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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hello and welcome to "newsline." it's friday, july 5th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. egyptians are expecting upheaval and call for nationwide protests
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to force mohamed morsi from office and install a new president. top generals are spearheading the power based on a road map they designed. they made the chief justice of the supreme constitutional court interim president. they suspended the constitution. the muslim brotherhood is the power base and they called on him not to recognize the new administration. >> the refusal and revokeness of the military koor is the constitution. >> the brotherhood is urging people to rally on friday to reject the new leader and show their anger over the removal over the first democratically elected president. the senior officials and reuters praut morsi supporters who reacted to the crack down by
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facing off security forces leaving at least 14 people dead. they believe the members are responsible for some of the violence that flaired up in cairo. they said prosecutors issued arrest warrants for the froup's supreme foid and his deputy. he is answered the brotherhood's top strategist. they barred him from being a candidate last year in the presidential election. they ordered their members to kill anti-morsi demonstrators. fighting outside the group's headquarters on sunday and monday left eight people dead. world leaders lined up to weigh in on the crisis. they are urging egyptians to return power to democratically elected government. >> we never support in countries the intervention by the
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military. what now nodes to happen in egypt is for democracy to flourish and for dem win transition to take place. >> britain's foreign secretary said the leaders should find a way to agree on a constitution and election laws. he is urging them to hold fair elections and take measures to improve their economy. the french president is criticizing the de facto coop. >> translator: what is happening in egypt is obviously a failure. so the challenge for egyptians now is to do everything in order to restart the democratic process. >> hollande is calling on leaders to organize fair elections as soon as possible. u.s. president barack obama is also urging army commanders to hand over authority to
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democratically elected civilian government. he said he went to department and agents to review them. japanese foreign minster is appealing to all groups in egypt not to use violence. he is calling if are a national reconciliation through a democratic process. the turmoil prompted many governments to citizens to steer clear of the country. some travel agencies have responded by cancelling package tours. the foreign officials in tokyo raised the advisory by one notch. they recommend people should reconsider plans to visit egypt. the japanese agencies reacted by scrapping tours scheduled for this month. japanese businesses with offices in egypt are taking precautions too. managers of some 60 companies say they have instructed some of their employees to fly home.
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policy makers in europe are doing digging into the impact of covert activities by american intelligence agents. the parliament lostndepth inquiry into u.s. surveillance including the bugging of eu premises. lawmakers decided their civil liberties committee will conduct and present conclusions by the end of the year. they will assess the impact of surveillance on eu citizens' right to privacy among other issues and look for proposals to prevent similar cases in the future. u.s. intelligence contractor edward snowden revealed the national security agency collects a vast amount of communication data at home and abroad. the german magazine reported the nsa bugged eu offices in washington and new york and infiltrated internet and phone
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networks. representatives of north and south korea are spending the weekend going-over their differences. the working level talks on saturday discuss restarting operations a a jointly run industrial zone. the spokes purposes for south korea's unification ministry said they will meet in the zone and officials in seoul propose the talks after authorities said they let business men visit the industrial complex. operations there have been suspended since north korea withdrew in april. they agreed to hold ministerial-level talks, but they canceled the meetings after failing to agree who should represent each side. chinese and russian naval forces will be putting on a show of strength over the next week. they are holding joint exercises in the sea of japan. china's state run news agency reports the eight-day drill will
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start friday in russia's far east. the navies will use 18 ships including choina's latest destroyer. we have a report from a top general of the chinese liberal army saying the ander sizes are designed to boost capability and said the two nations can play a positive in regional stability and said they are not targeting any third party. however, modia outlets in mainland china and hong kong speculate the two powers are hoping to keep japan in check over territorial issues. the chinese claim the japanese-controlleds en kaku islands. american central bankers may be getting ready to taper easying and those in europe don't feel the time is right.
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tell us what they are thinking. >> when they look at the economies, the u.s. is showing signs of a recovery. europe has been showing signs of more instability. your pitch has hinted for the first time a possibility of further lowering the benchmark interest rates. the policy makers decided at the board meeting to keep the interest rate unchanged at a record low of a half percent. >> they would remain for as long as necessary. they expect the interest rates to remain at present or lower levels. for an extended period of time. >> looking at the recent trends in the markets, both long-term interest rates and share prices have been volatile. this comes after the u.s.
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central bank chief noted a possibility of tapering the current monetary easing within this year. political instability in portugal is another factor making the outlook uncertain. market analysts think that the recent remarks show his strong determination to prop up the sluggish european economy and stabilize the financial markets. the ecb was not the only one main taping the low key interest rates. the bank of england did the same. they rallied and led by london climbing more than 3%. markets in the u.s. were closed for the independent day holiday. let's look at how the stocks in japan are kicking off. now there is a lot of focus on the upcoming u.s. jobs report later today. what can you tell us at the tokyo open? >> good morning. looking at a possible start this morning, here are the opening
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levels for friday, july 5th. let's get those numbers up. the nikkei is up 1.18% at points. they closed just slightly above 14,000 on thursday. the top 60ix is up 0.9%. they are keeping an eye on whether the unemployment rate will drop from 7.6% posted in may, in other words many want to find out if the american labor market is approaching the 7% goal the u.s. federal reserve is targeting and they stopped the purchasing program. the job market report will get clues to when the fed will start reducing the support for the u.s. economy. let's have a look at currency
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starting with euro-yen. the euro is weaker against other major currencies. they are trading at 129.27-32 compared to around the same time on thursday. investors are failing the common courtesy as they maintained the interest rate low. the president also gets the outlook and the interest rates in the eurozone will remain at or below current record low levels and analysts say this signal that a recovery in the region economy is lagging. having a look at dollar-yen, the dollar is trading at 1 hadn't hadnhadn't -- 100.27-28. as the u.s. markets were closed overnight. we may continue to see limited movements in dollar yen as market place wait for the job
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report i mentioned earlier and we will come back later at market closing to see how japanese shares finally end the first week of july. back to you. >> thanks a lot for that. the tokyo stock exchange. japanese cosmetics maker admitted to problems in dealing with consumer complaints over skin whitening products it is recalling. company officials say we will make sure the problem never happens again. the company has been receiving consumer reports for the past two years about after using the products. it referred the consumers to doctors. they claim that the doctors said the problems were due to a skin disease. >> translator: we failed to recognize the problem early on. we believe they were due to a skin disease. we realize it was a customer support system.
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>> they announced they were recalling 54 products and brands. they contain a whitening ingredient that had been approved boy the health ministry. 39 customers have complained of white blotches. that's the latest in business. i will leave you with a check on markets. . a day of celebration in southern afghanistan turned into a scene of violence and mourning. an explosion at a wedding killed
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four children. authorities blame the taliban and say government employees attending the event were the real targets. the explosion happened thursday in the province of helmand where insurgeients are particularly active. the victims were between 7 and 12. they were reportedly collecting water from a river when an ied detonated on a footpath. those ieds made them worry about where they walk and drive. authorities are struggling to wipe out this method of attack because militants put the explosives together with chemicals that are readily available. nhk world has the story. >> a bomb detonated remotely. afghans are dying every day from explosives like this.
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they killed more than 1,000 people last year. this type of bomb was confiscated by afghan forces. the main ingredients are used in chemical processes. mixed with oil and set on fire, it becomes explosive. three years ago they banned all fertilizers containing this, but the had little effect. militants smothered chemicals from neighboring pakistan. 70% of the bombs used in afghanistan are made using fertilizer from pakistan. >> ammonium night right, how much of a concern that is. it foreigms the coalition force.
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>> this shop outside the pakistani capital of islamabad containing ark moan yum nitrate. it costs about $15. the shop is open to anyone with money. >> we just sell fertilizer. it's not our fault if our products are put to bad use. >> fertilizer is widely used in pakistan. it rapidly enhances the growth of wheat and cotton. many farmers couldn't survive without it. the u.s. government has demanded of pakistan to prevent fertilizer containing ammonium nitrate from crossing into afghanistan. this year the pakistani government banned the movement of the chemicals into northwest
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regions near the border with afghanistan. it also entered into the system to monitormonitor fertilizer sa. that are had high ranking officials from governments in the u.s. and europe to a meeting in may to discuss counter measures. they agree to crack down on smugglers near the border. but traffickers said the illegal trade will continue. >> they have clamped down and closed roads, but still we have various ways to get around that. >> usage of other fertilizer bombs are also on the rise. such as ones that use a material used in some chemical fertilizers as well as matches.
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these weapons are made from substances almost anyone can get their hands on. so keeping them out of the hands of terrorists seems to make an impossible task. nhk world, islamabad. newspaper reporters around the world face an uncertain future. many are losing their jobs. the one small town journalist is bucking the trend. he covered stories big and small for more than a half century.
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now 88, he shows no sign of slowing down. >> he is the only reporter at the newspaper. he has been filling the pages for 64 years. >> he has gotten a call from a group of residents. they have a story for him about a local clean up project. he is on the case. he is pleased to see so many people are taking part. >> a clean up is obviously news worthy, isn't it? don't you think so? >> joining him is his son. he arrives with a camera. he takes photos of the locals
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who want to make a good impression for the visitor who is arrive by train. >> i want to inform people in town about what local groups are doing. every story counts. yes. that's it. that's what keeps moi newspaper going. >> the newspaper covers the peninsula region devastated by the 2011 tsunami. it took him and his family six months to get the paper back on its feet. these days, he runs the operation out of a small prefab house. he started the newspaper with a friend in 1949. at the time there were almost a dozen competitors. what makes the newspaper unique is that it is produced by
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family. his wife headed the copy for mistakes and typos. his daughter in law types up the articles that he writes. he and his wife are in charge of lay out. he only gives them advice when hoe has an idea. it's time for one last check. as the boss takes a breather. the story about the clean up gets a good run. his grandson handles the deliveries. he is still in high school. a subscription costs about $4 a month for four issues.
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the paper has 2,000 subscribers. >> it's a real local paper. that's why i subscribe. >> he writes in great detail. we all depend on it. the paper reports how the area has been changing. >> after they put out an issue, the family gathers for a meal. they get together everyone thursday to toast the latest edition. >> so good. for my reader's sake i will carry on as long as my old bones allow. it has been 64 years. this is what we write about. local things. it's like a calling.
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>> he heads off to find the news again. because every story counts. >> time for a check on the weather. people are dealing with extremely high temperatures. we hear about that and more in world weather. >> yes. a heat dome glank blanketing mu the peninsula. how people are dealing with the heat, take a look at this video. spanish people in 15 provinces have a taste of desert heat. warm winds from the sahara push the temperatures in areas close to 40 degrees celsius. residents of the capital took to the street in beach mode. the highs will remain over 36 degrees into your ay.
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inin to 38 degrees and that will continue into your sunday. the warm effect and the western continent. paris not to hot, but 29 degrees. london 27 on the same day and the southeastern corner. uk may see the hottest temperature of the year so far on sunday. across the east, we may see afternoon and evening thundershowers here and temperatures are not going to be too high. across japan the frontal line is lingering and producing days of heavy rain and strong winds. 65 millimeters of rain is lower. 95 kilometer per hour were observed. they expect it to go towards the region to get quite heavy rain today. an additional 200 millimeters is likely. the ground is well-saturated and flooding going to be a big issue. the positive sign is the area is
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opinioning minor droughts. that could improve the situation. wet and windy across the sound with the river basin and the ground is wet, but still 250 millimeters likely. showers for the southwest coast of the indo china peninsula, temperatures will be 36 degrees with thundershowers in the heat of the day. quite hot in shanghai. heat warnings in place. 36 degrees for the high on friday. that could go down by 5 degrees into your saturday and up to 28 degrees in seoul. right in north america, a pool of moisture is surging in from the south with quite heavy rain and hisk of hail and thunderstorms and isolated tornados. back behind me is dry. on your independence day thursday looking quite dry in the northeast coast.
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nice conditions to enjoy fireworks tonight. across the west, we may see patches of thundershowers across the west, but mostly dry on the coast. speaking of the heavy rain across the east, the ground is already saturated. however still 100 millimeters or more is possible. flooding and particularly flash flood is going to be a major risk across the southeast coast. temperatures will be high and boston amazingly is 37 degrees for you. more than 10 degrees higher than sammy, but across the west is 32 in sacramento, 10 degrees more than what we saw on thursday. here's the extended forecast.
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. that's all for this edition of news line. thank you very much for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: egypt swore in a new leader today, amid a military crackdown on the ousted president's muslim brotherhood allies. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" this independence day, we get the latest on the celebrations in cairo's tahrir square and look ahead to the promises and pitfalls for egypt and the arab world. >> brown: then, as the west weighs arming syrian rebels. margaret warner examines the lessons learned from previous conflicts. >> woodruff: from our pbs colleagues in chicago, we have the story of a group trying to


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