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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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>> this has been an amazing evening.% >> voters cementinghe billionaire's status winning the most stas. but it wasn't alltrp, ted cruz scoring viories. >> o camign b beats donald soundly. >> and fof the mocrs, a southernsweep. hillary clinton now with commandingead over bere sands. >> we hava to make amrica whole. all: us usa. >> it's "your voice, your vot"pve team coverage baking down ptheh&night,t, highghtsp and anysis. >>good mning onhihi super wednes ririt t/t t t supup tsday blow-out for donana trump a hihiarininin resg with ters acrcrs thtco
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and oklalamama in 4n a thohoand delegatesshi sders i closos in on @ thehehe on repepepcannn sididid ump ao rackingng upp@n at, c c conee res d marco rubiooot his@irst winnnn nnesotot trtrp c incncdhe bulk of the delegates hisis total t nene 30 >epublicansng d dd ump his overelel mp deliver hisis@s vicic eechcht his lavisis@lu i palm beach, florida, where the next primary wl be inwo wewes a&a took d decim at hillararcltonnd mco bio. c' paula a ris was there. mmt,paa. repwrter:`:eena a a a ndis, e t tmp camam t tells us they're extxemelel happy really the % ings that stood out the number of first time voters and crcrcrveve versho vot for donald t oupereresday. ll make amecareat
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we'll l ke itreat ain. i watchch hiary's speec and nts to make amecahole again. >> r reporte the significance of the fact he had this at hequarters in quarter cannot be lost on ayone. firsrsrsnd remost flori is marcrcrubibis home s s and right now tmp has a commanding leadver rubio. >> inono it was very tough ninittoror marco rubio. h a tough night weheked rd. he is a litweight as i said many times before. >epter:r:eferencing his gnificant t es to the state of florora, thehehet he had thvent his camampaigig hearrst e mar-a-lago whiche n,n,n,'t overloooo thats we. he'slearly g hishts set on theheext coupup oweeku. sure seems like that, paula, ththk you veryrymuchch trump congratulated ted cruz on s win in delegate rich texas. >e w diouble digits speaki t t abcews cruzz used the wins a a aallying cry saying
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beat trump. >>o i i hope that republicans instead m mehe decisionet's come tototh, l l'snitete hindhe onl camamign that has bn donond not once, not twicbu three timescross the country.y. all ght, wellruz labeled hi victories in oklahoma, alaska and texas as aenenal turning point for his mpgn. a cple of brit spopo for marcrubibi des his win he nrly beatt trumin virginia ter the ll polls closed, the flori senator spoke to crude in miam criticizing donald trump. >> five days ago we began to expln to the americaneople that donald trump is con artist. and in just five ys, we have seen impac it isavinin all across t untry. we are seeing intate aer state his nbers comingdown, ourumbe going up. >>n his upbeat speech rubio viewed to win hisome state of
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it was a d dma showing for ben carson but the neurosurgeon not ready to give up andold a crowd of 200 people i'm not ready to quit. in every sta except alabama he received leshan 10% of the vo. let's turn to t democra and hilla clinton was prelledo victory by voters looking for political experience an she steamrled sanders across the south enjoying strong support from african-american voters a clinton celebrated in miami. abc's matt gutman he. >> reporter: reena, kendis, we saw a vy confident hillary clinn here givg what wasn't so much a victory sech but certnly seemed ke a speech by a victor inrof an energized crowd here. >> i believe what we nee in america today is mor love kindne. >> reporter: elier ashe were waiting for retur to comen we saw them boo whehen dond trump was announced as
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stays and cheered loudly when she wontatesnd it seemed thatverybody was lki beyond bernie sanders and beyond these primies. in fact she focused the gutsn landing body bws against dold ump. >> this country belongs to all us, not just those a ae top. [ chrs and applause ] t j jt t pee whoho wllk one wawalrshipnene way o o evennn thinkkk wawawa >> rter:r:f course factt thhe e ent heldere nit vy t. she rfrfrfrfop to be able to clinch perhaps the n nat re innn fridand@n justtwo weeks' time. kend,re >>hank sch.rnieie sanders is notdy to give up. >> he pululul off a resounding victory although it was inishoho statetefvererntnt a a feated clion in three other cee's m making it clear tt
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lot ionests ceein and let m remintn you of wtthe media oftftft forgets about, these a not-his iss n a general election,t' not winner tak all. if y gede - >>anders still has support of u-g( vots andnd herdee th milon d dinin month of february alone. and wre@ finding lik s s s s realal interest@ng fdings from thehexit polls whichcclly is a a od gauge of h h voters are feeling. now, when asked shouldhe next presidentome from outsidehe political estlishment, % of repupuicans sd yes. on ofemoc^ats agree withthat >> onhe flip sidehensk should tt president havave expeence, 81% of democrats i blueaid ye 39%f the rublicansn red. theyant someone with expeence, as well. juju not as many. a the candidas o both sides apparently stang in the race despe thehe commandndg les helel b bothmp and
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>> a little e rlr w spoke with our political team. >> the btom linee have looked through republican disions and the party is not divide they're embracing donald see massachchettstsnd alabama and tennessee and arkansas and allllse states regional diversity a ideologica diversity inside the papay and the thing i if you judge a partyy its voters donald trump owns this party right w. it's just that the leaders a saying something difffrentnd theyeot comfort with . the voters are speaking ver clearly and very similar across states. >> clinton loo absoluty unstoppable rig now and she bega this camign as seone wh was the liknomimie. she was the pmed democratic nominee. now e's eard it. she had that scare inio. e took a he hit in new hampire. s re come back nownd toninit we rerelyly see her sailin o of sup t tsday with that strong lead that really she's earned. >> >nd do stay with abcews for more super tsdayresults. live team covere and analysis
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arspgo and t a home homecoming in houston where he'll be reuned with his hththphphpend and brbrhehehemarkr > se6weatatrnnhh south eddeastrrplpl in alalal the natioiol@a@aerer servi h h a oneoror andwtthth ptial twiste. the tornado near biingham ouamagededtttst azezezezeze t t t t t easthisischagag theheroblem s snsn.iggegeng aplpl ofway sp-offs o'hare. onenprivatat j s s off runway while an a ameca aiairlines jet o o a tax ad to b b towed back to the terminal. oneasasin thatatdtdtdt sysmms nowowowowg`d` east setchingg from georgia t to neeeland. it couldeeb commu e major citttsnnast@ asdsd%d-ll, also brereing ovnight heheca l lk k foowa trainnnrailmi& ars wenenff the tracks near buffalo, new rk.
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nothing se tastes like philadelphia .>>pical force winds just east oftacoma,wawaington, senthat20popopol trampoline flyin ross a backyard. wind g gts ofp to 45 mmiles an ho alongng witith heavyrains, downed tre knockedut elecy more 7575 hohomessndnd bususinesse i innestern washinon. for a look at morning roadd conditppery intntntewew glglgld a a icycrossshehe u uerer mimiest. mountata sw over the nthththn rocks aet roadsds f fm t t t nohwest strtrchihggdown alonon ththththt coco >> s y y'reflyi,,, new work k citynd b bton ce possib tle spots.. dating our top ory, super r esda r r roming in overnight. #dald p wqnning sen ststesec attcting gop v vers across t t sou and new gland.d. o theivat b his ououiderstatus. d d , h h won ththe, texas, okho and as marcrcruo n h ste and nnere t tmp came i i thd.
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e delelates but bernie sander still goin full steam a aheae ter cnching fou race,@ veont, vume lume, miesot qklahoma. >so,, wxt for t caid? veralaus are beinininnththsasaay. nsasucky mai a neneasas a w w a pririnn siana. but, ocose, the nexe big ize, theheridaprary, at's o oarar 15 w wllheheololititally geater t supreme cococo nomine despite a meeting with the president ontuy,y,epub@can aderson't appearo ha anananheiri min. theyer s sing byheie% ititnto n notot condeew justice e&e&lftft thehe eleconon i inoveveef moaticeader h harryryeiei jokehat thepepent a l t timeng about baseball. > wellll it was the second day of emotional testimony from ororcaster eridrdrs in the civilt sheht a s stalker and a hotot i shvilllll %"dancncncwiththhe stars
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linenenersrsa.. anddndre wt thrhrghgh list things she n n does after checking intnt a hotel. - i i i itantnt covov peuehoho.. ioooor lilits, rght. lookoko seeeef t here's's$s$s mera hehehee checkck the alarcloc i check the fining >>ndnrcross-s-ation, drews admitted her c ceer was taken off since those naked videos w weposted. andr stewingng h h stalklk and a marriototot hotel for $75 millio >> the naon's lgest electric companynyayit's coming under daily cyberattack. the c of dukenergy that rves more than 7 milililin customers most acrosos the soheast and midwest tells the associatedress theheer numbfse ak is astounding a a h%h sayssese are homegroacac worng outtf theirbamemes.s. thththe cybettttks cominin ff reiegvernrfrfs tryryg tototo netratattsy > ew a ale filedededed aeal in its high-profile disputeith the fbi. thth filed t objectiononast
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ththfbi wants the cpany to crea softwee tha wl h hac in t t i of o o the san b arno oors. yesterday the fbir ed lmakersrshat it s a mist wnn fbisked th county which owned the phone to reset the password the gunman's ioud account. had itot been reset t phone ul havavbeen updatedndhehe i cou have read that informatn. a a aan w@ededed police an ho's lg cse a acrcrs orancounun, lirnia, nocuy. he was driving a hr with two unchilheir mot in... they we oppedn t s s sf a hikhwayay f hour thean negotiating to surre@ndnd the hee tookff andnd w wounund by poli wawawou nearp rentnt usndrrested a a facac a n[ lisis of chchs. ayso ifu're fan ofghts this might not be for yo a glass s s l le ts onene going toxe affffef t the s tatle buiuiin on the
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time nowowore pulse" and this morni aftfr supupuesday we'll start, of course, with popotica items. the internet was ale and is still right now. l becsef chrisch>> ah,he n new jer governor rmer presidential canditeave whatananyy called hfhearted intductctn t t t donaldrumpmpast night. christie,e stood ohe side e lookbtthis. his body `nguag prey much took center ststag >> well, thepeech did go on r little b but witithin motain i mines # freecrispp chririie wasasrendg a@ne rereiccoressman evenn tweetedhe e stageo okike a hostagesitun.
4:23 am
looks l ltle confused and a little annoyed to be there. >> there w oneoment when h j askingoond the"n rk st"oint o they were@ sayi do y support donal ump andise was saying no according to ththem. p prguy. >> well,ex uphe rls youngest bonre is 19 years d a norwean heiress, alexandra andresen. >> she inherit th $1.2 billioio thaha "forbebe sayshe's worth as part o o her mily's vementntnt company. andres lives a dw-se stylnd competes orse competitions and promos ganismsm >> she is sa all that money andn whennt's a arar it's secondha. >> well, i s single?? you don't nd ailli doars tooyasty chicken dinnert k-l- >> bououil bencouge to
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w do they make staurst tae so jui? they use wicicd smsml fighter jeje to shoot the juicine into every starbst. [ pilot ]'s about to t jujuy. wh! i feel so aliii... takes guts. [ femama annououo5 ] starburst.t.nexplainably juicy. makg newshis morning, dona trump hillary clinton are relelhing their super r tuesda victories winning seven statapiece. trumttrainepububcansns looking fororn outsider whi democrats picked clilinton for expeen ted cruz wonononee res
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marco rubyoicd u u upinnmsota and bernie sander is still in the running defeang clinton four states. > at l lst fourpl h benjured in a a tnado outside ofrmingham,alalaa atatatiously damagedtt least dozenhos. >odayay weather, s sw fro western pesylvaniap into mae with up t 8 ihes possib and another storm syem is bearing dn on he washington well, as we toldld you earlier scotot kelly isack on ear afterearl a year inn spe. >> and after a ahomecomingnn houstonnhllll unrgo medical test, all w withn e tards nasa goaoa of trave to mars abc's l lren lyster h hmo >> repororor astronaut stttt kellyweeting photos of hisis st sunrisero space. fillit up. r reporter: wh ha hat closinin oheoyuz capsule he heads back to earth. this after 340 daysrbgg
4:28 am
lly is now t american who s spent the mostst timim inn spac >> i'm ready to comehoho. i'm n n -- it's not like i'm climbing the w walls or anying g to get out of here. ii regngne the impmp of what we'ree doing. >> rorter: kly hande over commander ofhe totota thero of >> h,h,f cose isay erswee wnoueave ts incredibple. orter:e saidd g nht to enet teng th yearhioyuz rke unched from kazakhstan beginning hisjourney. t t year in spacecece startrt w. reporter: tointf the nasa mon t t figuree out i if huma could survive a tri to mars. that wuire a yr a and a half in space. back here onarth all yrr his twin brother retired a anaut markelle has undergoi testing at e same time. scientnttstsill cociarehe t n whe sco turnrn mark telling a news las arar- >> i iad teally e port
4:29 am
to mars. >> fro a sjective perspsrtiveve think abably. s k back o mot rt aer i spacace. >> rorr: ernit,t, kelly touchihi down in zazastan. now testing will begin to understand h theong time in space has affected his bodydy befofohis only fr humans had spent a year or mor inrbitit on a single mission. reena and kekeis. >> backn houston 4nighgh at's wt't' ming news i i in america this morninin >> stay with. "good morng america"as t sur tues bakdown.have a grere wsday.. thanyo thanu also much. per tuday. hillary clto isiminor..
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cimg viory.des ser rnie sapiing al stes ilung colorado. the winners ananlosers from sur t8t8t8y. and l$ be acki some wiwiy weather that will ing us a red flwarn the pueblo poce chief is under fire again.... ovov the risingngrime rate inheteel c what c ls vez t dement s getdogoorcolo 's0, wednday i'jon olm dana& en herere a ie e t... wi nobe v ro sfar. @ but stormtck 13's abby acone is tracking windy weather that will brang ua red fl warning later this morning. ad-lib toss to by... weatheons today: as an uppeleve sysyem slides pastolorado,


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