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tv   Journal  PBS  September 23, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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♪ >> live from the d.w. studios in berlin, this is "the journal." >> here are our headlines. searching for a partner. german chancellor angela merkel begins work on forming a new government after sunday's landslide victory. >> the crackdown continues. an egyptian orders the office of the muslim brother hood confiscated. >> and troops railed a mall but
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hostages are still inside. >> thanks for joining us. angela merkel is getting little time to enjoy her biggest political victory ever one day after her conservative c.d.u. marked its biggest election win since german reunification. the focus now is on forming a new government. >> let's have a look at how it all translates into seats. the conservative c.d.u.-c.s.u. alliance get 311 seats, five short of an absolute majority. the social democrats, 182. the left party will have 64 seats and becomes the third strongest force and the greens are down to 63. >> so who does angela merkel want to share -- power with in we'll talk machine about the possibilities in a moment. first we have this report. >> for angela merkel, this is the sweetest victory of all. her party, the christian
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democrats, have just scored their best election result for over 20 years. a day later the c.d.u. is still celebrating. still, angela merkel paid tribute to her outgoing coalition partners. >> i'd like to thank our current coalition partners, the free democrats. i'm sorry they fell short of entering the party. >> who will she choose this time, the social democrats or the greens? a day after her win, merkel won't commit. she's fended off question after question on her coalition choices. journalists asked if her outfit hinted a preferred coalition partner. >> you won't believe it. i stood in front of my closet this morning and thought i can't wear green. bright blue is out. i wore green jold what am i
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going to do? >> at the same time merkel has indicated she's keener on red, on the social democrats. >> i've made contact with the chairman of the s.e.d. he understandably asked us to hold off until after holding a meeting on friday. however, merkel said she doesn't want to rush into a deal and the social democrats are in no rush to make a pact with merkel either. they would be the smaller party in her government and merkel's christian democrats have just scored an overwhelming victory. >> the s.p.d. isn't standing in line for government. we haven't handed in an application. mrs. merkel destroyed her last coalition partner so we're not keen to step? as the replacement. >> merkel wants between 2005 and 2009, but that cost them votes. the social democrats were seen
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as junior partners. the s.p.d. left wing says that need to be avoided in the future. >> we ruled out a coalition with the left party. we can't changen minds now, but this is the last election where we'll do that. >> the most likely outcome is a conservative democrat coalition. the s.p.d. know that but they'll want to drive as hard a bargain as they can. >> we're joined by peter craven, in our parliamentary studios. merkel won with 41.5% of the vote. a phenomenal result for her party. what's behind her secret? >> one answer is that over the last 10 years or so i wouldn't say that germans have fallen in love with angela merkel but they have begun to like her a lot. they see somebody who is
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unpretentious, pragmatic, a good problem solver, a hard worker and has a playful sense of humor. germans like that because they can each with that. beyond that i think angela merkel has given germans the feel that she's been able to guide them through the eurozone financial crisis in recent years and that's reassuring for gemens. they don't like to live with angst. >> they like her but she still need a coalition partner. how daunting is that for her perspective two potential candidates? >> it's tough. she does need a coalition partner. the social democrats know that they are more or less the favored candidate. but they've been there before. 2005 to 2009 was merkel's first grand coalition. she came out of it very well. she repeated the rewards. the social democrats got their
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worst score in the post war period as a result of this. as one of them put it today, before they go under the yoke of angela merkel they want some real con session before they'll sit down at the table and negotiate with her. one thing they want is the national minimum wage. >> peter craven, thank you. >> after their historic defeat, angela merkel's old coalition partner, the free democrats, are looking for new fayes to lead them into the future. the party didn't get enough support to enter parliament. >> peter announced his resignation first thing this morning. he's been following the entire party. the man most likely to take the reins is the 34-year-old christian, the t.p. -- f.t.p. chief. >> the grieves are also looking at a reshuffle at the top when
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they saw their support topple to 0%. >> the green party leaders say the party's entire executives will step down. eck heart and your again are also going. new leaders will be elected at the party conference later this year. returning to peter craven, we have seen two of the potential coalition partners going into complete meltdown. >> that's right and i think the first one we ought to deal with are the free democrats. last time around they got 14% of the volunteer in the 2009 election. that was their highest tally ever and i fear it rather went to their head. they didn't get a very good start at the beginning of their four-year term. they never got into a groove and often seemed to be in the shadow of angela merkel. then they chose to go into the
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election campaign with a leadership made up of two gentlemen. one was seen very much by the commentators as being too much of a political lightweight. the other was seen as being much more of a man of the past. it was never really a winning formula. no one is all that surprised today. >> the greens are going to have to quickly re-form now. anyone willing to lead them on? >> good question. the greens have been dominated by a group of veterans more or less going into this election campaign. a lot of people have said to me a lot of very old familiar faces there. they haven't introduced the young guard. we're not sure whether they've got them or not. it will be the veterans who are going to negotiate with angela merkel in the first place and her conservatives if there are
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any speculations about. at the same time, i think the greens have lost so much ground in terms of numbers and recent policy, i don't think they're a party of government at this point in time. >> thank you very much for your analysis. >> we'll have in-depth analysis of our top story later but now to egypt. a court has banned the brother hood islamist group, whose members include morse si. they've been ordered to freeze freeze its assets. >> new government accuses the brother hood of terrorism and police have arrested nearly all of the movement's top leaders. >> this court in the cairo neighborhood might have written the final chapter in the muslim brotherhood's 85-year history.
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the ruling accused the brotherhood of being a threat to society. >> the decision bans the activities of the muslim brother hood in egypt, including the official association it registered under, as well as any institution branching out of it or receiving financial support from it. >> back in the summer, egypt was still being ruled by an elected brotherhood-led government. morse si was in control of government. then came the military coup. weeks of protest by the muslim brother hood ended in mid august in a bloodbath. hundreds were killed. the brother heed -- brother hood's supreme guide and other members of the group's leadership have been in jail since then in. theory, they could apiano ell
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the court's findings but most believe it is more likely they'll go under ground. >> the movement was suppressed by hosni mubarak but he did not kill the movement. we asked our correspondent to put today's ruling in con text. >> it's very important. not only do you arrest now the leadership of the muslim brother hood but you make the organization elite. this is an organization more an 80 year, old. of course, the big question is going to be how this movement is going to react. the fear is that a step like that will radicalize the movement and make it militant again. we remember the 19 nipets when we had the tax against police officers, tourists and politicians here. that might be a time that is going to return.
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there are knot many other options left right now in the egypt. >> moving on to kenya now. four massive explosion have rocked the shopping mall in nairobi where security forces continue in a siege there in its third day. >> back schmoll -- smoke billowed from the complex and witnesses heard gunfire for hours. the overall death toll has been readvised downward to 62. the smallly based al-shabab ma lisha has claimed responsibility. >> our correspondent in nairobi. this has been going on for days. are they in control of the situation yet? >> it's hard to tell but as a matter of fact there are many kenyans who are already im
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patient because they used their government of this problems very quickly, whatever it takes but in this case there are a lot of governments involve. the whole word is watching. >> what about the hostages in there at the moment do we know anything about them? >> it's pretty hard to tefment there are just a few. information is coming out. the minister of the interior said he believes they have a very small number of hostages so far in the buildling. but he didn't give any precise information on their health state. but whoever is in there, this is going to be the third night. >> what kind of consequences is this going to have for the kenyan government, you think? >> well, the government will have to deal with, from the point of view of the terrorists,
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a very successful operation. because the longer the hostage taking lasts, the more worldwide attention that terrorists get and this could have sires cons queenses on the tourism industry in kenya. >> thank you very much for that report. the five members of the u.n. security council and germany are to meet with iran for talks on its nuclear program in the next few days. the announcement came after talks between e.u.'s policy chief and muhammad jordan in new york. >> ashton said they met at the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. the meeting thursday will be the first since april and comes amid signs of a thaw in relations. >> we'll be back after the break and we'll be returning to our top story and have a look at the
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european view on what they think about germany's election. >> you bet we will. >> don't go away.
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>> welcome back. as promsd we'll return to our top story. this time germany's chancellor angela merkel has won a third term in the top job but she'll have a new coalition. >> what will a new german government mean for the eurozone and the e.u.? >> reports of the reaction from across the continent. >> on the streets of paris, many say they're impressed by chancellor merkel's strong showing at the polls. they see germany's stable government as a model for france. >> we should do things more like the germens. they're a lot more disciplined than we are.
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>> german sconcety is inspiring. it's good to to have a certain stability in p in the percentage geels capital lisbon, the reaction is mixed. . >> i d, definitely not with so many votes. just like some think merkel believes she owns europe. >> i think merkel's victory is negative for our country because there's no room for negotiation with her. we have a very rigid system now and that's bad for everyone. you can see that in greece. until angela merkel's new coalition in place, portugal will enjoy short respect from the e.u. auditors. >> let's hear from greece, a country where angela merkel has been demonized in many quarters. >> no joy here in greece and
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emblematic is this front page of a leading newspaper showing a mocked-up version of angela merkel sitting in a throne with a crown and a blaring title reading "triumph for the queen of austerity." that's what greeks here are fearing, that this ringing endorsement of her austerity policy will more on more pain for greeks four years into this deep recession that has already cost them 25% of their income and driven 1.4 million greeks to unemployment lines. >> angela merkel's triumph hardly being welcomed in athens. what about the etcht u.? >> our people there happy that she'll be stronger than ever. let's find out from our brussels correspondent. >> first of all, angela merkel is seen here as someone
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committed to the europe and to the euro has a continue innocent currency but of course there are concerns they could make the your peter bacanovic institutions feel just how many power and support she has at home. there was talk before the elections that he could probably try to die vest some capital. also, we've heard her say they need more europe. across the boarder, i think a everyone would favor a grand coalition with the social democrats. they say that together with the s.p.d., merkel would have the power and the majority needed to tackle properties such as the bank union and also the s.p.d. could act as counter plans to merkel eats dominance.
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>> back to berlin. merkel's new mandate to govern comes with high expectations among voters. their wish lists are long. >> whatever coalition merkel wins wind up with? what do voters actually want over the next four years? >> germans are getting older. many want angela merkel's new government to come up with a better pension policy. they walls want to ensure that the early derrell get professional care when they need it. >> most people are probably just hoping they won't need care because there are so many problems with the system. i worry about it, yes. >> our aging society really could become a problem. i think our demographic problem is really going to explode on us. and we're not doing enough
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structurally for families. >> we definitely need to nches more and care for the ed early and we have to make apprenticeships more attractive. we have to make the care profession more rewarding and increase its social standing. >> one of the reasons germany is short staffed on care is the low pay. merkel's conservatives reare ject the idea of a national minimum -- minimum wage but many say all workers should bed a equal paid. >> i hope we'll see progress there. five euros an how were is too little. it should be eight or 10. >> i'm for a pin mum wage but we also need to create jobs for as many people as possible. then we'll get to a level that
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is socially viable. you should be able to live from your work. >> the cost of living is rising steadily. case and electricity are becoming more expensive and so are rental houses. many voters say that's another thing merkel's new government needs to tackle. >> well, now we've heard plenty of field w.a.c. from jeremy and from yupe but global markets have been closing a close eye. >> merkel's near-miss gave a sign as to what germany's next market is going to look like. >> for now it seems traders are cost that there won't be any big surprises. >> london's fast ball district reacted positively to the merkel land slifmente but some experts are advising a change in course
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for the third term. this man says it's time to loosen harsher measures for the leader of e.u. countries. >> russian leader manager america is expected to guide the one -- dunn think stable times. >> the future of europe is depending on it! , the markets are expecting the german company to care on and to continue this process. that can that will be interesting just how far the support from journey to paragraph ral states will continue. >> the british press has also reacted positively to the chancellor's landslide vict rhode island they are convinced that the euro challenge is the biggest challenge facing merkel and they believe she's up to the
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task. >> i think she's been very strong. stwhaun everybody should look up to. i think she's done a good job. >> she has probably a solid academic bowing. -- balk. i think she has -- she has good murder judgment. >> she's already been tackling the aura of crisis. that need to be developed further and she needs to understand britain's interest and i think she does. >> the prime minister has also expressed his delight at the merkel result the >> now britain expects strong leadership for the german cans lore, not only to resolve the cries but also to stop more --
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>> no surprise but also no shock that traders haven't been very much moved by the outcome of the german election but traders do hope that there won't be a longer stint still and that germany will have quickly a new government. the germans don't lack in security. energy, suppliers belong to the biggest losers. nobody knows saffer the outcome for expense -- consequencal suppliers. >> let's look tap market numbers. starting with the dax in frankfurt. the finish, the euro stocks 50 also on that change. down by nearly 3/4 of a cent. and the euro down against the dollar by 1:35 exactly.
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the global number of child labor ers have dropped by 1/3 since the year 2002. >> but estimates 158 million children around the world are at work, more than hatch performing dangerous tasks like operating machinery or mixing chemical. the largest number of children, about 8 million, work in the aisha pacific region. and apple says test cold solede 9 million of the new iphone. that's seen shares rise but not all the news has been good for the company. >> german hackers say they've managed to crack the new fingerprint security issue. they said they fooled the boy metric system in the film by making an artificial copy of the finger net.
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before were go, the u.s. is making a big comeback in the world cup. >> the kiwi's team was cut into. the u.s. crew still need to beat new zealand four more times to keep hold of that trophy. we'll be back at the top of the hour for more news and information for you so don't go away.
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