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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 12, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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buratings agencies cautiont intl ll>>bu tom: @we loonok c atre tn jog @on u.sno. c marerkc et2s ad report" for monday, decec es2s report" with sus "nightly business llbu ívllbuívllbuv
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over europe's rescue plan.l sha@ ll @europeno'sc lreatc es2crisis. óvóvllbu@>> tom: susie, investoo ll and moody's@noc rec 22óvllbuv noeduceno tc here rn.@ c 2as you recall, lower the credit ratings ogion noc rec 2úvllble added up to a e
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re had been points earlier in t @noc rec 22ika miller reports.ok úvinllvebustorúvllbu@noc re.@no2 won't brc is2.úvllbuúvllbu@noc 2 >> we are úvmollvibung the úvrket wants the quig to be@ possino fear was a warning from moodúv bucris@is is noinc are cc rithe
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tings said theto easeir2st quarf pressure" on the sover crisis and púvllbu dowavntllurb. investk will start acting more stop avllpe's sovereign den wood says @thbank is rec ng, by law anoc going to go in and eout what would be considepolicies. >> reporthinks worries about aan c re@noc rec 2avllbu@no mean for2. >> euronary environment, which but i think the maavrkllea own lehman-like event buthey@ get inon-c bu@noc rec 2 >> rnoc rec 2gists well.avllbuavllbu@nobu@noc rec 2
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arnings can continue to oesnbv'tll sbupread. bvllerbu new york. bvllusie: our ope's so- @caon, economics professor bvllbu noscc hore@noc rec 2 th us.ational monetac 2 bvll>>bu thawell, let's startbve c renega@no deal f ouswell, thec rec 2 mostly policybv llbubut theiru2 does nothing forc oi2nt. ssiblebvllbu is the buds@no ac rec 2vention
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like thenenoedc edre oc ne2 in now that's convit was difficult in tbvhell 1780s for the united stae isbvl2 completely will be ratherc vareu @vllbu it@noc really sit down, u c recoc ns2ti over again.noc rec 2 events to it willcvll therecvllbu@ this is acvllbu@noc rec 2 they can@ c redic ff2icult to deal with t@ >> what do you llbuother@ ideanoc re to@noc rec 2 expec ad2 to do what federal
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did durcvllbu bold step,ccvllbu bu@noc rec 2 what do younoc rec 2 more bolderdvllbu nortgage related@u @banksnoc re c 2the problem in sovereign debt.2 governments th in trouble.uropean central lotdv ou debt t will, perhapsdvllbu no noc ofbume@ eurozonereasenoc rec 2 risks ig so that risk wdvill domirates dvinll ebuurope@ w because of buand @that wnoilc lrec @onomy.noc rec 2alk a little bis going on report.dvllbu dvllbu poten@tiallyno u.s.bug@ 2
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>> well, ession would that are toobut if we're tdvallg financial tuthe coevllllapbuse@f c rebanks inllbu@no c 2 affe system is not ine.tely, our fini much regard tongthening capiev@ increasing the equityourev llbi2 res is ac vulnerability for the >> what are llbu pean bank bullbu@no reallyll c ren'c t reknc's a veryo the euro have properev completeevll sbuolutio 2heir problem. refevusllinbug t
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this is a situation. what about no heard from aevllll o agencies whether it evllbu noc fitch,bufvllbu@ at doesc rec 2 what does it here in ponsivefvllbu@fvllby the creditg llbu're not reallyfv @evennotsc freorc rket.itnoc rec 2 trends we have nohind isfvllbu @from investors@ ries such aslnoc rec 2 and now >> all right. it there. much forfvllrogram. fv hlleaburing@no fvllack here in thefvors from tt
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@>>fvllbu noocc curepyc w2demonstrationso to portland, oregon, pres managed to shut down the movement says it considegvrr the elgvllbu@ "wall stregvllbu@noc rec 2@noc ? 2>> tomno: c flreooc ds2 in tha silicon valley and wall floods t @emicondgvuclltobur gvllbu no 2he company llbu@noc rec disrupnoc rec 2.truments and algvtellrasuing profit warnings1
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gersh reports, many investorareg rec hailand on itsllbu@noc 2noc rec 2 and sanford c.alyst stacy rasgonhv s like it when that happenhvllbu@ bu>> t@he pernocec ptreiot meetings with maer@y recenontc n - was different thanc 2 communication to the with a resu you eventualhvllbu@noc re @noc rec 2 >> reporter: intel tc harerdc 2 drive produc will pick up by the first half @ noc ingstar analyshvllbu@ 2@noc rec 2falling
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demand. bu once hard drivehvll llbuher sihvllbu@noc reback up,v noc or intel's processorsivllbu@ bu@noc rec 2outlook.noc rec 2 researchers trry say the personl ivll buivllbu@llbu@noc rec 2 grownoc rec 2 ivllemerging markets will boow with anivllbu@ivllbu@e c 2est@noc re billio2nk that perspectiveferen
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llrebuport,"@ washinongc toren.e americans are skipping the mal jvllbu@ noc llbu@ @ec noc coremsc co2re tracks the 2pe with all those packages ordejvl2 th daily package volumake sure allu going,jvllbu@onalllbu@noc rec 2 2
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and tom, at x is on track for strong lazard capitjvcould see a spike s and the profit w hit u.s. stokvcklls bukvllbu@he2 @noc rec 2ayed there all day llbus&p 500 bounced aroundws ofv pulkvlillngbu out t@o lookno ae seson chart, buoff it@snoc rec2 low of last we
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with the finkvanllci falling more than kvllbu@ sensi llbuped more than 2%.@noc rec 2v despite the drop ic 2materials a monday merlvllbu martin marielvllbu@no c reile bid to buy rllbu@no c 2 billion intock.noc rec 2 at t shareholders $lv of fridalvllbu@lvllbu nomac rtreinc ile offer becausee implied bus it will adviselvllb2 noc rec 2nlvllbu thelvllbu@nola2
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as wnoc rec 2lvllmvllbudustrymv@ the exchange-traded opmvpelldbu nomoc rere tc fund over the past@noc rec 2re 2highs. chip business making big mvllbuent maker m.e.m.c.-- down mvllbu@nobu @while nosoc mere cc om2panibro2 industrial stockse their paymen@ c requarterly dividend.sharehmvo and dr dividend to 22 cents per sharec2 mvlldividend boost didn't he.mvu noc aranote commitments fromllb@ mvupdnoatc erec 2 dividend incre
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y ei.ction.mvllbu@ friday.mvllbu@noc rec hike, pfizer a@noc rec 2ng up ts skeptical rec 2 these funds fell llbuth nvllbu@no 2heir home stock mllbu@noc rec appetite nvll-- prices in almost three m silvernv fllelbul toy 4%.nvllbu2 fi and snac continue.
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nonve llcobuine for itnvsllbu@l@ c 2paanoc rec 2 fifth ov even so, they rema llbumostovllbu nothc e re c forecuc s.2"bu@noc rec 2ight'o rec ovllovllbu@llbu@n
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market a stock prices are ec ovy investor, but one area ohe tonight'pvs llwoburd@nocomestic2 debra borchardt is a markenoc ru
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qvllbu@llbu@noc rec 2noc rec 2 yet.qvllbuqvllbu@ 50 and at qva lltibume whe@npe g llbu @contnoinc uere tc o2 they've seen no@pe.noc rec 2
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will over the next six so things for them 201qv2.llbu qvllbu@noc anies it is the emergebu @they anorec rec 2seeinowth, it avon thought the this winning a@ rvllly hasn't panned @it's nnootc nn ulta, big wic 2 72 and c high opening more st llbuare dy bu>> w@ell, yno the worryllbu@noc rec 2 a 52-we2 it is a th than 400rv they can go up to a rvstllorbuesmedoing so well.l to they'rebu@noc rec 2 lar cosmetnoc rec 2 sephora butte c.
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llbu y in on.rv just keepese srvtollrebu@ sing2 >>2 stocks. >> i d most of ussvllbu @eborah-- debra'hestresvetll.cbu c reboc rc2hardt, re2 watching for tomorrow: ine is back on capitol hsvillllu svmillssbuing cl@ient its hirillbu@noc rec 2the federe @n hold.2svllbusvllbujustice de2
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c re>>c ll together this that com put@ thenoc rec 2 challenge to there, c th2e judgs to deliver a llbuid-januarybuecifically statv @>> tno noc the securities atviolln bug rec ensure@ c reacc co2unts in the u.s. the suit against thetor as then effort topay victims otu $7 billiontvllbu r@no standfords thiscideposit. tvllhibus begin next month.tvllbu@nollbu@2 llbu v
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@>> snousc iere: c noar coming fast, there @ c 2things you can 2 help. llbutonigh@t, kevnoinc sre to 2 >> here's a tip that c an immediate holiduvayll gbu @uvllbu@and, long term, earnon s rec th2 get an early start onet2 the greatest tax bre
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rec uvt llthbuingso contribute t but there is nothing itvvllbuthe i.r.a. thour teenage vvdallugbuhter m@2 unlikely2 able to lock up a dime of th account.vvllbu buney to convvll noc t'c bufor an@ 2i.r. she can contribute tnoe c maredg he only vvll @f it grows at an averagvvllbu@u c reacc $100,000.@noc rec 2 all fromc 2 holiday means there's no llbuth probably in a llbuthat's@ notvv
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@powerfnoulc .rec 2 all withdrawals in@noc rec 2 i'm kevin mcvv tips," kevin l giwvftlls buto mak@wvllbu@noc re >> tom: and finally tonight,@no2 rete on the pac wvport" for monday, december 12d llbugood night tom. @'m susiwe hope wvtoll sbuee al noc rec "n2ightly busineswvllb2
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access group at wgbh xvllbuxvllbu@noc bu@noc rec 2n2
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