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tv   Journal  PBS  September 23, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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[captioned by the national captioning institute] >> no, everyone. "pau>> france is hit by anothery of strikes and protest against plans t traise the retirement age. barack obama says that the door to diplomacy is still open to iran regarding their nuclear program. a new program in berlin examines 300 years of science. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across
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france in protest of the government's pension reforms. this is the second strike in just over two weeks. french workers were protesting against the government's plan to raise the retirement age to 62. >> thousands of protesters streamed into paris. this was one of more than 200 protests over pension reforms held thursday. >> the messages that we will remain immobilized. the workers are mobilized. on -- the message is that we will remain mobilized. >> we are here to put the pressure on. >> this latest round of strikes against nicolas sarkozy's planned to raise the retirement age in disrupted transportation across the country.
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many flights were canceled at the airport. less than half of the lines on the paris metro were working properly. the plan is to raise 8 from 60 to 62. germany, spain, and the netherlands plan to raise the retirement age to 62. britain and ireland want to go a step further andnd raise it to . as baby boomers reach retirement age and life expectancy increases, the government says it is necessary so that the pension system can break even. the opposition says that the reforms will be harshest on those who start young and women who take breaks to have children. >> the french seem to have a pretty good deal when it comes to working hours and they age for requirement compared to their european neighbors. the parent -- i asked our
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correspondent why they don't accept the need for change. >> you are correct. they are among the most fortunate in europe. people here expect their gray years to be golden ones and they expect the government to pay for that. as a result, none of the french have private pension plans. the french simply will not believe that to the cash is running out. even if they do believe it, they expect the government to fix it and they should not have to sacrifice any further. one governor -- government official said that these are like a warning time that the french people have to go through before they can accept that these reforms are necessary and inevitable. the socialist party in opposition is holding out a ray of hope. they say if they are elected,
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they will roll back the retirement age to 60 and this will just be a bad dream. >> it does not look like this government is going to back down soon. the last strike did not cause nicolas sarkozy to back down. will these strikes have any effect? >> no, that is not going to happen. a statement welcomed what the government sees as a notably reduced turnout. they imply that this whole strike movement is moving out of steam. that is just in time for the bill to put -- that bill to be put in front of the senate. they expect it to go comfortably through there. the unioio are playing the numbers game in the opposition. they say that nearly 3 million people turned out as opposed to the 1 million that was suggested by the government. they want to keep the pressure on nicolas sarkozy.
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they have said that they could make this indefinite. >> thank you for that update from paris. iran says that they will enter into what they call spirited negotiations with nuclear -- international powers over their nuclear activity. this ces as president obama and other leaders called on iran to settle the dispute through our long. president obama urged negotiations at his address to the u.n. general assembly in new york. >> president barack obama to to the stage of the general assembly's opening in new york. he urged delegates to support israel and the palestinians as they worked towards a peace deal or face more bloodshed. >> those of us who are friends of israel must understand that true security for the jewish state requires an independent palestine, one that allows the palestinian people to live with
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dignity and opportunity. >those of us who are friends of the palestinians must understand that the rights of the palestinian people will only be won through peaceful means. >> reading the world of nuclear weapons is also a priority for obama. -- getting rid of nuclear- weapons in the world is also a priority for obama. >> the u.s. and the international committee seek a resolution to our differences with iran and the door remains open to diplomacy should they choose to walk through it. >> obama said that iran has yet to demonstrate the peaceful intentions of the program. the security council to impose new sanctions on iran after their refuse to suspends uranium production. >> at the request of the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, germany is focusing their efforts in the country. the german government has decided to withdraw reconnaissance troops and
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replace them with german soldiers who will help in training afghan forces. >> germany's decision to jets marks the end of the mission. cameras aboard the jets have taken thousands of photographs and have helped to track down taliban camps. the u.s. will provide these tasks in the future. -- perform these tasks in the future. >> we decided to withdraw the jets from afghanistan said that we can continue to focus on training afghan security forces. also protecting the population. >> are around 640 german soldiers are already training afghan soldiers. now, 90 more are to be sent to boost to their numbers. rmrm security of their own country as a great add to the international
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conference on afghanistan in january. -- as agreed at the international conference on afghanistan in january. >> the police need to function before we can withdraw. >> german soldiers will also go on missions with them rendering their deployment even more dangerous. >> let's find out what is happening with the recovery in ireland. >> there is a concern about this. there is growing fears that ireland could be headed for a double-dip recession after the economy contracted in the second quarter of this year. inhe time from april to june, t d slumped 1.2% -- gdp slumped 1.2%. the news comes at a turbulent time for the irish government as they struggled with a survey -- massif deficit. -- as they struggled with a
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massive deficit. let's take a look at thursday's market action. european shares fall further in reaction to weaker than expected data from the manufacturing industries and a disappointing jobs report out of the u.s.. our correspondent sent us this summary of the trading day in frankfurt. >> the german economy is mainly driven by exporters so they will not be able to outperform other economies if they stay as weak as they have been. the purchase manager index in germany is down. there is also concerns that are on the spot market. there is poor economic data from the u.s. that helped to direct down shares. leading indicators from the u.s. show little signs of relief. one of the few gainers has been
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a retailer which has had a better turn. some say that this is simply a return to normal. >> we will stay for a closer look at thursday's number. the dax giving up -- in new york, the dow closed at the top of the hour and after trading flat for most of the day, there was a sharp sell-off. it finished 7/10 of a percent longer. ireland has sparked renewed fears about the recovery in europe and the euro slips in value. thursday brought a major step forward in britain's pursuit of renewable energy. the world's largest offshore when -- windfarm opened. 100 turbines are generated
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enough electricity to power 200,000 homes. a wind farm will move the u.k. a bit closer to their energy goals. this is currently just 3% that is from renewable sources compared with a target of 15%. they are 25th in the table clean energy. >> 100 windmills are turning their blades off of the southeast coast of england. and energy giant says that this is the largest offshore wind part in the world. wind is important to the new energy policy. >> we are determined as part of our commitment in the coalition government to be the greenest government ever. >> the downside is that on calm days and no electricity is produced. it is easier to get permits in britain and other countries. some experts are critical.
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>> the previous government had an infatuation with offshore wind power which is very expensive and intermittent. other renewals which have been starved of the support. >> there is debate over the use of the coastal waters and if it is wise for the government to invest in the wind farms. if the government goes ahead with this plan, the wind farms will become a common side. they would like 15% of the energy to become renewal within 10 years. >> thank you. here in berlin, the city's scientific and research institutions have been celebrating under the slogan "berlin -- capital of science." they have a long history of science. the brothers grimm researched and produced their stories here.
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albert einstein contemplated relativity in the city. >> earth-shattering discoveries sometimes have an everyday context. it was at this table that atomic fission was discovered pushing humanity into the atomic age in berlin in 1938. the exhibition of world knowledge includes world -- breaking technologies collected from around the world. >> we are a center of excellence in mathematics. we are world leaders into the study of the ancient world, educational studies. in areas where we are not the leaders, we want to be. >> the exhibition does not shy away from the darker side of scientific is stable -- darker side of scientific achievement. there is an exhibition which focuses on the gas attacks from
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world war room and one. leading jewish scientists were forced to flee and berlin lost some of its greatest thinkers. >> recovering from that low was impossible. that was terrible. only now are weak regaining our status as a great appealing metropolises of the scientists. we will never be able to forget that mosque. >> the exhibition concludes with the computer age. -- we will never be able to forget that loss. >> in what is being seen as a gesture of reconciliation with poland, russia and investigators have handed over 20 volumes of documents related to the world war ii -- massacre. this contains a complete list of the officers who were shot by the soviet secret service in
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1940. the massacre has long poisoned russian-polish relations. the commonwealth games federation signalled on thursday that india was making progress on health and safety issues after several countries delayed sending their teams to new delhi. the indian prime minister called a crisis meeting of his ministers to discuss preparations for the games which are due to start in 10 days. >> some countries are postponing their teams departures. others have expressed concerns including possible terrorist attacks. the australian prime minister is urging caution. >> this towel -- this travel advisory is our best assessment of the conditions inq india. we will continue to monitor the security very closely. >> some athletes accommodations are not finished and others are still on clean.
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there is currently an outbreak of dengue fever in new delhi. the governing congress party says that the problems have far reaching implications. >> we should be deeply concerned, we are deeply concerned. this is our national pride, national prestige. >> the indian prime minister has called an emergency meeting of the ministers responsible for the project. inina says they will do everything in their power to ensure the games go ahead. >> in soccer news, the former germany captain has been hired as the coach of the bulgarian national team. at a press conference, he said his top objective would be to get his new team into the 2012 european finals to be held in the ukraine. that will not be easy.
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bulgaria has already lost their first two qualifying matches statement, "in depth
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>> one and five people living in germany is from an ethnic minority. this marks a significant change for germany. not long ago, they refuse to consider themselves a country of immigrants. this poses both opportunities and challenges. studies show that people from minorities find it harder to get work and estlish themselves. in rect months, there has been a debate on how to better promote integration and social harmony. education is viewed as being key to a successful future. the performance in school dropout rate among some immigrant children is mucuc higher than that of their german counterparts. >> they come from vietnam, they
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have links to turkey, or poland. people from ethnic minorities live in all parts of germany. together, they make up 1/5 of the population. that means of germany's 82 million inhabitants, 15 million have roofs from immigration. according to a recent survey, some 95% of ethnic minorities feel at home but they say that there is a higher likelihood of being employed. -- unemployed. that is due to some levels of achievement that are different in immigrant groups. some believe that the education system needs to change if children from non-german backgrounds can have a better chance in life. more than 50% of non german children drop at a school. -- more than 15% of non german
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children drop out of school. no statistics are available on at it minorities with a german passport. non native speakers of german often need extra resources. berlin has announced plans to commit more money for language education. the government is boosting efforts to recruit teachers from ethnic minorities. the hope is that teachers drawn from immigrant families last act as role models and improve the opportunity for all of the children they are teaching. >> carl icahn much as 2% of teachers in germany are from minority or immigrant backgrounds. -- currently, 2% of teachers in germany are from minority or immigrant backgrounds. we caught up with one of them. her task is not easy as she
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works with children in a special needs school. >> are you familiar with the world -- word integration? >> yes. >> when people are excluded. >> does anyone here have german friends? >> not a single one. >> i have one or two. >> why don't you have any german friends? >> they are not like us. >> i don't know. >> you don't like german some. >> class discussions are not unusual. this is a turkish teacher at a special needs school. 70% average didn't have a non- german background. -- 70% of her students has a non german background. they build confidence in the physical education class. >> time to get in shape.
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>> many of these children where their head scarves but 115-year- old refuses. >> everyone has to decide for themselves. i cannot say, you cannot wear a head scarf and you cannot say to me, you must wear this. you cannot force anyone. you cannot compel something because you believe in it. i am muslim and i don't wear a headscarf. >> this teacher has left old- fashioned opinions of the role of women behind her. she is assertive and that does not go down well with everyone. >> why are you 20 minutes late? go to the training room. >> why should die? >> because you cannot go here on time. -- why should i? >> i am a divorced single
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parent. i've crossed some boundaries which they have not. they have a very narrow focus. it is really like that. they don't go beyond their own noses. my lifestyle in false things that are unthinkable to devout moslems -- in falls -- involves things that are unthinkable to developout muslims. it seems that there are some children who did not behave very well when i am out of the room. >> 80% struggle with language skills. >> that is a lot. they don't get that from their parents. that is why we are here. we are trying to balance this
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out. >> the pupils to act aggressively or disrupt classes have to go to the training room. one has threatened to a classmate calling her a christian in an insulting way. >> this is blackmail, intimidation. i'm keeping an eye on this. i will ask you what you can do to make it up to her. we are keeping a close eye on you. >> i do it because i hate her. >> to me, she is a christian girl. >> she uses the word christian as an insult. on the way home, she is back in high spirits. she talks about a dance course that she would love to take but her mother will not let her because she says that the koran will not allow it.
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how was school? >> i like it a lot. sometimes i don't get to go. >> you have to stay home? >> yes, i have to look after her because she has headaches. >> her mother is a single parent and has just lost your job. the 12-year-old is ashamed to show me her room. where do you sleep? >> up here. i have my things here. my duty is to make sure that my three children follow the path got. >> are all of the muslim children devout believers? >> yes, it is better that way. i hope that i can give many of my people strong values and an accurate image of windham -- an accurate image of women.
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i always say, you cannot change everything about your parents but he can try to be different. >> after school, a former pupils calling to say hello. one of them is a mother of two children and comes from a devout lebanese family. >> they always want big families so that they can sit with them. the children here, the grand children there. >> they have to be boys. they want boys, not girls. >> do you speak german with her? >> yes. my mother complains because i speak german with the children. i want my daughter to do something, not end up like her mother. being at home with the kids, this is not a great life. >> she has not managed to escape from a world that operates under its own rules but she and her teacher have hope that things will be better for the next
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generation. >> integration through education, that is all we have for now. thank you for joining us.
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which foot was it? best make that "best wishes." we don't want them gettin? no, i suppose not. have always done it. why should she watch the flowers? nobody really remembers,
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