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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a threat to the human race. the head of the united nations urges countries to work together to tackle climate change. environment ministers fro ound the world are rolling up their sleeves in doha, qatar, to address the challenges they share. they have rising greenhouse gas emissions, ice sheets melting rapidly and a warming planet. ban ki-moon urged them to speeds up negotiations on climate change. >> delegates are deadlocked over finances, developing nations are calling on trializ liindustrial
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countries to stop global warning. a delegate from the pacific island nation of palau says financial support to protect the lives of people there is indispensable. >> we don't have the resources, and we are also being threatened by climate change. financing is part of our survival. we need finances to survive. >> the delegates are running up against a deadline, the conference scheduled to end on friday. now, the ministers come to the table with competing interests. they come from nations with a range of environmental and economic challenges. nhk world has more from doha. >> the meeting taking place this year in the oil rich qatar has entered the final stretch. delegates are making the final appeals. >> doha must mark the transition
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from the old system with the two tracks and the future system with one track. >> delegates have been trying to piece together a new agreement on curbing carbon emissions. they hope to forge a framework, succeed the kyoto protocol that goes to the e of this year. they want a stricter limit on greenhouse grasses in growing countries such as china and india. they're currently not committed to targets. representatives from china, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, said the country has done its share. they note that during the first nine months of 2012 china's energy consumption fell by 3.4% from the previous year.
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>> translator: we made a commitment at our party congress. we prioritized building and eco friendly society. we'll make a strong effort to promote a recycle-based society. china will act on climate change with other nations. >> some delegates also want reassurance on financial support. wealthy countries have pledged to provide $100 billion per year in aid by 2020. the money is intended to help the developing countries reduce carbon emissions and adapt to the effect of climate change. time is running out for the delegates to reach a deal. many divisions remain between the participants from the industrialized and developing nations. now it may be up to the ministers attending talks to steer the conference towards a
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successful conclusion. chinese police have detained petitioners planning to voice their complaints about corruption to the state-run broadcaster. hundreds of beijing police officers stood outside china's central television on tuesday. it was the 30th anniversary of china's current constitution. the petitioners were pushed into a bus and driven to a police facility. the chinese judiciary lacks independence under the communist one party rule. many chinese make direct appeals to central government offices and media organizations to complain about corrupt officials and forced evictions. in a ceremony to mark the anniversary, chinese communist party chief she jay ping said he would speed up the legal process. activists in china say tuesday's police action suggest the party is still trying to stifle
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creditism under shi's new leadership. social activists use the internet to out leaders for corruption and treating the under class urn fairly. the leaders see this as a threat to control and clamp down on some websites. persistent chinese are still finding ways to speak out. >> reporter: in china more than 500 million use the web. they have a broad internet community. >> translator: the stock prices and the foreign sites for financial information. >> translator: i simply cannot live without my smartphone. >> reporter: also, they make some sites off limits.
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on the chinese site we enter a wall. the internet has given life to new movements. this is a former airport employee. now he is an internet reporter and three years ago explored production by government officials and he wants to correct injustice on social programs. like-minded people support his activities, but he has caught the eye of authorities and now they watch him. >> translator: the internet gives you lots of iormation and you can disseminate the
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truth. >> reporter: he supports campaigns and he says the local government is to evict with him without proper compensation. he showed a video of a clash between government officials and his neighbors. >> reporter: he is preparing to report on a case. >> translator: i want to influence opinions. i want people to join my campaign to make our voices heard. what i am doing now is very significant. i am determined to continue until a chief my goal.
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>> reporter: how to deal with people with ties to the government suggesting a website for the public to comment on government policies. >> translator: even if the leaders try to control the internet, they can't keep the lid on frustration forever. political reform is the answer. >> reporter: will the new leaders keep a tight grip on the internet or give people more freedom? they face a daunting challenge. populous, prosperous, pushing the hand. china's rise brought wealth, power and problems, an income gap divided people. pollution threatened health and strained relationships with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline."
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finance ministers in europe have have been discussing the possibility of a central monetary union for months. they say they want the deals signed by the end of the year. joining us now from the business, you have been tracking the negotiations for us. tell us more about this. >> i know they have been trying to finalize the agreement within this year but they're still talking about it and with thousands and thousands of banks in the region it is understandable they have many detail to iron out. at the latest meeting the finance ministers failed to reach an agreement on the legal framework for unifying oversight of banks across the eurozone. opinions were divide the during the meeting in brus sells on tuesday and france called for an enter introduction of a unified oversight while germany urged a gradual implementation. ministers also couldn't agree on how much supervisory authority to give the european central bank. they decided to meet again next week for further discussions. eu, economic, and monthly tear affairs commissioner said
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consolidation of oversight will be the first step towards a banking union. it will include a framework for bailing out nations with excess debts. he said failure is not an option. last month eu leaders agreed to allow the region central bank to supervise some 6,000 commercial banks in the eurozone. the goal is so set up a framework by the end of the year and launch the new system next year. now let's get a check on markets. tokyo share prices are trading in a narrow range. the nikkei is down 1/4 of a percent at 9,409, a loss of 24 points from tuesday's close. they're sidelining after taking profits if recent gainers at the open. they're refraining from major moves to confirm the next steps in the u.s. budget talks. the obama administration and opposition republicans remain at odds over how to avert the falling off the fiscal cliff. let's take a look at currency
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markets. the dollar is also little change against the yen as u.s. budget talks continue. dollar/yen is in the upper 81 levels, 81.88 to 90. the euro, that is higher against the yen, 107.27 to 30 at the moment. worries are reseeding over eurozone debts. let's take a look at other markets in the apple open. kospi is trading flat on the day, 1,934. looking at australia, the benchmark index is trading higher by 1/10 of a percent, 4,508. modest moves so far this morning in the asia pacific. japan and india launched a new framework to provide bilateral credit in u.s. dollars. the aim is to ease the impact of possible turmoil in the global financial markets on asia. the two countries worked out the details on tuesday. japan's prime minister and his indian counterpart had signed the currency agreement a year ago.
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under the framework both countries will be able to exchange up to $15 billion over the next three years. the two countries had a similar currency deal in 2008 when the global financial crisis hit asia. recently india's rupe has been sold as many investors pulled their money out of the country in the wake of the european debt crisis. sharp will get funds from qualcomm under a capital and business tie up. the struggling electronics giant said it will get up to $120 million from qualcomm by march of next year. the two firms will also jointly develop new panels at a sharp plant in western japan. sharp is forecasting a record net loss of $5.5 billion for the current fiscal year due to a slump in tv and lc d sectors. the company will receive half
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the funds this month and the rest will be provided only if sharp posts operating prot in the fiscal second half which ends next march. secondly, sharp is also in talks with taiwanese electronics giant 00 high regarding a possible capital tie up with them. negotiations have stalled due to sharp's low stock prices. more business headlines for you next hour. i will leave you with a check on markets.
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tens of thousands of egyptians have returned to a place that's become almost anonymous with the desire for change in that country. they marched to tahrir square to protest morsi's plan to hold a referendum on a draft constitution. the demonstrators flooded into the square as protesters did throughout the arab spring. they say the referen couple plan should be scrapped and they want a new draft constitution written from scratch. >> translator: i am worried about voting irregularities. >> translator: i will boycott the referendum. the draft constitution did not represent the voices of all egyptians. >> egypt's constituent assembly drew up the draft of a new constitution late last mochlt morsi scheduled a referendum on it for december 15th. critics say the document would strengthen the power of the president and threatens a return to dictatorship. the critics include groups of young people whose protests led
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to the downfall of mubarak. another group of demonstrators gathered in front of the presidential palace and security forces used teargas to disperse the crowd. the louvre museum in paris, 8 million visifrom around the world viewintings, sculptures, and other world famous works of art every year. a new branch of this art palace has been completed in northern france. >> reporter: french president spoke to a lot of visitors at a ceremony on tuesday before the opening to the public next week. >> translator: because visitors and tourists will come here and companies will set up business thanks to the museum, it will be a source of economic developm t
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development. >> louvre was built so art centers will be centralized for as many people as possible to enjoy. exhibits include the virgin and child by davinci, leading the people, and about 900 other pieces from louvre paris and museums elsewhere. the art is displayed in chronological order. visitors can see the pieces in historical perspective. about 120 differing visions of building have been drawn up, a japanese architect went for the plan of a low rise structure covered with glass integrating the outside landscape into the inside atmosphere. >> translator: my aim was to design a building that harmonizes with the environment and also a place where relationships can be built between art and the people.
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>> translator: come to lawn, come to the louvre. they're perfectly complementing each other. here is another louvre. it is not a mini louvre nor part of the louvre. it is truly another louvre. >> the museum will open to the public on december 12th. it expects half a million visitors an actually. the people look forward to a positive impact on the local economy. thailand's auto industry was one of the hardest hit by last year's devastating floods. auto makers are a pillar of the thai economy. with factories ruined production was halted for months. this year has seen a dramatic turn around with record high
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production as nhk world reports. >> reporter: the thailand international model export is taking place here in bangkok. 38 automobile companies are showing off their new models. thailand's models show is one of the biggest in southeast asia. it kicked up last weekend attracting consumers to a new set of wheels. japan's honda has unveiled an eco friendly new brand for asian markets. rival nissan is showing it is popular compact car with more options to customize the interior of body color. 2012 has been a landmark year for the thai auto industry.
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annual production passed 2 million units. >> translator: today is the day we celebrate the great success of the local automobile industry. i believe we will be back celebrating production of 3 million units in the very near future. >> translator: we could recover from the floods in a very short period. since the recovery we have received many bookings and now we are operating at full capacity. still, with many back orders waiting. >> reporter: the floods of 11 are a bad memory for the industry. auto makers and their suppliers were severely impacted. many plants were forced to close. thailand status as an important production base hasn't changed.
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the industry has quickly got back on track. the thai government tax break for first time car buyers has also helped. >> translator: it helps us to make a decision to buy a car more easily. we can get a tax rebate up to about 3,000 u.s. dollars. >> we'll buy on eco car because it saves energy and not so expensive and covered by the tax rebate program. >> reporter: japanese auto makers plan to boost production in thailand. the country is one of the most important manufacturing hubs. they're betting economic growth and prosperity will continue to rise aas the group moves towards creating an economy culminating in 2015.
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>> translator: southeast asia's auto industry should enjoy 7 to 8% growth, similar to china over the next four or five years. compared to other countries in the region, thailand is the leader in auto production and has the soundest supply chain. >> reporter: thailand's auto industry has on the goal of producing 3 million cars a year within the next five years even after the floods of 2011, the country remains in the driving seat of the fast-growing auto market. a powerful typhoon struck the philippines. at least 37 people are dead. more than 50,000 have fled into shelters. typhoon is heading northwest
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after pounding the southern island of million did you now. weem have taken shelter in school and government offices. they're preparing to drnt food and other supplies. >> this typhoon is not a joke. it has the potential to cause massive destruction t could be the strongest one to hit the country this year. >> a typhoon that struck last december killed more than 1,000 people. critics said the government was too late in warning the public. for more on the typhoon, we go to our meteorologist. >> after taking a rare path it has left and stormy conditions are grad weigh easing and they will prolong throughout the nation for the next couple of days. the center is located just to the east of palau and will likely hit the narrow islands in the next several hours and head towards the south china sea
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because the waters are warm enough to support tropical development. some intensification is highly likely. it will likely move into vietnam as we head into the weekend. now, an additional 100 millimeters or more is likely across taiwan over the next 72 hours and flooding and landslides will be a concern and again both will stay near the philippines so wet and windy conditions will prolong for the next couple of days. we'll keep updating on you the storm's progress. back towards the north we're looking at a wintery pressure chilly temperatures for much of the that i guess and heavy snow showers, strong winds a. as it moves from the west things will turn stormy as we head into tomorrow and this system located over the yellow sea is now bringing gale force winds along the east coast of china and the korean peninsula that will intensify and produce a mixture
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of rain and snow for much of the korean peninsula and then it could intensify over the sea of japan and produce blizzard like conditions for northern japan tomorrow. gusts could hit 145 kilometers per hour. the temperatures on tuesday getting up to 10 in tokyo, about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. 0 for seoul as well as beijing and minus 21 for la pur. moving into the american continent, heavy snow and strong winds still continuing in the mountains in the northwest. the northern rockies may see an additional 60 centimeters of snow and strong winds. flooding rain continues fro rthern california to british columbia and northern california may see an additional 100 millimeters of rain over the next 24 hours of flooding rain so flooding is highly likely. we'll see the same pressure pattern as we head into wednesday but from wednesday
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night you may see a short break in the stormy weather. snow showers in eastern canada, thundershowers from the northeastern u.s. down towards the plains will be easing and the southeastern corner of texas will continue to deal with severe weather the next several hours. temperatures as follows. only 5 degrees in chicag about 16 lowerhan tuesday. all right. moving into the european continent, a loss of clouds blanketing much of the content. you can see them over the atlantic. that means frigid air is blanketing the north and snow showers for much of the british isles and severe weather still on going in the central and eastern mediterranean. reports about cargo ships capsized in the black sea because of the highways and a series of low pressure systems is moving into the region and severe weather will continue for a while. temperatures are as follows. very chilly this time of year, only 30 degrees in vienna and 1 degree on wednesday. here is the extended forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i am katherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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