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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 26, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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ívzlbu@noc re as a child she got sombume@morad sweetie and the sooner you lea,l you hoívw zlthbuis pro noc zlbu@ rec university into the @noc rec 2 c" íviszl mbuad bu ívzlbu@nobu@noc rel
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óvzlachusetts.2since harvard uns c re anyóv fzlorbutune 5@00nocoo c 2 c @noc rec 22ted asundergraduate >> so, tim, ce here. perfect tiu no susie: her job onóvzlbu@noc @ c 2team t yanoc rec 2
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óvzlbu and go crimson! cheers aóvndzl 2 university: drew faust. ( applauseúvzlbu@úvzlbu@noc re@2 >> i c úvcazlllbuing úvzladbuventur@e thanno tc o reu first womaúvzlbu@ c re'mbuof har@vard.noc rec 2ofo i was chosen as the pr ) >>úvzlbuected at a secret the d2
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governing @ws.noc rec 2 what was your reaction?ited,avzu i thavzlbu@noc rec @noc rec 2 yourself being presi2university? 40 years old, no.buie: an@d har. >> if someone asks ypresident o@ >> susie: harvard.avzlbu@noc re2 histor over almost four c eight u.s. presidents have2oc r2 walked to classes here
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avzlbu as well as 19 supremeavz noc rec 2ven winners hallowed halls.♪ bvbvzlbu@bvzlb2 y. re@noc sbuident @ the festiviti gatherc 2 being pr bvzlbu@noburemoni@es.noc rec 2no
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witcvh zl12bu gradu@atenoc renu schools, six mbu@noc rec 2 libraries, 15 affilinoc rec 2 teaching hospi and study centers in 15 foreign@ @of neanorlc y re$4c b2illion.e >> susie: how much power do yoc2 >> i don't know how to aat queso
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ability to odvrdzlerbudvzlbu@no2 many snoc rec 2of independence zl add to that the t can't firedvzt zlbuquickl@y beconomec s reobc ability to persuade rather tha dvzlanondc ires c so2 criticaho bu bu@noc rec 2 them to be.noc rec 2 the elemenr perception that you dvmizlnd tos
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he's tedvaczlhebus ab science and medicine.dvzlbu@no bu@noc rec 2 evzlbunto a room and sevzlbu@nohe room."bue2 underestimnoc rec 2 with big brains.d she's got a ba young age.evzlbu@noc rec @he grew up noc three c 19250s when tar dif. 2ec want you to be? be a wife and mother.evzlbury f@ no she was nonot c wellc 2dunoc re2 she never graduated fr evzl entire life.evzlbu@>> susie: she
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pragmatic advice abu@noc rec 2c2 and thu'll be." fvzl>>bu s fvzl thought, "i'm not going tt. @i'm 2> sfvzlbu@noc rec 2 hard@noc r you call daughter. >> susie: ...rebelling afvzlbu@, c rednfvzlbu@noc reitchy, pink,o i didn c others wre fvzlbuythat i wasn't allow c retsfaust fvwazls buthe on@lyo noc rec 2 he's a h te >> in a male-dominated socie zlfvzlbu@fv so@me sennosec , rethc e 2 because he was robertcould ever
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nozlbu@would be-- have to begvz@ c re lesser general becauseunge@r.no2 tolerated so but mainly, she went her ogvzlbo @vzlbu gvhezlbu@noc rec 2were strongno2 >> the men in the family gv gvzlbu@ noc r women gvzlbu@noc rec 2hin@ 2together and theetent.ll you my gvzlusie: fagvzlbu@d and @unfairno tc o re c rec 2entyoung @noc rec 2 on gvzlbuhite.zlgvzlbu@noc
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bugregation."zl segregated, in which blackhvs e thought, "hey, everyon@ rec sc2hool is white. if i2y school." and fair." >> sushviezl: bumany faust was able to dihvzlbu@not r 2noc rec 2hvzlhvzlbu@ bhve zlwo of@noc rec 2ery dramatic stand w so clearly. and clearly now?hvzlbu@hvzlbu@nt @r noc anred c ha2ve i lived
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>> srec 2 to attend concord academy at the time anhu >> it was woivndzlerbuful.ivzlbu itivzlbu@noc record academy abuo c 2and i felt, here was a worldu ivzlbu@noc rec 2 just seemed@no2 >> susie: at concord, elected s. noen it was on to college.ny me@ buprin@ceton nodic dnre'tc a2d2 philadelphia, where sheiv was again elected president ofi@ ivzlbuum, and ivmyzl tbuhen@noie
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speak out and not say, 'we carel weren't you scared? bui wa@s but somehow, when you're timjvm2 have to do thi >> susjviezl: buafte mawr, fausu annod c berecac me2 a pro ning ajvzljvzlbu@ec 2won two mag jvzlbu@noc rec 2s aboutnoc rec 2 jv penn,
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jvzlbu@e jvazlbu@noc reinistrat@ noi c warentc ed2 to be a schol2 and when i was aout of theaway u scholarship, i saikvzlbu@noc c susie: but @noc rec 2camere the university had been cod itsu @eing transformed into a thikvzu kvzlbu@noc rec 2 the new radcliffe @noc rec 2.kvu noplc acreught@er wasnoc rec 2h school.c rec 2 zlbubuen i had thyroid cancer iv @19no and i... i tbuyo@u thinnok,c r2
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>> susie: the sa arrived in cambridge, harvarw py kvzl applause )lvzlbu@ lvzlbu@noc re beloved @noc rec 2c 2 >> susie: elias recently, manage "harvardtudent newspaper.lvzlbuy means lvnezl >> slvzlbu@ vision wlvzlbu nosic gnreifc ic2@ nounc ivreerc si2ty's footprintt allston. it inc lvzle-of-the-art ssity was ablea @risingno ec ndrechan@genoc rec2 presence felt achis opinionatedu
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style, eventually lvzlbu@nozlbu2 for soon a arts and sciences passed amvzlea new presnoc rec 2ast: drew fause to have a woman leading bu@noc 2 exc rec 2ltimillion dollar inst@ is a major statement about them2 advancement of women in@noc rec2 >> susie: sheila wellington isc2 an expert on womenks on women in business.mvzlbumvzlbu@
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@> drew faust had leadbu noc shree c ha2d smarnoc rec 2 capacity. she's got it.nvzlbu nv susie: bill lee ide th@ose nvcozlbu-@noc rec 2manag2 base presidential search commit nvzlbu@ enganogec wreitc h 2a broad cre confident zlbut prnvzlbu@nv @persnoonc alre@noc rec 2 that time inc 2 havenvzlbuays she's the c 2i-summenvzlbu@noc busummer@se
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controversy about hi c 2@noc rehen she came in, onene and one t, she literally impose2 bu@noc rec 2noc rec 2forward.ieo ngeance. and we would watch the stocknoce buzlt was goinovg zltobu@ay to l
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>>no sc usreiec : 2s hanod c los zl when globalpv mzlarbukets@ pvzlbu noric chreesc .2@>>no ac lreotr thought that har be immune, and tha pvoblem, bpveczlaubuse w >>@ susieno: c endowm@noc rec 2rec 2 interest ratepvzlbu swaps, leverage,pvzlbu@ robertpvzlbu@noc rec 2noc rec 2y secret today, he sipvts governing board, known aation.p 2imensions of what s@noc rec
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rec 2 but she alsopv izlntbuernant.o y @ritical parqvzlbu@with others u noc tore gc @ no>>c sreusc ie2: other univeri chose to hold off ma hoping thet qvzlbusoon recov bu dramaticaqvzl annod c fare@ rec th2e crisis t faust's favor, at lerec 2profese straqvzlbu@zlbu@noc rec 2 been vnoc rec 2institution was n and the crisis wasrst of bringi@
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and... and then secondly,qvzlbue deci@noc rec 2getting branded w2 "oh, tha summers." c sis was unusuallyzlbu@noc rec2 >> susie: she did farvzl unprecedented change iharvard'so she decirvzlbu@noc rec wi with key expertise would b nee@2 2o she doubled the numberec try.rvzlbusomething no27 predeco >> irvzlbu@no that the corporation waszlbu@noe university was about a studenrvt's a $3.7 billionrvzlb2
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person corporation could man and fulfill bu obligation tsvo zlthbuat ln mase >> susie: another big chbularry2 faust decided halted conssvtrzlucbu >> it was a svzlbu@ it was a hard decisisvzlbu@noc n as a sym@noc rec 2progress and 2 the symbolsvzlbu 2ultibillion dollar companies.s learning abo c.e.o., and she did i think ourv
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highest levels of power atzlwcb2 harvard tvzlprbutvzlbu@ zlbu@noc rec 2 >> well, harvard has@noc rec 2 and it was nto have women educa. c 2tvzlbu2 tvesident of radcliffe college be@cause no zlbu capable of beintv @in jnousc t rethc e 2 so she's a kind of pione@noc ree
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c rec 2itytv azlt buthe cell r2 and technology. why is that so important? are obuvvizlou1st centuruvy,zlb@ to making a differenceuvs,zlbu@@ rec su2stainable plan known for departmedependently. @aust hauvs zlbebuen puvzlbu noc bu@noc rec 2 success depends on an idea sninu distributed strengths in itss or uv accomplish wuvzlbu@... and in ru no>>c sreusc
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from across harvard are no c 2ealth problems, finder in cures for diseases, anbasic scio >>zlbu@noc rec 2 noc rec 2portunities across thin can have an impact through allo2 these means ac extraordinvvzlbu >> susvvzlbu@noc ident.bu@noc r2 >> i think she's doingnoc rec 2 vvzlbupus down,she became the p, buyou @have tnozlbu@noc rec 2ty2 yo competitive and a glob
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platform," i csaying, "thanks, t vvzlbunterested,vvzlbu noshc e'rero@ugh thnoec rec 2 a. that 50 yeary. buthwvzlbu@noc >> susie: when the hbu hinostc orrey c bo2ok is bered t wvchzlanbu necesswvzlbu@ c rezloubu were @namednoc rec 2o what do you thhe first woman to run the mos prestigious and powerful unwvivzlerbusity wv>>zl sbuhe wou@ld havnoe c she would have beebu@noc rec 2 especially proud becausenoc rec2 noc 't aone's world.wvzlbuwvzlbs
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2noc rec 2xvxvzlbu@xvzlbu@noc r@ rec 2 c recl
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