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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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new details about the deadly mauling of a little boy. the father talks about why he doesn't want the step grandfather to face charges in the death. a concord park reopened tonight after authorities find a pipe bomb there today. it's the third one found in the park this week. tonight what authorities are saying about the danger to the public. >> reporter: law enforcement officers from three different agencies scoured new hall park friday with these dogs for more pipe bombs. concord police say two more were discovered in the same park just two days ago. all three were detonated by the walnut creek bomb squad.
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darryl holcomb says they were found in the same area of the park. >> the area was sealed off and the bomb squad was called out. the walnut creek police department used their robot, moved the device, and rendered it safe. we do not know that at this point. their opinion is is that it was suspicious enough for them to detonate. as to what the makeup of that device was, we don't know. if there are no more indications there are more out there, this is a precautionary measure to know if there is something else out there that needs to be dealt with. about 5000 houses in this area were told to stay clear of the park. >> reporter: residents were on alert. >> they could have killed someone. too much silly stuff going on. we should be aware of our
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surroundings at all times. >> reporter: a soccer tournament taking place at this park this weekend, so security will be beefed up. the father of the boy mauled by the family's pitbull is speaking out tonight to kron 4. the boy was attacked by several dogs yesterday. now the boy's step grandfather is in jail. we spoke to the boy's father about the tragedy. >> reporter: the father of the smiling little boy says the pitbull attack inside their home was a tragic accident. concord police said as many as three pitbulls attacked and killed jacob bizby. there were 50 puncture wounds over the body. he also suffered from skull fractures. they arrested the owner of the dogs. this man. steven hayashi.
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the boy's father is asking to release hayashi. >> i know he would never harm my kids. he loved my kids. if anything, the charges against him i think are a little much. my family is -- we're healing from the loss of my son jacob and now we're going to be losing another member of the family. and we need him to heal and move on from this tragic event that happened to my son jacob. >> reporter: michael is says his son loves hayashi. this is his favorite picture of jacob. he says hayashi will live for the rest of his life knowing he played a part in his grandson's death. >> i haven't been able to even mourn for my own loss. just yesterday when i saw my
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son. i miss him so much. >> reporter: in concord, kron 4 news. >> the grandfather has been arrested on owning a mischievous animal. here's what he had to say about the death of his grandson. >> we don't fully understand why he was out there. never goes out there. on the second floor and his routine every day is to go to the room right next to her. we don't understand why they were in the garage. did it ever occur to you at any time to get rid of the dog after the chihuahua was killed? >> yes. my wife told me to. but i loved them too much.
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i personally never saw anything when i was around. >> what's the past day been like? have you been sitting in jail thinking about what you could have done, should have done? >> yesterday was when i got arrested, so i've never been in jail before so i've never had anybody i know die like this or die period for that matter. so yesterday i was kind of in shock. today it's starting to become more emotional. it's hard for me to sleep. a little boy was killed, my grandson. and my life is ruined. >> the case will be brought to the district attorney's office for review on monday. if you want to see the entire jailhouse interview with steven
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hayashi, it's on our website at a great day out there today and tomorrow. much of the same. the limited overnight. we'll have limited fog at the bay shores tomorrow morning. it will scale back. we'll start to see sun breaks this shower. into the afternoon we'll have temperatures warming a bit. low 60s on the coast to low 90s in our inland spots. we'll look at the temperatures and a change coming latter half of the weekend. details coming up in a bit >> thank you. redwood city police are investigating a murder after a woman was fond stabbed to death in her home. this was the scene outside the home on leahy street tonight. reported they hadn't heard from alicia williams for several days.
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they found her inside the home with multiple stab wounds. no suspects announced. coming up: robbed answering an ad on craigslist. a look at what police are saying about the victims.
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some earthquake news. a 3.2 earthquake hit off the coast of the bay area. it was centered off shore about 3 miles between daily city and pacific. many people in the bay area said they felt the jolt but no damage or injuries reported. but there were two larger earthquakes near the philippines. a 7.2 and an aftershock. no word of injury or damage with those. a big cooldown is in our forecast. i'll have details on that in a few minutes.
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lured by fake ads on craigslist, two men were robbed in vallejo. both robberies happened in the same block. >> reporter: this is neptune's court. a small, quiet, dead-end street in a housing development in vallejo. in the past two weeks, two people have responded to fake craigslist ads for cars for sale and have been attacked and robbed. both times, the men were lured here to neptune's court. not only is this a dead-end street but both of the streets on either side of this street are also dead ends. so it's very quiet. you can see there's not a lot of traffic. and also this neighborhood, there are many homes that are empty or foreclosed. you can see a moving van in front of this home right here in front of where the attack
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happened. in one case on july 7, the 59- year-old concord man and his son came to this block. they were given the address of this home. but this home does not have a car for sale. when they knocked on the door, the homeowner jill cooke answered and said they were mistaken. when they left this home and stepped outside, they were attacked by two men. >> so he asked if we had a car for sale. we said no. he went off and two minutes later we heard a lot of noise and screaming. this gentleman was on the street with his head bleeding. >> reporter: the latest victim was attacked monday night. a 23-year-old man from san fransisco says he was given a fake address on neptune's court. a man jumped out from the bushed and robbed him at gun point of $2000. kate thompson, kron 4 news. new details in the fire that destroyed several cars at
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sfo. several of the owners have been contacted about they be damaged vehicles. and officials are calling the fire suspicious and an arson investigation is underway. >> reporter: officials tell kron 4 news their investigation is focused on this car right here. a toyota sienna minivan. it's the first that caught on fire and spread thursday morning. the van has been there since last week on july 13. the owner has been contacted and is in europe. inside he reportedly has said he had no idea why his car would start a fire and has no reason that someone did this on purpose. this video is of some of the other vehicles destroyed. see on this suv, the fire was so hot it melted the windshield. investigators have called the fire suspicious but they have not found any accelerant to start the fire. arson investigators have been called in to begin inspecting the vehicles. dmv plates from the cars have
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been collected and identified. in total three owners have been alerted about their damaged vehicles. one person said his was a rental. investigators say they will tow all of the cars to an undisclosed location to begin the forensic examination to try to figure out what happened and whether this was the work of a criminal. kron 4 news. a pretty nice day out there. today the fog peeled back to the coastline even off shore in the north bay. it is going to push back in overnight. it's going to be slower to move in. for tomorrow morning, minimal fog out there. really only along the coastline. we'll be left with a sunny and slightly warmer afternoon. temperatures warming about 2 degrees. into sunday, we'll go the other way. the fog will become more dense and we'll have cooler temperatures as a result. here's what to expect tomorrow morning. in the early morning, this is the extent of the fog. down the east bay shore, the
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coastline, peeling back very quickly. 8:00 in the morning hovering around oakland and hayward also the peninsula peeling back to the coastline after that. close to noon we'll see it peel back off shore. the temperature will warm a couple degrees. our inland areas in the 90s. around the bay shores all in the 70s. 81 in santa rosa. 80s down not south bay. the gillroy garlic festival going on tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the better of the two weekend days. as we head into sunday, we'll see slight cooling. and next week, it is going to get really cool. look at that dense fog lasting through the week. and it's going to be very similar to what we saw to start this week. headlines that we're
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following tonight. stanley mcchrystal bid farewell to the army today 37 his friends and colleagues threw him a retirement party. he was fired last month as the top commander in afghanistan after the rolling stone magazine quoted negative remarks he made. the storm named bonnie is on the gulf of mexico tonight. the national hurricane center says bonnie is said to strengthen again. right now its moving towards the bp oil well. a whale beached on a yacht off the coast of africa. it beaches on to the boat. no one was hurt, not even the
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the giants continue to roll. tonight in arizona with an old friend matt williams, former giant. matt needed something to do. he's the base coach for the diamondbacks. five minutes and 30 seconds before sanchez struck out rusty
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riyal. sanchez worked five innings to 109 pitches. here goes aubrey huff. he has been the best everyday giant so far this season. his 19th home run. giants had a 3-1 lead. game is tied at 3. first we'll give you santiago giving up there. but there were a couple diamondback errors that gave the giants the head. your final is 7-4 giants. once again, arizona fell apart in the middle portion of this game. they're lousy. giants are feeling very good tonight. 2003 was the year barry bonds allegedly perjured himself in a trial. they're shooting for early 2011. the a's at the ballpark in oakland tonight. it was dog night.
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600 dogs showed up. 15,103. a new contract, total of $16 million. and cahill had cat-like reflexes for the all star. burrly works really fast. and tonight he pitched a four hitter. allowed one run. safe on an error here. scores that would put the white sox up 2-0. they knock off the a's tonight. world cup softball still on the radar. jennie finch, she's got one game left after tonight. her good will tour, she pitched a complete game and a little help here defensively from her team. look at that. finch also homered, took a no- hitter into the 5th inning. she homered yesterday. took a no hitter into the 5th.
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settle for a one-hitter. usa beat japan 5-0. the tournament wraps up on monday. floyd landis on the lance armstrong cheated case. >> did you see him using performance enhancing drugs? >> yes. i also received some from him. rather than go into entire detail, yes. i saw lance armstrong using drugs. >> all right. again, armstrong says this is his final tour de france. armstrong's in 23rd place. andy schleck is only eight seconds behind. today mark cavendish won. but again it's wrapping up for armstrong. i'll say really quickly, mark danon, the great jacqueline
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bennett, you're probably bicycle riding fans. all these years, reports, reports, reports on armstrong. i'm one of these guys until i see it, i don't want to believe it. that's an awful lot of smoke isn't it? >> he just lawyered himself up a day or two ago. we're tired of hearing from landis. >> i'm tired of performance enhancing drugs. again if you got the proof out there, my thing with armstrong, if you are innocent, man i'd be on the rooftop yelling. >> he's not. >> jackie, guilty or innocent? >> how should i know? >> i don't know either but i had a minute to fill. a very scary deal involving steven jackson. his home while he was away at a basketball camp, his wife, three masked men walk into the home. they stick her up, they walk
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away. and report no word on how much they stole from the home. no injuries. they are not apprehended. >> have a good night. promise me low prices.
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