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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 16, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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life this is the special edition of kron4 news news. cial edition >> apple ceo steve fesses up about the i phone protection problem and tonight is of look at what he says about the issue and how apple plans to make customers happy. but first is the mystery of the making. i bay area, who wishes to remain anonymous could be involved in a new fix with the gulf oil spill. engineers are keeping close look over the well and they want to make sure the cap is strong enough to hold back the oil and want to make sure there are no leaks. a bp official says so far so good, and no indication it is leaking underground. in the meantime though, and we are guarding that local, may have played a part in stock in the league. the we're joined with details now. >> to see how the stock was put on the well, they're now saying
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that the design that was ultimately used is very similar to see some ideas i gummer told about >> the christian and science monitor reports say six weeks ago uc-berkeley engineering professor who has a call from an anonymous, and you have is that idea on how to stop the leak. he is provided with sketches of the contain a cap that was improved upon some of the initial scalps design flaws degree in the sketches were passed on to the coast guard enter group that is evaluating here is video from earlier in the week from the kneecapping installed. the christian science monitor report says when they sell the new cabin operation he thought it looked quite similar to the design he had received from the end of its slumber. bp officials say there is no way to find out if any of the plumbers ideas forces actually use or if they were the same ideas were already
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under consideration. >> now that we do not cut the identity of the plumber and he does not either. it is pretty amazing as they play a part of the fix. >> apple ceo steve jobs say he is sorry. he addressed complaints about the reception and dropped called on the new of four. they have more on that and now they're just appearedz steve jobs say they wanted to make it right and accused took on what date call the 10 gates. >> we have been working our butts off. we want to understand what the real issues of peace here. >> data widely publicized by critics including consumer reports which say they do not recommend the following 'til apple comes a of the 36 reception problem. the mega it
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they suggested that is covering it up with duct soon. but take was a better solution. >> we're get everybody a case. of a bumper case here we want to give everybody a free case >> back to your be held one of the $30 a bumper cases they will get your refund. apple expects to run the defense of it as a offer third-party cases. >> we may come up with a better idea by then. >> our customers supposed to get these new bumpers or phones or auburn >> it is still filling out the details. all what will happen on the website. if you're going to buy one of these bumpers he would like the economy on the website and the receipt number and it will mail you a check for the $30. we do not know yet is one of these in the store when you buy that it by phone, he may be sued by online to pay cash.
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to get refund >> you said they are likely to run out of those. >> that is true and they will run out of one of these bumpers but they'll start buying a third party cases like this one. this is good because symbol what she won a case >> that covers the >> and that will solve the problem now? >> yes, both of them do, we tested them and they pretty much worked most of the same because when used see the touching of metal, that is where >> so we recall? no >> apple is closing the door on recall there's a slight chance but maybe not. >> this is a relief for a lot of customers it attaches them to the new i phone >> i will use the case any ways because it cost too much credit you drop it again buy these things anyways, you need some recover, some sort of case in the copy you drop it you need the protection. this is a great
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solution as far as i'm concerned. >> extra month there so as to get a quick fix of the call of duty to there's nothing wrong with it. >> i think the people went to the all-star there were no folk covers available yet, clear except do not know when the record to get them in stock. from >> more information on how to get your free i phoned her case this lunch were website. >> of the contras in temperatures today always in the low 60s all the way to the lows 63 is up to 100 degrees in it's not, '90s and that, visible and everyplace. five-to-10 degrees in antioch, it was warmer today. a little bit of fallout in the morning and in the afternoon of hot temperatures and a repeat performance on sunday, it is a
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beautifully that we do have some cooler weather on the way for the next week, all we know more about that coming up. >> the city of will on the creek is getting ready for a rally to support johannes, up he was supporting oscar grant's you can learn about the events on our web site. (no audio) computer
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>> and giant hewlett-packard are moving thousands of jobs in the process and it will be a loss of some tax benefits for the city and could close some businesses. >> the duke in edinburgh is right across from the h p campus and canted to know and is one of the watering hole said the owner. >> whenever they have a layoff they come here as well. we get a lot of business >> there will not be any less this time. there is roughly 2000 workers being transferred in palo alto over the next few
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years. they soon to will be closed. there'll be a significant hit in the tax base. chris wang says the impact will be gradual. >> i felt better having some of the city facing the business being shut down overnight. we are in good shape, we are two years and we'll work together and will pave the road and make sure that everything this smoothly. >> h-p's closing the major campus which is home to the executive center and it will create a more productive and are meant for workers like ms. jones. i >> maps we have barely mobile person i can do over many office. >> it can find another company to move into and the mayor said that robert for kron4 news >> or hot temperatures on the way tomorrow we'll talk about that more on your saturday and
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sunday forecast and up.
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nice kitty preparations are underway
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and will likely for rallies for her shyness is convicted of involuntary oscar grant's. get out cuesta tells what please is planning. >> take a look at this over here, you concede that their kids are already in place and they support johannes, from what i understand the organizer who is remaining homonymous sat a conversation with walnut creek police and they're saying that he is close to stay in the parking lot and that is the parking lot you're seeing right here. many of the people that i see here >> it makes no sense to me. the
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courts and found them guilty by terrorists and they had a rally for. along has spoken. individuals are coming in creating a it happened and oakland. unless people are here in respect a lot of they should be ok. >> i think it is relatively peaceful and people are coming from the public area with the opinions coming into town and i tried to think it's a good thing. >> why is that? >> it is a nice isolated case. you that we do not have a lot of crime here and i think that to people in there where there should be at have aids. i'm not surprised they need help here, i'm not sure of work because they need to do here and had to do the training of the bart cops but it seems like, you note didn't have that type of stuff
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going inaudible the creek. it is an inappropriate place that a protest on either side. >> people are peaceful and help both sides were presented. >> they are preparing for the worst and they have had the of hamas rally turned violent in oakland after the bart shooting verdict was announced and the rally organizer is encouraging people to remain peaceful during monday's demonstration more than 100 people are planning on attending the rally and at this point the police have also asked that the sheriff department has that part in keeping the peace. they talked is an outrage oscar grant's reporters said they had to say about the rally. >> these oscar grant's shooting protesters are here at the bart station spreading the word about at airport plan on monday at 2:00 p.m. they are at the supreme court as. the convicted cooler johannes. the coalition
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was rejected >> yes will be among the greek supported the movement for oscar grant's that we are not violent, we are not and animals. be too careful. >> they say they will be there but as well >> spiritual support and for the support of oscar grant's family. the >> support a rally for the shooter and his base but page by some anonymous person. it says here acquitted by support protests for johannes. by noon friday at 123 people confirmed. they quickly it said they are calling for backup from outside agencies. the protesters are reacting to the miserly verdict and they say that they've nothing to fear. >> yet you have nothing to fear its of the bonds business. it's for the people and by the people. >> meanwhile the bart police
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oversight bill which was signed into law yesterday takes effect gen worry first 2011. the new law enables the boy who solver, a citizen and lowborn >> deal is to never ever allow all our police department to police themselves again. they're still when darrell, but the internal affairs as they were back on it or first is not for to happen like that anymore. that is the role of the auditor >> the billion board will also used parts officer issues and develop contacts incidents. >> me of the fall of pushing into the bay for tonight already, it's going to spread it all little bit farther into day, not too far, we a couple of patches and deliver more other than that at 6:00 a.m. here in the bay and the north bay will fall clears back so by 10 or
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11:00 the call to be back to the beaches. they will stick around for the afternoon hours. it is caught disguise at the close tomorrow, with a couple of breaks and the temperatures in the north bay it mainly to the '80s will be 85, 92 in fairfield. it is one to be a hot day in lead. a little bit cooler in all of these places today. 68 and upper 70's or 80's, here in the short period the warmest places are in the mid-90s, that it is down from today's 100 degrees. the south bay will maybe have a few clouds but lots of sunshine a very pleasant temperatures in the '80s. here is the seventh day around the bay, another hot day inland and send it is mainly sunny skies it will begin to change next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday will notice that the sea breeze
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returns inserts to crank up some more flocked during the morning hours of results will be dropping temperatures in the middle upper 80s, upper 60s and low 70's by the bay. >> the second half of this season is starting it in style and the giants are said to be all of famers. that's up next.
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>> right there but it's 2-0 everything john miller is on his way and one week from sunday they have made a plaque in his honor he was the broadcaster for the giants, doing very good today. the best are frozen, eight innings and two hits, 10 strikeouts and here is that bo won't run of the night. joey
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courses coming home and just under, that is all the giants needed. brian wilson comes on to close out and giants opened the second half of this season with back-to-back wins over the york mets. the new yorkers again tomorrow and sunday at the dodgers are next up, the giants had that next. after the second half start and in kansas city for the rails, pretty tough, pretty tough. it's more than your entire payroll. kevin cruise growth of the middle is on the first half and came back and delivered the could tear. take, if they are going to at the very least they have to get going in their first game after the break of the finals. george steinbrenner has honored achy
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stadium since the death of these two 10's. they brought some flowers and the key finance word side of course to the boss, the voice, and in honor a shepherd and the yankees had their combat game in his 5-4. at the british (woods 1, oh boy was the wind howling. not spectacular but he started off good, the bill be, he drives himself so far and to get his starter going out and nose. the five time british open and he was a champion, fell to make the cut and then he waved goodbye so, probably watching a last round but jamar cut is problem
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with the plate football again the expansion is omaha any of marcus mckay u.s. attention, a guy with $30 million in the bay, is he going to want to play for the omaha at nite hawk. doors some deals where i just want to turn to my good friend brian. (laughter) this is very straight. it is about me. you saw it 20 minutes ago a different presentation. primetime presentation where you joke to me make sure your fans' were involved. >> that is fine share >> and what you saw now was the last three and a half minutes work hard courts here are graphites, here is might sports captain and a half. straight down the middle, just a straight presentation.
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i open my arms deal and i say to you understand why have fun with it as opposed to hello, natalie have won the nit. you know it mean? what people remember what i just said. you never anything >> what said. what the member from train its own as >> open and friendly> your good he >> are crazy. (laughter) >> be drinking. >> (laughter)) >> to of bothers me, i the only got in here that does not drink. >> if he does during don't know. >> a just behind? of life. your procured the sale i do not know about this as a young talent makes me happy to work with them. all right, i've lied for the last hour. >> good night and good weekend.
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