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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's tuesday, july 30th and i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. two trains have collided in switzerland. nobody was killed, but 35 are hurt and five seriously. the two trains were traveling
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near the station and they were running on a single track. they crashed head on. emergency crews moved in to search for people in the wreckage and still have not found the driver of one of the trains. investigators are trying to determine what caused the accident. the crash came days after a train derailed in northwestern spain. 79 people were killed. earlier this month, a train went off the tracks outside paris. people died in that accident. supporters of egypt's old ruler showed little sign of yielding in their fight with the new leaders. followers of mohammad morsi said they intend to defy government orders. europe's top diplomat has tried to pull the two sides back. the foreign policy chief is making her second visit in two weeks. she met with the interim president and foreign minster and representatives of morsi's
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political base. the military leaders overthrew morsi and installed a new government. the supporters and turned out for protests, demanding he be reinstated. the forces moved in again over the weekend to clear the streets. 80 people were killed. but morsi supporters say they are not going anywhere. a wave of car bombings killed at least 48 people in iraq. local security authorities say sunni extremists may be behind the coordinated attacks. ten blasts from around 8:00 on minute and car bombs went off at nearly the same time in the central city in the south. it injured about 120. all the explosions were in districts of shia muslim
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residents at crowded places like markets and bus stops. sunnis have been frustrated with the shia-controlled government of al maliki. militants have been exchanging attacks. a monitoring terrorist activity in iraq said that the death toll has topped 830. >> a senior official poured cold water over the's call for dialogue. abe is using anti-slogans. the media reported comments by foreign spokes people. they said abe should not use rhetoric to cover up national differences. he said he hoped chinese and japanese officials could meet as soon as possible without conditions. japanese vice foreign minster is in beijing to visit his chinese
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counterpart. officials have asked the japanese not to disclose any details of the meeting. they have been at odds over the senkaku islands over the east china sea. china and taiwan claim the islands. they show they are transparent about military matters. they invited 70 foreign journalists for a rare visit. reporters entered the site on monday. they watched an annual drill ahead of army day this week. they role-played a scenario and used older equipment in the demonstration, but didn't bring them out known to be deployed at the base. newer devices are used in training sessions elsewhere. leaders are planning to boost the military, but they kept quiet on the details of the defense budget.
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taiwan's defense minster has resigned. they stepped down after a public outcry after the death of a young soldier. he died of heat stroke at the beginning of this month. officers had forced him to exercise vigorously and deny him water. they were punishing him for bringing a mobile phone with a camera on to a base. investigators found that ia surveillance video may have been tampered with. the leaders plan to stop in 2015 and want to switch to voluntary enlistments and hope to create units of italy troops. # >> residents of concern japan are picking up the pieces. torrential rains slashed the
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region leaving one dead and two missing. we have a report. >> this is how the downpours left the city in the prefecture. the force of floodwaters left houses leaning and covered in mud. this is completely filled with sludge. they are covered with mud and rocks. they are strewn with lumber and other debro. mudslides block train tracks and rescuers are searching for the missing and the efforts are being hampered by the risk of landslides. a month's worth of rain fell in a half day in parts of the prefectures. it marked a record breaking 138 millimeters of rain in ia single hour through noon on sunday.
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>> translator: i was recording it right before i fled. i heard that the water later overflowed. >> the downpour surrounded many people in the two prefectures. about 200 elementary school children were trapped at a campsite. they took shelter in a nearby facility. self defense personnel picked them up in helicopters on monday morning. >> i'm relieved. >> translator: i'm all right. i want tole my family that i'm okay. >> they were also stranded in a facility for the elderly with nearly 80 people inside. >> i was in the corridor facing the river. the river was swelling and it seemed higher than me.
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i was nervous. >> the water broke the windows and came gushing in. i feared for my life. >> the staff closed the fire doors, but water continued to flood in. they gave up trying to stop it. >> translator: we opened the door so the water could pass and took refuge at a place where the water was not a danger. panic was the last thing we wanted. we kepting each other, it's going to be all right. it's going to be all right. >> the residents gathered, but water kept flowing in. the residents were asked to get on top of the beds that were brought in and to wait for the water to subside. >> translator: i feared we may not make it. but the water stopped. i just wanted to get everyone to a safe place.
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>> all of the residents and workers were airlifted to safety. nhk world. they asked vietnam to push for the release of japanese abductees. the abduction minster talked to the capital of hanoi on monday with the prime minister and public security minster. he explainedia pan is withholding aid to north korea and maintaining sanctions until the issue is resolved. he will convey when he talks to senior officials in north korea. most agree on high level talks to promote exchange on the issue. >> translator: we were able to foster good relations and candid discussions. >> japanese leaders will work with other countries with
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diplomatic ties with the north. >> authorities celebrated victory day over the weekend. people filled the capital of pyongyang to commemorate the armestice. kim jung un faced the square to face a military parade. china's vice president stood beside him. they are meant to show they remain allies. they fought together in the korean war. they renewed the traditional friendship and they were critical for carrying out a test and imposed economic sanctions. leaders sent the special envoy to beijing to try to repair relations. the director of the general political bureau of the korean people's army. they expected kim jung un to address the ceremony, but he insisted on the need for north
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korea to strengthen capability. they interpreted the meaning and the professor of the university was among them. >> it's very much modest because it will compare with the previous years. this year the speech is modest and it intricated regime make a good relationship with the international community. if kim jung un wld make a speech, he should make something special, initiative that he should take. the first three years, he should declare the korean war and the second he should propose concrete inside on how to create the mechanism on the peninsula.
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they could look at the speech at this time, the difference and the change that was indicated that north korea would move to the relationship with the international community. if they will return to the action, they will have to pay attention coming again and they exercise and will be held around the end of august. he can use the ander size and a good excuse for launching them. >> leaders of cambodia's ruling party declared victory in a national election. members of the opposition rejected the results. they cited what they call serious irregularities and calling for an investigation. nhk world has a report.
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. >> the cambodian national rescue party made gain in sunday's election. even using the ruling party, the cnrp almost doubled in size in parliament from 29 to 55 seats. the ruling party for the prime minister said he wants 68 seats out of 123 in the lower house of parliament and claimed victory. here is the headquarters of the opposition party. there so many supporters gathering. >> despite the big gain, the opposition is not satisfied. the leaders on monday reject issed the result. saying there were
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irregularities. he claimed the party could have been bigger. >> there was massive manipulation. we cannot accept this-sided announcement from a particular party. >> they are calling for a commission to investigate the results including political parties, the united nation, the election authority and the organization. >> many people were not register and could not vote. i don't think the election was fair. >> this is asia's longer serving prime minister in power for 28 years. to win the election he insisted
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the ruling party would serve for the error of stability and economic growth. the opposition campaign is calling for change and in urban areas. he's italian and what is the collection. by condemning the result despite the massive gains, the opposition is trying to get pressure after his party's worst result in 15 years. nhk world. >> take a look at the latest in business news. they may be feeling like efforts to revive the economy are working. the job market is improving. now from the business desk. >> the unemployment rate is at a
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level we haven't seen in 4 1/2 years. new figures show that japan's unemployment rate fell in june and the number of job offers rose. the jobless rate in june was 3.9%. that's down 0.2 approximates arage points from may and the first time the rate has been below 4% since october of 2008. 2.6 million people are out of work. that's down from a year ago. more than 63 million people have a job. up 290,000. the medical and welfare boosted recruitment and employment fell in the transport industry. the labor ministry said job availability fell for the fourth month in a row. the ratio of job offers to job seekers stood at 0.92 last month, 92 offers for every 100 job hunters much the ratio was
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up 0.02 points from may. manufacturers boosted payrolls by 0.8%, the first uptick in 13 months. makers of cars and other machinery posted 27% more new job offers. he has a two-day policy meeting that commences later today. they lost nearly a quarter of a percent from 15,521. for a look at how japanese marks will trade today, let's go to the stock exchange. meetings and economic data. tell us how things are looking. >> a heavy week indeed. speaking of data, we have a report on japan's industrial output for june. it fell 3.3% compared to increase of 1.9% in may.
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that's the first draw in five months. here are the opening levels for tuesday, july 30th. the nikkei is higher by 0.29% at 13,700 points after heeding a four-week low on monday as dollar yen fell to the 97 level. the broader topix is higher by 0.37%. as we can see, investors are cautious after monday's sharp sell off and there concerns about china's economy. the shanghai composite fell about 2% due to renewed worries about the health of china's financial system. that's after authorities said they will conduct a nationwide audit of local government debt. they will be following china-related companies and construction machinery. both companies posted a decline
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in operating profits in the april and june quarter compared to a year ago. that is due to slowing growth in the economies including china. the financial firms and securities released positive earnings reports for the first quarter of the fiscal year. both companies appear to benefit from the recent stock market rally. we will see how the shares react to all of this. y woo will get more earnings reports for companies like all nippon airways and japan and pits bushy motors. now let's move on to currency starting to dollar yen. the dollar is trading against the yen. after it fell to the mid-97 level on monday. some are buying back the dollar after the currency fell in the past few trading session. the dollar gained ground against the euro. the euro dollar is not at
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1.32559-3260. it will start to taper the monetary stimulus. we will get direction from the consumer confidence data due later today. the european central bank will hold the meeting on thursday and investors will be watching them. euro yen. a lot of focus on central banks and economic data and earnings reports. we will be keeping track of all that. >> thanks for that update from the tokyo stock exchange. the people at bmw have launched their first fully electric vehicle. they are hoping to rev up a market that has been slow to take off. the german car maker unveiled the i-3 hatch back at events in
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new york, beijing and london. motorists will be able to drive about 130 to 160 kilometers on a single charge. they will be be able to reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. japanese suppliers produce the carbon fiber body. it's nearly 300 kilograms lighter than bmw's hatch backs. managers will release the car in europe in november than other markets early next year. the ceo predicted to that sales of electric vehicles will rise steadily. that's the latest in business. i will leave you with a check on the markets.
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. >> as we mentioned earlier, people in concern and central japan are cleaning up after torrential rains. we have more on that in world weather. >> day after a deluge of heavy rain, central japan was hit hardest yesterday. 100 millimeters in one hour in some places. it being loos like the worst is over, but some areas like ishikawa prefecture issy saoing of haddy rain. and the wet conditions will likely linger. the risk of flooding and one side still exists for the next several hours. the same for heavy rain in japan. they produce lots of heavy rain and will it spread to the northern areas of south korea.
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towards the south, a tropical disturbance and a strong southwest monsoon for much of the indo china peninsula and a tropical depression is still lingering over the south china sea, providing ongoing heavy rain and stormy conditions for the west coast. temperatures are cooling down in the upper 20s. 29 degrees for you. heating up once again in central parts of china. 39 as well and soaring to 31 in tokyo on wednesday. i think beachgoers have to stay inside due to a tropical storm and flossie is expected to move through the hawaiian islands on monday into tuesday.
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the big island and maui are experiencing stormy conditions and kauai and oahu will be affected starting tonight. it will be drenching rain about 150 millimeters and quite high surf as well as stronger wind. towards the east in north america, there is a risk of severe weather for central parts of the u.s. including and is oklahoma and the severe weather will continue into monday night. on tuesday it will okur in the northern plains. 24 in chicago and hot in the south. finally in europe, excessive heat in europe last week, but this time across the east. i want to show you this video. people in southeastern europe are feeling intense heat. a thermometer showed up to 41 degrees.
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authorities in boston are advising people to stay indoors and drink plenty of water. in serbia, many headed to a lake. authorities have switched on the miste misters, but while many were soaking up rays, emergency workers reported an increase of people with heat stroke. hot conditions will not last long. we have a frontal system that this is driving cool air from the west. temperatures in bucharest, 39 on tuesday and that could go down to 29 degrees on wednesday. the heat is expect to rebuild and hot conditions will be an ongoing story. that's it for me now. here's the extended forecast.
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>> one more story to show you before we go. baseball players and fans in new york gathered to give a heavy hitter a high profile send off. the yankees held a retirement ceremony for matsui.
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team captain derek jeter gave him a framed jersey with his old number, 55. he last played for the tampa bay rays and signed a one-day contract with the yankees just before the ceremony so he could officially end his career with the team. the yankee managers praised his performance. he played for the team for seven years from 2003. he capped off by making the ceremonial first pitch before the start of the yankees and rays game. some of his fans flew in for the event. >> he said the ceremony was unforgettable.
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>> he felt as happy as he was during his playing days. that is all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks if are joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: a renewed bid for peace in the mideast gained momentum, as israeli and palestinian negotiators prepare to meet tonight in washington. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, israel's chief negotiator said despite cynicism and skepticism, there is hope for progress. we look at how secretary of state john kerry helped end the diplomatic stalemate. >> ifill: then, a senator at the center of compromises on immigration and executive nominations reaches across the aisle to the man who defeated


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