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tv   Journal  PBS  September 16, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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watching "the journal." >> coming up on the show -- >> the u.n. confirms sarin gas was used in syria last month and calls the attack a war crime. >> two suspects are still at large and 12 people are dead after a shooting at a washington met -- washington naval base. >> and a luxury cruise liner, the costa concordia, is being raised. soldiers hope to find the bodies of the two missing victims.
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>> now is the time for the un security council to show leadership on serious. those are the words of the un's secretary-general as he laid out a long-awaited report that sarin gas was indeed used outside damascus. >> the report does not say who was responsible for the attack but he called it an attack that left hundreds of civilians dead, war crime, and that the perpetrators must be brought to justice. he also hoped to have inspectors returned to syria. >> after weeks of conjecture, u.n. inspectors confirmed what many said all along, that a chemical weapons attack did take place on august 21. the un's secretary-general says the evidence was overwhelming and indisputable. >> a report to investigate allegations on the use of
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chemical weapons in syria has concluded that chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale in an area of damascus on august the 21st, causing numerous casualties, particularly among civilians. >> the inspectors discovered clear evidence that the nerve agent sarah and was founded in -- in environmental samples. it concluded the gas was the liver by surface to surface rockets. but there was no determination of who was responsible. he said whoever was behind the attack but a crime against humanity and should be held accountable. >> after two and half years of tragedy, now is the time for the security council to show leadership and exercise its
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moral and political responsibilities. >> the u.s., france and britain agreed on a binding timetable for syria. >> if assad fails to comply with the terms of this framework, make no mistake we are all agreed, and that includes russia, that there will be consequences. >> the message to damascus is clear -- the threat of military action is still on the table. but the statement triggered indignation from russia. the foreign mr. -- foreign minister said that was not in the terms agreed to and any threat of force could wreck the chances of peace. >> what new information does this long-awaited report contain? astern to our chemical weapons expert. can you tell us more about this report? >> good evening.
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what is important is that this properly investigated report confirms some things we thought we already knew and added additional data to it erie it so now we have the fact about this attack on the 21st of august. the other thing that is important is the combination of elements of the report. it does not a state conclusion on one or two pieces of evidence. it looks at the weapons, samples taken in the environment, and medical investigations conducted . there was a whole range of assessments that come together to create a picture of what happened. >> he wants inspectors to head back into syria. might they be able to discover who exactly was responsible for the attack? >> the inspectors need to go
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back simply because of the fact that it involves a variety of staff and the inspection only -- the question of who was the perpetrator, there may be other sources of ends -- of information it needs to be brought to bear. the information available from the independent serious commission of the human rights council and there are other sources that have correct and the data and information. i don't think that was the mandate of the u.n. team to investigate. >> what about the plans for removing syria's chemical stockpiles? is that a step in the right direction? >> i think it is a step in the right direction. it is very ambition -- very ambitious. the timetable is incredible. we are trying to go through a very intensive and energetic exercise.
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this is not going to be easy at all. going to be difficult and dangerous to do. but if it works, it will take out of the equation chemical weapons and hopefully open up other news for other types of arrangements. >> thank you very much for joining us area >> on the ground, the situation on the border between syria and turkey turned tense after it was confirmed turkey shot down a syrian the military helicopter that it says entered its airspace. >> the chopper was detected two kilometers inside the order. the turkish air defense said it issued several warnings before its warplanes fired missiles. the helicopter reportedly crashed on syrian the soil. relations between damascus and ankara have deteriorated since the outbreak of the syrian civil war. in the u.s. capital, washington,
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at least 12 people are reported dead at this hour in the mass shooting at a naval yard. one of the gunman is among the dead. police are searching for an accomplice dressed in military style gear. >> police descended after shots were heard shortly after 8:00 a.m. local time. the base is under lockdown. there by residents are urged to stay indoors. a motive for the shooting is unknown so far. security has been tightened at the white house and capitol nearby. you have been following the situation. what is the latest? >> probably the most important thing that happened in the last couple of minutes, and if this is changing very fast, but police found within the compound who they believe to be one of the gunmen, has been identified
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as a 34-year-old navy employee. up until shortly, police and death guy who have taken the lead in the investigation here were still looking for two other people they describe as to allege men. one black, one white, both wearing a military style uniform. the white person was apparently cleared, so police are still looking for the other one, looking through the whole compound, which is difficult because this is a huge area. you have to imagine it like a college campus. you have all kinds of agencies and you have helicopters hovering over the area. this is probably the biggest police mobilization since 9/11 and washington d.c.. >> developing situations -- do we have any idea what may have
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motivated them? >> if you have one person doing this or two, it changes the whole picture. if you have two, it means they were organized and a whole different dimension. if it was only the one person who was found dead, his work status, and again this is not confirmed, this is information we have from other u.s. media. his work status was changed this year, so there is speculation this whole incident was job- related. but this is unconfirmed. the official line from the leases they don't know what the motive is. >> we better leave it there. thank you. in other news, europe has taken the lead in helping somalia to rebuild, with about 1.8 billion euros promised. >> they came up with a three- year plan aimed at strengthening the somali economy.
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>> the delegations met in brussels to endorse the land that includes step to foster political by a log after decades of civil war. >> terror and chaos -- familiar images from somalia. civil war has raged there for two decades but the situation has begun to improve area somalia is starting to rebuild and you is providing significant aid. the president of somalia presented a plan that promises reconstruction, security, and a return to the rule of law. >> a remarkable transformation is being achieved in small he is the world recognizes we have the greatest opportunity, but not without potentials in a generation to reinvest on a sustainable he's and development -- sustainable he's and development. >> they promised 600 50 billion euros in aid provided by other
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countries and other nations. 1.8 billion euros in all, mostly earmarked for development and security. >> recent terrorist attacks demonstrate the remain threats to security. human rights are still under risk in parts of the country. so the commitment to address these issues as fundamental but the good news is you are not walking alone. you have the european union and international community by you. >> the eu hopes somalia will make strides toward peace and democracy. plans are already in place for democratic elections in 2016. >> an unprecedented operation is underway to lift up right the giant costa concordia cruiseship . >> over a year and a half ago, the ship ran aground killing 32 people. the captain who abandon the vessel is currently on trial. >> direct vessel has been lying on its side on a reef but
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hundreds of engineers are working to right the ship so that it can be towed away and be dismantled. >> it is a painfully slow is a jerk, rotating the 300 meter ship so it sits upright in the water. but the progress can be seen in degrees. the rusty brown wedge is the part that spent 20 months underwater. engineers have succeeded in detaching the rex from the rock where it ran aground. that was a major hurdle. the rack is being pulled up right with cables and steel boxes that are gradually filled with water to service counterweights. a more boxes will be added to the other side. they will be filled with air as the ship is re-floated. but there remains a real danger the wreck could break apart. it's the largest salvage operation of its kind and it's taking longer than planned.
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the engineers must ensure the safety of their colleagues in the water. >> we don't know if we will be finished with all of this by midnight. there are certain things that need to be done and we want to take our time. >> once it is upright, residents will have to live with the rack a little longer. efforts to tow the ship to poor for dismantling are not due to start until next spring. >> for the latest on this story, we go to our correspondent. there are some real challenges in this operation. how is everything going? >> we were all set to hear this operation was going to be over by 9:00 tonight. that is not the case. it's going well on into the night out, possibly until dawn. the reason is unclear but it seems they are being a lot more cautious than they set out to
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be, perhaps after 20 months and 600 million euros spent, they just did not want to mess it up. they are taking it slowly as they increase the enormous pressure on the ship. >> how did people feel about the safety of cruise liners today? >> there has been a lot of talk about it since the accident but the cruise ships are more popular than ever. it seems that any alarm bells have been unheeded. >> thank you so much. >> some football gets underway with for german teams competing. >> the defending champs are the early favorites to win it all
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over again. >> we have more news coming up in just a bit. first a brief break. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back. it is election season in germany and angela merkel got a tailwind when her par state are lamentinl voting. >> but it wasn't all good news for her bid for reelection as chancellor in the national elections next weekend. that is because her junior coalition partners failed to clear the 5% hurdle to make it to the various day polls great >> will the same thing happen again on the national stage? >> angela merkel was tight lipped about the bavarian
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election results as she greeted young campaigners for her christian democratic union. >> have a good trip great >> her party is campaigning hard ahead of sunday's election. officials say they can't afford to lose a single vote, even to its preferred coalition partner, the free democrats. >> if you want germany to stay the course and angela merkel to remain our chancellor, you must give both votes to the cdu. we don't have any votes to give away. >> but to the ftp is harder to win conservative voters. votes for the ftp are not votes against the chancellor, on the contrary. >> anyone who wants angela merkel can also vote for the ftp. they will be voting for and strengthening the coalition. >> the vote in bavaria was up only slightly, but the opposition party is spinning the result as a tailwind for the
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national election. party leaders called for a last- minute push to get out the vote. >> on sunday, the election will be decided on turnout. if the turnout reaches 75% or above, then spangled will become chancellor and govern with the greens. >> polls indicate they are faltering nationally. >> that means we have to do everything we can before sunday to make clear how crucial the election is. >> crucial is how angela merkel's conservatives see it great if they failed to make the election hurdle, she could be chancellor but probably at the head of a grand coalition with her main rival. >> for more, we are joined by our correspondent, john barrett area is at the online, that it looks just that little bit more likely we will end up with a
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grand coalition the sunday? >> that's the interpretation of angela merkel's junior coalition party, the ftp. there was a notice of despair, almost panic in the voice of the party leader this morning when he appealed urgently to german voters to give them their second vote. each german voter has two votes. the first is for a direct vote for the candidate, the second one is for a party. >> so the ftp fighting for its life. what can we expect? we have six days of campaigning. >> i think the ftp will be raising this are of a left wing coalition and presenting itself as the only antidote to that presumed danger. then there is the green party, which is trying to limit damage at the moment following a scandal which lou up just today
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involving the leader of the party. as for chancellor merkel, she will reasonably continue giving the impression it is to need her dignity to even fight an election. >> we will be talking to you a lot this week as the elections come in. as john mentioned, one of the green party's two main candidates is sounding off criminal is him that he supported some warm-up at ophelia in 1980s. >> the controversy surrounds a local elect to pamphlet in 1981 for which he was listed as legally responsible. it included calls not to punish consensual sexual acts between adults and children. the proposal was put forward by an activist group and the green party had failed to block it. he expressed regret for his failure to do so. >> berlin's landmark department
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store has a new owner. >> the austrian-based sigma holdings. about 300 million euros for the prestigious stores and outlets from one of germany's best-known brand names. but it has been struggling for years. a billionaire took over when it's previous owner files were anchored cnn and used to restructure the chain. >> who will be the next head of the world's most powerful central bank? that is the question markets are asking after larry summers pulled out of the race. and it seems the traders will not be missing in. >> speculation about the federal reserve led to a rally here on the frankfurt or. on the one hand, investors think the successor of ben bernanke may be dovish which means this
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is -- which means the successor will stick to low interest rates and, on the other hand, investors are speaking about this week's that meeting where maybe the bond buying program may be reduced to the fed. but investors do not inc. this will have a severe impact on share markets. the dax rallied his monday and headed for new record highs. >> let's check out the numbers for you in a bit or details, starting off in frankfurt. more record highs on the way with the dax closing one point two percent higher. the euro stoxx 50 was rocketing up. across the atlantic, the dow jones at 15,500 exactly. the euro trading a little down against the u.s. dollar. >> germany's biggest airlines need the new boss.
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the ceo of lufthansa has announced he is leaving to take the position is that a drug taker. >> he has headed lufthansa since 2011. the airline was hit by the global recession and fuel costs, he introduced a turnaround program that included thousands of job cuts and an expanded role for its local subsidiary. he will step down next day. from planes to automobiles and the frankfurt auto show, this is a big year for chinese firms with almost 130 exhibitors taking part great >> almost all of them are suppliers of components rather than full- scale automakers. so far, the sluggish european market has not been a draw for chinese brands. >> with some signs of life, there's hope the car market will recover.
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>> china's auto industry is growing in prominence. the countries fourth largest in your factor is in frankfurt for the second time. this time, it has brought an entire range of models from family cars to luxury limousines, some of which are reminiscent of volkswagen designs. the cars are still not available in europe. the carmaker seems happy just to promote its brand. that might take a while. ford's european sales remain one third down on 2007 before the global financial crisis struck. ford is cutting costs but still has to attract customers with new products. >> we are posting positive results. sales oleum's are up and we are
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developing new models and technologies which will make us competitive worldwide. >> the new models include this revamped luxury sedan. ford has wrought some of its own chinese models to the frankfurt show. it has had a joint venture there for 10 years. >> out to another joint venturer with more than business at stake. the joint venture is run by north and south korea and reopened after months of reaction when operations were suspended in april when tensions soared between the north and the south area >> traffic has turned to caisson. for the past five months, there's hardly a car or truck on the road. now the industrial park is back in business. it was a day of reflection for many of the 800 or so south koreans who were once again crossing the border on their way to work.
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>> we will warmly greet on north korean colleagues. we will be happy to see each other again erie it >> i hope everything runs smoothly from now on. that it once again becomes the lively place it used to be. caisson lies 10 kilometers north of the border separating the two koreas. the giant complex employs 55,000 workers, mostly from the north. they work for 120 companies, most of them from the south. it's a symbol of hope and a ray of light for the north's decimated economy erie it most of the people live and die in poverty. may have to raise their own vegetables or keep animals just to survive. the infrastructure is crumbling and there are few consumer goods and not enough reduction equipment. since the fall of communism in russia and eastern europe, the
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north's only two reliable partners are neighboring china to the north and south korea, thanks above all to the caisson complex. >> finally the polar bear making money from beyond the grave. it has won a trade mark battle over it bear which died. >> luckily for the zoo, they have built a day -- they have upheld claim against the british product trying to use the same name erie the bear took the world by storm after his mother rejected him and he had to be raised by his keeper. >> the richest bear in the cemetery. >> thank you for joining us area -- thank you for joining us.
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