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tv   Journal  PBS  September 17, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. >> i have the business news. >> the headlines. pope benedict meets the special litter of the anglican church in the second day of his visit to britain new remarks over expulsion in germany. and munich's famous beer festival, oktoberfest, celebrates its 200 anniversary. ♪ >> pope benedict xvi it has met with the archbishop of canterbury. as the pope was preaching
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reconciliation, police arrested six london and over an alleged terrorist threat to the papal visit. they said the pontiff is calm and there's no change to the schedule of the day, but security remains tight. >> london's westminster abbey saw the leaders of the roman catholic and anglican churches under one roof for a joint prayer service. it capped off the second day of the historic papal tour. it was a chance for reconciliation. tensions between the two concessions rose last year after the pope made it easier for anglicans to convert to catholicm i come here today from rome to pray and to join in the gift of christian unity. [applause] >> earlier, benedict gave his
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keynote address in westminster hall. past british protestors were there including tony blair, who converted to catholicism in 2007 to the pontiff or again of aggrsive secularm in britain and the increasing marginal insulation of religion. >> or at least relegated to -- [unintelligible] to appreciate the rights of lievers to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. but also, the legitimate role. >> the public also invited the audience to seek ways of promoting and encouraging dialogue between faith and reason at every level of natial life. >> earlier, i spoke to our religious correspondent who is traveling with the pope. i asked him to tell us more about the pontiff's speech. >> it was a very vigorous
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speech and appeal for a dialogue between faith and religion to establish a moral norms in society. it is the old argument that he keeps repeating. he did it at his first famous lecture, the dialogue between faith and reason did of the catholic church believes it is possible to establish objeives, univsal norms. the pope pointed out that to settle for pragmatic short-term solutions of ethical norms is inadequate, as reflected in the disastrous financial crisis that we experienced in the last year. not everybody will agree with him. particularly fundamentalists, religious and fundamentalists in dislike the idea of a dialogue between faith and reason to about 108 of them were down here this afternoon when the pope arrived at westminster abbey. they shouted antichrist, antichrist, as he ented westminster ave. >> one more can you tell us about the arrests that were made today? >> apparently, they are algerian
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nationals, at least five of the mark. they were working for a private company in central london, and they were due to sweep the streets in westminster just before the pope's our arrival. apparently, the police got a tip off to arrest them. which indicates that they were not under surveillance for the last few days or whatever bit of the police then searched their homes in east and northern london. butpparentlythey fnd thinsuspicus there. but of course, the pope is a very high-profile target, and that is why they acted so swiftly and what they detained them. >> thank you. the german government has denied claims by the french president that berlin is planning to clear roma accounts in germany and deport people living there back to their country of origin. sarkozy said it after an eu summit in brussels. the meeting was called to discuss foreign policy but was overshadowed by the controversial deportation. sarky also talked with the eu
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commission had about the issue. >> president nicolas sarkozy lsd eu summit after a war of words over the controversial deportations. after clashing with the european commission president, sarkozy also angered germany by climbing berlin also plans to clear from the camps. >> merkel indicated there was going to be a proceeding of the evacuation of the camps in the coming week. we will see how calm german politics will become then. >> angela merkel's office promptly denied the claim, the chancellor and the french president had not discussed rahm in germany. most of germany's roma live in homes and hospitals, not in camps like those in france. >> in germany, there are repatriations. regardless of the country of origin, they are only carried out after a review of individual cases. that is the law in our country. anything else would not be
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permitted. >> sarkozy's clan that germany was preparing to follow and france's romaolic also gry eu lawmakers. >> what sarkozy said of the press conference is amazing. nearly did not have any such conversation with the german chancellor but president sarkozy should clear up the matter as soon as possible. >> french officials are guarded about the issue. the foreign minister who was at the summit said in an interview he did not witness the conversation. asked which of the two leaders was telling the truth, he said, history will decide that. >> earlier, spoke to our correspondent in paris. i asked him what the reactio s bee france to sarkozy's remarks. >> is divided. there is a lot of anti-sarkozy sentiment apparent in the press and obviously in the left-wing press. ey are getting the view that it is an embarrassment, and
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they're talking gleefully about this leader who is completely off the rails. a lot of gleeful opposition on the left. and in large parts of france. at the same time, one has to recognize that it may not be un helpful to his political interest to cause a route with europe. the commission is not regarded particularly favorably by many french people, so having this happen with the commission, which the commission appears to be interfering from above in french affairs, does not necessarily do him any harm at all. >> would you say that sarkozy is playing up the popular vote? >> yeah, i think he is playing the vote. he knows the effects of the electorate, which approves the tough measures. as long as they are legal, he
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knows that there's an advantage to this. so i think yes, at a time when his ratings are low, i think that from the start, his taking on this a law-and-order issue in making a central part of his policy is a very political in origin. but into a very much for that announment. at least 25 people have been killed and dozens injured in the blast outside a police station in eastern sri lanka. most of the dead were policemen. the explosion occurred in the town some 260 kilometers east of colombo. three containers filled with dynamite and road construction accidentally detonated, destroying the building. polish police have arrested and exiled suffragist leader in warsaw on an enjoyable international arrest warrant. the former senior commander of chechen forces was one to nine russia on terrorism charges. he arrived in poland on thursday from britain where he has
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political asylum. yet planned to attend the congress of chechen exile. in previous years, he was detained in both denmark and britain. both countries rejected russia's extradition request so friday was triple witching. >> yes, very volatile oil. everybody loved it. stock prices drifted lower today, and heavy volume as investors reacted to the expiration of options and futures contracts. the so-called triple witching. trading is normally extremely volatile on these days at the end of each quarter, especially this year with volume so low on european and american exchanges. despite friday's volatility, share prices on many european exchanges ended the session almost where they started. >> days like these cannot throw off seasoned investors who are used to volatility. it is difficult to determine whether a company news, rumors,
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or triple witching day affect equity prices must bid on friday, stock index futures, options commencing goals stock options all expire at once, which means that investors had to cash in that's been made on stocks and where the share prices are headed. big investors jumped in, trying to coax stock prices in one direction or the other on the final day. london, the markets went crazy, if only for a day. >> the volatility on european exchanges may have caused numerous headaches on friday as investors struggled to ke sense of fresh data, showing u.s. consumer confidence falling. our correspondent has more on the day's trading from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the traders here is all -- saul the triple witching had an influence on the trading in frankfurt. it was a negative one. share prices went down because of triple witching. not just because of the negative and influence. it was also bad news coming from
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companies and from the american economy. it was a negative week for frankfurt. in tal, e daxosing five ints. there was a lot of news to digest this week. new banking rules and takever projects in the banking and construction industry. and it was also a chance to reflect on the two years of lehman brothers going under bid up the view into the abyss that traders suffered back then and also the helplessness they felt and the feeling that not all the lessons that should have been learned since have been learned. >> and looking in several market indices in more detail, we stay in frankfurt where we see the dax index closed tay two- thirds of a person lower. and the euro stoxx 50 finished 1% negative territory. the dow industrials in the u.s. ended slightly higher on friday. finally, the hero is currently trading for $1.3040. a german politician has formally
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stepped down from his position as a board member of the country's bank. in a best-selling book stirred controversy with its claim that an ucated muslim imgrants are a burden on government budgets and a problem for germany's future. bundesbank board members are appointed by the german president. there has never been a situation where the president has had to remove a board member in germany. germany's biggest construction group has criticized the takeover bid by the spanish counterpart. executives referred to this bid by the minority shareholder as a provocation. on thursday, acs announced it wanted to increase its stake in e company to er 5. acs curley owns less than 30% of the german company. the takeover would make acs and major player in the global construction sector.
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an eu justice commission are says she may introduce quotas that would force companies to phillies one-fifth of the top jobs with women. the commissioner of the commission might introduce the quota it the private sector does not increase the number of women in top management positions within t next year. germany m still dominate the executive floor. in large german corporations, for example, only one in 41 minutes a top management positions. >> the board of deutsche telekom, rows of men in dark suits and no sign of any women. deutsche telekom is no exception in germany. in almost all of germany's major corporations, when is it in the second row. women make up some 13% of the middle management of publicly traded companies. the seats on the exutiv board remain firmly in male hands but only 3% of top executives are women.
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the eu says than needs to change. it is considering setting a minimum quota. by 2015, it wants women to occupy 50% of its supervisory board positions. there's already evidence that quotas work. in norway, mandatory quotas have raised women's share of top positions to 45%. for now, an eu quota for women executives remains a threat from brusselsls but if businesses do not take voluntary action by the end of next year, it could become mandatory. >> thanks. hurricane karl has said mexico's gulf coast for the second time this week. it is northeast of the state of veracruz and has winds of about 200 kilometers an hour. oil rigs have been evacuated, and the nuclear power plant was shut down as a caution the east coast is already soaked
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as mexico reels from one of its widest seasons on record in the taliban insurgents in afghanistan have reportedly objected to least 20 people, including two candidates london before the country's parliamentary elections but but in kabul, the president called on voters to go to the polls despite them try to disrupt the election. some 2500 candidates are competing for 249 seats in the country's parliament. election results are not expected until sometime in october. and we will have more on the afghan elections, includingn interview with the german foreign minister, later on in this half-hour. each autumn, millions of people from around the world flocked to munich for the legendary octoberfest. this year, organizers are expecting even more people to attend. it is the two hundred anniversary of the beer festival the celebrations kicked off a day early this year with a huge party on friday. >> a brass band in traditional
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clothes, a parade, and of course, lots of beer. the oktoberfest is celebrating its routes this year. the munich may are married off three couples to symbolize the wedding of the crown prince of bavaria and the princess exactly 200 years ago. that was the beginning of the oktoberfest. but on saturday, it will be back to business as usual on the regular festival grounds. this year's oktoberfest is the last one where smoking will be allowed. more than 6 million liters of beer are expected to flow. 1 liter glass will cost between eight and euros 30 cents and eight euros 90ents. and a nonalcoholic drinks will not be any cheaper. but that is unlikely to be a concern for dedicated oktoberfest fans. >> 8.5 euros for a leader of beer. >> it has gone up over the years. but i know certain people, like
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me, like going there. >> we willll be right back in a minute with "in depth."
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tv. all broadcasts lines -- times online. >> welcome back. people and afghanistan are preparing to vote in key parliamentar elections on satuay. is an important test for president hamid karzai and his ability to bring stability to the country. however, the international community is already trying to lower expectations, admitting the election is unlikely to meet western standards. the taliban has threatened to stage violent attacks, and there are allegations of irregularities about registration. a reporter in the region found some afghans have little faith in the democratic process. many are especially skeptical of plans backed by the west to reach out to so-called moderate taliban. >> nine of these men in this valley of nagahar valley are
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insurgents. u.s. troops can operate safely here. but there are taliban not far away. another government is trying to win them over with money. >> this program will not work in afghanistan. it will worsen the situation because money is involved. and there's money, everybody will climb to the taliban in order to get money. >> many of the villagers living on the broad floodplains are former refugees returned from pakistan. they do not have much to build homes or provide for their families, so the temptation is strong declined to be a former taliban who now supports the government. closer to the border with pakistan, many men are opposed to the cooperation program. people there rejected the reconciliation policies of president hamid karzai. >> the policies that he is
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proposing are not the right options. so far, the government has not given any freedoms to those moderate taliban or with the mine kabul. they're still under house arrest and are not let out for religious ceremonies. >> people in this area do not hold out much hope for support from kabul, even for the damage caused by the floods that destroyed the harvest across large parts of eastern afghanistan. here, it is government opponents of the biggest electoral chances. he is standing for the islamic party, on whose said the u.s. has a bounty of $10 million. voters spoke to him, mainly about war and is long. >> we discussed, because afghanistan is in a state of war, and i tell people they should vote for somebody who knows about this and is a loyal to afghanistan and to the people
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of afghanistan and is long. through this, the issue of afghanistan can be solved. >> in the provincial capital of taliban, and as the election campaign is underway. 157 canada, most of the men, are vying for the 14 parliamentary seats allocated to the province. >> people should vote for people who can work and serve. asian not vote for thieves. their deficits the people have voted for that were of no use. >> but in many of afghans provinces, it is the o war lords or their allies were likely to land the most votes. the independent human rights commission criticizes the fact that many people were not registered to vote to do a lack of election offices. and the commission chairman says that is not all. >> we need more, not the real
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one provided from the center to the people, to vote. it came from outside actually. >> even if people here are not where it about the threats of the taliban, they doubt the new parliament will provide afghanistan with the stability and needs. >> earlier, we spoke to the german foreign minister about the situation in afghanistan. we began by asking him how confident he was that the poll in afghanistan would be free and fair given the past problems with election fraud. >> we in central europe can prayed to the aleutian this will meet our criteria and our view oflections. so we have torganize and make contributions to ensuring that the elections are free. we will make our contribution
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through international support. above all, through the un. so revote can be held and held freely as much as possible. and we expect that the afghan government, which is responsible for holding the election, so they do all they can to make sure of the polling is free and fa in all rions. i would urge caion about applying central european standards to them. >> the international community has agreed to provide millions in funding for integrating moderate taliban into society. do you believe this is the right strategy? ç>> it is absolutely the right strategy. at the afghanistan conferences in london and kabul, which represented germany, we agreed that we do not need justhe cornersdoes theiviln reconstruction, like development corporations, infrastructure, better education, and military
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security for this development, but we need to create the necessary strong political foundation. we will be successful in afghanistan by resolving the country's problems politically. what is needed to this our talks, reintegration, and reconciliation within the country. that is why it is right for us to take part in the program financially, so that those allied with the taliban will be encouraged to lay down their weapons in the south. d those who liven northern villages will get back to work peacefully to ensure their livelihood. >> but how can one differentiate between moderate and radical taliban when even the soldiers were stationed on the ground there cannot? >> you are absolutely right. it is a big challenge on the ground. that is why we're working with experience organizations, for instance, the u.n., which has extensive experience with this.
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it is simp not about just handing out money. it is a question of providing job opportunities to these young men who often, $40, tens of violence in this outfit up there used and abused by extremists and terrorist forces. we need to give them our va design the villages where they come 1rom many are tired of fighting, and we want to separate these men from the hard-core. of course it is a challenge in the details as well, but it is all the more necessary. >> germany is very active in afghanistan at the moment. will the results of the elections have an affect on germany's engagement in the region? >> we do not just have to look at the elections. we have to look at the whole process of internal democratization in the country. we have to make sure that hard-
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fought women's rights are not lost. above all, we have to see the ansparency in vernment is eated. that means that corruption is sustainably stabbing doubt. we're not free from worries onr% the country. we are seeing setbacks. but it is a born to understand why we are in afghanistan in the first place, mainly to ensure that our own security is not endangered by organized terror groups there. that is our central concern. that is why it is right there was a part afghanistan in ensuring security for its health. by 24, we want to be ableo completely handover security responsibility to the afghan government itself. >> thank you for your time. and that has been our "in depth"
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at this hour. you're watching dw-tv. please stay tuned. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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