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tv   Journal  PBS  June 15, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> hi, everyone. welcome tothe "journal -- to the "journal." here's a look at our headlines. the greek finance minister -- prime minister is promising to face a vote of confidence. more troops and tanks are deploying in the north of turkey. germany unveiled a comprehensive policy for africa, pointing to the great potential of the continent. captioned by the national captioning institute
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which began in greece where prime minister george papandreou said he will reshuffle his confidence and seek a vote of confidence in parliament, seeking to push through unpopular spending cuts. papandreou must get support for his austerity package increase is to receive more international loans and avoid default -- if greece is to receive more international loans and avoid default. many greeks were out to express their discontent. police set up barricades to protect parliament. nearby, rioters threw molotov cocktails at the finance ministry. young people clashed with riot police and attacked demonstrators and union members. emergency services said at least nine people were injured, more than 40 arrested. in his struggle to gain approval for the new austerity package,
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prime minister george papandreou offered to step down and make way for a unity government. he also met with the president, hoping to drum up cross-party support for the measure. >> it is a historical crucial and decisive moment. i believe national consensus is important for the country's interest. >> the measures are deeply unpopular, not just among the public. his preminger in -- his parliamentary majority has narrowed. >> his program is the wrong course. ordinary workers should not be the price for this crisis. did not start the economy -- starve the economy. >> we realize that savings must be made, but we think the people responsible for the crisis should pay, not us. >> as the sun set outside parliament in athens, protesters continued to shout, please, traders, where did our money go?
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greece is in for turbulent times, no matter how lawmakers end up voting. >> to go to our correspondent in athens, brian williams. prime minister papandreou wants to reshuffle his cabinet. is not going to make a difference? >> it might take a little bit of pressure off. there is a lot of speculation. one of the people who would go would be the finance minister. the head of greece's largest bank would be a possible replacement for him. >> why has the opposition not agreed to unity government? >> the main opposition -- the conservative opposition wants the whole deal renegotiated. they said they would consider joining a national unity government if an agreement was made with the -- and the wohlhoe eu-imf deals are renegotiated.
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that is their deal for joining in the unity government. >> who will be hit by the new austerity measures? >> it goes through every strata of society. you will have higher taxes on property, civil service are want to take even bigger cuts, shopkeepers are going to pay even more taxes. the measures to really go through each and every strata of greek society. >> brian, we hear that a big problem is a general tax evasion. what is the government planning to do to get people to actually start paying their taxes? >> that is always one of the big questions. they are auditing people -- auditing people much more than they ever did in the past. they are doing helicopter overflights of properties to see if there are swimming pools. they are doing all they can.
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the bottom line is that greece has been avoiding -- greeks have been avoiding tax is pretty much all their life. one of the biggest problems is that greece does not have a computer-automated-tax-type system in place to catch people who are evading taxes. >> it sounds like there are fundamental changes that need to be made. thank you for that update. let's check in with steve and find out what more greece has to do to get their debt under control. >> all of those strings attached are very proematic. forreecto coinue receiving financial aid from the international monetary fund and the european union, atoms as being required to cut spending, raise taxes, bring its bureaucracy -- athens is being required to cut spending and raise taxes, and bring its bureaucracy in line with others in the region. as we just saw, the inner is spilling into the streets -- anger is spilling onto the
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streets. >> the austere measures -- austerity measures have triggered violence on the streets. they foresee deep cuts in spending accompanied by higher taxes. the measures would begin this year and continue through 2015. tax hikes will hit all luxury goods and restaurants. athens plans t tsell off public assets to raise a further 60 billion euros. some said the privatization of state enterprises may not bring their true worth if they are sold under pressure in uncertain economic times. critics contend that tax increases could exacerbate the recession for a country whose economy has already been attracting -- contracting for three years. >> the contagion from the greek
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that situation is spreading further into the european banking sector. moody's is warning that it might downgrade french banks, credit agricole, societe generale, and bn paribas. bnp paribas as the biggest chunk of those assets on its books -- has of the biggest chunk of those assets on its books. on to the markets -- worries over the future of the greek economy, compounded by weak data out of the united states prompted investors to sell shares. >> deep concern on the floor of the french stock exchange over the economic and political situation in greece. people are wting forhed+ answer to how private investors will be asked to shoulder the burden for heheing greece along in the next few years. there was more pressure on share
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prices coming from the united states. unfavorable economic data, high inflation, but a weak industry -- the united states is still important, so the dax took a" dp on that news. good news from porsche. the car maker is having a stellar month of may with successful sales in china and the united states. the shares hardly moved. hard to go against the general trend. >> thank you. we will stay in frankfurt for a closer look at frank -- closing numbers. the dax fell by 1.25%. zero stocks 50 index -- the euro stoxx 50 index finished lower. the dow is down by 1.5%. on currency markets, the great debt crisis is weighing heavily onhe eur itas -- grk debt crisis is
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weighing heavily on the euro, which is tradingngt a value of $1.5162. . -- after identifying the source of the deadly e. coli bacteria, the you called on the ban to be lifted and said it was -- eu called on the ban to be lifted and said it was not justified. moscow is insisting on eu rtificates of forming the safety of produce -- affirming the city of produce. >> we turn our attention to syria, where thousands of supporters of president bashar al-assad have turned out for federal government rally -- for a pro-government rally. the fighting in the northern part of the country has led to dozens of military and civilian
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deaths and to thousands of people fleeing to neighboring turkey. men from the village set up checkpoints to protect residents from government security forces. this footage was recorded by a turkish camera team. the village is about 30 kiloloters from the turkish border and a short distance from jisr al-shughour, the city that syrian forces invaded on sunday in the might crack down on the opposition. >> we need immediate intervention. this man is massacring the syrian people. he is killing children. he is starting as. there is no bread, no milk, nothing. no food or medicine. nothing at all. >> syrian television shows thousands of people unfurling a huge flag in damascus. it was reportedly paid for with the nation's raised on facebook. -- with donations raised on facebook. the message -- turkey denies
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that it is meddling. elsewhere in syria, anti- ackermann protests reportedly continue. some images -- anti-government protests reportedly continue. some images show demonstrations. the messages on these boys' chests read, "stop the army" and "there are no gangs." turkey has set up camps for refugees and kept its borders open. >> we share a common destiny with the syrian people. there is no way we will close the border. we will not stop posting them, even if the number reaches 10,000 -- hosting them, even if the number reaches 10,000. beyond that, could become an international problem. -- it could become an international problem. >> iran has successfully placed an imaging satellite into orbit. state television said that the
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satellite was fully designed and built by iranian scientists. the rocket carried a 15-kg satellite into orbit, at 260 kilometers above the earth. iran launched its first satellite in 2009. united states a ity he concernshat e techlo could be used to deploy nuclear weapons. tehran has denied that its space program has military aims. they plan to launch a manned mission by the year 2020. the german government is eying greater government in africa, calling for partnership of equals. they believe they can help africans improve their living standards through german investment and assistance, but non-governmental aid organizations have criticized the plan as favoring german business interests only and ignoring the true needs of the people. >> nigerian fishermen face a bleak future. leaking oil pipelines are destroying the environment and,
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with it, their livelihood. mismanagement of the country's natural resources has kept the population entrenched in poverty. foreign investment has done little to foster social development. as germany seeks to become more active in raw materials mining in africa, it wants people there to benefit. >> we are offing rica partnership -- partnership on equal terms. >> he also underlined that africa harbors enormous potential. he called for the continent to be given more of the same international organizations. >> the fact that an entire continent like africa does not have permanent security council representation is a reflection of the past, not the present for the future. -- or the future. >> germany has pledged support for south sudan whegains indepeenceext month. at that time, germany will chair
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the u.n. security council. 30 years ago, the german leader denied any attention -- intention of building a wall in the center of berlin. the british, american, and french control the west. the soviets were in charge of the eastern part of the city. not long after that famous statement, berliners expeence the change to their city which would affect their lives forever. >> photographs are often the only reminder of the wall that once divided berlin. tourist are drawn to memorials of the wall that -- tourists are drawn to memorials of the wall that scarred the city 50 years ago. he promised no one was planning to build a wall, and work began less than two months later. 160 months of -- miles of orders will bid -- miles of borders
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were built. the latest figures show 136 people were killed trying to escape berlin. this is now part of the german finance ministry. the government marked the 50th anniversary of those words on this same spot. >> the construction of the wall was one of the key episodes in the cold war. its fall was symbolic of the collapse of communism across central europe and of its global ambitions. it marks the beginning of german and european union ty. >> with the end of east germany, berliners quickly removed most traces of the wall. those that remain fascinate visitors to this day. >> cycling news -- the preference starts next month. some of the world's best -- the tour de france starts next month.
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some of the world's best writers have been getting some experience -- riders have been getting in some experience. now moments after crossing the finish line, the winner broke into tears after hugging his teammates. >> i won my last stage at the 2009 tour of spain. this is my second major victory. it has been a long time. i am very happy. >> early on, four riders away from the pack, but the peloton reined them in, one-by-one. it all came down to the final sprint with the big names battg for the win. -- gunning for the win. it was a chaotic finished. the italian rider retained the overall lead ahead of thursday's
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mountain stage. stay tuned for "in depth" after a short break.
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>> we continue our broadcast with, arguably, the world's most popular sport -- soccer. the countdown has begun for one of the most-watched sporting events on the planet. in less than a year, the euro 2012 event with begin in poland and ukraine. preparations are well underway in the eight cities chosen to host the matches. we have been visiting some of these locations. our reporter starts in warsaw. the final will take place in kiev in july. >> footballs bly as th team
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-- fly as the team warms up. their minds may be on something very grand. the euro 201212 soccer competitn hosted by their country and ukraine. >> i am excited and impatient. time goes by so slowly. i cannot wait for the summer of 2012. >> the euro 2012 competition is not just played for my land, but also for the whole of poland and ukraine. it is an unique opportunity, both for soccer and the economy. we're getting into infrastructure. -- new infrastructure. >> the tournament kicks off and the warsaw on june 8 of next year. we start off in the polish capital, home to 2 million
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people. the new national stadium is not finish --s farrom fished. there is a problem with the main staircase and the project is behind schedule. organizers say that, although some are skeptical that it will ever be finished, there is nothing to worry about. >> for some, the glass is half full. for others, it is half empty. people in poland are looking forward to this tournament. we're doing everything we can to make it work. we will show the world the new, modern, friendly face of poland. >> but there is plenty to do in th preparations. the soccer wld is keeping a wary eye on the fans in poland. many people are afraid after recent incidents. no tickets were issued. we go to a first-division match and find out that many tickets were handed out to school
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children so that it would look like a normal game with full stands. >> things could go badly wrong in poland and up playing england at 02012-- end up playing england at euro 2012. >> i am concerned that things could go very wrong. >> we leave warsaw and it's on tennis stadium behind to drive southeast, down the same road that many fans will take a year from now to get to the second host country, ukraine. they are widening the roads to make sure that traffic keeps flowing during the tournament. some fear that the work is not proceeding fast enough. it can sometimes take hours to cross the border into ukraine. officials have promised to speed
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up the process during the tournament. the polish and ukrainian authority's say they will use more personnel at the checkpoints -- authorities say they would use more personnel at the checkpoints. >> ware learning elishnd weill have less military looking uniforms for euro 2012. we know that will make western guests feel more at ease. >> 60 kilometers inside the border lies lviv. the city has had a mixed history. it has belonged to the soviet union, poland, and austria. it is probably the most european city in ukraine. it aims to capitalize on this during the tournament. >> things in the city are being renovated -- new restaurants, bars, and hotels.
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the event is good for us. euro 2012 is bringing us lots of benefits. >> euro 2012 is important. lots of tourists will come and bring money with them. >> they will ensure that western and tourists keep coming back. the city is offering special course for western ways. this hotel manager has already had a few hours of instruction. >> i want to gain certain qualifications. it is important to know more about the mentality of foreign guests. this hospitality training gives us an opportunity to learn. >> next of is lviv stadium. there is still much to do. it has become a symbol of ukraine's for planning and construction -- poor plaing an construction.
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they were threatened with being stripped of their status. the city has made heavy investments. >> there are still people who are pessimistic and do not believe the stadium will be finished. but our stadium and the infrastructure around it are already 65% complete. i am sure we will get it done on time. >> shortly before midnight, we visit lviv's main station. we take the night train to the capital, kiev, 500 kilometers away. we arrived early the next morning. 2.5 million people live in kiev. independence square is in the heart of the city. next summer, and thousands of
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fans will be celebrating here -- next summer, thousands of fans will be celebrating here. two students from kiev have volunteered to work as helpers. >> i am doing it, she says, because i want to improve the image of ukraine in the world. the whole world is talking about the political stability -- instability in our country. everyone should see that politics is not everything. we have very interesting, helpful, pleasant people living here. >> the world heavyweight champion lives in kiev. he is a national hero in ukraine and an ambassador for euro 2012. he hopes that many young people will volunteer to help. >> i am just a small cog in a big wheel in this organization.
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of course we want people to volunteer. i am throwing all my weight as an athlete into supporting euro 2012. our country, ukraine, will benefit. and polanas wel of course, but i am speaking as a ukrainian. >> when we get to the stadium in kiev, we can see that there is still a lot of work to be done here, too. this is the venue for the final on july 1, 2012 -- july 1, 2012. time, perhaps, for a drink. this bartender has worked out his cocteau recipes in various national colors. -- cocktail recipesn various national colors. at least he is ready for the event. >> the countdown for euro 2012 was the focus of our "in depth." thank you for joining us on the w tv. -- on dw-tv.
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stay tuned. u forget it. yourself, so don't fall.
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