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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, july 4th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. military commanders in egypt have shown the power of protest can trump ballot box decisions.
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they force the country's first democratically elected leader out of office. president mohamed morsi's supporters call it a coup. his opponents call it a triumph. the head of the army is promising new elections. >> translator: the military has suspended the constitution to hold a presidential election as soon as possible. until a new president is elected, we have appointed the chief justice of the constitutional court as provisional head of the government. >> general abdel fattah al sisi says that president morsi had failed to meet the demands of protesters. tens of thousands of demonstrators in tahrir square greeted the announcement with fireworks and cheers. they chanted, good-bye president morsi" and waved egyptian flags. protesters say the economy and public security have worsened since morsi took power a year ago. they demanded he resign immediately. morsi rejected an ultimatum from sh the army to end the crisis
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within 48 hours or step down. soldiers have cordoned off major roads in the capital cairo deploying armored vehicles at a number of locations. the military controls the state-run tv station. morsi's whereabouts are unknown, but messages on his twitter account accuse the army of staging a coup and say people with common sense will reject it. they urge egyptians to protect the constitution. some reports say security officials have told domestic airports to stop morsi and leaders of his party, the muslim brotherhood, from leaving the country. egyptians elected morsi after widespread unrest in 2011 ended the 30-year rule of hosni s mubarak.
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united nations leaders have been closely watching the crisis in egypt. deputy secretary-general spoke before the army announced it had ousted morsi. he said the u.n. hopes egyptians will resolve their differences through peaceful and democratic means. >> we appeal for tolerance and peaceful coexistence. the world is watching egypt at this crucial moment. it will have a significant impact on egypt and also on the region. >> he said he's deeply concerned about the future of democracy in the country. bolivian president evo morales says he's not a criminal but he says that's how he felt after three european countries forced him to divert his private jet. they suspected he was harboring edward snowden, the fugitive former intelligence contractor.
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morales was on his way home from russia. france, italy and portugal canceled air permits for his flight. the plane had to make an emergency landing in vienna, austria, delaying the president for more than 14 hours. snowden was not on board. >> translator: i couldn't accept it. first of all, i'm not a criminal. and besides, you all know international rules say a president's right to go anywhere in the world is inviolable. >> he was delayed for 14 hours. u.s. authorities asked countries to deny snowden the right of entry or transit. they've revoked his passport and charged him with espionage for revealing secret programs. people in japan will be hearing a lot about their politicians in the coming days on the street, on tv and online. the official campaign begins
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thursday. prime minister shinzo abe's trying to break a political deadlock in the diet by wresting control of the chamber away from the opposition. 121 of the 242 seats in the upper house will be at stake in the vote. 73 seats are allocated to constituencies nationwide. and 48 are assigned to a proportional representation system. what u a survey suggests that 430 candidates are expected to run this will be the first national vote since prime minister abe took office last december. they control the house along with their coalition partner new komeito. they need the upper house to push forward their agenda known as abenomics. they'll consider whether to hand him more power so he can move ahead with his plans to amend the constitution. energy policy will also be on top of people's minds. japanese have been talking about it since the 2011 nuclear
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accident in fukushima. now, the official campaign for the upper house election will last 17 days. "newsline" will bring you extensive coverage leading up to the vote and will have results and analysis once the polls close on election day, july 21st. a top japanese official has voiced concern china might be building a natural gas rig in the south china sea. he said it's too close to an economic border between china and japan. representatives from both sides five years ago agreed to jointly develop gas fields near the area. but japan's chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga says a chinese crane ship appears to be working on a new marine platform without japan's involvement. suga said it's just 26 kilometers from the line that divides the country's economic zones. >> translator: if china is union laterally developing sources in the area, it will not be
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tolerated. >> chinese foreign minister spokesperson hua chunying told reporters there's nothing to dispute. she said china is working in waters under its own jurisdiction. now japan coast guard crews say a chinese vessel entered japanese waters without consent. they say they spotted the research ship in japan's exclusive economic zone near okinotorishima island. they discovered the ship north of the island. okinotorishima lies south of tokyo. the ship was heading south dragging a wire through the water. foreign vessels need consent before conducting research work in the exclusive economic zone. japanese officials say the ship did not apply for permission. coast guard officials say the chinese ship did not respond to radio contact. it's the first time since 2004 that a chinese research ship has been seen off okinotorishima island.
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north korean officials have told the south they'll allow limited access to a jointly run industrial zone. operations at the complex have been on hold since they withdrew workers in april. pyongyang notified the ministry about the development. it said it would allow company officials from the south to visit the site. south korean manufacturers want to remove equipment from their factories in the complex. the unification ministry says pyongyang has agreed to resume an inter-korean hot line. pyongyang cut the hot line when talks that were due to be held between the countries last month were aborted. thousands of residents are
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still waiting to go home. >> the chinese government has unvailed a program to set up pie lot-free trade zones to boost trade and foreign investment. based on the plan, the experimental zones will be set up in four areas that are controlled by customs authorities. these include an area in shanghai's p unong district. the officials did not give out details on when and how those zones will be set up. however, they said once the plan is implemented, it will make easier for foreign firms to invest in china. concerns have been mounting about china's economic outlook. this is due to the country's sluggish exports stemming from the advance against major currencies. foreign investments in china have also been sluggish. the chinese authorities aim to
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boost the economy by societying up these pilot-free trade zones. u.s. stock prices ended higher on wednesday. for more on the japanese markets, let's go to the tokyo stock exchange. >> let's have a look at the broader topics is also lower by 0.26%.
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investors seem to be cautious ahead of friday's key jobs reports. let's move onto currency starting with euro-yen. that's compared to the 130 level at around the same time on wednesday. market player saw the euro due to the situation in portugal and finance minister both resigned. this is casting doubts over portugal's commit 789s, especially after a boring cost jumped above 8%. now, all eyes will be on the meeting later today to get more direction for the common currency. now, let's have a look at dollar yen. it is now 99.83-85 against the yen.
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currency investors are to remain cautious as a guide for its policymaking. well, that's all for me. back to you. >> all right, all eyes on the jobs report for friday. well, a united nations report says global average temperature rose to an all-time high in the decade 2010. the decade was marked with ak semirating climate change. the report from the world meteorological climate organization was based on data from 129 nationings gathered
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between 2001 and 2010 >> a sharper rise in tempature suggested global warming is accelerating. these climate changes claim the livesover 320,000 people. tp report says it's too herbally to conclude more headlines for you in business next hour. here's a check on markets.
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the fukushima daiichi plant continues to be plagued with problems. engineers there say chemical corrosion is the likely cause of a leak last month of contaminated water from a new filtering system. the system is designed to remove radioactive substances from the water. workers at the plant found the leak in a part of a stainless steel tank that had been welded. when they emptied the tank, they found two holes and more than ten dents inside. each dent was two to five millimeters in diameter. officials of tokyo electric power company say a chemical to remove impurities likely reacted with the vessel. they say they plan to apply anti-corrosion resin to the steel.
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about 400 tons of contaminated water accumulates every day at the plant due to groundwater seeping into the crippled reactor buildings. picking up your life after an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear crisis is a daunting task, but that's exactly what a a u.s. drone strike in pack substantial has reportedly killed 16 suspected mill tants and caused out rage in islamabad.
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minister nawaz sharif took over in may promising to oppose the u.s. military strategy. the missiles hit a house in north waziristan tribal region and 16 suspected militants were killed. that would make it the deadliest drone attack this year. the targets were thought to belong to the afghan haqqani network supposedly loyal to the taliban. the attack drew a quick and angry response from the pakistani government which called it a violation of sovereignty. nawaz sharif won the election in may because of his opposition to drone activity. the obama administration has refused to change its policy and says drone strikes are legal under domestic and international law. a deadly strain of bird flu has claimed another victim in cambodia. the health ministry says nine people died from the h5n1 virus so far this year. a 6-year-old girl from a village
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in a southern province died last friday. the girl was likely exposed to infected poultry. the health ministry says 13 cases of h5n1 bird flu have been confirmed in the country this year. the world health organization says 20 people were infected worldwide between the start of january and 4th of june. 15 of those cases resulted in death. the w.h.o. says the virus is endemic among poultry in cambodia. children seem to be most vulnerable because they often like to play in areas where poultry also graze. packed subway trains are part of everyday life for singaporean commuters. congestion is getting so bad the transport authorities are now offering free fares for people who travel early, but not everyone is planning to set their alarm clocks. nhk world reports. >> reporter: it's just before 9:00, as you can see there's a huge crowd coming out of the
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station, but with the new scheme singapore is hoping to see changes. singapore's population has swollen nearly 30% over the past decade. thanks to steady flows of immigration. subways in the cities, they are packed to capacity, especially during rush hour. the government affiliated subway operator thinks its has a solution. travel will be free of charge for passengers who disembark at downtown stations from the first train until 7:45 a.m. >> so i can save some of my money for my future. >> the train has been a little bit less crowded. i got a seat today which was really lovely. i could read my book. >> reporter: some passengers say a free ride just isn't worth jumping out of bed for. >> i think it's too early. yeah. sleep in and save a little time. >> reporter: congestion peaks
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have fallen 7% since the new rules came into effect in late june. the train operator hopes to reduce overcrowding by 10% to 20% before the one-year trial period ends. some businesses are even reportedly considering moving to flexy-time so employees can travel to work for free. early birds might think that sounds like a dream come true. yuko funazaki, nhk world, singapore. >> artisans in japan are trying to keep the past alive. they've seen fewer and fewer people wearing a traditional m
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komono. >> this business card hold er it makes me feel like she's always here looking out for me. >> a keepsake of her mother, something she could always carry around. she used a komono that had been in a dress r for 20 years. >> these craftsman turned it into this. he manages the group. he's seen demand rapidly decline for one of the most famous fabrics.
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stod, he is talking to a client about recycling her mother's komon oh. it's been in the dresser for 50 years. >> when you look at this, do you think of your mother? >> i do. she was a very firm pirn aerson? she seemed to know everything i was doing. >> from the other komono, he
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made a bag, some purses and accessories from a stringed musical instrument. but he had to use damaged garments. this sleeve, for example, had a hole. so an artisan specialized in restoring it they mended the hole, but a mark was still visible. he camouflaged it with a design. and he applied a decolorizer. as he washed the fabric, the maple leaf started to appear.
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he finished by retouching it with paint. >> we didn't want to ruin the balance of the peace. it's important that what we've done doesn't draw your attention. >> the artisan has transformed an attractive komono into an attractive handbag. >> i'm happy that i can transform this that has been away for so long. >> un-worn kimono are stored in dressers all over japan. but people are finding new uses for them and gaining the momentum of loved ones long departed. >> so creative there. people across much of japan are dealing with stormy weather conditions.
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>> and it looks like the tokyo area will miss the worst of it. we may see some southern bursts of showers. similar situations with heavy rain continuing here. towards the south of the system, quite dry and quite hot. here are the numbers in just a moment. quite heavy rain for the coast of the china peninsula. very hot in shanghai going up 37 degrees for the high on thursday. it will stay almost the same
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into the weekend. heating up, once again, to 30 degrees. and shooting up to 30 in tokyo and more sweltering conditions as we go into monday. we see tokyo shooting up to 34 on saturday and sunday, the average temperature is only 28 degrees. 31 for you over the weekend. get hydrated and take precautions against heatstroke. in north america, distijtive features across the u.s. we are going to see some changes as we go into the independence day. northeast coast including new york city and washington, d.c., will see some dry weather on your thursday. so that's good news. but heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue across the southeast. even tornadoes cannot be ruled out for the next several hours. but across the west, quite warm. heat is still hanging on across
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the southwest. 40 degrees in sacramento. meanwhile, towards the northwest, we'll see nice relief from the hot weather. 23 for you in vancouver. and 23 as well in seattle. meanwhile, chicago 27 degrees. it was only 20 degrees for the high on wednesday. so a big jump up. finally in europe, a series of low pressure systems are moving in. we have a strong system moving across the british isles. some isolated -- excuse me, thundershowers, gusty winds and even hail are likely. the previous storm is now affecting central europe with widespread rain and strong winds. conditions will be particularly severe in the alpine region. lots of thunderstorms are on the horizon on your thursday, and unstable weather still remains across the black sea region and some of it will reach the eastern part of the balkan
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peninsula on thursday. temperatures will be quite mild in some places. 23 in berlin and 24 in paris. the hottest temperatures can be found across the iberian peninsula, 35 in lisbon. and it will stay almost the same as we go into the weekend. here's the extended forecast. and that's all for this pish push
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. do stay with us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: crowds jammed tahrir square and fireworks erupted over the city tonight, as the egyptian military ousted president mohammed morsi. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight, we get the latest on the dramatic developments, including the appointment of an interim leader and suspension of the country's constitution. >> ifill: then, the obama administration gives employers a


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