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tv   Democracy Now with Amy Goodman  PBS  October 7, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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10/07/10 10/07/10 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is "democracy now!" >> the united states military has begun strikes against the al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. >> nine years ago today, president bush launched the war afghanistan. today, we enter the 10th year and it has become the longest ongoing war in u.s. history. to mark the anniversary, a number of soldiers and veterans are marching in washington to call on the government to stop deploying traumatized troops, calling it "operation recovery."
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then lou dobbs speaks on the tea party circuit in rules on undocumented immigrants and th people who employ them. and the expos shows he lied for years on undocumented labor. >> i am an immigrant who does not have papers. but i worked for him. because he is a very important person. >> first, watchdog groups are calling on the irs to investigate karl rove's new non profit that is planning to spend over $50 million by november. his group american crossroads is funded almost entirely by billionaires. today, we look at money and politics. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. pakistani militants continue to strike convoys carrying fuel for nato troops in afghanistan. on wednesday, at least 55 trucks
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were set ablaze in northwest pakistan hours after an earlier attack that destroyed eight tankers near the southwest city of quetta. attacks on the tankers have soared since the pakistani government bcked a nato supply route after three of its troops were killed in a cross border u.s. attack last week. the u.s. has formally apologized saying the soldiers were mistaken for taliban fighters. a nato spokesperson said the convoy attacks will not impact the afghan war effort. >> we do have plenty of supplies in afghanistan. we have access to transport the logistics through other border crossing points, to pakistan and also neighboring countries to the north. there is no danger for the ongoing future of operations. >> a federal panel has disclosed the obama administration deliberately prevted government sentis om dclosg thfull extent of the bp oil spill. on wednesday, the national oil spill commission released
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documents showing the white house budget office denied a request to make public the national oceanic and atmospheric the ministrations worst-case estimate for the spill size. despite receiving internal estimates the well was spewing between 2.7 million to 6.8 million gallons of oil a day, government officials repeatedl publicized a figure of 210,000 gallons a day. the first civilian trial of a former guantanamo prisoner has been delayed after a federal judge ruled prosecutors cannot call a key witness to the stand. the prisoner, ahmed ghailani, has pleaded not guilty on charges of running the 1998 embassy bombings in east africa th killed 224 people. on wednesday a district judge barred a tanzanian man who says he sold weapons to ghailani on the grounds he was tracked down as a result of ghailani's coerced statements under cia interrogation. a defense attorney praised the decision.
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a >> the judge ruled today that the constitution is the rock upon which our nation rests. we could not agree more with the courts. this case will be tried upon lawful evidence, not torture, not coercion. it is the constitution that won a great victory today. we applaud the court for its courage in support for the law. >> ohio has filed suit accusing the lender allyinanal a its gmac mortgage division of fraud in approving thousands of foreclosures. it is the first suit of its kind in the widening scandal over the improper approval of thousands of foreclosures by some of the nation's largest banks. ally as well as bank of america and jpmorgan chase have suspended foreclosures in 23 states after admitting to authorizing foreclosure affidavits and other documents without proper vetting.
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speaking to bloomberg news, ohio attorney general said the alleged fraud was widespread. >> everything we have seen indicates there may have been thousands of cases where they systematically defrauded the courts by filing affidavits under oath that kind personal knowledge where the signer did not have that knowledge. in an individual case, if an attorney filed a false affidavit, that would be resulting in swift and severe sanctions, disciplinary misconduct and so forth. the fact this may have been done on a mass scale is breathtaking to us. >> north carolina attorney general roy cooper also announced wednesda h has bun investigating 15 lenders including ally, and has asked all to freeze foreclosures during the probe. attorney general eric holder says the justice department is looking into the improper foreclosures as well. the banking giant wells fargo has agreed to modify over 8700 mortgages to settle claims it
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deceptively pushed crippling loans on borrowers in eight states. under the deal, wells fargo will spend over $770 million to restructure the loans over three years. despite the admitting to misleading customers, wells fargo also announced it will continue to evict our wars from foreclosed homes. a florida woman has revealed an agent hired by her bank broke into her home after she fell behind on mortgage payments. nancy jacobini of orange county was inside her home when she heard the intruder. thinking she is being burglarized, she called 911. >> the intruder turned out to be an employee hired by jacobini's bank, jp morgan chase, to change her locks.
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but jacobini was only three months behind on her payments and was not of foreclosure. chase has apologized. jacobini has hired an attorney to pursue legal action. new figures show the u.s. deported a record 392,000 undocumented immigrants last year. just under half were people convicted of criminal activity. the fbi has arrested 133 people including 90 law enforcement officers and a sweeping anti- corruption operation in puerto rico. the u.s. attorney for puerto rico helped unveil the charges in washington. >> because we are faced with the disconcerting reality that drug- trafficking has invaded the sanctity of our state and police departments, badges w sold in honor was compromised for drug money. many times during the investigation it occurred. >> it is said to be the largest police corruption probe in the fbi's history. former president bill clinton is
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vowing hundreds of millions of dollars in the late u.s. aid is finally on the way to haiti. speaking after a tour, clinton expects the u.s. to lease most of the 1.1 $5 billion it is yet to deliver next week. -- $1.15 billion is yet to deliver next week. clinton and haitian prime minister also said haiti reconstruction commission had approved over $700 million in new projects. >> we're going to move to be much more strategic in emphasizing the areas of greatest need. we still have many schools to build, many learning materials to get and a plan that will have universal enrollment. we need a lot of money for its. >> cuba marks the 34th anniversary of the bombing of
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cuban flight 4 wednesday with a call for the u.s. to extradite the key suspect. 73 people were killed in the october 6, 1973 attack which was the first and only mid-air bombing of a civilian airliner in the weste hemisphere. speaking before relatives of the victims, the cuban president called on the obama administration to extradite the anti-castro cuban exile and cia operative. >> the government of cuba asks president obama or whomever is in charge of the fight against terrorism to act firmly and without double meaning against those who from the and the states have and continue to perpetrate terrorist acts against cuba.
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>> castro also call for the release of the cuban 5 who are seing lengthy sentences in the u.s. for ting to monitor violent right-wing exile groups responsible for attacks inside cuba. a u.s. and of japanese scientists have been awarded the nobel prize for chemistry for developing a chemical research tool known as cross cuddling. -- cross coupling. the nobel committee member compared it to itlego toy -- a lego toy. >> if you want to say it is very simple, you could say it is like building a lego toy and you want to join two pieces together and you want to decide how and what
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to do with them. that is with this reaction does. you decide. >> the supreme court has heard arguments in the case of a pennsylvania man challenging a homophobic church that held a protest at his son's military funeral. the father, albert snyder, initially won a $5 million judgment against the westboro baptist church, which demonstrates outside military funerals to publicize its anti- gay views. church members believe that military deaths are god's punishment for homosexuality in the united states. a federal appeals court overturned the $5 million penalty last draft a look ruling the church's first amendment rights were violated. earlier this year, the court ordered snyder to pay westboro over $16,000 to cover the cost of its successful appeal. on wednesday, the snyder -- snyder said the church's actions should not be considered an issue of free speech. >> speaking as a father, the conduct was so extreme by the
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westboro baptist church it will be on all possible bounds of basic human decency that it can be regarded as utterly intolerable in a civilized nation. all we wanted to do was very my son with dignity and respect. a >> a new poll shows two-thirds of americans support raising the minimum wage from $7.25 up to $10 an hour. according to the public religion research institute, the number includes 51% of republicans. students across the country are planning to walk out of class is today as part of the national day of action to defend public education. the call for nationwide protests originated in california following last november's student strikes and building takeovers. tens of thousands of people took part in the first national day of action in march. finally, today's nobel peace prize, a peruvian mario 14
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literature. he is one of the leading novelists and essayists. he rose to prominence in the 1960's. some of his best known novels include "the greenhouse." those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a pair of campaign finance watchdog groups have called on the internal revenue service to investigate a new non-profit formed by karl rove ahead of the midterm election. he and a former republican national committee chair ed gillespie have formed a pair of new organizations that are planning to spend over $50 million this election cycle to help elect republican candidates. one of their groups, american crossroads, is set up so they can raise unlimited amounts without having to disclose its donors until after the election. the other organization, crossroads, a grass-roots policies strategies, is paying for attack ads in many states including nevada.
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>> obama's care is bador health care in america. and worse for nevada because when senator harry reid needed votes to push obama care, he cut sweet deals across the country to help nebraska, louisiana, to even help florida. what has nevada got from senator reid? record foreclosures and the highest unemployment rate in the nation and he still is pushing for even more government control of your health care. really, harry, how about some help for nevada? >> karl rove and ed gillespie are also cooperating with other conservative organizations including the chamber of commerce to strategize on campaign spending. some have said karl rove has essentially formed a shadow gop, out of the traditional republican party. the center for public integrity reports republicans and democrats each boast 10 or so deep pocketed independent groups with plans to spend $10 million plus helping senate and house candidates by running expensive ads and/or conducting get out
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the vote efforts. they are on track to spend collectively some $500 million a more with little oversight. the center rorts financial, energy and health care interests are grabbing for their checkbooks to secretly bankroll conservative organizations. the groups are all taking advantage of this year's supreme court ruling in the citizens united case that cleared the way for unlimited spending by corporations, unions and other interest groups on election ads. our first guest today is peter stone, reporter at the center for public integrity focusing on money and politics. he has covered campaign finance and lobbying for nearly 20 years. this latest article is called "campaign cash: the independent fundraising gold rush since 'citizens united' ruling." is also author of theook "casino jack and the united states of money." it is about jack abramoff. welcome back, peter. let's start off by talking about karl rove -- karl rove's groups. >> probably it is in some ways the most important of the new
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entities. rove and ed gillespiewho are now but super consultants on pastry in washington, started strategizing last year basically on the need for more outside muscle to help republicans this year. a lot of the thinking early on was spurred by the fact the rnc, starting last year, began that major management fundraising and other problems that were well publicized in places all across the country, in different media outlets. "the washington times" has been particularly good at reporting on some of the internal difficulties at the rnc. this basically cause a hemorrhage of longtime fundraisers and donors at the rnc. some of their biggest fund- raisers from contributors,
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started to get jittery about things and were not participating in rnc programs. it was partly a personal thing. some did not feel they were getting enough attention from the new chairman, michael steele. with this as a backdrop, karl rove and ed gillespie began thinking about a need for a better outside machine, if you will, to hp republicans. they looked back to what some democrats had done in 2004 and 2006 with outside groups. they say they were inspired by what democratic groups had done previously. when citizens united ruling came down in january, it was a godsend relief for their effort because it freed up corporations and unions and others to give unlimited amoun to run campaign ads and conduct other activities. previously there had been limits. american crossroads opened its doors first in march.
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it was a 527 group, which means basically it had to disclose its donors. we have learned to some of them are coming mainly texas billionaires who are old friends of karl rove. harold simmons of dallas, two small companies he has investments in have given $2 million. a couple of other texas billionaires have weighed in as well. after two months, roughly, they said that another arm of american crossroads, crossroads of gps, which has probably taken in a little more money at this stage of the $32 million they raised as of a couple of weeks ago. this entity does not have to didilose donors. it is typical of other new groups that have started this year, which are set up as organizations that are havens for donors who want to remain an ominous -- remain anonymous.
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>> american crossroads, this group, talk about overall how citizens united, the supreme court ruling has changed the face of politics. >> it has made it possible for both groups, american crossroads and its sister organization crossroads gps, to go after a lot of big money. many of the big donors are going -- are in the corporate world, in wall street, health care, energy and many others as well. but those sectors are seen as particularly right because a number of companies in those sectors have been annoyed, frustrated by new regulations in the last couple of years, upset by financial-services reform, health care reform. they have become big targets for most of these new groups. i reported early in the year
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that ed gillespie, who is in informal adviser to crossroads like karl rove, when up to wall street's with former senator norm coleman, the ceo of another organization similar that shares offices with american crossroads called the american action network, and ed gillespie, coleman, and a famous republican fund-raiser who dreamt up the idea of the american action network all pitched donors for their separate efforts. they say there has been more joint fund-raising. there has been a lot of joint activity, which is another fascinating feature of what republican groups have been doing this year. they have worked together closely by sharing offices, meeting regularly, strategizing about which races they should be involved with, who should take the lead on which ones, which senate races, and basically
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trying to get the maximum bang for their buck. it has become a very smart, businesslike effort that in many ways has filled a big void created by the fact republican national committ has had major problems this year. >> we will take a break and come back, peter stone, focusing on money and politics. i want to ask about the u.s. chamber of commerce and much more. we will be back in moment. ♪ [music break]
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>> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman and our guest is peter stone. he is the investigator of politics and money and has been doing it for years, were to the center for public integrity. he has written the book "casino jack and the united states of money." his latest article is called "campaign cash: the independent fundraising gold rush since 'citizens united' ruling."
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peter, the chamber of commerce. let's say, rupert murdoch gave a million dollars first to the republican governors association. talk about the role of the u.s. chamber of commerce in this election cycle. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce is interesting because we have heard a lot about new groups that have popped up like american crossroads in the american action network. but the chamber is really sort of theranddaddy of a lot of this activity. officially, they are bipartisan. if you look at their record over recent years, though, the major support in the issue as they typically running campaigns have been tilted heavily toward republicans. they have been very active come increasingly active, really working closely with american crossroads and other organizations this year. bill miller, the national
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political director of the chamber of commerce, attended a first major power out of the outside groups come a luncheon at karl rove's house on april 21. ed gillespie and karl rove had invited people there. it was billed as a preliminary look at the electoral landscape this year. the meeting had a lot more to do with strategizing about what was needed to build an effective network by outside groups. and that is really where the first discussions, serious discussions about coordination, cooperation got under way. it is important to note this is perfectly legal. whathey cannot do and what they ought to be very careful about is coordinating any of their activities with candidates, campaigns for national party committees.
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lawyer's brief them on this. they say they're being very careful about this. so far, there's no public evidence of any court nation. but many of these groups are stocked with veterans, particularly american crossroads, stocked with veterans of the nrcc, republican house committee, the nrfc, the rnc. the chamber participated in this meeting, as i reported later, the chamber decided early in the summer that they wanted to spend significantly more than they had ever spent on a federal electn campaign. tom donahue in his speech in late june to meet powerful leaders of major business groups in washington upped the ante by telling the group in california that ty were going to be spending $75 million, which is
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more than double the previous high of $36 million. to date, bill miller told me a couple of weeks ago that they have spent about $20 million thus far through mid september, about half of that is on advertisements. they are putting them in battle ground states heavily, like other groups. colorado, nevada, ohio, pennsylvania. the other half they have spent thus far has been on mailings and the phone. whether they reach $75 million is a question mark. maybe just under 4.5 weeks, that is a lot of money. they have a lot left in the bank. they have the meeting closely with other groups this year, planned a key role in these outside netrks. >> more than 8000 ads on behalf of republican candidates in
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september, as of september 15? >> right. that is quite possible. i do not know the exact total, but they have spent a lot of money and then in many of the big battleground states. there will be doing a lot of "get out the vote" activity, too. american crossroads has set aside $10 million for "get out the vote" activity. where unions this year will be spinning probably three-quarters of their resources, which has also increased this year in the wake of the republican onslaught. some big unions like seiu told me they were increase their budget 25%, putting about three- quarters of their money, which will be upwards of $150 million altogether, into "get out the vote." republicans are trying to get in that can, too. >> peter stone -- the head.
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>> overall, just for perspective, the republican groups are likely to outspend the liberal groups, the democratic allies, by three-two, maybe even two-one margin. they should be spending something on the order of $300 million. that is based on their budgets, based on the numbers they have put out publicly. some of this may not come to pass, but i am working with the numbers they have put out thus far. >> i want to ask about little- known iowa group, the american future fund. this is an ad paid for by the organization attacking democratic congress member from iowa paid >> for centuries the muslims built mosques where they won the trees. now they want to build one at ground zero where islamic terrorists killed 3000 americans. just like the japanese building at pearl harbor. the muslim cleric building a believes america was partly responsible for 9/11 and is raising millions of dollars overseas from secret builders.
12:29 am
but incredibly, bruce release supports building a mosque at ground zero. >> what is this i would group? >> this group from iowa is one of the more secretive ones that is out there this year. it also has increased its signet -- presence significantly. it spent roughly $1 million early in the year to help elect scott brown in massachusetts. the leader and founder of the group nick bryant told me they raised and spent roughly $8 million in 2008 on the issue ads to help republicans. this year he tell me there, to roughly triple that to as much as $25 million. we do not know where the money is coming from. this is another one that can accept anonymous donations. ryan said there is money from
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all over the country. sources have told me they do have some million dollar donors. but we do not know who they are. the they ran in iowa, the one you just played, is particularly noteworthy because it was the handiwork of larry mccarthy, who has done many of their advertisements. larry mccarthy has a long history in negative advertising and in fact was one of the key architects of the infamous willie horton ad that ran in the 1980 presidential campaign to tar michael dukakis but many of the advertisements are particularly negative. some republican and some on the democratic side. his ads rather stand out in the hard-hitting negative quality. >> what about david coch who has
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poured millions into the tea party? >> the cochs are owners of the nations of the second-largest privately held company in wichita, kansas, a giant energy firm that has had a lot of runs with regulators over the years i many different fronts. they have been around for a couple decades funding a network of conservative institutions in washington and elsewhere from think tanks, and other operations. they were the money behind a very powerful group in the 1990's called citizens for a sound economy. they worked very closely with the republican leadership in the house and senate.
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citizens united began to disintegrate in the late 1990's or around the time the bush and attrition can in. there were a couple successor organizations that sprang up soon afterwards. the most recent iteration was americans for prosperity, which is the key group in washington that has been getting coch money and said it will spend about $45 million this year on the election said they also have been running a lot of ads. unlike the bulk of the at other groups have run, there's started focusing on the house a little earlier. others have focused much more on the senate, but are now moving to the house. the cochs have helped put some of the money for the tea party movement. we do not know just how much, but i would guess few million.
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that is a very, very rough guess americans for prosperity is their principal advocacy group in washington. they've said they're looking a $45 million. they're not cordoning quite as much from what i anders dam it the other groups, but there is obviously some contact, some exchange of information. i think all of these groups are trying to ensure that republicans play this game as smart as they can this year or as efficient as they can be and do not waste their money. former senator komen said to me that the american action or -- network that donors do not like duplication, so they're trying to be as clever as they can. >> we will continue to follow the money trail, many in politics and will speak with you again soon, peter stone. at the center for public
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integrity. thank you foreing with us. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. today marks the ninth anniversary of the war in afghanistan. on october 7, 2001, u.s. bombers began air strikes in some marines launched cruise missiles from the arabian sea to start what is become the longest ongoing war in u.s. history. the pentagon called a "operation and during freedom." president bush announced the launch of the war from the oval office. >> united states military has begun strikes against about a terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. these carefully targeted actions are designed to disrupt the use of afghanistan as a terrorist base of operations and to attack the military capability of the taliban regime. at the same time, the oppressed people of afghanistan will lead to the generosity of america and our allies. as we start military targets, we
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will drop food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering people of afghanistan. the united states of america a fend tthe ghan people. we are the friends of almost a billion worldwide who practice the islamic faith. >> the war in afghanistan is entering its 10th year. with no clear end in sight. president obama escalated the war earlier this year sitting in additional 30,000 troops. since 2001, over 1300 troops have been killed, over 370 in this year alone, making it the deadliest year for u.s. forces. some estimates put the figure is in the te of thousands of afghans killed. atrocities continue to emerge. in one of the most shocking cases, 12 u.s. soldiers accused of forming a secret kill team in afghanistan that murdered unarmed afghan civilians at random and collected body parts such as fingers for trophies.
12:36 am
they're accused of using hashish, dismembering and photographing corpses and possessing human bones. suicides are on the rise within the u.s. military. in one week alone, quite a decorated combat veterans recently kill themselves at fort hood. -- four decorated combat veterans recently kill fort hood. f it has been reported multiple deployments increase the risk for ptsd baking veterans six times more likely to commit suicide. to mark the ninth anniversary of the war in afghanistan, iraq and afghan veterans against the war are marchg in washington, d.c. today. they're launching the first veteran led campaign to stop the deployment of soldiers traumatized by multiple tours of ty, calling it "operation recovery." we are joined by two soldiers, brock mcinth, served in afghanistan from november 2008- august 2009.
12:37 am
he is still serving in the military befallen for conscientious objector status. ethan mccord is in iraq or veteran who was one of three u.s. soldiers who were on the ground in the apache helicopter assault and 12 civilians in baghdad in 2007 that was captured in a video released by wikileaks. we welcome you both to "democracy now!" i want to start by asking brock mcintosh, back from afghanistan on this ninth anniversary, the war in afghanistan, what you're doing today in washington? >> what i'm doing here in washington is helping to launch a new campaign called "operation recovery," where our goal is to stop the deployment of traumatize troops. many soldiers are being forced on multipl deployments and many of them have mental trauma,
12:38 am
sexual trauma, and many of the soldiers are on psychotropic drugs to deal with this trauma. we believe that soldiers have a right to heal from that trauma and we also believe that the idea of traumatized soldiers being placed in an environment where they're supposed to help civilians is not a good idea. >> ethan mccord coming you are in iraq war veteran. we dealt with this case a lot in 2007, the case that wikileaks revealed with the videotape that was taken by u.s. military in the apache helicopter where your unit opened fire on iraqi civilians, the helicopter attack that killed 12 people and wounded two children from the
12:39 am
dead included a photographer and a driver of the reuters news agency. posted the footage from the helicopter. this is the moment the u.s. forces first opened fire. >> you were one of three u.s. soldiers on the ground after the attack, pulling the two dead children at of the mini van to help get them to the hospital.
12:40 am
can you talk about how it affected you? >> i did pull the children out of the van that day. i did not find out they were for health care until afterwards. later on that evening after the incident, when i was watching the blood of the children of my uniform, my mind was a mess. i was very emotional. i could not really deal with what i had s sn, and more portly, was more upset with what i was aart of. i went to my staff sergeant and asked to see mental health so i could talk about my feelings and what i was feeling and i was denied to go to mental health. they told me i needed to suck it
12:41 am
up and the repercussions if i was to go see mental-health and would be charged with malingering. i was rather shocked that just by meeting to speak to somebody about wh wasoing on and what i was feeling could constitute a crime in the army. like the good soldier and not wanting to be charged with malingering, i did push everything down as much as i could. >> ethan mccord, said the apache helicopter attacks the man on the ground and you can see it on, one of the reuters employees does not quite die, his calling away, and a strike can again until he died. you are on the ground.
12:42 am
they blow up this van, the save the children-you save the children. did you say they denied taking them to the military hospital? >> i placed the boy into the vehicle and the bradley armored vehicle was not a part of our unit and neither werthe apaches, there were just attached to us that day. when i placed the boy into the bradleyrmored vehicle, i was jill that by my platoon leader for worrying about children is a defining other people to kill. -- i was yelled at by my platoon leader. i was not aware there were deed medical care where we were -- i was not aware of that until the video was released. in fact, iid not even know there was a video. >> because it was in the apache
12:43 am
helicopter? >> yes. >> to talk about what happened to you. eventually, he did come home after five months? -- eventually, if you did come home after, what, five months? >> yes. i came home in november. i was wounded in iraq. i came home and was still trying to seek mental health counseling which the mental health in fort riley, kansas was just overwhelmed. you had to wait at least six weeks to be seen by somebody in mental health. my command there did not know i was trying to sneak down to mental health to be seen. in fact, i had a talk to someone who was a civilian psychologist first, just to get some of the emotions out.
12:44 am
while i was waiting to be seen by mental health, i started self medicating by drinking a lot. i tried to commit suicide through alcohol. then i was taken to a civilian mental health hospital where i started to receive help before the army even helped me. >> your wife tried to get you into a hospital? >> right. e kind of it tricked me into going to the hospil -- in fact, at the army hospital where they had a psychologist who was on duty, he did not really talk to me or anything. they called my command and one of the staff sergeants came down
12:45 am
to the hospital and instead of -- he degraded me while i was in there and said i was nothi, nody, because i was doing this. i had to listen to that as well. in fort riley, they did not have a military mental health hospital, so they sent me to a civilian mental health hospital where they began to prescribe multiple medications, and two are severe and the psychics -- and two were severe anti- psychotics. >> your marriage did not survive, you got divorced, but you're walking around the house with a knife? mccord?
12:46 am
>> yes, i was afraid i do not remember the incident, but according tmy ex-wife, yes, i was. >> what does this data mean to you, ethan mccord, thisay you join with other vets and soldiers in washington, d.c.? w many other soldiers to you know like you and how many others do you like you who are being sent back to afghanistan? >> i know many soldiers who suffered from ptsd who are being ignored. this systematic problem is being ignored. they're being redeployed. the unit i was with just got back from iraq a few months ago. one of the soldiers who was there, they kicked him out
12:47 am
knowing he had ptsd. they kicked me out knowing i had ptsd. the kick me out on what is called a chapter 517, which they said all of my conditions for pre-existing. th have done this to over 250,000 soldiers. it is time to stop. it said between -- 20% at the minimum of troops are suffering from some sort of trauma, whether it be tbi, ptsd or military sexual trauma. that is an extreme amount of soldiers suffering. they are being denied their basic human right to heal. we're trying to p a stop to that. it needs to end now. >> "time" magazine has learned more than 100,000 times a month,
12:48 am
the figure reflecting the growth of more than 75% are seeking treatment from the final months of 2006 to the end of 2009, according to army data. brock mcintosh, the plans for today, your thoughts on this kill team, the hearings taking place in washington state as the so-called kill team in afghanistan, u.s. soldiers taking trophies of ears, skulls, leg bones, and now on t 10th year of the war in afghanistan? >> i do not know enough about the killed teams, but i know before they joinhe military, they were not killing people and collecting their bones. i think what war does is oftentimes it sort of provides a context for otherwise good
12:49 am
people or people who would not do acts at that level of disgust. i think the war provides them the context to do those things. i do not think is helpful when you go through basic training and you're being told to kill, kill, kill without mercy and being told that blood banks the green grass grow. >> brock mcintosh come quickly, today's plananan >> we're going to visit walter reed hospital. we're going to do a ceremony with about 10 other veterans from iraq veterans against the war. we will lay down 10 roses, one for each year we have been in afghanistan and one for the new year we are about to begin, to honor our fellow soldiers.
12:50 am
then we will march from walter reed to capitol hill and at a press conference where we will all -- to tell our own personal stories. >> brock mcintosh and ethan mccord, thank you for being with us today. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. thank you for being with us. yesterday, on our facebook page, we had this musical video posted there. this will be our break. ♪ [music break]
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>> you can post your own music videos at our web site if you like to play them on "democracy now!" this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. former cnn host lou dobbs is heading to virginia on saturday to address the virginia tea party convention. it marks the second treaty party address of the year in some speculating he could be laying the groundwork for possible run for president in 2012. he resigned from cnn last after a collation of latino groups launched a campaign for his removal over his alleged anti latino bias in covering immigration reform. he is often used as tv and radio shows to criticize employers who break u.s. law by hiring undocumented workers.
12:53 am
>> acting against the national interest, acting against law and never respect, how can we get to the employer who is so shamelessly exploiting the illegal alien and so shamelessly flaunting u.s. law? >> an new expose reveals lou dobbs has relied for years on undocumented workers for his home. over the past year, investigative journalist isabel macdonald has tracked down an interview several workers who have done projects for lou dobbs and two agreed to be videotaped as long as their faces were not shown. one work for a florida landscaper contracted by lou dobbs. >> i am an immigrant who does that have papers.
12:54 am
>> a native of the oaxaca region of mexico cared for his sources for a year in 2008 and 2009 in vermont and florida. >> isabel macdonald's article is called "lou dobbs, american hypocrite." a spanish edition -- a spanish version appears in today's
12:55 am
edition of el diario. we invited lou dobbs to appear on the program but his producer said his daughterr is having a baby and he was not available today. isabel macnaldthank you for being with us. talk about what you found. >> i found that at the very same moment that lou dobbs was talking, for instance it will 2006 he suggested employers who hire undocumented immigrants should face felony charges. at the very same time, he had undocumented workers looking after his horses, valued at about $1 million each, and also caring for the grounds of his estate in west palm beach, florida. what was interesting in the case of one of the stable workers i interviewed was in the case of this one worker, he had actually crossed the border conflict through the human desert -- yuma
12:56 am
desert and come with the expectation of looking after lou dobbs's horses. i think it highlights the rhetoric of lou dobbs is completely out of touch of the reality of the immigrant workers who formed such an integral part of the american economy, especially when it comes to service sectors and the upkeep of the dog's paws on lifestyle. >> he has the state's in new jersey, florida and palm beach. talk about these men would just play the video of. >> in west palm beach, there were workers who were undocumented immigrants from guatemala and from mexico who have been involved for over the course of basically the research was lookingt workers who have been involved with the upkeep of lou dobbs's grounds and forces the past five years.
12:57 am
-- and horses the past five years. none of the workers i spoke with had legal immigration status. the real fundamental issue this raises also is on the one hand there is this huge demand created by people like lou dobbs we know affluent white americans are amongst the heaviest usersfhe services of undocumented workers. at the same time, there's no way for them to do this work legally. they're being pususd into, by the very policies that lou dobbs advocates, which -- i mean, if also heavily on these workers and has created a lot of fear in their own lives. one of the workers who had cared for the grounds in west palm beach, florida was actually applauded last year to guatemala -- deported last year to guatemala. he was caught in a ice snack
12:58 am
operation at a train station. >> what are you most surprised and feel is most important about your investigation? >> profound questions about labor rights violations on lou dobbs's own estate. given that his bill does reputation as a defender of the american worker, i think this is something we should really be looking further into, the impact of the policies he has promoted on lowering wages and deteriorating working conditions for many workers, but documented and undocumented. >> isabel macdonald, thank you for your report. that is today's show.
12:59 am
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