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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> growing concerns about iran's nuclear ambitions. the iaea reports the country to the security council. tens of thousands take to the streets of each of and demand that the military gives up power. the head of fifa apologizes for his comments. he says he will not resign. the return of the lady, the opposition party will take part in burma's upcoming elections. police have reopened inquiry into the mysterious death of the hollywood star, natalie wood.
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the united nations' nuclear watchdog has passed a resolution sensor in iran over fears that they are seeking to develop atomic bombs. this stops short of reporting the country to the u.n. security council. >> suspicions about iran's nuclear work are increasing. a recent report by the nuclear agency said iran has carried out tests relevant to the development of a nuclear device. the agency would like to run to clear up their questions without delay. the board of governors has passed a resolution which expresses deep and increasing concern. iran says that the move is illegal and unfair. they have accused the iaea of political bias and they said that they are more determined to continue with their nuclear
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work. they say that this is purely peaceful. >> they have not found a single gram diverted to nuclear materials and they're going to repeat a shameful history of what happened in iraq, the accusation of wmd which was not true. >> the u.s. has welcome to the resolution. >> i think that this takes us further and and i think it will give us the tools to get the job done and give the agency the tools to get the job done. >> the iaea would like to send a high-level mission to iran to address the fears but that could be in some doubt. this is a rebuke for iran that it does not go that far. the u.s. and its allies had wanted tougher action but russia and china were opposed. iran said that they will push ahead with their nuclear work and this long drawn out fight
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shows little sign of resolution. >> tens of thousands of egyptians have been held in demonstrations in cairo and protest what they see as the military tried to hold onto power. this movement led to the ousting of hosni mubarak. >> the demonstrators are back in tahrir square, the symbolic part of egypt's revolution. nine months ago, they celebrated the fall of hosni mubarak. now, they say the military does not want to hand power back to the people. this is where people risked their lives. there is great frustration that
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things and i changing for the good parent of their lives are not getting better. in many ways, the whole system is still in power. today's demonstration was a show of strength by the islamists of the muslim brotherhood. many share their fears. this man is much more disillusioned. >> there is no money, there is no life, there is no freedom. >> st more than three months parent or early next year, work starts on drafting a new constitution. presidential elections might not happen until 2013. they're holding a birthday party for an active this too has been held in prison for nearly three weeks.
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among those campaigning for their release is his and. >> the military stepped up and said that they would protect him. they would over say a peaceful change and transition to democracy. they're doing everything they can to impede the progress. >> the military insists that they have each of's best interests in hard. many politicians are beginning to doubt them. >> and syria, security forces after friday prayers were reported to have killed at least six more people. this adds to the death toll of the protesters who have been demonstrating against president bashar al-assad. syria did in principle agree with the arab league demand to send monitors to the country.
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>> thousands of anti-government protesters are reported to have taken to the streets of syrian cities again today following friday prayers. it is not possible too independently verify these pictures but they seem to show yet another violent response from the security forces. with at least 10 protesters killed according to opposition leaders. now, the arab league faces a dilemma. it has given the syrian government until saturday night to stop the violence and except and observe a mission into the country. syria has indicated that they might accept the mission but under different terms. while the diplomats decide what to do, on the ground, more evidence of a slide into civil
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war. this is the latest video which shows a rocket attack on the military vehicle. soldiers running for cover and a heavy fire from a growing opposition guerrilla force which is claiming responsibility for a series of recent attacks on government troops. experts say that this is made up of soldiers that deserted is nowhere near capable of toppling the regime. at the moment, they have made these largely from foot soldiers. what they need is what happened in libya which is a talions split the army by the middle by defecting and that does not look like that will happen. >> that means that the international community will play a critical role in this crisis. these are protesters in jordan
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calling on arab countries to intervene with the syrian government which is not halt the bloodshed. imposing tougher sanctions is the only serious threat on the table. >> a roundup of other news now. an indigenous leader in brazil has been shot dead in front of his community after he took them back to their ancestral lands from which they had been evicted by ranchers. he was riddled with bullets by masked gunmen. the agricultural expansion in brazil has worsened the land conflict between farmers' and indigenous groups. in australia, a nurse has been charged with murder over a fire. five elderly people have been killed, 30 are still in the hospital after the fire broke out. european scientists have measured articles that appear to
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be moving faster than the speed of light, that contradicts one of the fundamental laws of physics. this seems to confirm a experiment carried out in september. the tests are still being conducted to find out if there is another explanation. after a week of tensions on how to sort out the eurozone crisis, the german chancellor and the for british prime minister failed to reach an agreement. the chancellor is system allowing european central bank to print money is not a solution. >> david cameron's motorcade swept into berlin at a moment of tension. the german comments have been critical of the u.k. he and the german chancellor have very different visions of
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the future of the opinion. after lunch, they emerged with smiles. >> thank you for the warm welcome. >> on the issue, solving the eurozone crisis, there was a gulf between them with david cameron urging that every institution be deployed to fight the debt crisis. >> all of the institutions have to stand behind and in fact the currency and do what is necessary to defend it. >> this was clearly a push to use the european central bank as a lender of last resort but the german leader essentially said no. >> the british demand that we use firepower to win back credibility. we have to take care that we don't pretend to have powers that we don't have because the markets will figure out that this won't work. >> david cameron did try to reinforce his point that europe needed to bring out its big
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bazooka to deal with this crisis. >> my german is not that good. this is a super buffer. >> before they parted, the german chancellor said she wanted ltd. treaty change. the prime minister will face pressure back home to win concessions. -- the german chancellor said she wanted a treaty change. >> they do not want to be locked into all of these rules and regulations at a time when they are going head to fight a core with even more control. >> there has been some stinging criticism. what did the british want to be in the eu for? >> it is up to england to decide whether it is part of europe or not. it is up to the british people to decide this and to play along
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with all of the others. >> away from germany, the eurozone crisis is deepening. in spain, with its high unemployment, borrowing costs remain dangerously high. the head of the central bank turned on the politicians scolding them for their low progress. >> where is the implementation of these longstanding decisions? >> all around, the tensions are growing as the crisis deepens. david cameron has a good relationship with angela merkel but that will be put to the test in the weeks ahead. germany is determined to push ahead with big changes to the eurozone with our without the support of britain. the question for david cameron as he left the capital is this, what would be britain's place in an ever closer union?
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>> meanwhile, the new parliament -- government of italy has won a vote of confidence. the technocrats are now fully in power. the political comeback of aung san suu kyi. the party of the opposition leader will take part in upcoming elections. if money is no object and you are looking for a new car, maybe we have the answer. this cost $1.8 million and there are few of them being made. you will not see one in your neighborhood. >> this is one of the most expensive cars and the world
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debt. it costs a fortune and there are only 15 available in the world. -- this is one of the most expensive cars in the world. >> the u.s. model gives you 1250 horsepower, a 7 speed transmission. this is set apart from the rest of the world. this is set apart because the rest of the world gets 1100 horsepower. >> the cars will be handmade in denmark. in exchange for parting with cash, the new owners are allowed to choose the color of their car, the leather in their interior. if you put your foot to the floor, you can get 375 kilometers an hour. there is no doubt that this is designed to appeal to those who have money in the bank.
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>> 15th for the whole world and there are more and more millionaires on a daily basis. every time someone has money, they want to set themselves apart from everyone. this is such a limited amount, only three people will have it. >> customers to will have to wait 8 months for it to be built. for $1.8 million, they get to be part of the exclusive club and get a one up on the neighbors at the same time. >> this is "bbc news" to these are the headlines. the iaea has passed a resolution censuring iran over its fears that the country is seeking to build atomic bombs. tens of thousands of egyptians have been protesting what they see our tents by the military to cling onto power.
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-- areattemop -- aung san suu kyi was under house arrest. she said that she would not take part in subsequent polls. she is well enough to say that our party will take part in elections. the date has not been said. she has said that possibly she will run in them. >> a historic decision was taken in these modest premises. a party used to protesting is gearing up to fight elections confirming what aung san suu kyi told me she wanted. they will put up candidates for parliament. it was only a year ago that they decided not to stand in a system that they saw as too repressive.
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since then, things have changed. one thing that was not difficult was the decision to run. >> today, we decided to stand for election. aung san suu kyi stand? >> yes, she will. >> there was a promise that all political prisoners will be released. pictures that had been banned are on open display. 48 seats will be on the early this year. they want reform in areas that matter like education and health care. the top comedian had been jailed by the regime. >> there are some changes in the ministry. you can see an economic sector.
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also an education, there is an improvement. in health, no improvement. in arts, no improvement. -- also an education, no improvement. >> this could have a very different face from the past. >> to discuss this further, on the line from washington, d.c. is ben rodgers from christian solidarity worldwide. let's assume that this was the seat in parliament, how effective is parliament? >> that is the question. under the constitution that was introduced a couple of years ago, the military has built in 25% of the seats. that is before those that were effectively rate in the elections last year.
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rigged in the elections last year. the other question is how they will act when they do win seats. what do you think there will be free and fair elections? will they be able to be on a level footing? >> well, that is the test of whether the president is serious about reform. president obama described this as flickers of hope. this can mean anything. >> are you happy that hillary clinton is going to be going to burma while there is still between 600-1000 political prisoners there? >> now is the time for the
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international community and people like hillary clinton to be engaging at the highest levels in order to encourage them to go further. as long as she pushes the regime. these are the major human rights concerns at the moment. if she raises those things, then her visit will go up further. >> the head of the football world cup body, sepp blatter, has apologized for his comments about racism. he said that any racism could be resolved with a simple handshake. >> sepp blatter has survived
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countless processes. he has somehow managed to cling on. the storm caused by his comments on racism have left him vulnerable. today after 48 hours of universal outrage, he was forced to apologize. >> i found myself pushed into the corner with the unfortunate words that i have used. >> can i be clear that you are saying, sorry for those black players and those many people around the world that were offended? >> absolutely. >> and clearly very hurt. >> it hurts and i'm still hurt because i could not expect such a reaction. their reaction is there and when
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you are on a situation where you have done something which was absolutely not correct or the way that we could have created this. we can only say that i'm sorry for all of those people that had been affected by my declarations. >> have you thought in the last 48 hours that you might resign? >> i cannot. i cannot resign. why should i resign? when you are facing a problem, you have to resolve the problem. to go out and lead the organization, this would be totally unfair. this is not compatible with my spirit and my character, my energy, my commitment. my personal commitment to football. captain saysh
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that racism on the pitch would be settled with a handshake. >> if there is a racist comment, one player calls another person a black, a jew, whatever. >> they are finished. >> this was uncharacteristically shaking and at times emotional performance from a man who perhaps realizes that he is running out of chances. many of his critics would argue it was all just for show. >> 30 years after she drowned in mysterious circumstances off the coast of california, police in the u.s. have reopened the case in the murder of natalie wood's. she was 43 when she died. she starred in blockbusters such as "west side story close "and "rebel without a cause."
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>> natalie wood had been nominated for three oscars. "rebel without a cause" was one of her most well-known roles. >> this is the ugliest thing in the world. >> in 1981, she drowned in mysterious circumstances. this was after a blazing fight with her husband. the couple had been drinking heavily in a luxury yacht with the oscar-winning actor christopher walken and she went overboard. her body and arms were bruised and she had a cut on her face. the coroner said it was an accident, that she had fallen while tying up the dingy. now, police have reopened the case. today, he appeared on american
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television. robert wagner told him not to search for natalie. >> it was a matter of we will not look too hard. we will not turn on the searchlight. >> robert wagner confesses they had a fight the city has nothing to do with her death. >> we think that she went outside and slipped on -- and hit her head. "she was always afraid of drowning. it was here that her body was found. there was many questions unanswered. the sheriff's office says there is enough the evidence for them to reopen the case. >> don't forget, our website has plenty more on all the stories we have featured in this bulletin. i will be back in a couple of minutes with all of these latest news headlines. thank you for your company.
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