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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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tragedy in kansas. four dead, fifteen injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at the factory where he works. >> everybody was running, people were screaming, people were crying. >> the shooter identified as shepherd ford. police now believing he was served with a restraining order just prior to the rampage. texas smackdown. things get ugly at the republican debate as marco rubio and ted cruz both taking repeated shots at donald trump. >> he inherited $200 million, you know where he would be right now? >> no, no, no -- >> anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. >> trump not taking it lying down. >> this guy's a joke artist and this guy's a liar. >> has the low road become the new road to the nomination? we'll talk to senator rubio. too hard to watch. erin andrews walks out while the video at the center of her $75
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court court. andrews now preparing to take the stand as early as next week. and red carpet ready. hollywood gears up for its biggest night, but this year, the glitz and glamour will be stirred up with a healthy dose of controversy. we'll give you all the plot lines today, friday, february 26th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to the "today" show on this friday morning. >> what a debate last night. they don't need moderators anymore, they need play-by-play announcers. >> this really got heated. we'll have much more on the debate in a second, though. our top story this morning, though, is that tragic shooting rampage out in kansas. this morning, we know the identity of the alleged shooter who opened fire on co-workers before he was shot and killed by police. nbc's blake mccoy is at the
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blake, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. four people dead here, including the gunman. 15 injured. late breaking this morning, we are learning that the gunman had been issued a retraining order against him by his girlfriend just hours before his rampage. [ shots ] this is video of the gunman, sedrick larry ford, posted on his facebook page, firing what appears to be an assault rifle. ford in his late 30s, went on a shooting rampage at the excel industries factory late thursday afternoon. and this morning police say a restraining order may have been the reason behind the attack. >> around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the shooter had been served with a protection from abuse order, and by 5:00, he shot his first person. >> reporter: police confirm the shooter was an employee at the factory which makes rideing mowers and lawncare equipment. an estimated 150 people were inside when the gunfire broke out. >> all of a sudden, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> he was following people out
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>> reporter: police say ford appeared to be shooting at random with an assault rifle. he was also carrying a semi-automatic handgun. eyewitnesses stopped to help the wounded. >> he got shot twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the leg. >> reporter: the rampage started about an hour earlier less than ten miles away. shortly before 5:00 p.m., police say the gunman drove through the south-central town of newton, opening fire on two cars and injuring one person. from there, police say the suspect drove eight miles, where he stole a car and injured another person. after that, he made his way to the excel factory in hesston, shooting one person in the parking lot before making his way inside and shooting many more. authorities say the gunman was still shooting when the first officer arrived and was able to take him down, saving many lives. >> in my mind, that officer saved a whole lot of lives, because this shooter wasn't done. >> reporter: and while we do
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this excel industries building, officials say he appeared to be firing at random inside, not targeting anyone specific. we do know that before living here in kansas for the last five years, he did live in broward county, florida, where police say he does have a criminal record. how he was able to obtain those weapons is part of the investigation by the atf. matt, savannah? >> all right, blake mccoy out in kansas for us on this story. blake, thank you very much. we move now to the presidential race and that raucous republican debate last night. marco rubio and ted cruz laying into the front-runner, donald trump, trying to slow his momentum as we head into super tuesday. will it work, or is it too late? we've got complete coverage. plus, we will talk to senator rubio in just a moment, but let us begin this morning with nbc alexander. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. after three straight double-digit victories for donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz finally ganged up on front-runner.
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than texas, the fight felt more like a brawl. at the lonestar state standoff, marco rubio let loose. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> no, no, i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> well, if he builds the way the way he built trump towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> reporter: in his last stand before super tuesday, rubio skillfully, at times playfully, mocked front-runner donald trump. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating. no, no, no. i've watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago and -- >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. you said five things -- everyone's dumb, we're going to make america great again, we're going to win, win, win, he's winning in the polls and there's lines around the state. every night, same thing. >> reporter: one of the best lines of the night, rubio questioning trump's success story. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where he would be right now? selling watches in manhattan. >> reporter: the rubio campaign
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moment online, fund-raising off this fake add for a $10 trump watch, shattered face and all. here on his home turf in texas, a must-win next week, ted cruz also teamed up on trump. >> in 2013, when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> reporter: trump defending, deflecting, and delivering counterpunches. >> i got along with everybody. you get along with nobody. you should be ashamed of yourself. i had an amazing relationship with politicians. this guy's a joke artist and this guy's a liar. >> reporter: the brash billionaire also fended off this colorful attack from former mexican president vicente fox. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he's got the money. >> reporter: asked how he would get mexico to pay? >> i will, and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. if i would have used even half
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national scandal. >> reporter: at times, the debate devolved into a debacle. >> donald, relax. >> go ahead. >> i'm relaxed. you're the basket case. you're losing so badly, you don't know what's happening. >> gentlemen, gentlemen -- >> reporter: ben carson, left off camera, begged to be heard. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz also promised to release their tax returns within the next 24 to 48 hours, putting new pressure on donald trump to do the same. trump blamed the irs for his delay, saying that two to three years' worth of his returns are currently being audited. matt and savannah? >> all right, peter alexander, thank you. >> senator marco rubio is with us now. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm reading a lot of the reviews this morning. a lot of people think you had a very strong performance last night. you hit donald trump on a string of substantives issues, things like obamacare, his hiring practices, planned parenthood,
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court. was this the plan all along, to string together this kind of substantive attack on the 11th hour, or at the 11th hour to leave this fresh in the minds of voters on super tuesday? >> well, look, the thing here is i'd prefer not to have a fight and an argument with other republicans, but donald, as he reminds everyone, has done very well in the early states, and we're on the verge of having someone take over the conservative movement in the republican party who's a con artist. he's out there telling people that he's fighting. you know, his target audience is working americans who are really struggling over the last few years in this economy, but he has spent a career sticking it to working americans. that's what i was pointing out last night. >> you said specifically you don't want to criticize other republicans. you've said that over and over again, but was it the strategy to wait until the last minute so that it's fresh in the minds of voters on tuesday? >> no. that was when the debate is. and number two, as he reminds everybody over and over, he's doing well in the polls.
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i ask people to join my effort at so we can put a stop to this lunacy. we are not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist who is telling people one thing but has spent 40 years sticking it to working americans and now claims to be their champion. >> one of the issues that came up last night was the taxes of donald trump. by the way, you and senator ted cruz say you'll release your returns in the coming days. donald trump said he can't because he's being audited. he revealed he had been audited, actually, for the last several years. is that a sufficient reason not to release at least part of his tax records? >> well, first of all, we'll release ours, and not only will we release ours, but we do a financial disclosure with the senate every year, so there's really no difference between those financial disclose yours and the taxes. number two, i don't think that's enough. i think ted cruz had a good point last night, we need to see those returns to see if the difference between the audited version and what he filed are evidence of wrongdoing. but i think the reason why donald won't release his taxes
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as much money as he claims he does. i mean, this is a guy that's taken trump airlines bankrupt, trump vodka, nobody wanted it, trump mortgage was a disaster, trump university was a fraud. i mean, he is not as rich as he claims to be. everybody in finance knows that, and his taxes would expose that. and so, i think that's why he doesn't -- he came up with this excuse now of an audit. it's absurd. >> let me ask you this, after the debate, he said the reason he's audited all the time is because he's too strong of a christian. do you think that might be a factor? >> well, i mean, this is unreal! i mean, again, this guy is a con artist. i mean, he's always making things up and no one holds him accountable for it. i mean, you have a guy who's being sued right now for fraud for trump university. and i've had stories written about my driving record, you know, that we had red light camera tickets. i had a guy go back and write a story about how when i was 18 years old, i got arrested, or cited, i should say, for drinking beer in a park after hours. and here's a guy being sued for
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here's a guy who had to pay a judgment for hiring polish workers illegally to build trump towers, and he's being treated with kid gloves by many in the media in the hopes that he's the nominee. some of them are biased. they'd love to see a liberal like donald trump take over the republican party, and others know he's easy to beat once he gets there. so, he'll have to release his taxes and hillary clinton will take him apart. >> senator, tuesday is hugely important for you. you need a win, you need delegates. one of your campaign spokesperson said you would win florida. you are right now behind in that state by double digits. will you guarantee that you'll win the state of florida? >> we're not behind by double digits in florida. those polls that they're doing -- that you're citing is wrong. not only do we have our own numbers, but i know my state. we're going to win florida, and we're going to do well on super tuesday, but it's up to the people watching this. that's why i'm on this broadcast. if you want to stop this man, donald trump, this con artist, from taking over the conservative movement, then i ask you to go on our website,, sign up and help
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lunacy. we cannot turn over the reagan revolution to someone who has spent a career of sticking it to working people and now claims to be their champion. >> senator marco rubio picking up this morning where he left off last night. senator, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> and now let's bring in nbc news political analyst nicolle wallace and mark halperin with bloomberg politics, managing editor. >> good to be with you. >> mark, you were saying they were throwing everything but the kitchen sink. in this case, i think the kitchen sink was also included in terms of marco rubio dumping the entire file on trump, from the university to the hiring of illegal workers to the fraud lawsuit. it was all in there, and i guess the question this morning is, was it enough, was it too late? >> kitchen sink, bathtub and everything else in his arsenal. you know, this morning with you guys, he talked about trump as a con artist. i thought that was a more focused message than last night,
7:13 am
different things. to think if marco rubio had a performance like this months ago, whether the trajectory would be different. we're days away from super tuesday, donald trump is winning in all of the states by a substantial margin, except texas, so i think he waited too long to put this kind of performance in. >> nicole, i don't think there's any doubt this was marco rubio's best performance in a debate. was it donald trump's worst? >> it doesn't matter. he's always pretty crummy, and it never seems to matter. what i think is interesting is, so, chris christie did to marco rubio what marco rubio did to donald trump, and the effect of that was incredible damage to marco rubio, but chris christie was out i think less than a week later. but what was interesting to me is did marco rubio, as chris christie, make it easier for cruz to win texas? did rubio breathe some life back into all of the opponents to trump?
7:14 am
his business dealings was always viewed as trump's achilles' heel. and the mystery in republican circles is why didn't anyone make this case before? >> and talking about the effect now of this attack, mark, to you, does this buy marco rubio some time? do you think the gop donors and loyalists, the people kind of waiting on the sidelines wondering if marco rubio had it in him to go the distance -- are they now off the sidelines and he's going to get an influx of support and cash? >> well, they certainly -- some people will be encouraged and say,ow, we'd love to see maybe a one-on-one debate between marco rubio and donald trump. the problem he has is super tuesday, when so many delegates are at stake, with so many states voting on tuesday, there's no state at this point where marco rubio could win. while he says he could win florida, and people doubt that and public polling doesn't suggest he can, it's hard to see how he survives all the way to florida in a couple weeks if he doesn't win a single state on super tuesday or between super tuesday and when florida votes on the 15th. so, he's in a stronger position with a stronger debate
7:15 am
tough to see how that translates into winning states in the short term. >> all right, nicolle, mark, this was fascinating. thank you very much. good to see you guys this morning. meanwhile, former republican candidate senator lindsey graham has not been shy about attacking donald trump or the shenanigans of this campaign season. he took things to a new level during last night's washington press club foundation dinner. take a look. >> my party has gone [ bleep ] crazy. if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. i ran for president and i had to get out. i endorsed jeb bush, and he had to get out. i'm the dr. kevorkian. of the republican primary.
7:16 am
[ laughter ] i endorse donald trump and hope that grand magic still exists. >> sum it up pretty well, nicoll snenk. >> he did. and what's so interesting is that this party has now got its hair on fire about donald trump. and marco rubio is the only one with the hope of benefiting, i think, at this point, from all these attacks. but i think republicans are wondering where was this outcry? where was this hysteria? donald trump has been doing well for a very long time. marco rubio is now satisfying and acceptable to a broad swath of all of the republicans who kind of laughed at those jokes. where was the strength he displayed last night, six, seven, two months ago, when it really could have put marco rubio in the top position in all of these polls? >> to your point, it's not like these lines of attack were hiding in the bushes. this was the low-hanging fruit. >> trump's business dealings are known around new york and in business communities, and
7:17 am
such an aggressive way, it's satisfying to a lot of people who wondered why they weren't earlier. but i agree with mark halperin's analysis. i'm just not sure if there's time. >> okay. >> nicolle, thank you. thank you very much. al's on the road this morning, lucky guy, miami beach. it looks beautiful, al. good morning. >> it is gorgeous. 56 degrees, which we would love in new york city, but feels a little cool here, a little breezy. we're not complaining. it's the 15th annual south beach wine and food festival. we're here at south beach. meantime, let's show you what we've got on right now around the country. again, the good news is things have calmed down for the most part. we're seeing some action moving into the pacific northwest, northern california. windy in the northeast. look for some lake-effect snow showers around the great lakes. plenty of sunshine through the gulf coast. things are much calmer today than they have been the last couple of days. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local
7:18 am
30 seconds. >> that's your latest weather. coming up in the next half hour,
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you will not believe some of this video. >> i'm noticing the jacket in miami there. >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah. little brisk but it's okay. hey, i'm cooking -- i've got a we'll tell you about that a little later, as well. >> it'll do us no good in the studio, al, but we appreciate it. coming up, new drama at erin andrews' $75 million civil trial. what caused her to suddenly walk out of the courtroom? your guide to sunday's oscars, from the wide open races to host chris rock and the controversy that may overshadow
7:20 am
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nbc. this is "today" on just ahead, washing machines, the shower, your child's cups. on rossen reports, the dangerous mold that can be hiding in your home and what you can do about
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3 (bill)3 >> a series of car burglaries in the virginia lake area has residents and authorities on high alert. >> reno police say the thieves don't want to steal your car.instead, they want your garage door opener. officers say the thieves want to steal items from your garage in order to pawn them. they say residents who park their car outside their home, need to make sure their garage door opener is not accessible
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3 (tim)---wx---- 3 "
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you pretty day. 7:30, friday morning, february 26th, 2016. and there are some people on that plaza that will be even happier in just a moment, because guess what? they're going to win a fabulous leap year trip to los angeles. we'll have more on that in just a couple of moments. >> should be fun. let's take a look at some headlines right now. it was really rough and tumble in texas last night as the republican presidential candidates faced off as the final debate before super tuesday. both marco rubio and ted cruz hit donald trump very hard. >> said five things -- everyone's dumb, he's going to make america great again, we're going to win, win, win, he's winning in the polls and the lines are around the state. >> he can release past years' tax returns. he can do it tomorrow. he doesn't want to do it, because presumably, there's something in there that is bad. >> nothing. >> if there's nothing, release them tomorrow. >> they're already prepared. >> trump told the audience he will release those tax returns at some point.
7:31 am
because he's being audited. the alleged gunman who killed 4 people and injured at least 14 others in kansas is being identified this morning as cedric ford. police say he opened fire at a factory where he worked as well as two other locations before being shot dead by police. witnesses described the chaos. >> i had no idea what to do. we were hopping fences. everybody was running, people were screaming. >> what we're looking at is that around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the shooter had been served with a protection from abuse order, the final order of that, and by 5:00, he shot his first person. >> and apple is officially now asking a federal judge to reverse that order that would force the tech giant to help the fbi unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. in a motion filed thursday, apple accuses the government of seeking dangerous power that goes well beyond just one phone. and we've got new
7:32 am
sports reporter erin andrews' $75 million civil trial and natalie's been following this one. >> hey, guys, good morning. thursday was a difficult day for andrews, so much so that she chose to leave the courtroom while jurors were shown the video at the center of her case. erin andrews stepping out of the court before jurors saw the videos that have been haunting her for years. >> why don't we start with the first one? >> reporter: in a darkened courtroom with security cameras blocked, more than 4 1/2 minutes of the footage showing the sports reporter undressing in her hotel room was played for the jurors. they now join millions who have seen the material online. >> 16,800,000 people, conservatively, have viewed the video. >> reporter: michael barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting the nude videos in 2008 and served 30 months in prison. those videos still live online, and more people view them each day, according to computer scientist bernard janssen. >> it works out to every minute about 1.5 people are watching that video. so, right now, someone's
7:33 am
>> reporter: a psychotherapist who treated andrews testified by video about the panic andrews felt when her stalker got out of jail and she wasn't told, as well as the anguish she felt after the incident. >> she couldn't get through the day without fear and anxiety. >> reporter: and the symptoms she experienced after being publicly humiliated. >> she was depressed, she was anxious, she was obsessive and irritable and reactive. >> reporter: barrett had altered the peephole of andrews' hotel room door and filmed her getting dressed. he was staying in the room next to andrews, something he had requested prior to his arrival. but a representative from marriott international testified that request was never passed on to the nashville hotel, which is a franchise. >> and how certain are you that that information was never communicated to the hotel?
7:34 am
>> and the hotel maintained it did nothing wrong, that barrett deceived and manipulated the system to get the room right next to andrews. court is not i andrews, though, expected to take the stand monday and the case expected to go on through next week. >> a lot of people will be watching that, for sure. natalie, thank you. it's going to be a very big weekend out in hollywood. the 88th oscars are sunday. and for a second straight year, a cloud of controversy is hanging over the movie industry's biggest night. nbc's joe fryer is at the dolby theatre in los angeles. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning from the red carpet, currently covered in white plastic. no worries, that will be gone by sunday. no rain in the forecast. this year's show will feature a truly unpredictable three-way race for best picture, but that story line has been overshadowed by another year of controversy over diversity. headlines will be made not just by the stars who are on the red carpet but also those who are not. will smith and his wife, jada
7:35 am
the show, along with director spike lee, in the wake of another oscarssowhite backlash. while all eyes are on host chris rock, walking into a situation tailor-made for his sense of humor, what will he say? >> let's do this. >> reporter: so far, the comedian is keeping a fairly low profile, posting a few teaser pics. though on twitter last month, he did call the oscars "the white b.e.t. awards." speaking with "the hollywood reporter," he's not giving away any jokes. >> right now i'm just concentrating on the movies, you know, what's the subjects that are big in hollywood. >> reporter: we do know this year's show will feature a diverse slate of presenters, including whoopi goldberg and kevin hart. and joe biden will introduce lady gaga, who's performing a nominated song from a documentary about sexual assault. there's no shortage of drama surrounding this year's best picture race. >> i love my job. >> you hate your job. >> i love my job. >> we have to get the system. >> it's time, robby!
7:36 am
vying for top prize, all of them scoring pre-oscar victories. "revenant" won top actor from the director ooze guild, and "the big short" was the big winner at the producers' guild awards. for lead actor, leonardo dicaprio is looking unstoppable in his quest for the oscar in his fifth acting nomination. >> what's wrong? >> and first-time nominee brie larson is expected to win lead actress for her turn as a kidnapped, imprisoned mother in "room." supporting actress is shaping up to be a two-way battle between breakthrough star alicia vikander and kate winslet. >> your father was special. tell you the truth, i don't know if you're special. >> reporter: and in the supporting actor race, momentum is with sylvester stallone, reprising his role as rocky balboa, for which he was first nominated 39 years ago. this year, he could finally take home the gold. this year, viewers will notice a
7:37 am
winners will not read a long list of names when giving those acceptance speeches. instead, the thank-yous will scroll along the bottom of the screen. so, hopefully, the speeches will be shorter and more memorable. matt and savannah? >> all right, joe fryer. thanks very much. we're going to have more on the oscars, including predictions for the major categories in our next half hour. first of all, karascarson is back here. will sly stallone win finally? >> yes, he will. and leo, for sure. >> and we weren't going to introduce carson, just have a scroll saying "carson joins us now." >> my thank-yous will be scrolling soon here. >> welcome back. >> thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather. al's down in miami. hey, al. >> hey, guys, how are you doing? we've got some great video. they only hold the serving invitational every time the waves get to 30 or 35 feet. they haven't done it in six years. for the first time in six years, they did it, and look at these
7:38 am
anywhere -- some of these waves are going to reach 50 feet tall. i mean, unbelievable stuff. and they say this is some of the biggest waves they've seen in 40 years. and surfers were colliding, they were wiping out. that is -- and it's a great excuse just to play the "hawaii five-oh" theme, so for me, it's a win-win. let's look at what's going on temperaturewise, as far as your weather is concerned. if you're out west, man, you are hanging ten! because the jet stream is way up to the north. and look at these temperatures. friday, 74 in san diego, vegas 78, 63 in denver. the warm-up moves east as we move into saturday. temperatures get into the rockies. we're looking at possible records from kansas city, chicago, indianapolis, all the way down into san antonio. and by sunday, they're even into the northeast after a cooldown today and tomorrow. you'll see warmer weather from tallahassee, new york city and on up into chicago and
7:39 am
that's what's going on around >> that's your latest weather. guys, we're here at the south beach 15th annual wine and food festival. we, in the next half hour, will have more chefs than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of a good time. >> natalie is headed your way this weekend, too, al. >> i'm headed to you, al. >> she's a judge at the burger bash. >> she's a judger. ten points for al already.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
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as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. ask your doctor about new xifaxan. we're back now. 7:44. with a brand-new rossen reports. this morning, pictures of a child's moldy sippy cup that are outraging parents. >> that has jeff rossen thinking, where else might mold be hiding in our homes? good morning. >> we're going to deliver it to you, grossness, but these are the photos we're talking about we have in the we have.
7:45 am
is mold in your house right now where you can't see it. this morning, the hidden places you should check today to keep your family safe. >> reporter: new photos will make you squirm. hidden mold discovered inside this kids' sippy cup. the pictures posted on facebook by an angry mom. from the outside, the cup looks clean, but the child kept getting sick. so they took the cup apart and found all this buried under the drinking spout. >> that grossness got us thinking, what hidden mold is lurking inside your home or mine? today, i'm your guinea pig. this is my home. i've invited a certified mold inspector over to poke around a bit. this is stuff that can happen in your house, too. this is matt. did you find anything? >> where you keep your cleaning products, there is a plumbing leak causing mold growth. >> anything else? >> up here where you keep the sponges, down in this tray, there's a lot of black growth in there.
7:46 am
this is what i'm cleaning the dishes with and the cups. >> exactly. one thing a lot of people don't know about is underneath your refrigerator. there is a drip pan. a lot of times, yeah, look at that. >> oh, my, that is hideous. >> this is all mold and bacterial growth that built up. >> i never knew this was here. >> most don't. >> how do you fix this? >> if you clean it once or twice a month, it's enough to take care of it. >> this can make you sick if left untreated? >> it could. >> reporter: washing machines, a breeding ground for mold, crappedcrap ed -- trapped inside the door. i have it, too. >> this is your washing machine. >> that's mold. >> how dangerous is this? >> could be dangerous if it's airborne and you're breathing it. >> what do you do? >> make sure it stays dry. another tip, if you can't, leave
7:47 am
>> reporter: the most dangerous place for mold, your bathroom. >> this is my shower and this is not weird. >> you and your wife have lots of products here. when you don't use them a lot, you don't notice the buildup. pop the bottom off and see the black and -- >> is that mold? >> mold and bacteria growing. >> disgusting. >> this here, same thing. >> this has been in my shower -- you know you've done this -- for about a month, month and a half. i assumed my wife was using it and never picked it up. it's going in the garbage. >> this one, too, you can see the mold on the tag. >> rip the stickers off, at the least? >> at the very least, especially in the shower. here we are at your bathtub. this children's toy, you can see the edge of that. >> what's that? >> mold there. >> this is the pail i use, by the way, every night to pour over my kids' heads when i wash their hair.
7:48 am
>> than xks for coming by, by the way. >> you're welcome. >> never come again. >> well, that was embarrassing. we'll go to matt's house next. so we have bath toys. they're another breeding ground for mold because the water gets in and can't get out. sacrifice one in the bathtub. cut it open and see if there is mold. if there is, throw the rest out. >> i think i know what you're doing this weekend. >> the cleaning lady is fired, and that's me. >> i was checking out the sippy cups. ahead, take a look. recognize her? not you, carson. this is a former child star and she blew away the "voice" coaches. she sounds when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana .
7:49 am
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7:58 am
tman 3 (bill)3 >> the future of a public reno golf course is now uncertain... the reno sparks convention and vistitors authority is looking to shut down wildcreek golf course... and then sell the propertyrscva chairman "bob lucy" says the golf course is losing about 200 thousand dollars every year. the property has been owned by the rscva for about thirty years, and it's looking to get out of the golf business to focus on convention centers, the bowling stadium, and other things that bring in tourists. the board of directors and
7:59 am
favor keeping the golf course, but instead... transferring it
8:00 am
3 (tim)---wx---- it's 8:00 on today super model cheryl tiegs criticized sports illustrated for using a full figured model. >> i don't think it's healthy. her face is beautiful. beautiful. but i don't think it's healthy in the long run. then all about amy. >> here's my intern! >> hello! >> how you doing? >> good. >> you were late. >> we'll see if savannah has what it takes to be an intern on the set of the hit show inside amy schumer. >> i'm really into you. >> okay, that's great start. so far you're doing amazing. have mercy. we catch up with the reunited cast of fuller house. just as their new series is set to hit netflix. we kept doing full house in our own home. seriously, we never left each other.
8:01 am
>> today friday, february 26th, 2016. we love today! >> good morning to our friends in port orange, florida. >> hello ottawa. >> good morning, arkansas! >> happy birthday to our mom! >> celebrating britney's 18th birthday! >> we're back now, it is 8:00 on this friday morning. 32 degrees out on the plaza. a little breezy. feels chillier than that. got a nice group of people so we thought we'd come out and say hello. >> we're giving a trip away to los angeles this morning for
8:02 am
to get in on that. >> spectacular. >> they're ready to rock. >> ready to go. they go out to la on oscar weekend. >> today. yeah. >> it's the weekend to be there. >> by the way, something big coming up starting in this hour. do you know this sexy boot that savannah has been wearing for the past couple of weeks? we're going to make that even more attractive with a little -- what do we call this bedazzling? >> yeah. remember the show pimp my ride? it's -- we're going to pimp my boot. it will be bejewelled. it's going to be fun. >> is this a long process? >> i don't know it depends on how many rhinestones we put on it. >> you're going to do it? >> yes, and i'll wear it as long as i can with all those jewels. >> that will be subtle. let's go inside natalie has a check of the top stories. more on the kansas shooting. a sheriff now revealing the
8:03 am
rampage in kansas thursday night that left four people dead and 15 wounded. he said gunman cedric ford had been served with an order of protection in a domestic violence case less than two hours before the shooting. ford shot several people on the street, then 15 more inside the lawn equipment factory where he worked. he was armed with an assault rifle and a handgun. but was killed by a police officer. ford had a long criminal record, and had posted earlier video on social media that showed him firing an assault weapon. the republican candidates gave gave soup urtuesday voters plenty to think about on thursday night. hallie jackson is in houston for us. good morning. >> good morning. to marco rubio's campaign, this photo says it all. rubio on the attack, along with ted cruz. donald trump on defense. but this morning, trump's tweeting out a new nickname for
8:04 am
>> thank you, thank you for -- >> donald trump getting it literally from both sides. >> marco rubio turning up the >> what is your plan on healthcare? you don't have a plan. >> you have many different plans. you'll have a competition, so many different plans. >> he's repeating himself. >> i'm not repeating, no. no. no. >> ted cruz, taking on trump, too. >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. >> senator cruz -- yourself. >> if you want to be liked in washington that's not a good attribute for a president. >> the front runner, fighting back. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> on defense in houston over releasing tax returns. >> i will absolutely give my returns. but i'm being audited for two or three years, so i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> his potential democratic rival, hillary clinton, sounding like she's looking ahead to a
8:05 am
november. >> some of the comments he's made which have been deivisive and mean spirited doesn't quit with what i thought i knew about him. >> bernie sanders arguing he can bring change to washington with an exchange with msnbc's chris matthews. >> how are -- >> we'll have billions of people -- >> you need 60 votes to get a nominee. >> all the candidates now getting ready for the final stretch before super tuesday when donald trump's rivals will find out if their debate performances were enough to slow down the front runner. >> see how it plays out. hallie jackson in houston thanks. senator rubio was still on the attack this morning, repeatedly calling trump a con artist during an interview earlier on today. >> we're not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist who is telling the people one thing but has spent 40 years sticking it to americans. >> he thinks trump hasn't
8:06 am
because he's not as wealthy as he claims to be. a unicorn sighting had california police chasing the creature through traffic. this is juliette, a pony wearing a single horn of course. she ran away from a children's party. she was quickly recaptured. three hours later she took off yet again. the highway patrol says the unicorn running amuck on the roadway. >> that's not a real unicorn? >> a neighbor's horse was brought in to calm her. >> can you imagine the call to 911? there's a unicorn on the loose running down the middle of the highway. >> thank you, so much. earlier this month you probably remember sports illustrated was celebrated for putting a full figured model on its famous swim suit issue cover.
8:07 am
sitting well with one former supermodel. hoda is here with more on the controversy. >> si made a splash with its annual swim suit issue. cheryl tiegs is making waves with her criticism from one cover girl to another. sports illustrated turning the tide on body image feechaturing ashley graham on the cover. it seems not everyone is on the same page as the magazine. >> do you love the fact we're stepping outside of our comfort zone of what we know is the model figure? >> actually i don't like it that we're talking about full figured women. because it's glamorizing them. >> former supermodel cheryl tiegs telling e news at a preoscar party when it comes to modeling, a plus can be a minus. >> you're waist should be smaller than 35. you know, that's what dr. oz
8:08 am
i don't think it's healthy. her face is beautiful. beautiful. but i don't think it's healthy in the long run. >> tiegs slamming graham a size 16. >> good morning today show? >> who took pride in her size on today earlier this month. >> i think flaunting your curves does take a lot of guts. >> but tiegs thinks graham and other plus size models promote an unhealthy lifestyle. >> i was always thin and fit for my own good health. you know, i didn't do it because of modeling. >> tiegs who graced the cover of sports illustrated three times, also appeared on today earlier this month. she face as fire storm on social media with many coming to graham's defense. it full figured model doesn't promote an unhealthy lifestyle but teaching girls you have to be a size zero does. while graham has yet to respond to the remarks she did talk
8:09 am
plus size during an interview with ellen thursday. >> i'm not a promoter of obeseby or anorexia. we have to promote women to be healthy at every size. >> a positive message from what some consider less than model behavior. >> we reached out to both tiegs and graham for comments. tiegs did take to twitter in an attempt to clarify what she said saying being anorexic buleemic and overweight does lead to problems. you can see why this totally exploded. >> she seemed way out of step on this. >> way out of step. ashley graham is gorgeous. she was on with you, on with us. >> she said on ellen, it's about being healthy whatever your body size getting up and moving. ahead, we're going to do a special on oscar edition of the friday fishbowl.
8:10 am
>> savannah becomes amy schumer's intern for a day and learns all about the less glamorous side of show business. first, these messages.inged,... ...i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied... matter what the quantity was. afterwards, i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d.... ...go to binge eating disorder dot com and talk with your doctor. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait!
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8:12 am
hey sweetie, it's time. eye of the tiger tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. bring it. how did you do that you didn't even move your hand?! it's all in the wrist schwartzy... alright, another game. alexa, what time is it? it's 5:43pm. i've got a table reading at 6:00... alexa, how's the traffic?
8:13 am
can we take the bike?! c'mon schwartzy! jason... get in the side-car. alright. fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate.
8:14 am
we are back now, 8:14 with the bowl that strikes fear in the hearts of "today" show hosts. we've got the friday fish bowl. from what i understand, this is an all-oscars version of "the fish bowl." >> put me on the spot here. the movie i love to watch as a kid was -- gosh. "e.t." >> carson. >> this is funny. >> give that is savannah. >> which oscar nominated for best picture best describes you? you can't answer.
8:15 am
short, or the martian. i guess the martian, right? a little spacey sometimes? >> no, no, no. >> you have a funny sense of humor. >> but i don't want to be "fury road" or "big short." >> it's probably better you plead the fifth. >> i first movie i remember seeing is -- the wizard of oz. black and white in the first half, color in the second. that's not nice. >> when my alarm goes off in the morning i think -- it's a wonderful life or scream. definite. ly "scream." >> if your life was a movie, what would be the tag line? come on. >> the tag line. >> that's a hard one. >> "mission impossible." i don't know. >> i got the shag mary. go ahead. >> savannah.
8:16 am
mrs. robinson, bo derek in 10, princess leia. i would marry princess leia. this is silly. you do your question. do you want me to keep going? >> you're arguing with yourself. are we on tv? okay. >> the movie i regret seeing is -- you can't say because these people come on all the time and that's too hard. here we go. we're going to kick off this "pop start" here on friday with brie larson. right now she is the odds-on favorite to win the oscar sunday for her performance in "room." but she posted this photo from 2005 explaining that she sang on a barbie castle float with a dancing barbie and ken. she remembered, yes, take it in. we dug up the parade video and there's brie larson right there.
8:17 am
right here in new york city. >> she can sing. >> adorable. best of the luck to brie and everyone else out there in los angeles. remember the child star who played the title role in the 1991 comedy "curly sue"? she's opposite jim belushi. her real name is allison porter and she's taken some years off from showbiz but now she's turning up on a show you may have heard of. since i left my baby behind on blue bayou i'm going back some day come what may to blue bayou where the fishing boats where the sails afloat if i could only
8:18 am
>> they are hae getting inggetting all four of our big red chairs to turn. she told the coaches she's gone through a hard time in life but she's been sober for eight years, she's got two kids, a husband. find out what coach she picked when you watch season ten premier of "the voice." >> that's shameless. >> does it rhyme with christina? >> you got to watch monday night. got to keep the magic of "the voice" alive. she's great. a lot of good talent this season. finally, gisele bundchen, tom brady have a new addition. her kids are over the moon about their new family member. not to be outdone tom posted this video to highlight the circle of life giving little
8:19 am
let's go to miami and check in in. >> what is it that keeps you guys coming back? >> first of all, miami in the wintertime? i mean it's pretty amazing what lee's done and the whole community has done. >> it's all about scholarship, too. >> and getting the young people encouraged in the food industry and what we do. it is very much a thing that they look forward to and we look forward to seeing each other. >> also this event has really changed how miami eats and other
8:20 am
>> big event tonight, the burger bash. >> i'm judging. >> patty melt -- oh! is that a burger? don't forget, we want also you to check out -- check this out on instagram at "today >> >> guys, cronuts with froot loops on them. breakfast of champions.
8:21 am
take care. let us turn now to more of our special series, "up for the job today." >> i go the to intern on the set of comedy central's "inside amy schumer." i spent the day gossiping and gabbing with my new bestie -- not really. my first day on set of "inside amy schumer," and i came to leave an impression. >> i'm savannah. >> i'm luke. >> reporter: luke sherman is the assistant director. >> here's the call sheet which has even more detailed information on the front and the back and your walkie talkie featuring 16 channels of fun. >> wow. >> so this is a bit of a stress building exercise. something we have every intern do first day on set. fire watching. have you ever heard of that? >> no. >> luckily it doesn't involve life, limb. basically you stand at the back of a truck and you keep an eye on gear for the crew so that they don't have to do it so that
8:22 am
>> i'm standing here just making sure we don't get robbed? >> you don't have to take anyone down or anything. >> what if someone tries to take me down? hit me on the walkie. call for luke. >> okay. i was really hoping i didn't have to hit luke on the walkie. >> nice to meet you! >> reporter: but while i was busy chatting apparently my fire watching was lagging. >> i know you. you're safe. but i see your point. i see your point. i was talking. i was talking and i wasn't really -- >> that happens. >> hi. >> what are you shooting? >> another rule of fire watching, don't reveal too much to strangers. >> standard lines is it's a commercial for mayonnaise. >> it's just a commercial. yeah. for mayonnaise. reduced fat mayonnaise. it's really healthier, just lighter. are you guys interns, too? >> yes. >> okay. i'm savannah. this is my first day. >> i'm josh. nice to meet you. >> i'm rachel. nice to meets you. >> did you guys have a lot of
8:23 am
>> yeah, i'm having a blast. >> what do you do? i just did some fire watching. >> we're running all around kind of like keeping everything together. >> do you ever have script ideas that you just throw out there? >> i don't know if that's the smartest idea. everyone has their respective jobs. >> you can broadcast them to your intern. >> got it. maintain self-control at all times. >> stand by to log it up. >> copy. >> and we are rolling. rolling, rolling. >> rolling. rolling. we just wait? >> yeah. pretty much like fire watching. still rolling. >> still rolling. >> that was good. >> reporter: so good, in fact, i was let in on a major secret of working on the "inside amy schumer" set. free massages for everyone, courtesy of amy. >> how do you think i'm doing just as an intern so far? >> i will say this, the next time you're fire watching,
8:24 am
look them straight in the eye, make them know that you are a wall that cannot be broken. >> so bring some more confidence to it. >> yeah, sure. >> okay. >> so now i was loose and limber and ready for a shot at the big time. >> hi. >> here's my intern! how you doing? >> hello. good. >> you were late. >> i'm so sorry. >> i heard you were getting massage. >> no, no. i was go ettingy you are call sheets. >> oh, you got my call sheet. thank you. let me just check this. okay, approved. why did you want to intern for the show? >> well, i am just really into you. >> okay. that's a great start. so far you're doing amazing. >> i don't know, just seems like maybe we could hang out together. >> we could hang out. >> me and you. >> i would love that but we actually do need you to work today. >> oh. >> yeah. >> what are you looking for in an intern? >> well, usually our interns stand around and they make uncomfortable eye contact with etch ooh other. but then at the wrap party they
8:25 am
make it out. >> have you heard anything around the set about what kind of intern i've been? >> everyone said you're doing a really good job. >> really. >> i was just like, yeah, well, i've got to see that for myself. i can't believe how seriously you've talked to me like this. >> oh. what does make a hole mean? >> that's something you'll have to go find out. such a good intern. >> i love amy. 90% of that interview was unairble a. big thanks to her. to luke, my guide for the day. the entire "inside amy schumer" team. it premiers april 21st on comedy central. >> that's what it is like though. you sit around.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
chanel intern on the road with **stinger music**(sam)>> good morning boatman 3 (bill)3 >> a series of car burglaries in the virginia lake area has residents and authorities on high alert. >> reno police say the thieves don't want to steal your car.instead, they want your garage door opener. officers say the thieves want to steal items from your garage in order to pawn them. they say residents who park their car outside their home, need to make sure their garage door opener is not accessible
8:29 am
3 (tim)---wx----
8:30 am
trailing music bed 8:30 on a friday morning. it is the 26th day of february 2016. we're back outside on a really fun morning. a lot of these people are standing on the plaza today. some of them are carrying their suitcases with them. because they're looking to get a chance to win a fabulous trip to los angeles. we are going to find out who the winners are coming up in just a little while. >> really great posters, by the way. i don't know. it's going to be tough competition. meanwhile, savannah is inside, helping bling out her boot. how is it looking, savannah? >> it's looking jewely. >> very bejeweled. >> it is. >> we'll check out the finished
8:31 am
>> matt, this will be sexy by the time we're through. >> i agree. >> it's got to be easy accessible. you have to get the leg in there. >> i know. i know. >> i can just smell, we're going to auction that off. no question about it. speaking of los angeles, it is the oscar weekend. is it leo's to lose? which movie will be declared best picture? more of our guide to the academy awards is coming up. we have a lot to get to. let's go down to al in south beach and check out the weather. al? >> hey, guys, it is really beautiful here. we're at miami beach. right now, the south beach wine and food festival is about to get in full swing. check out our @today food instagram for all kinds of stuff. meantime, let's look at your weekend, show you what's going on. yeah, baby. starting off with saturday, we are looking at plenty of sunshine in the east. the only real activity will be snow in the inner mountain regions, record highs in the northern plains, windy
8:32 am
sunday, sunday, we're expecting more rain and snow in the pacific northwest. record highs continue around the central great lakes. warmer weather moves into the northeast and mid-atlantic states. also, oscar night, the forecast looking good for hollywood. sunny skies, light winds for the red carpet. natalie and i will be there and bring you all the oscar buzz on monday morning. that's what's going on around the co hey, guys, in the next hour, our good pal giada de laurentiis
8:33 am
cooking for us. >> he has all the luck. >> i know. >> looks awesome, al, thank you. after months of buildup, "fuller house," the reboot of the beloved sitcom "full house," makes its debut on netflix today. >> our national correspondent craig melvin was there as the cast got back together. >> well, you know, they say you can never go back home again. we're back home, which is incredible. >> before we go further, i want to say one thing. we all look good. everywhere you look >> reporter: that theme song. >> you've got it, dude. >> have mercy. >> have mercy. >> reporter: and those memorable lines. >> my kitchen! >> cut it out. >> how rude! >> reporter: has it really been more than 20 years since the cast of "full house" shared a set? >> be honest. did you ever think we'd end up being roommates? >> not once. >> for us, we never stopped. we kept doing "full house" in our own homes.
8:34 am
other, any of us. >> at each other's weddings, birthday parties. >> divorces. >> several. >> reporter: the tanner family and -- >> home, sweet, home. >> reporter: -- one special neighbor are back for the launch of "fuller house." john stamos, uncle jesse, is one of the producers responsible for the reboot. >> we'll do 13 episodes where we'll pop in and out. we're handing the show over to these very able young actresses. they move into the house and have three kids they're raising. it's kind of switched. >> it's who is helping you raise your kids because, unfortunately, one of the parents has passed away. >> you both have to smile. i don't know what i'd do if you weren't here. >> team d.j. on three. >> reporter: it's a role reversal the former kids of "full house" say they're ready for. >> it's about our lives and that feels like the biggest transition of like, there's like a little bit of pressure for us.
8:35 am
>> i remember what it was like growing up and looking up to the adults on the set, wanting their approval. >> oops. >> reporter: on "fuller house," newly widowed d.j. tanner is raising her two sons and a baby boy alongside kimmy gibbler and her son. >> who is your favorite cast members? >> stephanie and uncle jesse. >> what is it about uncle jesse? >> he's funny. >> when i first came, i'm like, hi, i play max. he said, not anymore. you're fired. >> reporter: there's certainly no shortage of humor on set. >> he loves hitting me in the head. >> where are you? >> nothing has changed. 25 years ago we were like that. >> good morning. >> reporter: lori loughlin, the beloved aunt becky, agrees. >> becky. please call me becky. >> becky, i like that. >> first day i got here, i had the best time.
8:36 am
never used before. >> reporter: the show's creators promise those signature tanner family moments are back. a nod to nostalgic fans. >> full house. >> reporter: with plenty of fresh family fun for a new generation. >> kings and aces, fuller house. >> i hope it goes up to 100 seasons. >> i think what would be great is if part of the "fuller house" show, they let bob saget tell of his favorite jokes. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is on netflix, matt. not network tv anymore. up next, who will walk away with an oscar sunday night?
8:37 am
8:38 am
with dave 8:38. we're back with more on this sunday's 88th academy awards. get those off my head.
8:39 am
hollywood's big night and what you can expect is dave karger, host of front runners on fandango. good to see you. >> you, too. >> we have to talk about the oscars controversy. i think a lot of people are wondering how and when chris rock the host might take it on. i assume he's going to take it on. >> oh, sure, he's going to take it on at the top of the show. all eyes will be on the eight-minute monologue he does. he tested out some material at a nightclub in los angeles last week. people who were there said he really did not hold back. there is a bit about how martin luther king jr. would have thought about this controversy and all that. i think people are going to really see what he's been doing. he's the perfect guy to be hosting this year. >> might be some people in the academy a little nervous about what he has to say. the speeches will be a little different. people are going to notice something. we're used to seeing winners get up there and ramble on and thank and thank and thank. they have a new feature. >> so they've asked all the nominees to submit a list of names in advance. if they win, while they're
8:40 am
example -- there will be a scroll -- thank you don nash -- for them to announce and name all the people they want to. is it going to work? >> i like the idea. i don't think it's going to work. >> really? i'm pro-scroll. i think it's a good idea. >> they're hoping it'll promote more moments of speaking from the heart. it's a hard habit to break. people have people they want to thank. >> and you get nervous. i get it. >> i think it'll work in some cases. >> let's go predictions. a lot of people think leonardo dicaprio is a shoe shoo-in. >> of course, yeah. he's been nominated so many times. he'll win for the right performance. he was terrific in "the revenant." >> best actress, what's going to happen? >> brie larson for "room." real breakout star. >> she's won everything leading up. >> she has. there's so much overall support for the movie which got a best director and best picture nomination. >> i think people's hearts are
8:41 am
>> sure. even though he wasn't nominated for.guild award, people feel like he should have won 39 years ago when he was nominated for "rocky." even though it won best picture he did not win. this is a way to right that wrong. >> the best supporting actress is close? >> between kate winslet for "steve jobs" and alicia vikander for "the danish girl." kate winslet won in the british academy awards. but she was not up against alicia. any time it's been alicia in "the danish girl" against kate, alicia wins. i think it will happen again. >> best director and best picture. they don't always go hand in hand. on the best director? >> i think they'll go hand in hand this time. >> >> i think it'll go to the
8:42 am
back to back best director. i think "revenant" has the edge. "mad max" will win a ton. if you're doing an oscar pool. >> if history proves true, you'll be write on 95% of the predictions. >> i hope so. >> daft karger,, thank you. >> we'll have a wrap, the winners, fashions, after parties everything monday on "today." natalie and al will be live in l.a. monday morning. celebrating some of our
8:43 am
8:44 am
first on a friday morn we're back at 8:44 with looking back, moving forward, in honor of black history month. >> this morning we celebrate the achievements of black americans that have meant so much to us and people all around the world. >> black history month for me is truly american history. >> it gives us a moment to reflect on the progress that we've made but also how far we
8:45 am
>> black history is about people who have broken barriers in all endeavors. >> whether it's technology, the arts, sports. >> from politics to pop culture, black americans have left such an indelible mark. >> the inauguration of president obama in 2009, i think, was one of those moments that i will forever talk about. >> i don't think you had to be black or a person of color to appreciate it. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ applause ] >> every space of green between the national monument and the lincoln memorial was covered with people. >> i was out on one of the streets as the motorcade was making its way to the cap kollitol building. everybody was excite and had caught up in the moment. >> when he and mrs. obama got out of the car the first time, it almost couldn't register. >> this is exciting. >> i remember diane carol was the first black actress in history to star in her own television show.
8:46 am
restricted to the clinic. >> i thought that was thrilling and she was so beautiful. she was just exquisite. then one of my favorite actors of all time, sydney portier, won an oscar for a beautiful movie. a woman >> a woman who i respect and am in awe of was ruby bridges. there were so many people chanting, two, four, six, eight, we don't want to integrate. she didn't know she was making history. she was going to school. >> ranch ricky had the courage to sign robinson to a major league contract. that took guts. then the sheer talents of jackie robinson who went on the field and played to the highest level every day and ignored what was thrown at him. and set a standard above anything anyone had seen before. those two guys in combination are black history month to me.
8:47 am
performance at the 1936 berlin olympics. i have this picture up in my office. i gives me chills every time i look at it. why was it so significant? jesse owens won four gold medals at an olympics hosted by adolph hitler. the point was to show off white supremacy. what did jesse owens did, the son of a sharecropper? he disproved the entire theory. >> calvin p. was an important figure to me in history. i'm a huge golfer. he didn't start playing until he was 24, from detroit. i remember seeing him as a kid, watching him walk out there on the golf course. not a tremendous amount of african-americans. long before tiger woods. amazing that he'd go on to a champion golfer. >> black history is about american history because the two are inseparable. >> what we describe as the triumphant moments and the difficult moments are all a part of who we are. >> one of my favorite martin luther king quotes is the marc
8:48 am
but it bends towards justice. i think there's a lot of work to do, but i think there's a lot of things to be proud of, as well. >> to understand some of the terrible things that have happened in this country and the suffering that has happened in this country. but also the great things and the great people that have risen from that. >> once you know your history, you're a better person for it. >> i think our history is intertwined, so as you look at what accomplishments have been made, they really are american accomplishments. >> that's the importance of black history month. for all of us to be forever reminded of those contributions. >> very different and interesting choices. >> absolutely. >> from everyone. coming up on weekend today, sheinelle is going to share her family's influence on wichita, kansas. coming up, we're sending lucky fans on a leap weekend
8:49 am
8:50 am
first, this is "today" on welcome back to "today." all morning long, we've had a little arts and crafts project going on. we have been bedazzling my boot. we have erica, diy expert, founder of p.s. i made
8:51 am
>> hi. >> hi. >> here's our big reveal. >> what do you think? >> i love it. it adds a little special something. >> i wanted it to be tasteful, goes with everything, like a neutral. >> it is. >> crystals are a neutral. did you know that? >> i didn't but i'm impressed by how subtle you kept it. i thought it was going to be -- >> wait a minute. there's something special on the backside. >> that's cool. >> superman. >> everybody needs monogram in their life. >> thank you so much. >> of course. >> here's the deal, it's functionable and fashionable. >> if you want to learn how to do it, maybe not on a medical boot but other things, go to we have tips. thanks. >> of course. let's move on to our big contest and send lucky folks to los angeles for the long leap day weekend. people came, bags packed, and with posters to tell us how they would spend the extra 24 hours.
8:52 am
a three-night stay at the line hotel. bike tour on the beach. and a dinner at filippe, the orange. all courtesy of discover los angeles. >> if you wearhear your name, come forward with your poster and suitcase to receive your ticket. jennifer and rebecca. these are friends that drove from delaware at 1:00 a.m. jennifer is a cancer survivor. >> all right! >> combined, they have eight children at home. >> congratulations, you're going to l.a.! >> thank you, thank you, thank you! >> come over here. way to go. wait, there's more. katie and megan.
8:53 am
they have no money for travel so they recreated l.a. landmarks they want to visit using props at home. congratulations, ladies. >> thank you. >> come over here. >> you're going to l.a.! happy leap day. >> wait, there's more! >> keep going. >> where are kim and amanda? hoping to surprise their daughter who moved to l.a. in june. kim has never been to los angeles. that's a really good poster. >> love it. >> congratulations! >> ready to rock? >> here you go. >> way to go. >> more? >> yeah! >> all right. leah and jeffrey here? they're celebrating their 25th anniversary. they're hoping the kids do not throw a house party on the way. jeffrey has never been to
8:54 am
come on over, leah and jeffrey! >> last but not least -- >> that's right. we have elizabeth. elizabeth, are you here? she's coming. she's in new york for a conference. she decided she really needs some tacos. she's flying solo. elizabeth, come on down. you are going to l.a. she has her bag packed. >> they all have their bags packed. >> ready to rock. >> thank you. >> happy leap day year. happy trip to los angeles. have a great time. all right? good to see you. have fun. >> so happy for you guys. >> congratulation ss. >> yup. >> to all our winners. we're back right after this.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
[ applause ]tman 3 (bill)3 >> the future of a public reno golf course is now uncertain... the reno sparks convention and vistitors authority is looking to shut down wildcreek golf course... and then sell the propertyrscva chairman "bob lucy" says the golf course is losing about 200 thousand dollars every year. the property has been owned by the rscva for about thirty years, and it's looking to get out of the golf business to focus on convention centers, the bowling stadium, and other things that bring in tourists. the board of directors and
8:59 am
favor keeping the golf course, but instead... transferring it to another municipality. 3 (tim)---wx---- this morning on "today's take," ed harris, one of
9:00 am
a new role that is a true family affair. then we're headed to south beach, where al is cooking with gee yan giada. we'll get you ready for the academy awards with an oscars showdown. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." friday morning, february 26th, 2016. feeling a little more like winter today than it has this week. i'm willie along with natalie. dylan dreyer with us. presidential campaign. al is in miami for the south beach wine and food festival. we'll talk to al. he'll get cooking with giada in a few minutes. dylan, new chose the jam. whitney houston. >> gets you fired up on a friday. >> throwback. >> i love it.
9:01 am
it's a great song but -- >> you get it in your head. tonight. >> i'll be in bed by 8:00 but -- gets me fired up at 6:00 p.m. >> we have ed harris on the show. >> we were equally, like favorite movie of his "apollo 13." >> he's so cool. he's in a play with his wife. >> can't wait to talk to ed in a little bit. we have to talk about the republican debate last night in houston. so many people have been calling on marco rubio and ted cruz to go after donald trump. they said, is it too late? what are you waiting for? well, marco rubio did not wait any longer. last night, right out of the box, going very strongly at donald trump. here's a sample of some of the exchanges between the three. >> five things. everyone is dumb. he'll make america great again. win, win, win. winning in the polls. >> senator rubio --
9:02 am
if heherited $200 million, you know where trump would be? selling watches and hats. >> i find it amazing donald trump thinks he discovered the issue of illegal immigration. when i ran for the state of texas, i promised to lead the fight against amnesty. in 2013, when i was leading the fight against the gang of 8 amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> that's just a tiny sample of what went on for two and a half hours. you heard rubio's line, that donald trump would actually be selling watches in new york, basically saying he'd be a hustler on canal street. now marco rubio has a shattered watch on his page. he scored points with the audience. when rubio went after him for
9:03 am
>> you're the only person on the stage that has been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that has hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> so marco rubio came loaded. he had a lot of opposition research. talked about trump university, talked about why are your clothes made in mexico and china if you say the jobs are going there. >> he did what he had to do, finally. >> he did. the question is, a lot of people are asking, why didn't he do it four months ago? >> it's sandwiched into this one debate. >> at this point, trump is so far ahead of everybody else. the big question is, can they even make up the ground that has been lost all along? >> super tuesday, only a few days away. the evening's viral quote came from carson on replacing antonin scalia. >> i would look at what a person's life has been. what have they done in the past? what judgments have they made? what associations do they have? they will tell you more than an
9:04 am
the fruit salad of their life is what i would look at. >> the fruit salad of their life. dr. carson after the debate telling a reporter he misquoted a bible verse, matthew 7:16. by their fruit, you will recognize them. a lot of people talking about that. >> heated and fired up debate. people will see how it plays out on super tuesday. >> a lot of people had to turn it off because it was too much back and forth. just fighting and screaming. >> there was a lot of screaming. at one point, it got to the point where you couldn't even understand who was talking or what they were saying. >> a lot of overtalk. >> we'll see if it matters. oscars this weekend. the predictions, our predictions, and we'll see if they pan out. let's go through some of the big nominees. starting with best bikture turepicture nominee. the big short, bridge of spies, brooklyn, "mad max: fury road," the martian, the revenant, room and spotlight. that's it, right?
9:05 am
>> here are our predictions. willie and natalie choosing spotlight. al went with the revenant, and i did, too. tamron went with the big short. probably right. >> i think everybody is saying that's going to win. the revenant won the golden globe for best drama. the martian won best cam addyomedy. spotlight. that sort of determines how peers think of the film. >> i don't know. >> they're all good movies. all those nominates are great but they're vastly different. they bring something completely different. >> hard to compare spotlight to the revenant. apples and oranges. >> throw in the martian for good measure. >> the revenant was about leo, one man, speaking up. >> he is also up for the best actor nominee, along with bryan cranston
9:06 am
fassbender and eddie redmayne. >> most people are saying leo is going to get it. >> he's wanted it so badly and deserved it for other performances. this time, hopefully he'll finally get it. >> is it weird i voted for him for the revenant and the best actor and i haven't seen the movie yet? i've heard so much about it. >> you have to. >> the buzz is great. >> best actress nominees. cate blanchett, brie larson, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampling, saoirse ronan. >> like inertia, saoirse. >> i wish you told me that before i tried. everyone said brie. >> i haven't seen "room" either but i've heard good things. >> what have you seen? >> it's great that you're
9:07 am
>> did you see "paul blart: mall cop 2"? >> it's on demand. >> was it nominate snd. >> robbed again. >> i saw some of these. christian bale, tom hardy, mark ruffalo, mark rylance, sylvester stallone. everyone is obviously saying stallone. >> sentimental but incredible performance. >> surprise if he doesn't win. >> also won the golden globe. best supporting actress, jennifer jason leigh, rooney mara, rachel mcadams, alicia -- >> vikander. >> why am i leading this? >> it's fun to listen. >> kate winslet. >> dave carter said this is a category that could be a surprise. willie, you said kate winslet. >> she was great in "steve jobs." al and i went with alicia vikander.
9:08 am
almost equally as important as the lead actor, as eddie redmayne. >> tamron went with rooney mara. i went the jennifer jason leigh and i actually saw "the hateful eight." and i interviewed her and i liked her. >> great reasons. >> we all revealed we were honest, confessions, very bad parenting moments, things we're not proud of at all. although we could somehow laugh about it the next day. so you all responded. we loved -- we got inundated with so many of your viewer fails, as well. becky said her fail was when her daughter gets her ears repierced and erupts into tears. she reaches into her purse for tissue, nothing except a maxi pad and said, this is all i have. blow your nose.
9:09 am
one weekend and used her son's backpack as a cooler. the following monday, what happens? she gets a call from a camp counselor during summer camp. told her that thomas, who is 8, had two unopened bud wiezweisers in his backpack. >> that's my lady right there. >> ashley, this is a good one. her 1-year-old apparently was giving her a run for her money. she put her son into time-out, or not time-out, into the play room with her puppy. she went to take care of the laundry. comes back and something smells like poop. she thought the dog pooped. no, the 1-year-old had poop in his mouth, eating poup inging puppy poop. >> it wasn't his own? >> the puppy's. >> i don't think it matters whose it was. >> i wanted the details. >> there was a lot of people who related to al's story.
9:10 am
revealed a time when he and deborah were intimate and his daughter was watching. anyway, one of our viewers also said they shared that experience. we'll get to that story. my husband and i were intimate and i heard a smack and our 3-year-old daughter's voice said, what's up, dada. she had smacked my husband on his bare bottom to get his attention. that comes from brenda. >> oh, brenda. >> gets you out of the mood, huh? >> wow. >> turn to the dark there. >> we love them. thank you for being honest with us, as well. i hope it felt as good to everybody else as it did to me yesterday. >> good to get it off your chest, share the moments with people. >> and we were embarrassed but happy to spill them on national television. >> yeah. al, what's going on down there? >> wow. >> yeah. >> well, i'm about to pick a supreme court justice for breakfast breakfast. little fruit salad here.
9:11 am
i get it. >> you see what i did there? anyway -- >> all comes full circle. >> little throwback, there you go. anyway, we are down here for the south beach 15th annual wine and food festival which, of course, is going to be tonight and through the weekend. miami beach, pool side, not too bad. it's a little cool but i'm not going to complain because i know it's 31 degrees there. let's show you what we have going on for today as far as your weather is concerned. we ever look we are looking at milder air making its way east. out west, man, i mean, we're talking possible record-breaking temperatures. if not today, certainly by tomorrow, we'll see warmth. temperatures 20 ss 10 to 20 degrees above average. could be 20 to 30 degrees above ss above average in spots. sunday, we're going to be
9:12 am
coming in here. i mean, toasty, tooesasty, toasty. when we come back, we're going to be meet some of the fabulous chefs here, including trouble. trouble with a capital "t." >> the troubling trio of chefs for you. >> what are you talking about? >> coming up in
9:13 am
fabulous chefs. we have our good friend alex. >> good morning. >> we've also got george mendez. >> good morning. >> and i think you should change your name to giada las vegas. >> i did. my new name. >> you love coming down to this south beach wine and food festival. what is it about this that makes you keep coming back? >> alex? >> for me to say? >> yes. >> it's really fun. honestly, you know, we're new yorkers and we have a californian who needs more sunshine. it's something about miami. the energy, the ingredients, ocean, all together. >> it's the ocean air, i think, down here. i think that it's a chance for everybody to get together who enjoys the same thing, which is food and wine, and all of us who don't normally get to see each other. >> it's the weather for me. >> absolutely. >> running the path along the
9:14 am
>> i'm making a patty melt for the burger bash. i expect your votes. >> oh! i think you've got tricks up your sleeve. >> i do. >> ready to go. >> you'll have a secret ingredient. >> i do. you know what it is? giada las vegas. guys, we'll have more coming up. >> what exactly are you drinking there, my friend? >> it's the essence of giada las vegas. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, boy. >> save some for me, al. i'll be there soon. >> that kicked in quickly. coming up, her tattoos hold the key to her past on the hit nbc series "blindspot."
9:15 am
ink of 7 days ago, phil wasn't thinking about dancing. he was thinking about his joints. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex.
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9:17 am
this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! bad dream. you have to climb naked and tattooed out of a body bag in the middle of times square. that's how things got started in the new nbc series "blindspot." >> i've had the naked dream in the middle of times square but -- >> more on that later. >> jamie alexander, or jane doe, is trying to uncode the mysterious tattoos that cover her entire body. >> the cases get more and more dangerous. they got david killed. how much longer until someone else gets hurt? >> we're not done until we
9:18 am
this to you. >> something happened to you. >> i know what i signed up for. we all know the risks. if you don't want to come out in the field with us anymore, just -- >> no, no, that's not -- don't you ever worry that we're playing right into their hands? >> jamie, good morning. so nice to have you here. >> thank you. good morning. >> willie brought it up during the commercial, that the second this show started, everybody was hooked immediately. what is it about this show that has everybody talking about it? >> me. besides me, no, it's just such a crazy concept. what we do is we took an extraordinary concept and made it relatable. it's all things that we go through. things that we experience. it's just heightened. i think it's what works. >> as the season progresses, you learn each tattoo is a road map to something that's going to happen. >> mm-hmm. >> are we getting any closer to knowing who put all these
9:19 am
>> oh, yeah. we have some major, major answers coming, even in the first episode back, which is monday night. 10:00 p.m. on nbc. and it's so satisfying. when i get hooked on a show, i get so angry when they take forever to explain something. >> right. >> this show literally, by episode two, you knew what was happening. even me reading the script, i'm like, wow, okay, we're going to do that. all right. >> good. >> a lot more action. we've actually factored a lot more humor into the show. as you can see, it's extremely intense. we need to have a little bit of a roller coaster. >> i remember seeing the first promo on nbc. here's a woman climbing out of a body bag, tattooed and naked on times square. i was like, i am. what is happening on this show? we have to talk about the tattoos. you have real tattoos on your own. the one on your neck is not real. >> for the show. >> yet. >> not real yet, exactly. >> beautiful tattoo.
9:20 am
i'm not sure what it is. i call it a mocking ging crow. could be a raven. >> mockingjay. >> something with the "hunger games" >> takes about seven and a half hours to do the whole body because it is a puzzle. we have to be careful about how we piece everything together. if one or two pieces are off, the whole body is off and they're not in the right spot. that's a pain. sleeping? >> i wish. i wish i could float. be in a zero gravity situation. i stand up mostly. it's winter on our show now, so i'm in long sleeved jackets. >> that helps. >> cuts down the makeup time. i have an amazing makeup artist, who i love, and she lets me mess with her and joke around and listen to silly music. it's a good time. >> do we have time for one tattoo? >> celeb tattoo. >> can you identify it?
9:21 am
>> i love daddy? >> pull out slowly. >> if you don't know right away -- >> diggs. >> let's do one more. >> this is a good one. you know this one? >> older hand, helen mirren? >> you got it. >> i thought i was going to fail this. >> jamie alexander, thank you. "blindspot" picks up monday night 10:00/9:00 central. jamie will be answering your questions on facebook live the next 15 minutes. go to"today's take." get at it.
9:22 am
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taking a look at the headlines, the gunman who killed
9:30 am
others in kansas thursday night had just been served an order of violence case. this morning a sheriff revealed that as the likely motive. officials say cedric ford shot and wounded three people while worked. he then stormed the plant, shooting 15 people inside. ford who had a criminal record died in the shoot-out with the police officer. surgeons in cleveland have performed the first uterus transplant. a new frontier that aims to give women a chance at pregnancy. the nine-hour surgery was perform odd an 26-year-old woman using a uterus from a deceased donor. they announced they'd attempt some in a clinical trial. sweden reported the first successful birth back in 2014. a total of five healthy babies so far. well, if you're looking to
9:31 am
insurance you might want to give the honda odyssey a test drive. that's according to's annual rankings of the most and least expensive vehicles to insure. the honda odyssey costs an average of $1,100 a year. the cr-v lx was the second. what's the most expensive vehicle to insure? the dodge gt viper, averaging more than $4,000 a year. a rare beatles recording has been tucked away for 50 years is going on the auction block next month. the demo disc holds two songs hello little girl and a version of till there was you. the beatles used it to get a record contract and it belongs to another early liverpool musician. it is called a holy grail item and the sky is the limit once the bidding starts. let's get a check of the weather. mr. roker in south beach, miami, where i will be soon. >> that's right. we are waiting for you because i
9:32 am
other judges. meanwhile, we're getting ready for the fish tacos. she's got a knife. as far as the weekend weather, look at saturday. >> good weather around the country. >> it will be pretty nice saturday. things are kind of quiet in fact saturday. plenty of sunshine, record highs in the plains. look for sunshine in the pacific northwest all the way into southern california. sunday, sunday, looking at more record highs making their way pacific northwest looking wet again. sunshine through the gulf coast, on into the northeast, new england, down on into texas. hey, what about the oscars? sunny, light winds for the red carpet. afternoon high temperature about 76 degrees. >> las vegas? >> not in las vegas.
9:33 am
that's what's going on around >> giada cleaned her hands and >> now what? >> giada has cleaned her hands. everything is ready. we'll be making fish -- back to you guys. >> that sounds delicious. thanks, al. well, ed harris is one of the most recognizable faces in hollywood, appearing in over 80 television shows and films over the course of his career. >> we have so many favorites, so here they are in 23 seconds. >> best and the finest.
9:34 am
>> co-conspirator. >> gentlemen, that's not acceptable. >> i tried. >> looking for insight. >> be with 100,000. >> it's safe. >> it's time. >> you tell me. >> how much? >> i'm the marshal. >> you're a difficult person. >> everybody is in their place. >> great to see it in the full and proper context. ed is back on stage in the pulitzer prize winning show "buried child." let's just say a couple of closets are full of skeletons. thank you for being here. let's talk about the play, it was written by sam shepherd, a revival about 20 years ago. for people who haven't seen it, set the scene about the family. >> it takes place in a farmhouse in southern illinois. like you say it's a rather dysfunctional family. there's a family secret they have been living with that's torn the family apart.
9:35 am
and you kind of find out what has taken place in the past. there's a lot of humor in it, but it's also very dark. actually beautifully written. you know, it's -- sam's language in the plays, it's really beautiful. kwai poetic, but also very human and very rich. it's really fun to work on because every night you go deeper and end up. >> it's got to be fun, that your own wife, amy madigan, plays your stage wife. what's it like? >> amy and i working together again. we did a play a couple years ago with the same group, a new group theater, and got to know scott elliott, the artistic director. he asked if we wanted to do "buried child" together and we said, sure. it's great working together because we share what we're doing together. actress and it's fun. >> you met on the stage?
9:36 am
rehearsal in 1981. it was a big circle of -- semicircle of seats. there was an empty chair next to me. she was late. i never seen this woman before. she walked around everybody and sat down next to me. she had really colorful socks on. my line was, i like your socks. that was the biggest thing. >> that was it. >> yeah. >> classic pickup line. i like your socks. i think when you're ed harris, it works better than if the rest of us say, i like your socks. we watched the montage of clips from your career. i was going through your imdb page. it's hard to pick a favorite. "don't sleep don't sleep on the rock, by the way. >> sorry to cut you off. i watched "apollo 13" so many times, the vcr broke. i watched it and rewound itt over and over. i'm still obsessed with it.
9:37 am
>> do any of those projects jump out? >> "pollock," i worked on it for years and directed the thing. first time i directed a film. it was my baby. it's held up over the years. we shot it in '99, i think. i'm proud of that. and the beethoven film, it was a real challenge for me, working with my good friend holland. not many people have seen the film but i felt good about what i did in it. >> you've had an incredible career and it continues on the stage. "buried child" is here in new york through april 3rd. great to see you, ed harris. >> thanks for being here. al with giada in south beach there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat.
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>> announcer: today's food is brought to you by yoplait. hmm, mmm, yoplait. >> welcome to today's food edition, we have giada de laurentiis. we're down at the south beach food and wine festival. >> how many years have you been doing this? >> about 15 years now. >> i'm at 11, right behind you. >> what fish? >> you can use any whitefish, snapper, any fileted fish. we're mixing up cuban and salt. we're going to put it over the fish. it'll stick like that, added flavor, kind of adds a little caribbean -- >> like a dry rub. >> exactly. >> what is this? >> quinoa. >> you probably eat quinoa. >> i do.
9:43 am
>> little seeds and it coats it. you put it in the hot oil. >> great idea. >> it crackles, like having rice puffs on the outside. nice and crispy. gluten free and does that. adds a lot of flavor. while that cooks, i make a little salad of grapefruits. again, nice and light. i segment if grapefruit. i peel it, like i showed you earlier, and then you segment it. >> how long do you cook each side? >> depends on the thickness. this one is thin so probably three minutes. >> cool. >> i add kick of spices. here in miami. salt and cilantro. >> very nice. >> mix it all together. now, just to add a little bit of juice, i usually take grapefruit and go over the top. it's pretty and works nicely.
9:44 am
we took the pit out earlier. lime juice. zest, salt, mix it together and do this. except you need this first. >> right, your base. >> remember we talked about, you were going to smash the avocado. >> i don't recall that. i will deny it. >> go ahead and smear on the bottom. >> smear. >> then take a piece of fish. >> then put some of this on top? >> put the salad right on top. if you want to, you can toast the quinoa in a pan, dry pan, and put it on top. >> wow. >> that's it. >> very nice. i love it. >> finish it off. agua fresca. >> what are you doing tonight? >> coming to see about your patty. >> my patty melt. >> coming to check out if i'm voting for your patty melt or someone else's. >> i love you. >> gonna cost ya, al. >> natalie is coming down, as
9:45 am
coming up, head to head oscar trivia. who knows more? my man, willie, or dylan? find out when we come back. skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and lha. clearly brighter does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive. the active way to better skin. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently.
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more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] oscars are this sunday so we brought in a.j. callaway to give us trivia. >> who is your money on? >> on you. >> hey, i didn't know that. >> good, take it away. >> ready? >> yeah. >> oscars showdown. the nominees, who won the most academy -- >> you didn't even -- >> do i have to wait? >> read the question. most awards for the best actor. meryl streep. >> oh. >> willie? >> hepburn. >> katharine hepburn.
9:50 am
the most nominates, 1255, but only 2. >> the gogo ahead. >> silence of the lambs, return of the king, american beauty. the award goes to, the last to sweep the big five, which is -- >> wow. >> good. >> i would say, they swept the big five awards of actor actor/actress, and picture. next question, robert redford and leonardo dicaprio. acting nominations without receiving an oscar. >> willie? >> leo. >> no? >> close. he had six nominations. >> o'toole. >> did she buzz? >> she did. >> peter o'toole. >> okay.
9:51 am
>> the nominations are billy crystal crystal, johnny carson and bob hope. this comic host tded the oscars the most times. >> billy crystal. >> johnny carson. >> bob hope! >> process of elimination. >> absolutely right. 18 times, bob hope. >> 18? >> 18 times. amazing. >> i didn't know that answer though. >> billy crystal. >> i knew it. i was going to guess that. >> i'll put my hand on the buzzer. >> you all are a trip. the nominees are jodie foster, jennifer lawrence and reigner. the award goes to the youngest to ever win two oscars. >> jodie foster. >> oh. >> friends call her j. law. >> geist man. >> jennifer lawrence. also the youngest to win with
9:52 am
the nominees are john ford, steven spielberg and scorsese. this man won most oscars for best director. >> martin scorsese. >> no. >> one more. >> spielberg. >> pr seszocess of elimination. >> what was the one? >> john ford. >> there you go. >> what was the one? >> i love that you did that. >> all right. we have a winner. >> wait, i didn't win. natalie, you have to give your speech. come up here. your acceptance speech. >> scroll all the names. dylan, willie geist, a.j. my fab youu dylan, willie geist, a.j. my fab youulous producing team. my mom. i love you, mom. you believed in me from the beginning. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> back in a moment. dylan, what's coming up this weekend? >> we've been doing the up for the job internship. sheinelle and i got the chance to be interns for rascal flatts. they were up for anything. gave us ridiculous orders for in-in-out bugrger. i handed off a guitar live during a concert. that was very exciting. i get handsy when i get excited. >> they gave you flowers. >> i know. they're on my desk now. thank you in advance. i haven't seen them yet.
9:56 am
9:57 am
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9:59 am
10:00 am
full oscar round up on >> okay. happy try day friday. that is somehow you hope a shot. that group that you're looking at


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