is being washed away. rachel harvey, bbc news, bangkok. >> the united states of -- and north korea have completed talks aimed in group starting negotiations over north korea's nuclear program. the negotiations broke down in 2009, and one month later date tested a second nuclear weapon, leading to an increase in tensions across the peninsula. >> interest in these talks is huge. after all, the stakes are high. north korea has already tested two nuclear weapons. some believe is preparing to test a third. both the u.s. and north korea say they want to resume formal negotiations on ending pyonyang's nuclear program. north korea has suggested they
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restart without preconditions. the united states wants firm commitment from to hang it to court disarm before sitting down at the negotiating table. that is why these talks are being described modestly as exploratory. nevertheless, the first few hours seem to have been at least friendly. >> the u.s. and north korean delegates met at 10:00 this morning for two hours. they have a coffee break. we had an initial presentations of our respective positions. >> the fact the two sides are talking at all is regarded as a big improvement on the dark days of 2009. when a deal to disarm north korea broke down just one month later, pyonyang launched artillery shells along its disputed border with south korea. recently, there has been something of a diplomatic thaw. north and south korean foreign ministers met in july for the
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first time in three years. meanwhile, china, a key player in any formal agreement, has sent its vice premier in a bid to encourage north korea to negotiate. the geneva talks continue on tuesday carried >. >> you're watching "newsdays." still to come, a a second grenade attack in kenya's capital of nairobi. >> vintage stuff. why china is developing a taste for french wine. david cameron has suffered its biggest parliamentary rebellion since taking office. whether there should be a referendum on britain's membership ending eu. defied avative mp's
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last-minute appeal. >> the ayes 111. the no's 483. >> david cameron has now had a taste of the troubles over europe, which is conservative predecessors had faced. the european crisis has emboldened many of his own party to call for a referendum on and britain's membership to the european union. the prime minister had tried to plead with them, saying he himself wanted to repatriate powers from brussels to britain. but he argued triggering a referendum at this time of crisis would not make sense. >> when your neighbors house is on fire, your first impulse should be to help them to put out the flames and not least to stop the flames reaching your own house. this is not the time -- this is not the time to argue about walking away. >> many of his own party were prepared to defy his wishes,
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voting in favor of a referendum. >> the tentacles of the european union intrude into more and more areas of our national life. understandably, they are disillusioned at being fobbed off by the politically to all we seem to find a reason to stop them having their say. >> this sizable rebellion is a sign that skepticism is still a strong force in the conservative party, and something david cameron had not bargained on causing them problems. >> this is "newsday." >> i'm chris rodgers in london. rescue teams and turkey are continue to search for survivors after the strong earthquake that hit the east of the country on
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sunday carried . >> a moderate islamist party has claimed victory in tunisia's first democratic elections. >> one person has been killed and several injured in a grenade attack at a bus stop in the capital of kenya. what it comes a day after a grenade was thrown into a bar in nairobi. >> this was the second grenade attack on nairobi's streets and less than a day. hours after an explosion in the center of the capital, commuters at a bus stop or targeted as they waited to return home. authorities are still trying to determine exactly what took place. >> we are trying to gather information on what actually happened, but we are th where ago, thatre it was a while explosion took place on this busy street. we are told about 10 other
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people were injured or taken to various hospitals. >> at the injured were being treated, questions are being asked as to is behind the attacks. the singer of suspicion has fallen on the symbolic islamist group al-shabbab who warned the kenyan government about its involvement in its country. there have been instances of violence from criminal gangs in kenya, and the attack could be a local dispute. with the warning that the flames of war which spill over into kenyas memory, these attacks will cause great concern among many nairobi residents. will grant, bbc news. >> diplomatic tensions between
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the u.s. and syria have escalated. the u.s. pulled its investor of syria. the state department urged the syrian government and what it described as a campaign of deceitful propaganda against robert ford. the iranian american accused of an assassination attempt has pled not guilty in new york. he is accused of arranging a plan to kill a saudi envoy. the administration says senior officials in the iranian government were involved in the plot. iran has strongly denied the claim. shareholders in news corp. have expressed dissent about robert's murdoch's son. at a shareholders meeting, 35% of shareholders voted against james murdoch being reelected. the trial of michael jackson's personal physician conrad murray
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has ended its second phase in los angeles. lawyers defending conrad mary have called their first witness. they will have to account for cost -- counter four weeks of damaging testimony from the prosecution to alleged that dr. conrad merit acted with gross negligence. >> the people are prepared and would ask to rest at this time. >> and not dramatic, all for the tv cameras, but it ended four weeks of testimony from 33 witnesses. the case is based on what care dr. conrad murray gave michael jackson and the medical experts evidence was scathing. he gave to singapore ber propofol. michael jackson's bedroom should have looked like a hospital, but there were no monitors. when he stopped breathing, the doctor was out of the room and did not call emergency services immediately and was accused of gross negligence and causing jackson's death.
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the defense challenge the evidence, but was frustrated. the prosecution built a strong case. those watching the trial live on television will be interested to see how the defense persuade the jury that dr. conrad murray is not guilty. they called more than 1/3 of their witnesses on their first day, but their argument was unclear. from the footage arriving at michael jackson's house, to dr. christine to support the prosecution. >> nebraska intravenous anesthetic should not be given in the house. >> the defense is expected to challenge the medical evidence, but could rest as early as this week. >> we have more on queen elizabeth's tour of australia. >> that's right. on the latest leg of her visit, the queen paid tribute to the countries of fallen
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soldiers. hundreds of people braved rain to glimpse the royal couple. peter cosgrove accompanied the queen and she later -- at the tomb of the unknown soldier. for many, the visit has reinforce ties between the country and the crown. and one of them is professor david flint, the national convenience of australians for constitutional monarchy. he says the visit is being very well received. >> she is such a respected figure, most australia's who know no other monarch in their lifetime. she is highly respected. she is beyond politics when she appeared in parliament, both the prime minister and the opposition were in on their best behavior. they emphasize the service the queen had rendered to the commonwealth and to australia and how very much that was
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appreciated. >> but not everyone is so happy with the queen's visit. some australians what the country to break its links with the british crown. the australian republican movement says that the current popularity of the royal family does not weaken his argument. >> there were some polling done after the wedding of william and catherine it which indicated there was an increase in support for the monarchy. that was based on a particular form of questions. we will also see a spike and affection for the monarchy when there are major events. what we have to do is convince the australian people to take their values of equality and fairness and democracy and use that to convince them that australia is a nation that should have its own head of state. we will still have visits from the royal family and be able to enjoy the advance the royal family has and will the fares, but they should not be the apex of our constitutional system. >> grant parker from the
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australian republican movement. the chinese are developing a taste for french wine. high demand from asian countries have been driven up by 10% over the past year. as well as buying french wine by the case, the chinese have started buying them by the vineyard. in the bordeaux region, half a dozen chateaus are chinese- owned. >> a fairy tale castle in atlanta steeped in european tradition. but this chateau and it's been years are at the forefront of asia's growing economic migiht. ht. the staff are french, but the chateau is now a chinese-owned. >> they are looking for the know-how, the technology and the french culture. and a play to make the high quality wine. in chinia, they have more and
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more people that drink wine now. >> certification changing lifestyles and china have given this chateau a new lease on life. it was the first to be taken over by chinese investors. they are renovating it, and they are using delaware latest technology to improve the quality of the wind. at least five other chateaus are now chinese owed. china is the largest export market by value for the wines grown in the vineyards here. that is pushing prices higher, but the chinese are importing a lot of local expertise. all wine produced in china beat wine's name in france to win endangering international award. and that has some local winegrowers worried about the future. >> it's the small, struggling chateaus that foreigners are buying. so we are not too worried, but we are afraid it could be a
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problem in the future if it happens on a large scale, especially if the buyers are for countries like china where they are making high-quality wines and could produce enormous quantities. >> a chinese investors are looking at buying bigger, better known as states, although winegrowers are happy that we surging sales it to china is giving them a boost after a series of lean years. >> you have an watching "newsday." the emergency teams in eastern turkey are working to find more survivors of sunday's earthquake. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. and shell.
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>> this is kim - about to feel one of his favorite sensations. at shell, we're developing more efficient fuels in countries like malaysia that can help us get the most from our energy resources. let's use energy more efficiently. let's go. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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