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tv   Journal  PBS  September 2, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> and help of. m hello, and welcome to the "journalon dw-tv. >> and i am in the business desk. >> our top stories. in washington, israeli and palestinian leaders hold direct peace negotiations for the first time in almost two years. in germany, they want to rip through -- remove a board member over controversial comments by muslims and immigration. in the u.s. east coast prepares for the arrival of the hurricane.
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>> a first session of peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders has wrapped up at the state department in washington shortly after u.s. and middle east peace envoy described the talks as productive. the meeting on thursday marks the first time in 20 months that the two sides have held former in the gut -- formal negotiations. the u.s. president has said a timeline of one year to hammer out a new peace deal. >> talks between the israelis and palestinians have been on hold for almost two years. the fact the two sides are meeting again is down to the intense diplomatic efforts of president barack obama and his secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> i know the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel,
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born out of years of conflict and frustrated hopes. >> the israelis and palestinians admit the talks will be difficult. netanyahu said painful concessions and -- concessions are required from both sides >> people from israel, and i as the prime minister, are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way, a long way in a short time. to achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity and good neighbors. >> president abbas restated his conditions for the talks. one central command is the halt to the construction of jewish settlements. but abbas said both sides know it is needed and expressed confidence that a deal could be reached. the two leaders are to meet again on september 14, and every
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fortnight thereafter as they see a final peace deal with than a year. >> i spoke earlier to our washinon correspondent and asked him more about what had been discussed and howhe middle east leaders plan to move forward. >> well, they announced that they're there to meet now every two weeks. the next meeting or take place in the region on the 14th and 15th of september in the presence of secretary of state hillary clinton and special envoy george mitchell. so that is a good start. you could say that. on the other hand, they're still standing on the deck of this ship which is a peace negotiation talks, and they're still waiting to the crowd. and now it is time to go down to the machine room, and that is where my get diy. thats where they're goingo talk about all these difficult topics that have not been brought up yet. >> now barack obama has set a one-time line to reach a peace deal. how realistic is that? >> if you would have asked
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people before these two days, many would have said freezes over before this happens. but i think that one year is more of a symbolic thing. it is there to show the commencement of the view of the administration and to put a little pressure on the two sides, which the u.s. has been dog foa ye nowputting pressure on the two sides so they finally were willing to go back to the negotiating table and maybe to even find a peace deal. i think it is not a question of time. it is a question of will power of the leadership of the two leaders in the two countries do not want to strike a deal, you can have the negotiating of 10 years. if they really are committed, then i think it would be possible. although the odds and not really changed that much. there are still all l ese topics that nd toe resolved. is one year or two years, i do not think that the administration would say after year, ok, we're done. they would of course continue
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their commitment after that, too. >> well said. thank you for that from washington. >> and we will have much more on the middle east talks coming up later on in the program. the u.s. coast guard says an oil rig has exploded in the gulf of mexico. 13 workers are on board and all have been rescued. the platform is operated by meron energy, some 130 kimete off the lisia coast. the coast guard reported seeing a small oil sheen on the water close to the site. the platform is located west of this side of the massive oil spill caused by the explosion of the bp-least deepwater horizon in april. the afghan president has condemned a nato airstrike that he says killed 10 campaign workers for a candidate in this month's parliamentary elections. the attack took place in the province and coincided with the arrival of u.s. defen etary robe gat, whwill holng talks with karzai in
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kabul. nato forces in the carried out a strike which killed up to 12 insurgents. the alliance is investigating the incident. well, rioting has continued for a second day in mozambique's capital as president protect soaring bread prices. police report widespread looting and the army has been called in to help restore calm. at least seven people were killed and 300 wounded on wednesday when police opened fire on protesters. the raging prompted by a 30% increase in bread prices. mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries. germany's central bank has called on the german president to fire a board -- board member thilo sarrazin he made headlines for a inflammatory remarks made against muslims and jews. the comments coincided with the publication of his new book. the german chancellor has welcomed the decision to seek thilo sarrazin's removal.
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>> thilo sarrazin has earned a reputation for his outspoken, often provocative views. his new best-selling book build on that. he accuses muslim immigrants of being unwilling to integrate in a german society. although polls show many germans agree with him, the comments have ignited a political firestorm. they have had enough and has called for the dismissal of thilo sarrazin. >> the board took the decision unanimously, and in complete agreement. we will hand the request to the german president on friday. >> the president will review the request to remove thilo sarrazin. as head of state, it is a hit to him alone to terminate him. they already said thilo sarrazin must go. germany and not to grips and the extreme right party has strongly backed thilo sarrazin's
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opinions, further eroding his position. chancellor merkel has applauded their decision, saying thilo sarrazin's comments are completely unacceptable. >>we spoke earli our political correspondent and asked him to tell us more about the background of the decision. >> ll, thilo sarrazin had already been relieved of some of his duties at the bank months ago for making controversial remarks. in his latest statements about muslims and jews, is simply put him beyond the pale. they cannot afford to keep them on the board. earlier this week, on monday, we already had the chairman of the social democratic party of germany, which thilo sarrazin a member, cing t and scring thilo srazin's statement says approaching not see racial purity theories. that was followed by statements by chancellor merkel and the president of both came out against thilo sarrazin.
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it was clear that he was not going to voluntarily step down from his position, now is up to the president's office to review their request to remove him. i think it is a good bet that that request will be honored, although thilo sarrazin is likely to appeal it. it wl be intereing to see who comes out to supporthilo sarrazin in that appeal. >> terry martin speaking to us earlier. let's check in with steve. a lifeline. >> attention shoppers. they have been saved. that is what it looks like now. the rescue of insolvent german department store chain is a big step closer after its biggest landlord, the london-based ti street partnership, said its creditors have approved new rental conditions for the company's stores. they face possible closure, but the billionaire investor signed a contct to quir the stores in early june. on thursday, other creditors have now given their backing to the deal as well.
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a court of deadline for the completion of the takeover ends on friday. >> employs cracked open champagne in berlin even before this latest attempt to st. -- to save the chain of department stores was over. the unions are optimistic note. >> i believe in a good future for them and a good future for you and your jobs. >> the workers of the company will soon emerge from bankruptcy protection. back in june, u.s. german investor bid to buy the chain was accepted. that was on condition that the rent for its buildings would be cut. the high street consortium which told the leases got the green light from its creditors for the rent reductions, which will amount to over four hundred million euros. so the chances for the survival are good. they do not intend to close and the stores are lay off any employees. he also plans to invest 17
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million euros. he is just waiting for the paperwork to be delivered. >> they have all said yes. but we need all the signatures. only then will we be finished. >> finished, once the court and the german city rules on the matter on friday. >> and its regular policy meeting thursday, the ec be decided to leave key short-term interest rates unchanged markets had excted the bank to hold rates at their record low of 1%. they also extended the liquidity safety nate -- safety net antilles january 18. it said it will offer an unlimited funds at the three- month tenders until at least the end of this year. analysts expected the extension and it ongoing worries over the weak recovery in the united states and uneven economic performance in the eurozone
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countries. onto thursday's rket action and for a summary of the day's trading in frankfurt, our correspondent sent us this report from germany's financial capital. >> investors took a little time to look at the trade. traders spoke about reluctance and caution. everybody is waiting for the official u.s. jobs report. the latest numbers have been disappointing. have been showing that the labor market is still in deep conditions. but some have been pleased at about high dand in the u.s. for german premium cars. shares of bmw, or one of the biggest performers today. >> thank you. we can stay for a closer look at thursday's market numbers. the dax index closing flat at 6083 points. the euro stoxx 50 also finishing exactly where they ended wednesday's session, finishing
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flat at 2715. on wall street, the dow managing to pick up a little bit later in the session, finishing at 10,320. the euro trading for a valal of $1.2825. european union diplomats agreed to set up four new supervisory agencies to oversee the bloc's economic development in financial markets. the reforms aimed at preventing a repetition of the financial crisis which forced taxpayers to shell out billions for bank bailouts. eu finance ministers are expected to formally endorsed the deal at a meeting in brbrsels next tuesday. the european parliament to give it its green light later this month. >> the e wants to improve its crisis management data during the financial crisis, each member country met its own decisions. but beginning next year, the 27- nation bloc could deal relying on a new pan-european financial authority. it would have the power to liquidate insolvent financial
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institutions bid up the authority could also issue direct orders to banks and insurance companies that are internationally active the agency would also be able to temporarily ban certain high- risk products such as naked short-selling. in addition, a special group attached to the european central bank would keep watch over the eu's entire financial system and issue warnings about potential economic risks if necessary. >> the royal bank of scotland has announced that it will be cutting another 3.5000 jobs. the layoffs will affect the and ministrations centers across britain. the bank has already shed some 20,000 jobs in the last year and continues efforts to lower costs and improve profitability. currently, rbs is 83% owned by british taxpayers. during the financial crisis, the bankeceid a vernment baout rth about4 billion euros. that is your business update. back to news of people spending
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down the hatches on the east coast of the united states. >> absolutely. hurricane earl is bearing down on the u.s. east coast, heading for north carolina's barrier islands. the u.s. national hurricane center says the storm has weakened to a category 3, but that still means that winds be sorry to to 195 kilometers an hour this center is expected to pass near nor carolina's outer bas and the coming hours before moving north along the atlantic coastline. >> residence on the north carolina coast are playing it safe. many are heading for safety as hurricane earl moves ever closer. >> it is the weather coming in and the rain and wind. it is not very conducive to our position and our children. so we thought it was best that we would go ahead and head on out. >> i think it is a serious hurricane. aid n get alangers in a hurr
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why take a chance? >> it is unpredictable. it has lost some strength as a precious northward. forecasters are still, unsure where or even if it will make landfall on the u.s. mainland. hurricane warnings are still in place in many east coast states. earl it the french west indian island of st. barts with speeds of 230 kph, but damage was limited to downed trees and power lines. authorities and residents were prepared for the worst. >> hurricane earl damage a lot of vegetation and blocked some roads. as of material damage, there is some around the port, but most buildings were saved. >> people on the east coast of the u.s. so they will be as lucky. >> welcome a statement. i will be back after a short break with the "in depth" and they leggett mideast peace
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talks. do not go away. -- and the latest in mideast peace talks. do not go away. ♪
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>> israeli and palestinian leaders started direct peace talks on thursday with a diplomatic push from president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. the negotiations were overshadowed by skepticism on all sides and new violence in the west bank. but the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president might have the state department relaunched talks and a grading an independent palestinian state side by side with israel. we began with a look at how young people in the region youth the chances of getting the goal that has been so elusive for past u.s. and ministrations.
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>> peace talks are like a sedative for the world for the palestinians and israelis. look at us. we're trying to bring about peace. butt really we're closing our eyes to what is going on in reality. it is all quite extract. and just put on for the media. >> is empty talk. when negotiated with the israelis the last 18 years but achieved nothing. it will not budge on the key issue. borders, jerusalem. i think the talks are pointless, a waste of time. >> i think the peace talks just keep on recruiting themselv over and over again. i do not think they will achieve anything. not because of the failure on the part of the palestinians but
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because netanyahu does not want to stop settlement building. >> the only way to bring about a two state solution is that both sides are clear and fair about their addictions. the palestinians have to stop saying the land belongs to than in the israeli set to start -- stop claiming the land just about themselves. >> the way i see it, there's no room here about two states. but i do not believe in two states. >> it is not look like it we are ever going to have a palestinian state. the israelis are here and abuse the land. i think we will eventually get to the point where we have to leave while they remain.
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>> i think the peace agreement would be possible with enough goodwill if both sides stop insisting on their rights, they could find a solution. >> well, barack obama is taking considerable political capital on the washington talks, and this during the pivotal in u.s. congressional election year. weeks before votergo to the polls in november in the u.s., oba wi be facing a crucial test of his foreign-policy and his ability to get the israelis to continue their moratorium on settlement construction in the west bank. an israeli moratorium on building on the site that the palestinians want for a future state expires on september 26. >> a jewish settlement in the middle of the desert, this bus driver lives here with his family in basic conditions.
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he is their entire savings to buy a piece of land. he planned to build a proper home, but he has had to put his plans on hold. >> just as the got the property, the construction stop came into effect in the settlement. we could hardly believe it. what kind of people impose a building ban on themselves. it is a blanket ban. i cannot build anything. >> not just you? >> it is not just me. my neighbor, too. the people up there and over there. >> no one is building? >> no. >> but not all settlements have been affected by the stop imposed on building. this is the head of peace now's settlement watch project. the texas to the katar settlement, which has suspended -- he takes us to the guitar settlement, which has expanded
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drastically. >> it is a perfect example of the building ban. it is not a ban at all. hear, the government has approved dozens of houses after the stock was put in place. building companies are clearly working as fast as they can. the source of new projects on the west bank have been slowed down, but that is it. at this very moment, several thousands of buildings are being built. there is no construction ban in the west bank. >> despite the fact that building is ongoing, the palestinians want an extension of the offical moratorium. they threaten to break off negotiations of building in disputed territories continues. at t palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs, we asked if that was an empty threat. >> it is not a question of empty threat. it is a question of putting on the table all the persons in the position and to expose the practices.
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youtt b bee israeli government. >> the complete withdrawal from the west bank is unlikely to win the support of israel's current government. the country remains under pressure to offer concessions that will convince palestinians to continue peace talks. anile, selersike this are left waiting. >> settlement construction has costs during gold alleged -- has strained relations between the obama administration and netanyahu, who is under pressure from his far right coalition partner to expand the settlements. obama is counting on netanyahu did help keep the talks moving. at the u.s. president faces the prospect that -- suspect of his democrats losing their majority in congress, republicans have an unprecedented 10-point advantage in the most recent gallupoll of u.s.oters. that certainly is keeping up the pressure on all sides to come up with a deal.
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>> despite the many attempts at mideast peace by his predecessors, none have been successful. why then should president obama buck that trend? >> this time i think it is different because you have a president who is committed to not just israeli-palestinian peace but for regional comprehensive peace. and he said it from day one time and time again. that is a very different from the previous presint. >> obama is aiming for a breakthrough with talks within a year. but is uneasy relationship with the israeli prime minister could complicate things >> from what we can see probably, i think it is the puck -- it is a complicated relationship. but it is a relationship where they understand that they need each other on a certain level, and they also understand that they can make problems for one another. >> a meeting earlier this year, obama did not shake hands with netanyahu. but at a later meeting in summit, obama strongly emphasize
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a cordial relations between the two countries. >> the bond between the u.s. and israel is unbreakable. >> and israel's most important ally, obama could put pressure on netanyahu to make more concessions to the palestinians. but with midterm elections in the u.s. this november, obama's role in the peace talks carry some potential risks, especially if the talks become a campaign issue. >> obama needed to get this process up and running before the campan and the general election campaign was in full swing. beuse i think the in ministration was to minimize any potential surprises, minimize risks that could undermine him and his party in the election. >> all the same, obama's mediation efforts have israelis and palestinians talking to each other again. the white house has looked at some cover resolutions on
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questions like the final status of jerusalem and the issue of palestinian refugees. but the solutions it ultimately rests with the leaders in the region. >> that is all we have time for. thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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