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tv   Journal  PBS  September 16, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is the journal "" on the dw tv. angerer over france's expulsion of roma. pope benedict makes his first visit in almost 30 years. the father of a german teenager who killed people goes on trial r malauger. an eu summit on foreign policy has been overshadowed between a dispute between france and the eu over the deportation of roma
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people. they compared the situation is to the situation in world war ii and question their legality. >> leaders ended the note on a cordial note. the mood was frosty at the summit. nicolas sarkozy was said to be furious about the comments about roma deportation from france. he is reported to have had a heated exchange with the european union president. >> allow me to say that this comparison with the second world war with what is happening in our country, that is no argument. it is a sult. it is hurtful. it is a humiliation and the exaggeration. >> sarkozy was outraged that the justice commissioner appeared to
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compare france's actions to jewish deportations by the nazis. many leaders agreed with him. >> i made it clear that the town and choice of words was not appropriate. we must treat each other and individual institutions with respect. i believe that is important. >> most agree that the comments went too far. eu leader are reviewing the policy of deporting roma migrants. >> we are being distracted from the real problems. we will take our role as watchdog seriously. >> the issue is unlikely to go away anytime soon. >> right after the summit finished, we spoke to our correspondent in brussels. >> a lot. the six-hour summit has ended.
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there have been two policy agreements of some substance. that has been overwhelmed by what happened at lunch. nicolas sarkozy went crazy. he said it was an outrage to france and an insult to him that he had to come to brussels to defend his country's honor. he was furious. the president said, i am -- it is my job to uphold community law. sarkozy said that he have the full support of all of the member states. the commissioners say that they are not true. in substance, they support the president's, saying they must uphold community law. there will be a result of that in a couple of weeks. there may be a legal action of france. that is doubly bad. are two important successes to trumpet.
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an agreement with pakistan to give its money above and beyond to get it back on its feet. a big trade deal agreement with korea. both meant to send a signal of the eu's global involvement. people are going to talk about the ongoing spat between that and the rest of europe. >> that was jeff in brussels. he mentioned what you are about talk about. south korea and the eu. >> it is destructive, even though it starts next year. the european union has reached a landmark agreement on a free- trade deal with south korea. a belgian foreign minister, whose country holds the eu presidency describe this as one
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bank of the most far reaching that the eu has negotiated. it will be agreed upon on october 6. >> a few final changes were made and an agreement was reached. european negotiators, especially negotiators from belgium, were pleased with the accord with south korea. >> this is the first of a generation of bilateral trade agreements. they combine europe and asia together in a closer economic bond. >> they addressed italy's concerns about its industry. fiat will get a few months to protect itself for competition. after the accord comes into effect on july 1 of next year, exporters will save 1.6 billion euros in south korean customs
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duties. the north koreans will face a $1.1 billion reduction in customs costs. >> it is a very big step. a very big step in opening markets in asia for our countries. this will create prosperity and jobs. >> trade volume could increase by 19 billion euros as a result. >> pope benedict has criticized catholic church leaders as insufficiently diligent over decades of sexual abuse of chchdren. he made the comments after arriving in britain after the first visit by a roman catholic pope in years. his job was to inspire the roman catholic minority in an increasingly secular country. >> it was a major highlight of the pope's historic visit.
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this was attended by tens of thousands of people. pope benedict addressed scotland's young catholics. urging them to resist the destructive and divisive temptations of drugs, money, sex, and alcohol. >> he will set you free from slavery to the glittering superficial existence to the society. >> the pontiff was welcomed in edinburgh by the queen. he is only the second to visit the island since england broke with the catholic church. >> i am pleased that your visit will provide an opportunity to deepen the relationship between the roman catholic church and the established church of england and church of scotland.
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>> on his right through edinburg, the pope was greeted by cheering crowds and those critical of child abuse cases in the church. the pope will face the tough task convincing a skeptical british public thatat the church will take a hard line against child abuse. >> earlier i spoke to our correspondent who has been traveling with the pope. i asked him how the first day of the visit went. >> he was received very warmly in scotland. the security here has been extraordinary. i have been on several trips with the pole. -- pope. i have not been anywhere with the degree of security i have
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seen here. the organizers respded to an opinion survey that showed the demonstration was going to have very little support. they instead to concentrate on a demonstration in london. his reception here has been very warm indeed. >> the open air mass is intended to be the largest event of the papal visit. did that meet expectations? >> they told me that the crowd is estimated at 65,000. that is pretty good. they thought there might be as many as 100,000. this is a normal working day in scotland. there is the whole complicated the justice of attending a mass. some will watch on their television screens at home. those who met the pope are
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enthususstic. this is right behind me. they are preparing for the beginning of the mass. >> authorities in turkey say 10 people have died on an explosion in the southeast of the country. a vehicle was travelling in the southeast of the country. it is unclear whether thebus hit a land mine or was hit by a remote-controlled bomb. it looks like we may be looking at construction here. >> this could be a nasty takeover. we have not had very much response. a spanish construction company acs is confirming a plan to take over its chief competitor, which is germany ' s largest construction company. they already own 30%. that idea that took most
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analysts by surprise today. >> whether it is in hamburg or office blocks, they are the leading construction company in germany. they also do it in asia and australia. that makes them interesting for acs. 85% of the spanish firm resides in the eu. they would overtake french rival for the no. 1 spot. so far, they contend that they do not want a full takeover. rather, the spaniards are aiming for a contrling majority of justver 50%. >> they were among two the's most active today. our correspondent has more.
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>> a construction company is the star of the day. the takeover bid was too low. it shot right back up. people here in the market are convinced that they will have to improve on the offer in order to ga control. they are an attractive takeover candidate. the dax not doing much this thursday despite better than expected labour market data in the united states. they are busy positioning themselves for friday's trading. businesses are coming to a close. >> looking at several market indexes, we stayed in frankfurt, where we see the blue chip dax index clsoose lower.
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this finished 0.3% in negative territory. the dow industrials ended the session up about 0.25%. the euro is currently trading for $1.37 -- $1.37. analysts blamed a decline on the end of gernment incentive schemes ]imed at encouraging car buyers to operate their model. the surge of new automobile sales in asia is helping make up for the drop in europe. demand for cars in china, india, and japan have risen between 20% and 40%. >> in germany, the father of a teenager who carried out high school shootings has gone on trial. he was originally charged with
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violating gun laws. 17-year-old son was on a rampage in a southwest -- southeast germantown. he killed 15 people before killing himself. he used the gun that was stored in his father's bedroom unlocked. >> this was the first time that the victim's parents get to see the attacker's father. it was a painful, but significant experience. >> there are many questions. we lost someone special. it is important to see the father. that has not happened before. i am sorry about that. >> he kept his gun uncovered near his bedside. instead, walking away. a mistake that prosecutors say it cost the lives of 15 people.
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>> they accuse the father of 15 cases of manslaughter, 13 cases of grievous bodily harm. >> his lawyer argues that he should walk free. he read out a statement from the father describing him as a broken and suicidal man under psychological treatment. >> my client has already been punished enough. he lost his own son. he had to give up everything that meant something to him, even his own identity. >> the family of the teenage gunman is now living under another name. the court expects to hear from 40 witnesses. a verdicis expected in january. >> 3 german teams are in action. they got the ball rolling with a 4-0 win. patrick scored three
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times in the wind. mexico is celebrating 200 years of independence. dancing, floats, and fireworks were featured. the mexican media have put the cost of the celebrations at 30 million euros. >> mexico has not put a party on like this before. supersonic aircraft streaked overhead and parachutists floated down. a crowd estimated at up to 2 million people look at the battle cry for independence from spain. >> viva mexico. >> the bicentennial celebrations were not enough. n the latest clash, and 19 suspected gang members were killed in a shootout near the border with the united states.
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>> you are watching the "journal." we are bac
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>> a number of south american countries are celebrating the 200th anniversary of their independence. the region is attracting attention for other reasons. they erged relatively unscathed from their economic crisis. many analysts believe that they have made social progress, despite problems such as strong violence in mexico and continuing inequality in some countries. germany is keyed to the tune in to the unrealized potential of the continent. >> latin american heads of states were on the world changed. their countries have escaped the worst of the international
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financial crisis. for many, their rich reserves means there's state coffers are full. the late 1990's saw a boom in copper and oil. new resources have been discovered, too. like the metal lithium. germany's four minister recently told journalists that his country's government was eager to strengthen its latin american friendships. >> the entire continent of south america is on the rise. it is one big success story despite all the of the difficulties and setbacks. we should be smart enough to ensure that we bonaparte of that success story. >> germany is hoping to seal lucrative business deals with the region. infrastructure projects also offer great opportunities. they would be investing millions
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in sports venues as they prepared to host the world cup in 2014 and the olympics in 2016. thisear,he european union completed its first agreement with the central american integration system. that is just one of many trading unions in the latin region. europe has been negotiating a trade agreement with the largest blocks for a number of years. the government in berlin says the german and latin american countries share many values, and therefore have a joint opportunity to uphold them. in germany, that means protecting the amazon rain forest. cooperation on issues like this could develop into a model for other parts of the world. >> it will be a completely new approach if we could lead the way with latin american countries.
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that approach could be tailored to individual nations. >> germany is keen to be part of the latin american story. it has high rates of success. there is still much work to be done. >> south america as modernizing and looking ahead to the future. it has begun taking a closer look at its past. bolivian president, the country's first leader of indian descent has done much to empower the a population. he is also facing challenges from political opponents in the east of the country. >> in 2006, he made history when he became bolivia's first indigenous president. since then, the country has experienced a restructuring which has empowered the indigenous majority.
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bolivia is home to the second largest natural gas reserves in latin america. movement towards the socialism party won the election with mostly international companies that profited while the libyans themselves remained poor. moralists began a complete redistribution, starting to redistribute the natural resourcece he announced an end to the pilfering of resources by foreign come -- countries. he faces opponents in the eastern provinces, the half moon of bolivia. street battles have become a matter of course. a referendum on autonomy for the rich provinces failed, thanks to the indigenous majority. >> and our fathers and grandfathers have been fighting for our freedom for more than
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500 years. the fight continues. what used to be village communities now fight together with their president and government. that is the difference. >> as a former union member, morales sympathizes with farmers. on the eastern slopes of the andes, the controversial plan has been used as a remedy for altitude sickness and other ailments. cocaine production in jungle laboratories is the flip side. the bolivian government has tried to fight the drug trade, but has broken off cooperation with north america, in the war on drugs. in 2008, morales ordered the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador to bolivia for getting involved in country affairs. he has never been the one to shy away from risk taking. a huge store of lithium was
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recently discovered in the largest salt lake. it is used in batteries in high- tech devices. with a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament, he is able to charge ahead with his reforms. bolivia contents to reinvent himself -- revet -- reinvent itself. >> the natural physical beauty of latin america are all rich and varied. for many expatriate', it is not always easy being so far from home. >> the magic of her homeland columbia flows through her voice. even here. a singer has lived in germany for six years.
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she and her band bring a lot american flair to the rhineland. it is not always easy. >> here, i am not as inspired musically as i am in columbia. there is music there on every corner. just the voices of people on the streets. there is so much life everywhere you go. >> she works for the german red cross. she explains it germany's complicated health system to new immigrants. >> sometimes i am a little envious. in latin america, especially in my country, we do not have a project like this that gives people in need of real support. projects that explain how they get into schools. or see a doctor.
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>> a get together at the latin american center. around 100,000 south americans live in germany. many have been here for years and most are well integrated. it is not always as easy for them. >> the language is the hardest part. i am slowly making progress. >> it is difficult to make german friends. germans just are not very open. once you have struck up a friendship with a german, it is a friendship for life. >> the distance from her homeland is also a source of inspiration. >> living so far away gives me the opportunity to observe my country from a distance. before, i did not see a lot of things because it is just the
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way things were. i think about them from a new perspective. >> she wants to stay in germany, even though she knows she will always be able but homesick.
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