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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hello and welcome to "newsline." it's wednesday, july 31st. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. after a three-year stalemate, israel and palestine will soon resume peace negotiations. the two sides have committed to at least nine months of talks. israeli justice minister tzipi
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livni and palestinian chief negotiator, saeb erekat, made the announcement after a two-day meeting in washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry joined as mediator. kerry said the negotiators will hold the next round of talks within two weeks either in israel or the palestinian territories. >> we all know that it's not going to be easy. it's going to be hard with ups and downs. but i can assure you that these negotiations -- in these negotiations, it's not our intention to argue about the past but to create solutions and make decisions for the future. >> i'm delighted that all final status issues are on the table and will be resolved without any exceptions, and it's time for the palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own.
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>> the peace talks have been stalled for nearly three years. confrontations over israel's construction of jewish settlements on occupied land have been a major factor. supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi have gathered in cairo to mourn those killed in clashes with security forces last week. 80 people died. the former president's political base, the muslim brotherhood, held a massive rally for the victims on tuesday. more than 10,000 supporters participated. they walked along the capital's main streets, carrying wooden boxes resembling coffins. >> translator: the security forces and the military are the real terrorists, if they intend to crush the kmobters, they'll face the judgment of history. >> thousands of morsi supporters are continuing sittins in cairo. they're demanding morsi be
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restored as president. security forces are preparing to disburse the protesters, saying they're destabilizing society. pakistani lawmakers have elected a veteran politician as president. mum noon hussein is a trusted al haidari of prime minister sharif. members of the two houses of parliament and assemblies in four provinces made up the electoral college that elected hussein. he won more than 80% of the votes. hussein is a member of the prime minister's pakistan must lick league. he is relacing adoory in september. he'll join the leadership team facing a number of challenges from overseeing anti terrorism measures to reversing an economic slump. the president serves as head of state, but the post is largely ceremonial. legislators stripped the presidency of many powers when they revised the constitution three years ago. a u.s. military judge has handed down a ruling in a case that ignited a debate about public security and freedom of
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information. she found army private bradley manning guilty on 20 counts, including espionage, for leaking classified information to the website, wikileaks. but she found him not guilty on the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. manning worked as an intelligence analyst in baghdad. he handed over a trophy of documents, including diplomatic cables and battlefield videos to wiki leaks. it was the largest unauthorized release of classified data in u.s. history. wikileaks founder, julian assan assange, criticized the decision. >> it is a dangerous precedent and example of national security extremism. it is a short-sighted judgment that cannot be tolerate and had it must be reversed. it can can never be the conveying true information to the public is espionage. >> manning could face up to 136 years in military prison. local media say the judge will
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take up the question of sentencing later in the day. italy's supreme court has started hearing a case which could endanger the country's shaky coalition government. former prime minister silvio berlusconi is appealing a verdict, convicting him of tax fraud. a lower court found him guilty of tax evasion over the purchase of broadcasting rights for his media empire. it banned him from public office for five years, and sentenced him to four years in jail. berlusconi appealed the ruling, saying it was politically motivated. a public prosecutors is asking the supreme court to uphold the conviction, but he recommended the ban from public office be reduced to three years. berlusconi's people of freedom party helps hold together the coalition government. and some italians fear if the judges rule against him, the government could be plunged into crisis. investigators in spain say the driver of the train that derailed last week was talking
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on the phone at the time of the crash. the investigators made the announcement after analyzing information from the train's data recorders. the driver is under arrest following the accident on a high-speed railway line near santiago de compostela july 24th. the crash killed 79 passengers. he reportedly received a call to his work phone several minutes before the accident. he was apparently consulting a document during the conversation. the investigators say the train was traveling at 192 kilometers per hour shortly before the accident. they also say the brake was activated but the train entered a curve at 153 kilometers per hour, nearly double the speed limit, and derailed. the investigators are looking into whether the driver violated work regulations. drug makers at novalte's
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phrma are facing more questions about a drug used to treat high blood pressure. researchers at a japanese university have found that clinical data for the drug was manipulated. a panel from the medical school looked into research used to approve the drug. scientists at several universities including gk participated in the research. members of the university's panel say the research contains data on blood pressure that does not match the original clinical records. but they say they don't believe researchers from their school altered the data. a former official from novartis led the research team. the official took part in clinical tests at a number of medical schools. panel members criticize the researchers for not reporting that someone from the pharmaceutical company participated in the study. the revelations follow others earlier this month from kyoto prefectural university of medicine. scientists there had said the drug is more effective than others in reducing strokes and angina. now they say their clinical
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study may have come to the wrong conclusions. managers at novartis pharma used the results of the study to promote the drug. annual sales of the drug in japan were worth about $1 billion. a political banner at a japan south korea soccer match has stoked tensions between the two countries. now south korean foreign ministry officials say a japanese minister in charge of sports has made offensive remarks. he commented on the banner displayed by south korean soccer fans at the east asia soccer championship in seoul on sunday. >> translator: such an incident shows the cultural level of a nation. i hope south koreans will watch sports games in a fair manner. >> he also said if soccer fans had tried to do the same in
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japan, they would have been stopped. the banner read "a people who forget history have no future," a criticism of remarks by japanese politicians on historical issues between the two countries. now fifa, the governing body for world soccer, bans political statements at matches. the banner could be a violation of the rule. some people in south korea say the fans should not have brought the banner to the game. but others have criticized some japanese fans for carrying the country's rising sun flag. many south koreans see the flag as a militaristic symbol. time now for the latest in business news. people following wall street saw lackluster trading overnight. investors seem to be staying away from making big moves. so ai joins us from the business desk with more on that. tell us, why are investors so cautious? >> catherine, they're keeping their eye on the federal reserve, and there's also some
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important data this week out of the u.s., for example. we have gross domestic product and also the jobs reports. u.s. stock prices ended mixed tuesday. the dow jones industrial average and s&p almost unchanged. but technology stocks helped lift the nasdaq, actually, to a 12-year high. well, let's see how japanese markets are starting off. for that we go to eileen lee at the tokyo stokes. will we have a quiet session with the spotlight on the fed and corporate earnings? >> it seems that way. currently investors selling shares ahead of the conclusion of the meeting and earnings releases. here are the opening levels for wednesday, july 31st. the nikkei is now 1.33% at 13,684 points after rebounding from a four-week low on tuesday, as dollar yen went back to the 98 level. and at the moment, the index is just slightly higher for july.
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the broader topix is down 0.85%. and earnings reports are in the spotlight in an otherwise quiet session. among companies that released earnings on tuesday, we may want to follow the shares of mitsubishi motors, its operating profit for the april/june quarter rose 7% from the year before due to a weaker yen. but a company is also facing a drop in sales in thailand, which is one of its biggest markets. while the weaker yen is helping to boost earnings of japanese exporters, it's also helping those of some other companies, like all nippon railways through the cost of fuel. and speaking about the yen, let's take a look at some currency compares. dollar/yen is trading at 97.95-96. movement is relatively limited amid mixed economic data in the
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u.s. the case-shiller home price index would increase on the year, but consumer confidence for july fell from the previous month. and for now, as we said, all eyes are on the outcome of the fed meeting. and in europe, the focus is on the european central bank policy meeting on thursday. euro/yen at the bottom of the screen is at 129.95-99. and we have more earnings reports from companies like japan airlines, toshiba and honda later today and we'll keep track of that. for now, a pretty negative stock for the trading session today. back to you, ai. >> thanks for the update from the tokyo stock exchange. as you know, investors are waiting for two announcements from the u.s., gdp and the federal reserve's decision on monetary policy. now, david stockton is a former director at the fed and senior fellow at the peterson institute of international economics.
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we asked him for his views. >> first of all, i would like to ask you about the outlook of the gdp coming up. what is your prospect? >> i think we're likely to see a weak second quarter figure, somewhere probably at 1% or below at an annualized rate. and that comes on the heels of 1.5% in the first so the economy in the first half has certainly underperformed its potential. >> reporter: what do we expect from the next monetary meeting coming up on the same day. do you think the weak numbers would affect some of the fed's decision? >> so i think it will certainly be some influence on their decision. they probably at this point are reading the data, as many economists are here, as having been relatively soft in terms of gdp. on the other hand, the labor market has actually performed quite well with payroll employment gains running around 200,000 a month over the past six months. that's a pretty solid performance.
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so i think ultimately, while gdp will certainly be a factor that they will consider, they're going to be looking more forward than looking backward. so the weakness in the first half will likely bother them less if they see signs over the next month or so that the economy seems to be picking up for the first half softness. >> reporter: so what would you be expecting from this monetary policy meeting? we've been hearing there might be some changes in the guidance. >> so i think this meeting is likely to be pretty quiet. i think the -- and i would not expect any major announcements of policy change, and i wouldn't expect too many changes in the fomc statement, which will be released wednesday. if there is any change, i think it's likely to incorporate what chairman bernanke talked about in his press conference. he indicated at that time that he saw likely that the qe purchases would end in the middle of 2014 when the unemployment rate was running
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about 7%, according to their forecasts. so there's some chance that that will actually be incorporated into the fomc statement. but other than that, i think this is likely to be a pretty quiet meeting. so i still think the most likely time for the first tapering would be september. and i think that's where the center of gravity of the fomc, certainly the fomc voters, is at this point. as you know, there are some people who wanted for some time to actually end qe immediately. and certainly president george of the kansas city fed has been dissenting on that for that reason, for quite some time. and there are others that probably are nervous about beginning to taper now and would prefer to do it later. but i think if the labor market continues to show gains in jobs of let's say between 175,000 and 200 over the next couple of months, and if the economy looks like it's rebounding from the doldrums that it hit in the first half of this year that were likely attributable to fiscal policy, i think tapering
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in september seems like the most likely outcome. if that doesn't happen, and if there are any significant setbacks, especially on the labor market side, i think we could easily see the tapering put off until december. but at this point, i still think september looks like -- until december -- still think september looks like the most likely outcome. executives at japanese electronicsmaker n.e.c. may bow out of the smartphone business. they say it's getting difficult to get ahead of their rivals. the firm's smartphone division has lagged behind overseas makers like apple in the development of new models. that's shrinking its market share back home. the operators of mobile phone carrier ntt promote units produced by sony and south korean maker samsung. the weak sales of nec smartphones contributed to three straight years of losses in the firm's mobile phone business. nec executives in 2010 integrated the division with
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those of cassio computer and hitachi. analysts say more may withdraw or tie up with other firms in order to survive the competition. and leading japanese mobile operator soft bank plans to establish a base in california. it aims to team up with major i.t. firms, and develop new technologies. softbank president sun announced on tuesday that his company will set up the operation in september. it will be in silicon valley. a world center of the i.t. industry. >> translator: to capture the world's state-of-the-art technologies, and services, we need to set up various strategic bases in silicon valley. and do our best there.
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>> the plan follows softbank's takeover of major u.s. mobile carrier, sprint/next tele. also on tuesday, they said the operating profit grew more than 90% compared to the previous year. it posted a record high of nearly $4 billion. japanese consumer products maker kao expects to lose about $100 million in sales in the current fiscal year. that is because of a recall in skin whitening products by a group company kanebo. >> translator: i deeply apologize for the inconvenience and anxiety we have caused. >> kao president said the group's operating profits for the same period will fall by about $60 million. sawata said the group will unite to prevent a recurrence. he said the company will fully support those who develop skin
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problems after using kanable's skin whitening cosmetics. about 2,000 customers in japan have complained of developing white blotches and other symptoms. the company recalled 54 skin whitening products in early july. more headlines for you in business next hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets. good brush strokes will only get you so far in a calligraphy performance contest. you've also got to be able to boogie.
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last week high schools in japan competed in the latest championships. among the painters and prancers was a team whose members went through the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. ♪ >> reporter: participants from 20 high schools gathered to compete in the town of shikokochuo. and there competing for the first time were students from the high school. this is the team captain. for she and her teammates, there was more at stake than giving a good performance. >> caller: it's really hard, because where we lived, all our vital services were knocked out. we had no water or electricity. >> reporter: after the march 11th disaster, some of them had
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to live at an evacuation site for a long time. they had a great deal of trouble practicing calligraphy performance. a month after the disaster, a paper mill sent the students a gift. it was washi paper, the kind calligraphies write their characters on. the students decided that performing well would be the best way to thank the donor. it would also boost the morale of residents helping with the city's reconstruction. in their daily rehearsals, they polished their skills to such a fine sheen, they were chosen to be among the 51 schools competing in the calligraphy championship. >> translator: we're receiving all kinds of help for our troubles. and we still have a long way to go. that's why we're here to show we're moving forward. ♪
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>> reporter: as thousands of people looked on, they were ready to show what they could do. >> translator: i'm nervous. but i'll do my best. >> reporter: they wanted to send a message to the people in their hometown, and those in the areas hit by the disaster. ♪ >> reporter: they wrote two characters meaning step forward.
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even though the team didn't win the championship, it earned a prize for energetic performance and teamwork. >> reporter: back where the students come from, reconstruction is still under way. as the city's old vigor gradually returns, the students will hone their skills to bring home the championship next year. nhk world.
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time now for a check on the weather. people in southeast asia are dealing with torrential rains. meteorologist say ga mory tells us the latest. >> this southwest monsoon is very active so we are seeing more than average rainfall for many areas, particularly in the western parts of the indochina peninsula, numerous reports of land slides, as well as flooding. but unfortunately, no relief is in sight for the foreseeable future. we're expecting more than 150 millimeters of rain for the west coast, more than 200 millimeters for the southern parts of the indochina peninsula. so more disastrous conditions could happen, unfortunately. and you notice another area of heavy rain can be found across the person parts of the philippines, and this is due to a tropical depression over the south china sea. this is enhancing the southwest monsoon. and actually, the monsoon is enhancing the upper level high pressure, called the tibetan
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high, which is resulting in extremely high temperatures for the south and central parts of china, parts of the korean peninsula, as well as japan. so we have heat warnings and advisories posted for many areas. shanghai, the highs have been over 38 degrees over the past several days. your high could be 35 degrees today, as well as yamaguchi prefecture, as well. so drink plenty of water and take extra precautions against heatstroke. now to the north of it, where hot air is colliding with warmer air -- excuse me, cool air, we're seeing quite heavy rain from southwestern china through northeastern china, the korean peninsula, as well as the western flank of japan. so heavy rain will raise the risk of flooding. across north america, there are two areas of severe weather, one is in the northern half of the plains. actually, one tornado has been reported in south dakota with hail the size of a golf ball. the system is expected to head towards the south, affecting the kansas area on your wednesday. and another area can be found
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across the mid mississippi river valley and surrounding areas. the greater risk could be damaging winds, as well as lightning. this system will also head toward the southeast. towards the west, looking quite dry and no monsoonal showers for the southwest. and towards the north, there's a high risk of wildfires. temperatures will be comfortable across the coastal areas, 27 degrees in seattle. the very hot in phoenix at 42 degrees on wednesday. all right in europe, yesterday we showed you some video of a tornado in italy that i want to show you another video which was taken from inside the building. take a look at this video. this captures the moment a strong tornado hit a suburb of milan. these amateur videos show the system ripping through the industrial zone, sending debris flying through the air. it left a trail of devastation, overturning cars and trucks. no deaths have been reported. there are reports of a dozen
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injuries. very serious video up there. but unfortunately -- but luckily, the system has weakened and shifted towards the east. so no tornado threat anymore. across the west, the pacific system is moving into the british isles once again. heavy rain will likely continue for much of the british isles into your friday. but other than that, staying quite dry and quite pleasant at 24 degrees in berlin and 29 degrees in vienna. the hottest place is going to be found across the peninsula. here is the extended forecast. investors are bracing for
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name that's foul for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: army private bradley manning was acquited on the most serious charge of "aiding the enemy," but convicted on multiple counts for violating the espionage act. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, manning could now face up to 136 years in prison for giving classified information to wikileaks. we examine the verdict and ask, did he get a fair trial? >> brown: then, a group of top doctors and scientists want to change the definition of ca.


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