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tv   Journal  PBS  November 1, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal. i am brian thomas in berlin. >> thank you for joining us. >> the first female brazilian president. >> and a new campaign against discrimination against hiv people. >> authorities in yemen say they're continuing their search for the militants believed to have sent to the two parcel bombs that were intercepted on
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saturday before they reached their destinations in the united states. information about the devices came from al qaeda militant. he is a former guantanamo detainee who rejoined al qaeda after his release. officials say one of the parcels traveled from yemen to germany to britain where it was seized. germany wants to impose a ban cargo from yemen. we ask for an explanation on how german authorities are reacting. >> officials in geany are saying that there haseen a success with procedures in place because they say that german intelligence officials passed a warning to the authorities in britain who intercepted one of these packages from yemen. nevertheless, this event has triggered a number of responses.
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the government is bending cargo from yemen and some other countries, including cargo transiting through german airports. there are also calling on the freight companies to step up their inspections of cargo deliveries originating in yemen. they are also re-examining the city procedures they have in place. they plan perhaps to streamline the arrangements which are currently controlled by very stiffened authorities in germany and the government says it is difficult to get the right security procedures in place in coordination with the departments in europe and america. >> in an increase, a parcel bomb addressed to the mexican embassy in athens ignitedtoday, injuring a courier. before they could go off, one was addressed to the french president, nicolas sarkozy, the
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other two to the embassies of belgium and the netherlands. there believed to belong to a guerrilla group. a former marxist guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned during brazil's long dictatorship is now the president's. she will be brazil's first female leader. >> many brazilian women see this as a victory for themselves, believing it will improve their opportunities in government. >> i think she has a chance to do an excellent job and to manifest of the ethics of a woman. >> she is aware that the
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expectations are high. >> of the joy i feel about my victory is a mixed with feelings about his departure. i know that a leader like lovlua will never be far from his people, never far from us. >> she faces major hurdles. an antiquated infrastructure and high spending pose threats. and the opposition candidate has promised to be a tough leader on the opposition. we accepted the results with civility and respect.
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>> supporters may still be celebrating, but it may be up to her to prove it. >> s least 52 people were killed when iraqi forces stormed a church and tried to rescue hostages held by islamic militants. there are held by four hours. they were armed with grenades. >> we were praying when the attack took place. we heard shots and then storm the church. they held us in the hall and they did not let anybody leave. so many people were killed inside the church and outside. >> the siege ended when iraqi security forces stormed the church after they believe the assailants had started killing the hostages.
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gunfir>> the terrorists were plg to kill a large number of our brothers, christians who were at mass. all terrorists were killed. and we have now suspected detainees. >> it is not clear whether the victims died at the hand of the attackers or during the rescue. a group linked to al qaeda and iraq -- al qaeda in iraq have taken responsibility for the attack. >> two german journalists arrested in iran have requested a pardon according to the justice ministry in tehran. they have been arrested on october 10 as they were injured during the son of an iranian woman who has been sentenced to
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be stoned to death for adultery. there is a call for closer cooperation between the two companies. in aeeting with t rsian counterpart, he expressed concern about the conduct of the millionaire critic of vladimir putin. it is a bad day for the irish taxpayer. it is beginning to look like a bottomless pit for bank bailouts. the disappointing development, which was announced by aib's newa president, it may -- they
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have been trying to sell the u.k. business, which includes first trust bank in northern ireland and other banks in britain to reach 10.4 billion euros by year's end. shares like bmw and air berlin wall been impressive gains. the general market finished basilly at. we have reaction to news of portables brick through budget. >> it raised confidence of investors while yields went down. it shows that some confidence ended up on the other side. yields of irish bonds rallied again. this shows that the debt crisis will remain focus for
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international investors. the stock market in general tiptoed into the new week. there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. the earnings season is going on this week. eight companies will report results and investors hope that the its success story will be written for the run. >> the euro stocks 50 and blue chips finishing a third of 1% lower. across the atlantic, the dow trading at this hour just slightly higher at 11,124 points. the euro is trading at a value of $1.79 per dollar.
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third quarter sales rose 27%. pretax earnings were higher, coming in at 171 million euros. air berlin had a difficult start to the year with severe weather. the volcanic ash cloud from my son caused hundreds of cancellations. -- cloud from iceland caused hundreds of cancellations. sirish budget carrier reiner sas that businesse looking up. they have raised the profit core cast -- profit forecast. it expects 400 million euros. it is continuing to gain market share across europe. lower operating cost of possible.
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labor unrest continues in france. pilots and cabin crews said it will go on strike at the end of this week to protest against government plans to tax job- related perks, such as cut price air tickets and hotel rates. it is likely to affect thousands of travelers flying to come from, or through paris. employees of air france are steppeset to go on strike tuesd. the german auto sector is bouncing back from the recession strongly, more than expected with one in seven jobs in germany connectetohe auto industry. that comes as very welcome news. demand from abroad is feeling the rebound. they are forecasting that 80% of cars assembled in germany are destined for export. >> domestic car makers will
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produce 5.5 million cars this year. the german automotive industry association says that 4.1 5 million of those vehicles will be exported. -- 4.15 million of those vehicles will exported. i 28, orseas sales reached 4.1 million cars. in 2009, car sales dropped 17% to 3.4 million units. for 2010, there will be a 21% increase in sales over the previous year. german car makers have been given a boost by increased demand in china and the u.s. they now produce 10% of all new cars in the u.s. and 18% of the vehicles in the chinese market. >> that is your business update. >> japan has summoned the russian ambassador in protest of a visit to the communal islands.
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the 56 islands have been under russian control since the end of world war ii. but japan claims that these four southernmost islands is its territory. they are strategically important and economically valuable, not least because of mineral deposits and the surrounding fishing grounds. gmany has launched a national campaign against discrimination of hiv-positive people in the workplace. 67,000 people in germany are infected with the virus, but many of them say they are all- too-often shunned by their colleagues. >> he is hiv-positive. his best friends have known that for a long time. now the wholes country will kno. he stars in a new ad campaign. >> i'm curious to see how people will react. in my everyday life, there are people who do not know. why what i tell the bank clerk
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or the checkout lady at the store that i am hiv-positive? >> when he told his friends he was positive, some abandoned him. but then he made new ones, friends who accepted him. burke is featured in a campaign video where he and people he works with at a bank called for mark collins of hiv-positive colleagues in the workplace. -- call for tolerance of hiv- positive colleagues in the workplace. >> you are frightened of being bullied and marginalized and fired from your job. you're frightened for your future. >> health minister says germany has one of the lowest infection rates in europe, in part thank you to its long-running program of public awareness campaigns. >> the wife of the former german
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chancellor helmut schmidt' has been buried in hamburg. she died last month at 91. among the 600 guests were prominent political leaders. >> she was the wife sent childhood sweetheart of helmut schmidt. loki, she was recognized in her -- low key, she was recognized in her work. >> married for 68 years, since 1942 and a very close for 82. you are a rare man for 42.
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like a second skin, you form a protective shell that conceal the volatile part of you that no one could approach, except for a low-key. lopes met -- loki schmidt will be remembered as a woman who was strong-willed and down-to- earth. >> geologists' believe that there was a natural events but do not know caused the round hole. they say an underground cavern may have collapsed. the chasm is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. no one was hurt. no houses collapsed, but a car was swallowed. people living nearby had to be evacuated. we will be following the story. i will be right back with more on industrial espionage and the
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cost it has for companies around the world. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. government intelligence agencies from china and the u.s. have been warning that corporate espionage and intellectual property theft is a growing economic and strategic threat that cld spark iernaonal nsions. underscoring that concern, the two largest business software companies, oracle and sap, have appeared in court on and his b. -- on an espionage suit. oracle is seeking damages for lost business, copyright infringement, and other violations. companies longer have to search for a suspicious guy with a briefcase. a u.s. bs.b. port is enough to
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steal data. >> the components are the subject of thousands of patents. the braking systems, the gears, the electronics, all the intellectual property of the manufacturer and highly coveted affirmation for spies and criminals worldwide. the economic damage is enormous. a steady suggest that one in four companies iaffected intellectual property theft. >> we have to assume there is a high number of cases we do not know about. the damage could range from hundreds of thousands of years to several million. the overall damage is probably more than 10 billion euros a year. >> the above all, and the export-oriented sectors are
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targeted. engineering, the auto industry, electronics and software manufacturers, and come increasingly, banks. financial institutions keep highly sensitive data on companies and entire nations. few are willing to talk about cases where they have had information's billing and -- information stolen. midsize companies are especially at risk because they are the ones developing innovative products. at the sameime, they lack of awareness of the scale of the problem. it is only really big companies that have information security for their business. >> industrial spies exploit
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these gaps in the perpetrators can be hard to spot. china and russia in particular are known for resorting to dubious means to try to make up for their technological shortfalls. even long-term employees could be hatched in their own plans. >> 50% of the companies we talk to respond by someone inside the firm for all kinds of different reasons. for personal enrichment or for getting back of the company for something. >> gaining access to sensitive data is difficult for someone who knows what they're doing. they replace the memory card in the photocopier, for example.
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another class it true, leaving a harmless u.s. speed stick lying around. -- carloharmless usb stick lying around. when checking it out, you install the virus. many companies are now using the internet to save costs, but it makes it much easier for the calls to be tapped. and then there is e-mail, memos, anything sent by the internet presence huge security risks. >> that is why we urgently advised companies not to communicate important business data by the internet. >> many german companies are dependent on high-technology for the success and they have to invest in that technology to keep ahead of their competitors. these days, then investment also
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needs to include high-tech defenses against industrial espionage. >> a number of western companies charged china with high-level corporate espionage. in two cases, potential business partners turned out to be interested only in copying materials and designs. once that confidential of russia wasollected,he scalled business partners disappeared -- confidential information was collected, the so-called business partners disappeared. >> the state and exterior was greeted in bavaria and consists of 40,000 panels -- the stadium exterior was created in bavaria and consists of 40,000 panels. the incident was something like this. a business partner from china was visiting to discuss a project.
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it included a tour of the plant. we suppose a client had a small camera hidden on his person. during the tour, he lied behind the others. at first, no one -- he lagged behind the others. at first, no one knew that he was secretly filming. >> the camera was noticed because there was a cable hanging out and one of my employees was quick witted enough to ask him about it. it was connected to a usb stick. we analyze the film and we notice that the focus was on our technological know-how. we took the necessary steps. >> the company ceo and his staff were astonished that they should be spot on like that in deepest bavaria. the incident could have cost the company is innovative advantage. no one was prepared for dealing with such cases of espionage,
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not even the boss. >> it was a huge disappointment for me personally because the chinese market is an interesting one for us and because european companies, we are austrians set up in bavaria, and only have a chance with innovative products. i was hurt that these new ideas would be stolen in this way. >> but the company was relatively fortunate compared to others, such as engineering concerns. the ceo had set up a joint venture with a chinese business partner. after a few months, the partner to call the blueprints and build the factories and machines exactly as planned but at a different location. >> for me, it was a greater personal disappointment than anything i had ever experienced before. i was so devastated that, if i had had a gun, i would have shocked myself. i had not considered this might happen. my joint venture partner in china was also my best friend in china at the time.
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and i would never have believed that he would be trained like that. -- he would betray me like that. >> he is now pulled out of the chinese market altogether. he still comes across copies of his company's machines produced and sold by his former chinese business partner. in bavaria, lessons are being learned from the espionage case. >> we have become more aware of the fact that we have technology here that we cannot present to the market in a casual way. we are more convinced than ever that the lhs for us to survive this through this innovation -- that the only chance for us to survive is through this innovation. he must know how important our know how is. otherwise, he would not have wanted to film it. the expertise and innovation between the soccer city stadium
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stayed in the area. >> thank you for joining us.
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