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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 28, 2016 10:30pm-11:32pm MST

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it could be a week for the broncoco escial after big news on peyton
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hundred d one-hundred ananfifieen dogs are gettina second chance life. they'vbeen reued om puppy mills in the midwest. and now one dog will honor a volunteer%who o spent his nued day mang diffen. newschannel 13's
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ly see her na- eypuing thdoet v-entrce na -- puininin natsop pi afr a life that's been anythihi butut ececial, until no 68425 - welcome to freedom baba dog... after... dog.` 6843- this is a avy one welcomeded to freedom. 6p457 - these gu didn't want be without each other but one dodo.. 68446 - hi haven, it's ok makes an entrance - 6845- ve years tryi to get this dog is ckerer spanl is here for the volunteer that can't be. 68478 - 154715 we e nad her after one of our rescue friends that passe away a couple of wes ago weirst toldouou about josh havens a year ago... 0158 junun1 sed thce june3 they took my leg in s final days. havens spspt his time giving dogs a new chan a fe. 0223 who rescues iit me rescing th dogs oe gssc me? 68503 0439 iininto
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hi w. h some tod tototo3 161609 . she@edelyty dees to o comend haveveice coortable d d ne worry a aut cagepipi n.n.84 5 tiren,exhausted.t was crazy foder a a rader says haven is now one of 1 dogs finally free. 6868- 154926 these guys need homes. it't'time. th arere vaccinated... groomed... and pampered. nats -- look o or here pup. : for many of f these gsis is the fir time they are held d` havenynyuman teractions. nana -- petet haven right now... haven s s andnd unsure. but th the lo of volueers.. d lega oher me.. thisinksksavanwill hea.. nats -- petting g him she'll helphem heal too. 68478 - 154822 wld be very proud. he s so song until the end. in peyton, ea krdo nc13. t(rescue is arning trip to se ie mingonlnl... e run wi bmed jo
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intohat uld be aonumental week for the nver broncos ... yeyterday the denver post reported peyton manning h& decided to retire - and that he's expected to formally announce that decision sometime this week ... t oncos have blally die rept - t t ther way expe w hear frok
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to othedeon- we sta w e onons oscann fofoto aleg roler wlikeo call m-v-p the day for miller is s tuesda... thatat ththdedene@for team's to use the franise tag ... itounds like the o sides are etty farfromomtermeal .. expeiltobeged&- whicwould earn him6- million dollars for 201616.. now - what a aut the broncos nominee for actor a supporting role? ... brock ososilerev.. brock k rned himself a nice chunk of change by leading denvera 4-2 recordn mamaing's absence - but wi he gethat y y tbrcoo maert wi mainthe brons have ma it clear they want to keep oz ... but on march 9th he'll become a a unrestricted free agent - which means --negotiations thiseek cocod make-o--break a chance to reach a deal ..... the e r f@rce hockey teafinished the regular season on a 3 game ininstre - ending t yr tior 2nd thaticic ey coence which mes thth
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mb 2ra n er nant ave homicic thsend round matcup nst ercanisius or niagara - who they j jt swept is w wkend b b a totaof 9 goals 1 1.. sierra taking on . 1.) rit off the bat c-jeings s workin' ... up sn moveveand a bucket ... 2.) next possessn ... nnings ... kid can ball ... thas a 3 ... but m%ad would hang around ... and they upset sierraown the retch ... 62-52 ... batte e ridges.. v vta vs. mesa ... how t t- frrizzlies coach jefef beatty? ... 1.) in the secon half ... chloe welch drives baseline and scores ... mesup ... grizzlies dominate 79-45 ... they'll play holy family later this
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can i get some of urisngti? chs. di leta rock it tonht?? ris, who are you wearing? chris! i didn't fd out who you're
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wearing! >> dicky: from hollyod - - - jijiy kimmel live e tereree oscars"! toght affl tracy morgan, henry cavill, jesse isenberg, j.k. sis, ll artttt nhanlane matthew oderic miktyn, and ss plus livto the gerererball. presenteamam cto andles.and now
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's j jmy kimmel! [ applaus >> jim: thank you.i wasectid it. ank k i'i'jithksorating.anks for stayi up. i i it't' late for a sday nit butut welco tour 1h alaer t o@s l. etuese bnde t, thepeec have bnok ance aasotvid to of e partie sophere ware together.r cheers andppuse ] ng tes o . itasas nightht o o controversy. as a aight of awareness. as a nig of a lot of uncomfortable famous white people trying t make s sehey clapped when thehe cameras we on them. as you know there were no black nomies in the abing categories.. tonight't' oscaropeful weree tn t lto b irt a michael bolto ncert. the only way a blala or hispanic or asian octoberer was going to an oscar was iff they let steve harvey announce the wner and that dn't happen. [ laughter ] [ cheeee and applause ] >> jim:he show wt stly
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e ggururise ni tre'sctuay cle he00ear old ma c oheinw ansappeaead. itas antesng .. sou c out on one of the guys who wonesessound sign.. think per - thedd irodud best shortrtas short. sohat wasgood. and theom who won best costume design shohod up dress like this. >> ts ishe second oscar and tenth n nomatio for jenny bevivi the fi oar in this cagogo - - >> jimmy: she looked like sammy hagar in sturgis. i guess she doesn't take her work he with r. "spotlight" won bebt picte. ie lararn won bttctress. [ chee a a alausus] learicaprioononest actor. leo hahadbe nomind s
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and it was bu you know, the man has had sex wit a dferent viia's secretodel everyight of -- every year ofisyear. omomhabe hisr. and iwas speseal night whether you're a fan ofmovies, momoe stars,s, or the ryan seacrest men'sxear collection. wetill have many great moments inin store yore rou. ben eck here. [ eers andppe ] >> jmy: bad man versus ." 'stmanyester wn'n'4-yeld n' birthda par anduess atostumeis sonadeim wear to entertain the kids at the party. that's righgh outut how thawe. it'sotll glamous,hi hollst onoy'rn e ca, , , 5 proo e inin u wititinaa sticks ririt thehehetars are h h heang to the governors , stscsrsrparty across the street. our man guillermo is there standing by live v v our big cisco scrn. [ cheers andpplause
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now, guo, what's it le, ar any bar?? . . >> yes, thehehe a lot of the big stara a around here. autiful women too. >> jimmy: why don't y have any of them? >> oh. ey athe b righthtnow. >> jim: they're a the bar, alalright.t. see who you can russell upp for us a we'll check back in - ter. how manyrinks ha yououad? >> a0il jmy: ay,grgrt. ect. sdy go. th's'sctllyha tycally has sunda gh you, bk i wi a te govnorsball.on mt cca cldd movie of e ar is yearhawa n notomom r bestiture was"crere t storcky balblb tin the son of one ofisgreatals. stalloneasomined foro a a oscar. would n be a movie wthout a seel. the wld premier traileror ththmuch-anticicated followup to "creed." iille a cice.
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ipwawaborn tdo this.& can't body stop p !! >> you gotussei re. >> the other figers are fighting for their lives. look at you. eating a h ho sandwich. >> it's a hoagie! >> get theell out of my gym! >> look at t urirht wclubber. you got caught whh a right uppercut. you're sounding like a dolphin with an itchylow ho. hee hehe e e! hehe hee! e hee! hee hee heeee heeeeee o youno sucbobut th ght?
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>> nior. >>ha marty povis t td us. i nd you tora . >> trainzouoowh? >> wo k talalabou ghgh >>on'too le a fighter. >> i bee fhtin my whole life. the peop who said i couldn't fight -- >> ha ha ha! >> fighting myemons. >> he baby. >> fighting thatady in the wends drive-thrhhecau she wouldn't give me extra dipping sauce. >> quheeees my dipng saucece ask fxtra hoy ar aahhh! >> i'lleach you tot, kid. let's get some ss on y because we g g woror to do. on ll ask forasexa hoyusmustar >> come on! come o onow!
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come on, chchn, comef over here! >> bing isn't just about rength a condndioning. it's a aut heart. brains. >> a f fls and wingsgs >> or, undnd, r rndnd through. meet mr. bunny pull it through. yoyore n n focusin you've go fo athahameat likyou mean i ier! rdrd!u'veoto kill m!& vet toim! atheell aru in oa,whoaoaoa he hey, nono no no got it you've got i you've got i ! [pcheeee and applause ] >>t's fhtobyhought wouldhapp. >> this is a fight nobody thght shouod happen. this is a disgrace to the s`popo
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but i can't wait to see it. >> this is o lt round, you need this e. i kphiinins m. cuou nee geuthehe >> rrw! he get mesme. hoyd, you rember! haright. now go get him. >> that wa clubr. >> i know,, i know. mwahl mwah ah you sch. gotair i my teeth. go getetim >> pop? >> quit y yr jibbbb jabber, fool a inh
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there ll ba ququ [ rs andppe jimmy::e have toooake a eakut it will be worth it, , ay there. we have manynd many surprises on the w. it's our biggeststhow of the year our 11th annuaua"after the cars specialale'll b brighgh ba after thi [ cheers andpplause ] y can't i buy this weird,shaved-meat sandwich wi my phone? y can't mymyatteryt long enoh toxoavigige me through these scary wood ugh. eh,bably fine tho [lightning strike] whn t my p havee"e"gh memy hold all hundred fofoy-fif movieie kehat t e t acon andhe m mtialrt you en thaone?why n' pneehili losteisbig,xpensiam olole siren] why don't you comeownfrom the sir? you got it! whdoesn't myhone work after i poururhis s peive champae all over it? w isposed to she rich refree im? y did i have to o ito long ithis commeial to do a celebrity orts pson cameo?
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neeverhi, ga s7 hi, i'd li ma p-- $/ scnene rean itete anrean. rean item. : 9t happens so oftft,@ you almoststget used tit. phone voice: main menu presentative. presentative. presentative. vo: : icicis whyhybeing put first... relax, we t this. .es somttused join the nation. natnwe is on your s representativeve so my kids don't have to f fage, got two jobs t tpay a mortgage, and i' alsgot a brain. life's short, talklks cheap. lle e rkininwhile u slp. ill thveotrain?? u think a resume's enough? who'll step uphen in g? don't u nt ndf brai a greea dedeee. u're gonna w one lili me.
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>> jmy: llo and welclclcck our1th annual "after the cape. tm i t first let's@ with gugurmoe wal omerica at the g g ball happening acro -- look a is, illermo, you did it i asked you to get us a big star, you g us a big star,
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[ chrs andnduse ] >> h h, ama. jhe yad a ptty quk tume change ththe,e, ess. >> ionon kno whatoue lklng about thawasn't me. >> jimmy: oh, that's right.. i foroot.. >> the academy wou never let somebody like ali g.omeeout. i wt to theh toile i it was . >imims itat cha -- youere supposed to esand stead al w upupling a asu? >>haisue. thtrue. i w veryy displayed because i was getngdy- natyr called i wen io the bath. hing ikn ihaha been usurped by ali g. andndade a fool of. >> jimmy: ali g. prent by ololia, did she k kw ali g. was coming outnste of [ chrs andlaus]
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[ cheers and applause ] jim:@ i'm rrq. >> i not aware ceers appus] >>im sachchole, e'e'om iot i theba. >> yeahah,,,here'sotf cocolete pardon m my f french [ bleep ] wking arnd. >> j: yeye, there areple jumping around iththback like -- >> they're just trying to get famous. a lot of pple are here upset they didn't win tonight. jimmy: you know, thiis relyhame tt w s muorntthe ow ahe op jshow u uthey int ke that. >> badsers. >> jimmy: well, you know -- sacha, u have aovie "the bpothehegrimsby"omgg >> that's ght, thahat't'ghghgh math >> jmy: and ain, i agiwhat'soing,ery unprpr il y'rehe onetlde wing forrtgg . gee guy bd outf the sh! >> whos -- >> jimmy: ank you very much. d wit. jimmy i'm sorr>> stay aay,ea >>my t's's's'sor tha i apologizeagai
11:01 pm
but thank you ver much. >> yeah. >> jmy: sacha baron coco [ cheers applse >> sta away. >> j j j: thank kou s much, guillermo. >> stay ay n j jmy: thayo ke rineo , wil you, guiermo -- >> hey, jimmy -- jimmy: thk you ve mucuc much [ rs ause ] ust rlly pies f,at back to themo. s teason whye're tc telntotoght. car nht is a night to celebrate gr films.if you'rt all filiar with the movie he prpr you know it iss one of thth best mediesver. cheers and applause ] >> jimmy the producers" is a asasc, won an osc forelel brks,cord-break 12on awards when mel m it into a a broa music starring nathan lane and matthew broderick. been almos 15 they'reack witit a a
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ththrospeacul das ye they we a pairrooff polit nsul o ndk.k tt'ssit wee fi,ro t! >>on't s th ma >'saceit,oom, we haven't hadad winning campaign in years >> max, do you realize under t circstans it might be ssib to meeey f osandi than from a winnerer>> what did you say? >> first we find a bad candidide, then we rse monon like crazy and prise all the donors ambassadorships t italy or sweden or armea. en whenn pubc igutat ae@ our guy is he s out ofe aeeep all th!h!oh,arng bloom, orio bloooo geniyou! >>don't. >> but wait it. ca he's g to bebehest cande inhiory.y. eal tra wreck.
11:03 pm
nincompoop. where would e find buffoon like that? >> a a now a message from e board room pleee aingomyesndhe facth have so many ps on my desk. 's actually very neat. but if you` loo arnd, i mean, there'e' a l lot of stuff. i've noticed over the yes peava lointhdesksk hheheho!thphone! my d dk imporortantntnt part of me -- >> y y, s, yes. hello, hello, opator? >> -- that' aood thing -- >> get me t t b ro you know w wch oneinnonc thens they had a fooloof an. >> there's a new horse in e ce for the whitehouse. his name, donald j. ump. can he beat the establishment?t? o will support him? fifial coervatives? the religious right? cra oldemi-cist wte
11:04 pm
>> oh mrs. co dond trum i theerydefininion off am winnner. >> jt rererehe pin. >> oh. >> bless you, mrs. comisky, bless you. thank you. thanu. ye kee thechece, thank you. thank you, mrs. misky. yes, od-bye, mrs. comisky. here we g . 's a girl. oh, oh! beautiful, beauful.l. we're g raghout the doorh l righy now.easy, we d't h timfo . ea l ririt. n'rry, iss s flightbye! >> bye. >v thank g g for citizens united.>> 22oronc so & fafa >> andnd5illion bus, bloom. i ve to tell you, running ump w srt. but your idea about buildingg wall a across the mexicicborder?& brilliant. >>ot as brilliant as y yr idea about making theexicans pay forrt.
11:05 pm
, okmax,s is i >> i i will bui a great, great wall o on o our southerer border and iiill heexic pay forhat wa. markword n thmoy wee in e m/ a aouncer: t the wrfofo. >> gooo news for donald trump. the whole world has gone s starkrk raving madad for him like these two looneyy birhrh tse num skulls, even in whack a dood. ready foromeone whoholl let our warriors do their job and goooksis' ass? >> 8 8slll in thele,max. >> how cld t ts happen? >> ll,, i hr he's a pven sisissn wnowsowltt th done. >>ah, hel stand to mexica. >> ian't believe this it's n possible. >> whre did w go right? >> i don'n'nnono
11:06 pm
wait a m mute -- did he question john mccain's war heroism? >>xfs. did heay we@ shod kk o t1illion iignt >> yes. did he propose banning all 1 billlln muslims from enterin the u.s? >> si! >> did he say heidi klum was no loloer 1010? >^ ye yeye >> nothi woing, nothg. oo! ! aouncererjunimeor th lecon, is storyha star off funny and thehenet really, really depressing. cheers and applause ] eede cmp to put on th stump a frumpy grumpy named donald j.rump he's b blding a wall a thousand feet tall don't wor c t micans willay f annerj2omomhe produrs of "the producer cesovovie
11:07 pm
nathan lane,atatatewbroderick, andlohman statain ou'vbeberumped m he w be such b prt. bing bong bong bg bing ng bong. whoa, what havevwe done? [ laughter ] [ cheers and dpplause ] >>8>immy:e have a lot to comee ing w haveththsh ner bees foo from "bmanersus superman [ cheers and applalae ] e"ascstshoweeight bkh pchchrsnd appppuse e >icky: jimmmy kimmel aer the oscars i brought t t y yy samsung. go tol to see guillermoursed a virtual world using a sam v-head,[ pain
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[ gasp ] i saved your life by inging h%h%. i knew t ts day would come. [ alarm sounding ] it's's safe outher scam m gasp ] sosothing'comi. [ ieic ] yon eateourowowtourit olive garn, starti at $12.99. oose 3 of 10 favoritesesto enjoy on one plate.
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the bestour of italy is the oneou create.liden. you lolk good, youhould we that jacket home and make love to your wi.
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chrs a aus chrs appla >>immyhi, i'jimmy kimmel. thank yoyofor staying up l te for ouou11th annual "afafr the
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we are beang to you live from hoyw- re s ay thlby thr,heoo where it all happened earl tonight. havnew showowtomomomo n nht and all next week. andd l lef comnigh twtimescar wner, act , , oduc and screenwriter who nmont slips i to cape to keep watch over gotham city in "batman vs. superman: dada o ojustice." >>y down!
11:14 pm
already! [ cheers and applause >> jim: "b"batman versu perm ope m5t. plpdelco b affle! [ cheersrsnd applause ] >> jimimimwo u look -- y yook hethy, you look -- healthy. well, y#y know. do o e superhe mviou get muscled. then muscle@ turns to fat, y know. >> jimmy: , wow. i mean, realal >> onnffcle. j:nse, i don't mean to put in uncomfortable posititi, but y y ally balaloned up. >> thanks. i i dn't think it t s going to be abo body shaminnight. >> jimim: what is goininon? thanks s t ----
11:15 pm
wh is going onhere? it's t. jim: at t gng on t? >> what i this? he why`yreou touching mememe? >> jimmy: i'm nouching y y. oh! [ cheers and alause ] [ chee and appe ] jimmy, nosit!i h it swn no cppin [ cheers and applause ] >> jim: that'ss - - jt thihi's gone o enoug jt wit more than him about this. >> i think it's mayay time to
11:16 pm
it's te to bury t t hatcheto you know what he' done to me? >> i think as a mutual friend it's time to, you know -- >> j jmy: this iabout you. ll thehe is nous,, it's n n abouou us >> mae down. >> jmy:h d't he a sea th my se [ eees andpplaus>>: n't nt h sisi cheersndppla& >>: inot aguguest, uestsegmgment,s t pearance. >> this feels amazing! [ cheers and a alae >> jimmy: is is noa guest appearance >> it's nice, i feel goodbout this >> jmy: yououight feeloooo abouitdofeooout t t this isshestchai tt's not,hat's s spare chair in se anythinggappenso this gut. you're uniniin the oscars, dyants you he.
11:17 pm
rnedn me >> yeses chrs andndla >> andnd still feel li dorothy. i do. th is wondful. >immy: you know t ts is illega what you're do ght? this is passssg. is pontiabreaea and ri. you knould i couve aested right nowor th. >> i didn't know that. if that's ue -- >> jimmy:hat iss threw a you're en acceceory. >> nono , no -- >> he's a invited gue shld treimittl tter jimmy: thereas n alulu on onnounvitat te & onht, tre>>othnally ->>immyotot callll. tha onene roud- >> jimmymy can w not have him in the camera shot, plase? please yes, slide itver. there we go. that's fine. that's how we can do the me.
11:18 pm
>> jmyguililrmo. yore s sposed to do some you're sposed to be watching the show and protecting me from this. i was actuaomed oar i c gn e oscar ow?[ rs ala jim: ank dicky, please. [ audienceroaning ] >> jmy: and beat him up a little bit too! hey, that's bad. you wantt to go s his show, you go seeis show next tim is is show! [ chrs and applause >> jmy: wow, tt's a real mmer i he to say. >> i'm sorry. >> know your intentions are good but i am furiousightnono anni s going to do something nice and i was goto show this cture of y andyo re atour firosca. now i'm not going to. [ applause ] >> jimmy: how old we youun this qcture?>> i a a9 years old there.
11:19 pm
look how happy you lookok >> know, this isow i get reputataon somehow. g gs the repatatn be e ni guyuyuyuy >>im: t, hsot y! >> i've been furatively carrying him for year [ laughter ] >> jimmy: ere you go, finally literally. that's how heck into show businessn the first acac true or false, yro "goodl will hunting matt did the typi?? [ laughterer a fi ne,f kw at i mean??? jimmy y r rember whenyo ys won oscndndnd y h tooooon sgedo youou memb what sa >> i have n ia what i said >> jmy: o you ve a a -- did you have anything prepared? >> weere e ung anan naive. ite a speech? thatat would be assuming we were going t win,haha wld arrontnt didn't thinkwereoing ton. thehole dea of writing a spspch was absurd. then we do. ma's like, y go first! which t thought was reay gracious and nerous
11:20 pm
with things to say. i wt und tnked bostot timein r we wan to tnkton ananbostonnd- >> jim: haveto,an't back. >> exactl >> j: i wanted to ask y you -- > hal of dunkin' donuts. >> jimmymy birthday party, youou son tned 4 yeerday. and his request was? he wanted a superhero bihdparty. >>immy ght. >>ndnd h hnterhe er i wawaliketoesu ? he's ticking off hehehero the waslike and wantou to do batn, real baan! so was lik ---hat you say? okay. >>imayye @ il do mymymybest i had to cal the ud. yhanceomne m coute lying around? the cowl and the whole ing? what do y ed?? u kn, just foromom personal ing, matter so thehebroughthe costume.e. d i ho sig ay you know, ishole guantee that
11:21 pm
>> jimmy: really?y? unionruru iranything. a 4-4-4-'s'srthday signgn myife away, iet the costume. e other guys arere lik -- the otreroes a all ere. have bs like all worked t, kw whatme? thee little put >>immy: oh,,rerely, were theh oer heonde man,rm captpt ica,n man. apd there was me. [ [ ught ] [ applause ] >> jim: your $y son rlly think you're batm? is it urred? >> i is so mototoying.. itit kids. i didn't tnknkf urse all their parents are the. i had to put on my outfit foror thth vie. and put o omy scaca face. fothyear-os and all thrks a are er kni me?
11:22 pm
>>imy: thenoue to -,e ly wte >>s antoso dot me cinyo>>my b affck i. ht bac wh a nevbefore snlipm "b"bn rsus supupma so wake u ch appe w k evy beforei tmyad wl anyththgset mto. beliing itchged evythingngng ik rt myvyadign be re you tnk ..cacaforniatars i o la
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alright,ie night. noad, you pick. kn httitofime so ionus say odndou c awayi n't adt n'forget to anyoure. i wi nev fget tha hi schl swswea d e mo mcheni ve y and my parents who arre.
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[ cheersrsnd appuse e >>immy: thank you, guillermo. od job. we are back w wh ben afflecec is our"after thehescars" specl.that's a gat story aut the birtrtay party. if tom brady'son- if tom brady askedou to p play batman at his so birthdada part woul you do it? >> w would m this show to washom brady's car. is tom availle now? i' do wonder woman. >> jimmy: so by the wa i saw the movie and it's great.
11:29 pm
superman, it really -- it's unset settling. it challenges erythi you've ever believed. i don't want to reveal t t mu. but do wan tohaam inheovie andou're great in it and henry is great in it as superman and i am rlly, reallgreat in it.t. and i'm so excited. this is my first b role in a movie. >> youere good. >> jmy: thank you. >> in the process of making es, one of the things that as -- i'm a dector so i have a perfectspective -- jimmy: i'd l t be in your next too. >> thank you, we'll talk. butthe thi tha you corontrereat difcu chces. weavene t tt'sooo good. and another tng that'sso, so, good. they can't both be inhe movie. >> jimmy: likeou and mat on the show tonight, one of you had to leave. >> that was a hard choice. >> jimmy: unfortunate. bu i am psych the about it. >> a similar choice with your
11:30 pm
they had to me a tough choice. and it's just -- the movie was a ir long. you know. the stuff you did was soood and they were like you know what? maybe what happens is hs rewed fo too lite at ofe t behi good. whe else is he? wu can't have hih)be that good d b in thihihi littlpart of the viso what the wasook that right out. [ ughter. [ appppus]@ >> j thi i i a jo?0&0>r n >> jimiu: theyook what out?t? i don't know whaha y're saying. t d s was so awesomom i was tooo@ awesome. >>immy:y n n nsuf >>ikef you look at thehsun for a scond aa>.>jijijiji m >> yeae, your uff. >> jimmy: what do you mean they ok it out? i n t t mie thatt momoeoeo wille. ifou leakak iot lab org, youan the ionhboujn.
11:31 pm
hv vevon,n,n, anonoer onenend ot one and another one, dredging up all the bonus clip atld b bevevtually imim: : thatat cool. >t't'sust for tme immymymy nend tooak phone call, is tha a >>ead. go ahe >>immymyo erno way oseeingngt?t? >> we -- i -- what i d,d,w& your feelingsouldld -- i i knew it w b h toto u undstand ho go you@were. i ianted youo@ ison howweso you are. broughthththt`t clcl. . >> jimmy: didid >es. [ chnd applausus]`]` >> jimmy: wcan show it to the audience? >> they can see it now. >> jimmy: this is go,more peleilililil s tn t ttt stupidid e. 's a busua`nene fro"bman rsus surmrm:awnwff justice" stsrrinme!
11:32 pm
>> m wayay. clark kent. "daiaianet." whwh your position on t bat vigilante in gotham? thisatman thihinkhehe abovethe la >> t new guy in town, is that right? >> you could say t t t >> weo things aite ffen iot >>o o o >> i knonoyou. >> i don't thihi so. >> excuse us. >> people ever tell you youook like superman? >> no. i'veveever heahat bere. >> huhuh >> like id, mr. wae. people inotham need to learn -- >> you'rsurman! >>hey, wl you -- >> takpicture with us. i've got to get this on the


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