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to go back itlineup. ( nersn a colorado spngs s neighboror it's over now,but the suspect faces seseral charges tonight. rereflag warnings have been issued in southern colorado. mike has the detas, the results are a a stururng report on n e $& in security anan foununin - state's s llow report is cocole. ppus it'ssupepe sarday. ters ip five states heheing to the pollllor caucuces rightht no will they give the futher lead or the candidates behind in the delegaga count? od fvenini d thankn f joining usus millll. we begin in springn'.. where a man
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eaide of town. wue new on n bendhat arrest tonight. the standoff - haenededrod 10100 0hisd rning.......the stetson hills neighborhood. policeceay 32- year-old yee barnen- iv locked himself in his house after threating his gnicanotr wi a hanag. she wawaable to get outututthe house ... along wiwi h h fouyear-old daughtht. police were able to contact barnes-ivy on the phone...nd talk him into surrenenring peaceful. ultinately, you knowowheid the right thing and we j jt wanted make sure (p's safasasell.l. sosot wawaa big deal for us that we don h he to take eny furth actiwn." police wereron ensomeme time, making sure the rest of the house was safe before wowon returned home. barnesvy is in custodtoght - chged wiwifelony menang.. hahassme a child abuse. stathealth cials sa addition testing of t water sulyn security- defield and fountain is complete ... and the results are someat
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lts show that harmful chemicals s rera found d eitr tow ororon- detectable leveve. the tests were for compounds cafoand d oa, , ich were ononononely usus in nonstick papa, d firefighting foam. two wells did show levels th exceedede e fededel governnt's's ggesesd limits, buitithoseseells werereut o of commission weeks ago. deputies and popopore investigating tetemawas grazed by a bullet west of e ngs. it happed teteasasght near north cheyenne canyon nn park . . that's off lower gold cp toad. . shshtly after gunshoho w we reported .... lice caugut up with the vicm anhis frfrnds s outside the art on soututeieith streetet the vict tolol popopo t tt s group had argued with somemee in a grey jeep. he f ( was s eated at the e ene for a very minor wound. no s spects have been identifi. family home was heavavy damamad by fire e colorad springs s isis morng. it ppened just before 10 this rnininon the 23-hundred block of lasdrive ... that's'sn t e city's s sth- st sid
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to find d am cocong froroe roof and garare. theyadhe fire out within minu butot before the home was badly burned. no one was injure duringnghe incicint. . thcausisr vestation.n. a yearld receiviv an imimimant ararafter heelped save his fy rlrl the year. sheriff bill elder awawded cas ubererr the 9-1-1 1 ro award in froro of famy an first responde t ts afternoon. lucas s ved his fafaly and their home after he e & woke up on nuarfifth anannotid hi l-e-d d cture ame was s firene t this mom about the fire and t ty ble toet out harm. and totoheheas honored bybyri department and the er offici. "a c a helmet, a medel and gward" :06 "for`rs it make su thth this young n does not fofoet that the lucas unthe
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& a fire thaha burned on fort carson overnight is der control at this hour... crews had`en ttlingng fir that scorched 550 acres. yetet again,his was a firehat started during artillery training. a second smaller fire was put out yesterdada afternoon... but the one at b bned overnight t produced tall l ames and l ls s s of smoke, putting nenehbbors s the rkey creek arar on edge totoght: it's gointo mililnight with some wt windacactherer tora. mostly oudydykies w wl lastst to e ely tomorroro rning. temperatures will only into the 30s and d 40s, with the 20s in the gh country.
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teeratates wm upupnto the 60and 70s.s.usty west nd and drdrconditns will l prom redeflag warnings in pueblo, stern huerfano, las animim, oterer benen and baba counties fromom1 am - strong stoto system will approach sosohern rara late sunday ahead of this system the wind will increa on sunday, prompting high fire danger once agagn.nnxtdehe hichor rain and snonoin southernrnolorado will beben nday. so far, ititit likikrainown low ansnow up high. isould affect yo commut in both the rning d teteoo- especill dungnghe aftfrnoon. shows may linger to early tuesday morning before windg down. it will dry ouby wnesday and thursday as high pressusu rebeblds across southerer colorado. by the e e ofofhe week, highsil back in the 60s to decisn 2016 - polls s e still open in seral
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t republican presidential idatatted already celebratatata win - projected to win the nsas g-o-p-p caucus. every delegate unn th ra ands obvioubybyhehe mass mpmpgning underway rht now. nanapop the fight t r more delegates continues as voters head to primaries d caucuces across five stat turday... kansas, louisiana, e @and & ntucky for publicanan .. andansasd louiuiana d nebraskafor r democrats. 155 deleletes at - stake fo republicans and 109 for mocrcrs. blican frontrtrne r donald trtrtrmade a last-minute decision to head to kakaas -- anan skip thehe anal cocoervati e popotica action confnfenen washington. ididtial ndidate) "i wanted to be i kakaas. i wanted to be here so b bly, i was headed to another direction,n, told the e eot, 'we'e'e' going to kansas, just
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for vovos s kansas. esidential candidate) "we've hadad5 primaries and caucus so o r and we have be ae ton n n and over r d o6ergaininrom the grgrsrortstststt soe can focu ubstcewewcan cus ononssues. and the way e wininhis primy y d thehway y beat hilllly cltoto in novemr r4r4e tell the truth wiwi a s s s." absese from the super saturday ates was mamamarubio but thatidt t stst hisis supporters. "you see i'm'm mar rubio supporter." butt sot "he's's's rong ofense. he n b ing the rerebl parar tototh. what's m me poant,n bring the e tion gethth. " the decratic side ..ollshocln wi a le louiic s a a r!e e nu o afcaamamanan ters. . . . while mirity ve heed cnton rack up victories s across the soh on super tuesday -- the caucuses iss diverse kansas and nebraska cocod be more suited to sanderer those two candidates square o again tomorrow nigig in a democratic presidential debate morrow night, hosted by n. a bh-partisan effort i underway to ease up tabor restrictions in
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civic c aders callg itselflf building a aettete coloratata pwawas s get a new meure on the 2016 blot at would loosen the revenue p p ste gogornmentnt if passed, the measure'e' backers say ste funds s could d spent fixing potholes and reducing class sizes in schools instead of being refunded to taxpayers. thoususus came to pay respecec to a priest i i cucuty defifid o died aft a long ttle wh cancer. siing 5 seconds st. dominic's church held funenel serves for fathth b caraody.y. w w orre verfw d shsheded to pay rereectsts with m my y mournene having g ove from e church vestutule. we spoke w wh papashioners about t th ll impacac i've known er bill for several yeyes. when i l lt my huhuand four years ago, he waalwa there us ss a faly. so yea
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er bill was an ospen voice in the pro- feommuty... d d uld frequeue be seenenicketing outside the colorado springs offices of p pnned parenthood. meane,neral servrv d toda r devin clark. nd of family members and frnds s me togethth to hononodeden clark. people packed e e ngre de crto arts cent foris funeral. loved ones also gathered last nht for a candlelight vigil toemember his life. clark was ot and killed tside a d-wntown bar lastunday... spsrking a dedete aboutpublic safety in pueblo devin clark was 26 rereue teams resumeeir searcr for a myssing treasure huntererrom colo. randy bilyeu went missing in early january... in a rugged arar alalg the rio grgrde in nene mexico. volunteers ve been g evevev weekfor s. byeu mb been seahing for author forresfenn's $2 milllln cache of gold, jewels and artifacdhis dog and raft werererund alonthe rive
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t a home rununun get a c eck k . an importata cause get's a fun suttininin the steel city this weekend. plul fm home runs totgoalal- a maive sosoerer tonament underwayayn southern colorado drdring
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0305he raise awareness about a proble that often goes undected. 's a story that positively eblo. the firsrsever omererfor hearts" event t s held today runn fielel kids hadheir chanceo t me rs and at e me te get checececs from medical teams to seef they had anyny hidden c cdiac problemshere's's shshki statistic for
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17 ;ids die a da from hidden cardiac nditio, cause kidsds don't typically unrgo hearartestg. overall importance is you don't have t bury a child and pareres don't ha to lose kid so we catch them before that happens and prevent to make sure we cardiac screens s d donate aed's andnd train people t t t use e e ad youou . sasa kids you don't have to bubuhem kids wewe ecked for ddddddardiac oblele at th evenen 05susuelo and sotvo the largest soccertournament i southern colorados der r y. the nualal sunbelt assi attracted thousands to eblo today peoplerom l over the u-s-s made the way tohe cy for the 162- tourment. we spoke wi a grdparenensa it n'w r his and dd daughwer gets, 'sll a aut ngun it's'santataicicus watching her r around be acxive and w much theynjoy playing the gamem%anstufvf like that we he 12 grandndildr we y to s sy volvededitit them to wa
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is expected to draw in more thah 5,000 people ... a owd th than a a ali onomy. the sunblet classic
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tonight: it't'going to be a m md night with some west wind acrossouththn lorado. mostly cloudy skies will st in earlylyomorrow mornin temperaturesill only drop into the 30s an 40s, with the 20s in ththhigh countnt. sunday: temperatures w wm into the 60s an 70s. gusest wis anany conditions will ompt r f fg warnin in pueblo, eastern huerfano, las animas, otero, bt and d ca counties from 11 - 5 p a ngererto sys wi approroh southern colorado l le su. . . ahead of this system e wind will incrcrcfcf on sununy, proting high fire danger once ain. extend: hight chance fof in and sw in soututrn coloro will
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it l lkmkmikrain down w and sn up p gh. thisouou affect ur commutes iboth the mornrnand afternonn - especially during the afternoon. showers may lilier tototouesday morng bere winding wn. it will dry out by wednesdsd and ursd as high pressure rebebld across southern n n colorado. by thehend of the week, highs will be back in thehe0s.
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- osweiler's play thisisisr wa
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it sounds like we can start pupuinwfthe figus tother .&. the denver post ports the broncohave prd d three-year deal at abobobo3% millioiodollara per year ... that t would put oswuiler r rht above the los ananles rams' nick foles at 12.5 milln ... and abouou3 million belobengals q-b andy dton n . ststting on monday other teams s"ll be abab to row w ney at the 25- year-old - butut that d dsn't pmean thiis deer last ch to o ke a deal with h ... the high schoooo ops s esis heating up around colorado today as wmove towards nal fours in denver at t t the coliseum t doherty bo e taking on d's numbmb onenn overall seed overland hihj ssol ... at t e half - the spartans find themememeswn by ... thth'll need a aigg 2nd half e eort advdvce t t the 5-a fil fofo ... . closer to home ... maniu boys hosting coal ririe ... 1.) first bucket of the me . . .avyn amscheck ... gimme all 3 thos... 2.) then . lucas dholm creatiti off
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shooting from e 'stang... coco sienecht ... . llecec a as s fires ... thmustangs are on to o e grgbt 8 ... they'll play-s-c-s next ek ... onhe girl's sidede ... st. . ry's and faith h ristian in an afternoon affair ... 1.) maggie hartman ....pillaging the gls fense ... 2.) thenater... hahaman ... inh momo andndinds asasfofo2 ..3.) olivia florek wants in on th action ... she nails a triple ... e pirates .... able to hoho on to an early lead .....aithth ristian wins and advances ... 66-4... finally - ck up totoanitou ... dyst taki on n n r ... 1.1. cle in the 3rd ... ariana olsen hits a 3 ... extendg the ad to 7 ..) lama... not going ywhehe . breeee vallej goes reverse r the y-y- . 3.) thth . lexi coen to the hoop ... that's good. 3.) in the 4 4th.. mu ruruing ..... olseseat it ag .... matou
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in t t great 8 ... number 2 vs. mber 3 in ier league tion tay ....... toenm and arsena... 1.) & ththguer stke first wh a goal aaron ramsey . 2.) ba come urs ... harry kane th wonon strike ...
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welcomomtoworld news tonight."" supepesatuay. fi stas ting and the early relts are coming in. tensions@rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans arereating their r n. >> republicans teang up to takeken ononman. >> where i grew up, if someo keeps punchi peoe the face, evevtuallyeone has t t ststd up and p punsn theback. >> otests reaching a fever pih at thik t tmpally. buare donald@trump and hilry clinnow on tracko win mt l? the fbclosing in on the band othieves who made off ththlilis. new detas on t tir high-tete heist,ow thetrd the e uck k d got away wthe go > ^he young girl w w went jogging g years ago and n nerer totoght, a sususct who m m he


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