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tv   Journal  PBS  July 29, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> hello, and a warm welcome to you. >> thank you for joining us. these are our top stories. >> john kerry kickstart the peace process. how much optimism is there? >> in italy, 39 people are killed as their bus plunges off of a highway. >> in nine candid interview, pope francis tells reporters, who am i to judge gay people? and says women should play a greater role in the catholic church.
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the u.s. secretary of state says he is confident he's is possible in the middle east. preliminary talks are set to begin in just a few hours in washington. >> at the press conference, he introduced his special envoy area -- envoy. he described the upcoming challenge as daunting and humbling. >> the most recent negotiations broke down three years ago amid israel's continuing security concerns in thorny issues among a future palestinian state. >> jerusalem. a holy city to three major
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religions is just one bone of content. at the border between israel and the bank runs through the city but israel claims the whole of jerusalem for itself. this is the western wall. the holiest site for the jews. the situation throughout the west bank is equally complicated. spread over hundreds of official and illegal settlements. they also make a potential boundary even more complicated. the palestinians insist on the borders that existed in the war before 1967.
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over the past decade, seen here in yellow, israel has moved further away from the pre-war boundaries. these walls, mainly found in the west bank, are meant to keep out armors from the territories because the number of attacks in israel has decreased significantly. the biggest security risk facing israel today comes from the gaza strip. it is intended to be part of the palestinian state, but if there are negotiations, who will sit at the other side of the table. it's regards israel as an lme and rejects peace talks. israelis and palestinians are now hoping to take first steps, but neither side things a solution is likely. >> for more, we are not joined
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from washington. thank you for joining us. our both parties starting these talks with the same expectations? >> i would not necessarily say so. the expectations are to receive a democratic sovereign and palestinian states. both sides will have to agree on the borderlines, but there is more to it. israel is expecting safety guarantees. palestine in return is expecting that the borders of 1967 will be accepted. also, they are expecting israel to -- israel has already agreed on that. whether they will be met is a different question. >> how much optimism is there?
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>> the optimism is kind of high. it has been three years since the negotiations have been unearthed. the secretary of justice has said he is full of hope for these negotiations to come to a good and. this is a promising step but there is still much work to be done. it dampens the expectations a little bit by saying these are not yet he's a gauche nations but preliminary measures for peace negotiations still to come. three years have passed. i believe the hopes are very high. we will have to see what they can bring up and washington. we have run out of time. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. a violent season in iraq became
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more deadly in the southern and central parts of the country after telling more people and injuring over 200. the attacks targeted predominantly shiite issues. >> many were crowded markets. more than 800 people have been killed in attacks this month alone. the industry accuses militants of being responsible for this of violence. 39 people were killed and the driver was dead. >> keep us put into when it plummeted turkey meters. about 50 passengers were on board. there were turning to naples from an excursion.
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>> many have been left reeling. grieving family members, east of naples, claim the bodies of their loved ones. nearly crash site, there is a makeshift morgue. tuesday was announced as a national day of mourning. >> what happened yesterday is a tragedy for the victims, the victims families, and the injured. it is a sad time for italy and the entire nation. >> the bus lies in pieces 30 meters below the highway. the location complicated the rescue operation. >> unfortunately, accidents of this type do not happen every day. we were faced with a real tragedy tonight. first, we had to rescue the injured people who were trapped inside of the bus. after we were done with that, we
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had to work to retrieve the bodies of the victims. >> prosecutors have launched an investigation and say they will examine the driver's body for traces of drugs and alcohol. police are also investigating the possibility that a technical failure caused the crash. >> now to the aftermath of another tragic accident. in spain, mourners have gathered in memory of the people killed in the train crash. hundreds of grieving families were joined by rescue workers who were at the scene. they also paid their final respects. on sunday, a judge said the driver of the train could face multiple charges of reckless homicide. >> moving onto business news now, one of the biggest names in german industry is in the midst of a board room battle. some are calling it a coup.
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>> the company's name is siemens, a conglomerate that makes everything from vacuum cleaners to power stations. it emerged that the ceo after the company issued its -- some say this story is not over yet. investors hopes that the new chief executives could shake up the multinational after a number of embarrassing scandals. now the abrupt dismissal is on the list. >> it is surprising that the changeover of such a major position happened in such a brief amount of time. one would have expected the supervisory board to lay a much more extensive plan. >> they have denied reports in
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the newspaper that he was willing to go only if he went, too. instead, he has taken the blame for a series of missteps that plagued him during his time as ceo, including delays in the wnd turbine projects and missed delivery targets. he was once the man. >> all of that drama in the grips of the market says it got underway. more on the story. >> people here on the floor are quite glad that the power struggle is over. people here did not think he was the right man for the job in the end. he leaves many problem areas behind.
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he made clear it is not his and claymation or intention to communicate very effectively with investors or staff. if he is the best man for the job, people are doubtful about that, too. he can calm down the atmosphere in the group, people think, here. the enthusiasm for this development is waned somewhat. at the end of the day, losing a tad earlier. >> let's have a look at the numbers with a bit more detail. the dax closed very slightly higher. your stocks almost exactly flat on the day. very slight losses on the dow debtor. the euro is currently trading at one dollar 32. >> brussels collets and anna
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michael solution. china managed to defuse a major trade dispute. >> both sides have agreed a minimum price for those panels but not everyone is happy about the deal. >> european manufacturers of solar panels fears they'll be priced out of the market. they say that china has blackmailed the eu into what they see as dumping prices. represented their interests they say it will take legal action against the deal. but the trade commissioner regret -- rejects the criticism. solar panels will help. >> is is not about putting a price that at any case you can sell european solar panels. that is different. that is not what it is about.
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and if the european solar industry wants to continue selling solar panels, there will have to be competitive with the rest of the world. >> the eu had planned to impose terrorists -- terrorists -- tarrifs. >> still ahead, an international manhunt. >> a brief look at how the stories making headlines right now. >> the opposition has released the results of the election. provisional results gave the victory to the ruling party. >> the syrian army has taken another district from rebel forces. the syrian observatory for human rights clash has continued, but
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confirmed that troops loyal to a saw that now control most of it. >> the eu's foreign-policy chief on a visit to cairo has urged them to the layoff of their standoff. >> is is being called the heist of the century. prosecutors say jewels stolen are worth more than 100 million euros. it was a robbery that took place in daylight. >> a man stuffed a briefcase of diamonds and fancy watches on display and simply walked out again. the launch to an israeli diamond mandate. >> it is hard to believe that this is the third major jewelry
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heist this year. >> i will not be cutting -- putting my jewels on display. >> when we come back, the people speak their mind. >> politics explained through claymati
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>> welcome back. hope frances has given his strong's position on a more liberal position of social issues. he stunned reporters by asking this question. who am i to judge a person who is gay? >> he also said he wanted women to have a bigger role in the church, although not as priests. he also referred the position that homosexual acts are a sin. raising hopes among catholic performers. >> my joy is much greater than my exhaustion.
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on the return flight, francis surprised journalists bite fielding any questions they have for him. he said he wanted women to have more prominent roles in the church, though not as priests. although homosexual acts are sinful, discrimination is just as wrong. god and has goodwill, who am i to judge him? >> with his remarks, he remained within the bounds of catholic doctrine, but his tone earned reporters applause. the pontiff said his six-day bridge -- six-day visit to brazil m exhilarated but tired. there was an epic mass in copacabana. he had a message for the legions of young people there.
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>> the pope is counting on you. mary, mother of jesus, and our motto -- our mother. go and make disciples of all people. inspirational words for a new generation of catholics. and arousing and to a trip that showed once again pope is more than comfortable overturning convention. >> for our next story, we stay in south america. hugo chavez has been dead for five months but he still looms large in venezuela. over the weekend he celebrated -- the government celebrate what would've been his 59th birthday. >> under the new leader, venezuela's problems have just continued to mount.
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>> nicolas maduro's rule began. the former bus driver and union leader was anointed to carry on his socialist legacy and was elected president in april. unlike his predecessor, he rarely misses a chance to take a shot at the u.s.. >> zero-tolerance for the aggression of the american gringo against our venezuela. zero tolerance. >> his offer underscores that defiance. despite the efforts to follow his mentor, the public response has been mixed. >> this is a complete mess. that does not seem to be an escape, a solution. >> so far, he has done very well. especially since he reaches out to the people to find out what they need. >> economically, his 100 days in office have been a disaster.
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everyday goods are scarce. inflation is up. he has so far failed on his promise to make venezuela safer. the country has the highest murder rate. >> venezuelans to not feel more secure than they did days ago. venezuelans do not have greater purchasing power than 100 days ago. what has happened in the last 100 days is a significant deterioration of the quality of life for venezuelans. >> hugo chavez would've been 59 on sunday. he visited chavez's mausoleum. he said a prayer for his predecessor and possibly for
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himself. >> back here in germany in just two months time, the words droned could become a lethal weapon in the campaign. >> the defense minister, one of angela merkel's closest allies is under pressure to resign for developing the drones after hundreds of millions of euros were wasted. >> you will be growth later this week. >> he told the parliamentary debate education committee he did not know why the program was -- investigation committee he did not know why the program was stopped.
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>> he just hit his head in the sand instead of solving it. >> the problem was that the authorities are unlikely to promote the man to fly in the airspace. he canceled the drones program in may. the opposition says they knew about the problem much earlier. the german media is saying that chancellor merkel is standing by her defense minister. a spokesperson confirmed that. >> she has complete confidence in him. i have nothing more to add. >> on wednesday, he is due to appear before the committee to give his version of the fiasco. >> two months until election time. no sign of the opposition landing a knockout blow on angela merkel. but are the opinion polls always right? >> life is getting harder for the polls in germany does the
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alliance is becoming more and more blurred. >> he or she now reserves the right to switch teams without notice. >> once upon a time, german voters were wonderfully predictable. >> they knitted sweaters. blue-collar workers favorite the social democrats. they were reluctant to embrace change for the conservatives. everything was nice and orderly. >> in the past, families would vote the same way in an election but that is no longer the case. i don't know which way my children will vote. >> it is no longer possible to put germans into neat boxes. take protesters for example.
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it is not just young rebels taking to the streets. conservators and pensioners are at it, too. the division between left and right is disappearing. >> i think conservatives who want to maintain whatever is good about the status quo have to open their eyes to what is new and take account of that, too. >> the image of the conservative, simply thing -- keeping things as they were, no longer carries much weight and is wrong. >> but conservatives do have issues on which they will not budge. many reject giving equal rights to homosexual couples, but in the long term, refusing to embrace change can cost votes. that is something conservatives are noticing. it did not want to lose the support of the traditional voters either.
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>> s means you have to serve all sections of society from small business owners to major entrepreneurs to people on welfare. you have to have a foot in all caps. >> most germans tend to limit their involvement in politics to watching party campaign ads. if you want to get involved. -- you -- do you -- few want to get involved. >> they see the same nonsense and think that what politics is. they think but we do in berlin is like something from the muppet show. >> so how best to win votes? one person knows how. chancellor angela merkel. her tactic is to promise everyone a little something without committing to anything too specific. a winning strategy so far, much to the frustration of her opponents.
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>> we have time to turn to a sport that germany dominates in europe like virtually no other. >> we are talking about a women's soccer. if european championships sixth in a row. >> the captain led the way, trophy in hand. around 5000 fans filled up to cheer their soccer euros. the team spent the night celebrating their victory in sweden, but no one showed signs of tiredness in front of their followers. coach sylvia has complement to their players on the win. >> beginning with the finals, our team really pulled together. we grew closer and play with a lot of courage and passion. we had a great team spirit and held each other. >> in the hard-fought final, it
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was the substitute who had just been brought on who scored the match winner. the germans worked hard to defend their lead. the team's experienced player warded off two penalty kicks. >> somehow, i think we had a higher power on our side against norway because i do not think there has ever been a vital with a winner block to penalties. we are overjoyed. >> with an average age of just over 23 years, this young team could have a lot more to celebrate in the future. >> that is all we have time for. >> stay with us here. we will have some more news for you in about 33 minutes time. see you later.
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