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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  PBS  September 22, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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from washington, the mclaughlin group the american original. first for over three decades the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. founding provided in part by >> d.c. war zone. >> like pow pow pow. few seconds it stopped and pow pow pow. >> another day of horror in the united states of america. >> 12 people shot to death. 34-year-old american citizen opened fire monday morning in the washington navy yard
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located less than 3 miles from the white house. the dead were employees of the military complex. the oldest naval installation in the nation. the shooter aaron alexis was himself shot dead by the police. aaron alexis had legal access to the compound where he was working on a project. the family said he had a decade long history of mental illness and received treatment from the va. also he had an arrest record for two shootings. in seattle he shot out a man's tires in rage. in texas three years ago he shot a gun inside his apartment at the ceiling. after this shooting aaron
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alexis raise arrested and discharged from the armed forces but he went to work for a subcontractor at hewlett- packard and servicing the military. he experienced a disturbing episode that drew the police. aaron alexis told officers according to the report he was hearing voices. and that a kind of microwave machine was sending vibrations into his body. the police sarge wouldn't reported the incident said -- sergeant who reported the said aaron alexis was hearing voices. but this information was never passed up the chain of command. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said if red flags were raised they were missed. >> obviously when you go back and look at all this, there were red flags, of course there were. should we have picked them up,
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why didn't we, all those questions need obe answered -- to be answered. >> who is going to take the wrap or get the wrap or both? >> there is a more important question here, this is another in a series of massacres from fort hood to tucson, new town and aurora, colorado. he wanted to end his life and he said i am going to go out like the other people did in a way i become famous and people write about me and talk about me and the way to do that is kill more people than anyone else and that is the draw and the attraction and the reward he got for the way he ended his life. when you get people like that they will look at the examples before them and they all go out and do the same thing or try to
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do worse. >> was that harsh? >> i don't know if he was in search of celebrity. because he didn't live long enough to see it. he had mental problems and sought help but no real follow up. the thread between all of the shootings, there is mental illness involved. and as a society we are not good at recognizing what turns violent. the post reports that he was having work problems, that his work was being reevaluated and looks like the first people he shot in the head were people he worked with. you had a grudge, you know, bearing out in the violent way. lost of people have grudges, how do you tell when they will turn violent? one break down is he had a security clearance that carried on for 10 years. and that seems obscene and the same contractor that does the
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security, the background checks, the security clearance also did edward snowden. >> seems to be a smell there. that was subcontracted -- >> whether somebody is going to get fired i doubt that. >> well, part of the problem is the laws governing how we handle people with mental illness. they changed over the years. there is nowhere to put people so they are left to wander the streets. this was a common thread with many mass shootings. when people knew they had problems but they had nowhere to turn. that is one area we should look into. >> we should look into how we approve people who are trying to buy guns. this is still what happens. people kill people with guns. we do not have enough control over the guns that are bought by people. not going to be an easy thing
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to do. very controversial. >> passed background checks to buy the shotgun. >> we will get type that in a moment. >> all points bulletin. the mass shooting in the capital of the united states was front page news around the world. massacre in d.c. 12 dead in washington. germany, front page, blood bath at u.s. military base. >> question is, does it have its own similar horrors? >> they have it in europe as well. >> occasionally, though. >> not an every day occurrence. not here either. >> almost. >> we have too many murders with guns. this is something that has been a part of our society to a degree that hasn't happened in europe -- [ talking at the same time ] >> can't make the connection with the gun laws.
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there sashooting in chicago, 13 -- is a shooting in chicago, 13 people. norway, 77 people killed. no guns allowed there. [ talking at the same time ] >> you cannot make it correlation between strict gun laws and safety. if you look at the evidence. >> i think you can. norway had unshooting. finland -- had one shooting. finland -- >> what about chicago -- >> chicago is part of the u.s -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the easy availability of the guns, easier to buy guns than to give a driver's license -- [ talking at the same time ] >> after the new town massacre up there at that sandy hook elementary school, in newtown, gun sales doubled. people say better i can defend myself because nobody else will -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't think -- [ talking at the same time ] >> a sorry history. the shooting in washington was
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the latest in a long nationwide history. the following list does not include all the u.s. killings over the past six years. >> december 2012, newtown connecticut, 20 children and six adults shot to death. august 2012, oak creek, wisconsin, six killed. july 2012, colorado, 12 killed, 58 wounded. january 2011, tucson, arizona, six killed. and former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords severely injured. november 2009, texas, 13 killed. 29 wounded. april 2007, virginia tech, 32 killed by one shooter, the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. >> question, president obama on tuesday says if voters want gun legislation to get passed in
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congress, they should focus attention on congress. president obama highlighted of today's congress in order to deflect attention from joe biden. >> there are lot of gun laws on the books right now that aren't properly enforced. to ask congress to pass more laws when we are not making sure, you know, gun checks are taking into account people's mental health history -- [ talking at the same time ] >> do you remember joe biden being tasked with this -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it didn't evaporate. they were all voted down except one and that had to do with mental health -- [ talking at the same time ] >> if i could finish, ron barber who was injured when
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gabrielle giffords was shot, she has ledge -- he has legislation, there is maneuvering on that one narrow area in congress. >> but -- [ talking at the same time ] >> back to guns. colorado, two people voted for gun control after newtown they were recalled and defeated. >> right. right. >> president obama is frightened to death to go to congress. third, gun sales boomed, people are voting their beliefs by going to the store and buying the guns. [ talking at the same time ] >> question, in the wake of the murders will congress address the issues of violent mental illness histories and gun background checks. yes or no? >> no. we got -- the guy passed a background check --
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>> because of what -- he had problems. >> the background checks were passed. the toughest gun laws in the country -- >> why aren't they enforced? [ talking at the same time ] >> the gun dealer wants to sell that gun. >> it is ashotgun -- a shotgun. >> we live next to virginia who has it loosest laws -- [ talking at the same time ] >> one of the common threads is, are the shootings at institutions where guns aren't allowed? the people know no one is going to fire back at them. >> they don't walk into police stations. [ talking at the same time ] >> military bases the rule changed by bill clinton. >> it makes america stink in terms of the way it looks. particularly to europe. >> the way it appears it is one
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of the black marks on the way america is scene. we should have a greater degree of control over, particularly when you recognize how many people have serious mental problems -- [ talking at the same time ] >> gun lobby -- [ talking at the same time ] >> crime laws should be tougher and gun control should be stronger. [ talking at the same time ] >> you are worthy of carrying a gun, that is where the action ought to be. biden and obama problem. >> i don't know. it is something that is been around for a long time. [ talking at the same time ] >> how long do you think we will tolerate it? >> god knows. [ talking at the same time ] >> we still tolerate it. i don't know how long it will be. it is a disgrace it has taken so long. [ talking at the same time ] >> the gun dealers requirement
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or their requirement or the government's requirement -- >> congress can't pass them because people don't believe guns are the problem -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he got the guns legally. >> one shot gone. >> bought it legally -- [ talking at the same time ] >> when we come back -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you shouldn't be if you are a nut case. >> the feds stays the course. >> a precautionary step. >> the u.s. federal reserve sprang a surprise by maintaining its asset purchase is steady add $85 billion per month. this process is known as quantitative easen. an effort to prop of the recovery with billions of dollars in stimulus. with the stock market soring the announcement was
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unexpected. they said the federal reserve is avoiding a tightening till we can become comfortable the economy is growing the way we want it to be growing. unquote. >> question, is the american economy able to stand on its own now? or is it now an addict and it must have its fixes periodically. >> look, what this says, what this action says, we are not growing enough to create the jobs that this country needs. we have had a very weak recovery. the weakest of any recession and that is what this is about. he said we over estimated. we were over optimistic and that shows up in a terrible job's picture with 24 million people who are out of work or given up looking looking for work and with almost 25% of the people who are working are people who are working on a
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part time basis. 63% is the last job's numbers, part time jobs. that is a terrible way. a job is the most important family program and the most important social program in this country and that is something our government must find a way toparticipate in -- to participate in. >> growth was 1.8%. projected 3.5%. >> major disappointment. we have the largest stimulus program we have ever had. the average rate of growth in four years after a recession, 4.1%. now it is 1.8%. weakest recovery we have ever had. >> what about the performance of the market? >> the market does well because interest rates are low. that is a separate thing. [ talking at the same time ] >> it is part of the economy. a job is the most important part of the economy. that is where we are hurting. >> was the market getting
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jitters because of syria -- >> sure -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that is gone away. the real thing the market is concerned about, and it has done better because interest rates will stay lower but they are concerned about the economy. the market reflects the economy. >> he believes in the theory you have tapump money into the -- to pump money into the economy. he does the right thing. steps down in january. the president hasn't named yet the successor. looks like janet is the person -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the market shot up and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and the market shot up again. you got a big bubble in the market right now. 15,500 and one of these days it will pop. >> when are we going to get back to the 2007 employment levels?
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>> part time work isn't enough. in new jersey unemployment 8.5% but they lost thousands of jobs. it is an artificial number. a lot of the reason it has come down people aren't trying to find jobs. [ talking at the same time ] >> people left the labor force, not because we created enough jobs -- [ talking at the same time ] >> this particular recession was not just an ordidary business cycle. caused by deregulation, greed, collapse -- >> greed is universal -- [ laughter ] >> greed on wall street got excessive. and the nature of work is changing because of the internet, a lot of people are being replaced by automation and globalization. there are big forces out there
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-- [ talking at the same time ] >> john, the economy -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you got to have congress' help. >> a home for all. okay. on thursday pope francis sent an electric joke. in it pope francis stated the church was obsessed with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. he wants a more inclusive church. a home for all. question. is this pope getting off to a good start? pat? >> for himself she getting off to a good start. he hasn't changed anything but there is no doubt he moved leftward in terms of public perception. if the cardinals have known this he would not have been pope. >> look, they -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i tell you, he is stirring
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up trull for him -- stirring up for himself in the abortion issue. in the united states, does he not think that is a deadly serious matter? >> she looking at -- he is looking at his flock and how many people obey the dockrens and he is saying -- doctrines and he is saying the mission of the church is broader than to lecture on thes issues. he ought to give this interview to the republican party next. >> 1.2 billion catholics and not all are thrilled. their doctrine has been, you know, no enemies to the right. now they are taking in the opposite direction and there are conservative catholics don't like what he is talking about. >> he wants the church to be a
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house for all. not a small chapel for a few. what do you think of that? >> i think that is eloquent and i share his sentiment. i am not contactlic but i think he -- catholic but i think he reached out to a lot of people and i think he will inspire a lot of people. >> a number of years ago, look what happened to it. total collapse. largest religious in the united states is catholicism -- >> what do you think of the fact he likes -- [ talking at the same time ] >> outstanding. >> what do you think of the fact he likes -- >> good movie. talked about a decline and fall of the west. a theme familiar to me. [ laughter ] >> you didn't mention -- [
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talking at the same time ] >> the people is an italian from argentina. >> he likes -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> you know, the catholic church has been decimated by scandal, running out of priests -- in a way it is not surprising a pope will say we need to do something to keep more people included in the church. >> keeping priests celibate works for the economic benefit because you can put them in one rectory. do you think he would probably -- looks like he would lift the celibacy requirement for becoming a priest. >> i doubt it. [ talking at the same time ] >> the eastern -- [ talking at the same time ] >> would that leave the door open for a pope to marry? >> i think st. peter was
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married. >> st. peter was married? >> yeah. >> first pope. >> he complained about his mother-in-law. you remember that. >> issue 4, government shut down. the deadline for a government shut down is fewer than 10 days away. our speaker john boehner was faced with a familiar choice. embrace something which on its face seemed to be a comrumize with democratics -- compromise with democrats or surrender to demands guaranteeing a show down with president obama and democrats. well,ed a mid-week john boehner announced he -- nouned he would -- announced he would make up his mind, he would confront president obama and democrats in the senate. he scheduled an early vote that will grant money to keep the
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government open and at the same time eliminate money tounderwrite much of the -- to underwrite much of the obama healthcare law and republicans will challenge the administration further by demanding a one year delay of all features of the healthcare law, obama care. within minutes senate majority leader harry reid denounced the strategy describing republicans as anarchists. tying up the upper chamber to stall or deep 6 the obama healthcare law. bipartisan ship is a thing of the past. so if there is no action by september 30 a week from monday, every agents in the government will be shut down.
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in mid-octas more perilous -- october more perilous deadline, raise the debt limit of $17 trillion. >> the house of representatives voted yes to continue funding the government through mid- december. the vote was 230-189. two democrats joined the republicans. the bill defunds obama care. got it? are there enough votes in the senate to defund obama care? >> no, there are not. the democrats have a majority there. they will send it back to the house minus the provision that takes out the healthcare law. how far republicans are willing to go in battling to keep this out of the law. they will get the bill back on their side. what are they going to do? what are they going to put in
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the bill that might take out part of the law? democrats will take that out. send it back to the house. the republicans will make their next move. this could go on for another week or two. >> is this progress? >> depends who you ask? for the republicans who have been eager to stop the law, being imelemented in october -- implemented in october, they feel this is their last chance to stop it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> what do the gurus say? >> people say it will bring more people in who weren't able to get on healthcare, but other people -- [ talking at the same time ] it may hospitals to lay off. it is not clear if people are going to benefit from it yet. it is unpopular in polls. >> obama care isn't going
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anywhere and republicans are -- >> what do you mean -- >> they are not going to repeal it. it is the law of the land. it passed two houses of congress. the supreme court said it is constitutional. it is a done deal. >> do you think people -- [ talking at the same time ] >> -- are going to make the deadline? >> yes. >> the republicans are stumbling into a potential government shut down and they are fighting among themselves? >> republicans are doing the right thing fighting. i am not sure they are organized right. >> i agree. i think -- >> okay. >> there is a growing unpopularity of the legislation. >> president obama will meet at the u.n. and they will make big news. >> baked in the cake. >> yes. >> yes. >> we hope.
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>> yes. bye-bye. [ music ]
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