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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a 2-year-old boy is killed by his family's pit bulls. now his step grandfather is facing charges. tonight, kron4 looks what went wrong. first evacuation on the way for ships in mexico. as tropical storm bonnie gains strength and heads right to the oil spill. >> you're looking live at the underwater camera. the key ships on the side are under orders to evacuate as the weather turns up. at this point, engineers are confidence that the new cap will hold even if there is not a direct hit from the tropical storm, the weather could delay the work to plug the bp for good by another 12 days.
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jacqueline has a look on where tropical storm bonnie is headed. >> it's making a beeline of the oil well, situated inside the bahamas. even though it will stay over the water, which typically strengthens the storm it will not strengthen. it will be 40 miles an hour winds with gusts stronger. this red dot is where the oil well. you could see the projected line of tropical storm bonnie. the red line in the center of the cone pretty much will take a direct hit on the oil well. the cone you see here, the projected path. it could fall anywhere, pretty close to where the oil well is. the winds will extend out 45 miles an hour from the core of the storm, which right now is expected to take a direct hit. even though it is far south, you could turn up the waters and see storm surging in the matter of one to two feet.
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they are expected to make landfall right now in new orleans. not a very good path, but the good news, it's not strengthening but it will still turn up the waters. >> a big story tonight. a 2-year-old boy is dead after he was attacked by three of the family's pit bulls. the boy has been identified as jacob bisbee, and the stepfather has been arrested for child endangerment. dan kerman has detailed. the 2-year-old boy was inside the home along with the grandmother, uncle and 4-year- old brother. around 8:45, he entered the garage that proved to be a deadly decision. >> family pit bulls in the garage. the child was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and was pronounced deceased at
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the hospital. >> the pit bulls were mock three of the fipple. news of the death and the family had so many pit bulls came as a shock to neighbors. >> i'm a little shocked, my grandson plays in the cull de sack all the time. you could see the am and god forebed, .d. >> and another neighbor says at least one of the pit bulls had gotten loose. >> and brown color. and to, and he was barking. >> another neighbor says she remembers seeing one of the dogs tied up and barking furiously. >> i hope they remove the dogs. i hope the dogs are no longer there. it's sad it had to involve the
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killing of a tiny 2-year-old child, innocent little child. just to happen, just to come to pass. >> late this afternoon, police announced all five dogs were euthanized by animal services. we also announced the 2-year- old boy's stepfather has been arrested, child endangerment and possession of an animal. >> oakland police say they robbed and killed a verge yaw mother intown. and then they have the other, and opd, and it's a man they were looking for. sunday night, webster street, it just gotten his teeth clean by a friend who had been an hey generalist.
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new details on the shoot- out that took place at 4808. for the first time, police aren't offering new information about the binder. that includes locations and names of the organization in this. >> and while it doesn't contain individual games, it does contain a list of organization in. >> there are some that he had and had identified. thoughts he thought would pult down. it was basically his writings and ramblings. >> and byron. was involving. and police say williams was traveling to san francisco to
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tell people i do not profit organization. >> we believe he would have been carried out his mission, go to san francisco and commit some violent crimes there. >> williams faces four counts of attempted murder for firing on chp officers. reporting in oakland, kate thompson, fox 40 news. >> what 152 hotel workers were arrested. after taking to the streets of san francisco. 3 was taken into custody. a san francisco police was forced to shut down a section. in front. and many of the hotel workers are being arrest the. >> it has to do with an ongoing labor dispute between the workers and testifying hotels. more than 100 sat in the middle of stockton street in
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front of grand hyatt hotel. the san francisco police say they knew about the demonstration and asked the workers to stop blocking traffic. since they refused, officers were used to united this em. and the anythingciations with the other hotel. talks have installed and wages. the local two, will force high. . workers have come together, and hired a message. we're here to fight, secure our contract. in san francisco, we had over 100 people who sat down and participated. we're taking a leak. the entire event was a
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publicity stunt. it costing. at least million dollar. and the taxes are generated by that amount of people. >> the union says they are willing to start a negotiation. if say the immigrant, they are in san were' if an arrest words, over a new contract. meanwhile, bus drivers took part of a sickout. i'll look at the impact it's having riders and that it will
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento.
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months or more. some states could start sending the checks next week. the embattled congressman rangle is charged with antiethics antiearth violation. after last march on misconduct violations. a panel will decide whether the alleged violations could be proof. controversy over arizona's immigration law landed in a federal court. they want blocked implement of the law scheduled to take effect next week. john breauxer attended. no ruling was made today. fog will be less of a factor in the next several days, which is going to warm up. i'll have details and a fuel forecast in a few our real national pastime?
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today marks the fourth day
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on ac transit disruption after the agency disapprove the contract on the drivers. they say 190 drivers called in sick today. and today, the union is denying the issue of a sickout. >> there is no sickout. the union is here at work. >> it's dishonest for the union leadership to say, there's no sickout. there's 200 plus people missing every day for the past three days. that's a sickout. >> the union says the real reason the commuters are waiting longer, ac transit changed driver's schedule on short notice. some working unfamiliar routes with not enough training, some are driving a different every day. >> all of the members trying to provoke a strike. >> all the drivers know their outs, because they've driven
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them before. all the drivers have the ability to choose what they wanted. union leaders kept them from making the selections. if anyone should be mad, it should be the driver from the union leadership. >> it is not a stickout. we're calling it a pushout. >> no one is being pushed out. the drivers chosen to have a sickout sickout. they are facing a $56 million budget deficit. the only two people contribute, union members. >> and in oakland, lauren kelly,. >> j. here's some of the new rules the agency says, the any contract changes overtime and instead of being earned after eight hours. it's earned over 40 hours of work. there are changes to health care benefits. before the agency says 100% prem yams are paid. now 90% of premiums are paid. now changes to the pension
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plan. before workers made no contribution. now new workers will contribute 7%. kristine conley. bart is moving ahead on the oakland connection project. they announced they approve spending the agency's own money to pay for the project. and it will be used to build the rail system between the oakland coliseum and the airport. this is computer animation. he lost several million after three at voe cassie, saying it didn't pride any benefits to the community. we have warmer temperatures. the fog wasn't as widespread. the same story will be true for tomorrow. we will see coastle. at 7:00, we will be scaling back. by noon at 5:00, we'll be hugging the coastline. temperatures will be warming
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slightly into tomorrow afternoon as a result. we'll look at the neighborhood. first, a look at storm tracker. the fog is not as 6:00. clear in the inland valley. patchy fog along the delta. watch how quickly is will push into the coast. just 9 the little fog. and thes laid -- we'll see fog and ocean beach. it will be to the san mateo. to -- we will bump up to the 70s. 75 in hayward. 78 in fremont. in the coast, temperatures will back up to the 60s. 62 in half moon bay. and 80s also down in the south bay. a look at your force, 70 around
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the cast. less and less fog. the fog really hugging the coastline. that will mean a warm-up around the bay. in the inland spots, should be around normal for the weekend. as we head toward next week, the fog will return. it will drop down to below average. the oakland city counsel is getting closer to a slap tax for marijuana growers. many growers are worried the tax could put them out of business. council members. and to get the plan on the november ballot. tiewtion night, to license four large marijuana plant, where marianna could. >> and matt cain and the residents. garry has highlights and all the sports next a fantastic opportunity to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac model.
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with you when it's time to save. >> okay, everybody, i lost the best this evening. my son jake has been with him all day. he will be asleep by 9:30. this is child brutality. this is -- poor kid being kept here. loan you the money. get a baby sister. at least she got mad. i never got a chance to say. this is from my wife, kids and everything. aren't you tired? wouldn't you like to play with the other kids instead of hanging around? >> yeah, play with kids. all right, the giants doing it tonight in arizona with jake on my knee. this is a kind of a weird combination. better and bust a move young mc watching buster posey. increase 253. two hits tonight. hitting 60 straight games.
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macauley for 22 straight. andres toys. what a bomb off rodrigo lopez. it's 2-0. he's doing a little bit of everything. and here goes -- oh, jake, nice catch. should be playing with other kids not worrying about other people. matt cane, really great tonight. struck out 9. cain, era to 3.0. giants beat arizona. >> all right, we have the a's. they host the red hot chicago white sox tomorrow night. world cup softball coming in your living room. jenny finch, maybe the greatest name in the history of the sport. announced her retirement. she will be with her kids. certainly be home at night. she will not take them. and she hit a two-run homer.
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usa beat canada, 9-0. jenny could pitch and jenny will retire just terrific. she was a pitcher for arizona, winning a collegiate championship and 60 games in a row. bobby has been named the major league soccer all-star game set for wednesday in houston. he's one of the guys that's a last minute edition. he scored more than a year to put the earthquake up front against the l.a. galaxy. galaxy is the one that picked him. tonight, we will have a 2-2 tie thing. donedonovan, he scores. galaxy improved to 12-2, and 4. are you okay? >> i'm sorry. >> coming to work for you. >> all right. hall of fame, has welcomed in a new member. the united states hockey hall
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of fame. there's one that jackie reported in toronto. those who loved our country didn't hear this one. i'll be the jokester. going in on october 21st, buffalo, new york. playing a couple of season with the sharks and people like had him. germany had. jeremy lin joining now. he'll be the first asian- american in nearly 50 years. >> everybody wants to talk about you're asian-american and not talking about the other things that are important. >> do you realize you're making history? think about it? >> i think about at times. it wasn't until yesterday, once i signed the contract. wow this hasn't happened in 50 years or so. it's a dream come true for my whole family. >> that's history.
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you know, i don't know how much he's going to play his rookie year but he should make the team. >> say good night. ñi9wgw
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