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tv   Teen Kids News  KRON  July 24, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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♪ "teen kids news" is about to begin. here's what's happening. >> we'll visit a place that puts the "compassion" in "camp." >> i'll introduce you to some teens who actually want to spend their saturdays in school. >> we go to one of the biggest concerts of the year, zootopia. >> and it all starts right now on "teen kids news." ♪
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welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. >> the actor paul newman was in a lot of great movies. his acting earned him eight oscar nominations and an oscar win. but one of his greatest achievements developed far away from the spotlight. newman helped start a camp called the double-h. felipe tells us more. >> friends, just in case you didn't know, the chipmunks, they're well on their way to earning a party this evening because they've been well behaved all week long. so let's give it up for them! [ applause ] >> the double-h ranch is located in upstate new york. at first, it seems like any other summer camp. but this place is special. all the kids here are living with serious illnesses. >> we serve children with cerebal palsy, spina bifida, hiv, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, and all sort of other disorders. but it's basically just a summer camp. we have everything that a normal
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summer camp would have. >> my favorite thing to do is swimming in the pool and horseback riding. >> we just got back from whitewater rafting. >> i do arts and crafts here. >> each summer, over 1,000 kids spend a week here. many are not able to attend other camps because of their special medical needs. at the ranch, doctors and nurses make sure that the campers stay safe while still having a blast. >> you don't have to worry about nothing. everything's fun. every time you turn around there's a game or some kind of fun going on. >> rudy! rudy! >> loudness. >> more, more, more, more! >> screaming and everything. >> we love swimming! >> it's just a good atmosphere. >> part of our job, i consider, is to sort of, like, control the chaos that is just going to naturally occur when you throw 128 boys and girls together. occasionally they misbehave, but for the most part they're great. >> so far, nobody's gotten in trouble. >> well, our cabin played a prank, but that's supposed to be
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kept quiet. >> but the double-h ranch is more than just fun in the sun. open year round, there's even a winter ski program. >> some of these kids have never skied before. by the end of the weekend, they're skiing with just the instructor next to them. >> all the ranch's programs are totally free. but that means the double-h depends on donations. and no one is too young to help. >> we as a trend have seen children out there saying, "mom, dad, instead of birthday gifts, i want my monies that would have been going towards those gifts to come to camp, to double h." i've heard stories where kids will do bake sales, will do car washes. anyone can get involved at some level to help, and it all makes a difference. >> many of the kids here spend their lives in and out of hospitals, enduring painful surgeries and treatments. for them, the week they spend at double-h can be the most important week of the year. >> i understand what camp means to these kids and how their entire life revolves around this place.
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so being able to kind of embrace that love and give it to another person makes you want to keep coming back and coming back, year after year. >> after you spend a while at the double-h ranch, it's easy to forget that there's anything different about these kids. and that is exactly the point. the double-h is one of 12 camps in the hole in the wall association. if you'd like to know more, follow the link at jessica? >> thanks, felipe, great story. there could be a hazard in your home, on four feet. a new study shows that more than 86,000 people a year end up in the emergency room for one reason -- they tripped over the family pet. >> we've got lots more coming up on "teen kids news," so stay with us. >> we'll be right back. new revlon just bitten. it's the first two-in-one lipstain and balm. the lipstain gives me a light flush of color while the moisturizing balm softens my lips. have you ever been bitten?
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when you think about the future, do you consider a career in science? american educators want more kids to think in that direction, especially girls. siena reports on a program where young female scientists are getting on the fast track. >> this may look like a typical classroom, but these high schoolers are anything but typical. they're taking part in college seminars covering everything from biology to neuroscience. >> it's a competitive program. we have many more applicants than can come. >> reporter: you heard right. these girls are actually competing for more school. they're part of "s" cubed. it stands for the saturday science seminars at barnard college. >> it's an opportunity for these women to see what math and science really is like on the college level. >> reporter: today the girls are learning why certain foods are so tempting to our taste buds. >> we eat all the time, and it's something we all love to do. but we never really understand what we're doing.
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certain foods we like because they have a nice smell. other foods we like because of the way they feel in our mouths. other foods taste good. others are really spicy. there are actually stimulating pain receptors in our mouth. there's a very complicated process underlying what we call taste. >> reporter: it's a process that professor denning says can be manipulated. >> we gave them something called a taste modifier, which blocks sweet taste. we give them a snickers bar before and afterwards and it goes from being one of the greatest confections created by man, or by humankind, to this strange like styrofoam like salty nothing that the students found terrible. >> now every time i'll eat i'll think about this program. >> reporter: s cubed gives the girls a taste of other subjects. >> i was kind of able to get something from every field of science because each seminar kind of shows you a new aspect of something that you didn't know.
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>> reporter: and that's the goal. to get girls interested in science and math. >> the fact is that in the united states there's a declining number of scientists. and there's this huge resource of brilliant women that we want to get involved in the scientific fields. >> reporter: for example, marie curie. she's the only person to win nobel prizes in two different science categories, one for chemistry and one for physics. talk about girl power. >> this report is brought to you by the farm families who own cabot creamery. if you've ever wanted to join a circus, this may be the one for you. circus smirkus is a traveling show with a big top tent and all the trimmings. >> we go all over new england, and we do 72 shows over a 7-week period. >> this entire unit picks up and heads out every two days to an entirely different community.
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so 23 vehicles, 3 semi trucks all pick up with four different tents, head down the road, and we have to set it all back up again in about 11 hours. >> but what makes this circus unique is that all the performers are kids. >> engarde! >> engarde! >> touche! >> our teens come from all over america, and sometimes from other circus programs around the world. we've got kids from california, from texas, from new hampshire, from minnesota. >> it's definitely like a family. we're with each other the entire summer, so we get to know each other really well. >> this is the only place i've found where all these teens from all over the country and the world can come together with the same thing, and we might not all speak the same languages sometimes. >> reporter: troupe members are usually 11 to 18 years old. but this year's group includes some younger performers. >> and they take on everything you're accustomed to seeing under the big top.
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they run high wire, they're jugglers, they fly on the trapeze, they're clowns. we have a jump rope act. >> reporter: sounds like a blast. getting accepted into the troupe requires a fine balance between skill and personality. the staff says it takes a bit of "juggling" to sort out all the applicants. >> we'll receive 200 audition tapes. we narrow that down to 50 kids for live auditions. we bring them here to vermont, and they will perform in front of a live audience and our directorial staff. >> reporter: so what kind of experience do you need to be a kid in the circus? >> most of our kids have experience in gymnastics or dance, or they've actually worked with a circus coach before. but we do take a lot of people, particularly in the clown arena, who just have a lot of raw enthusiasm. the selection boils down to who's really got the spirit,
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who's got the enthusiasm, who can connect with an audience, and who can make people laugh and make people cry. >> reporter: how and when did circus smirkus begin? >> 23 years ago rob murmin, our founder, decided he would found a circus for kids, because he'd had a wonderful experience as a clown himself. >> reporter: circus smirkus performers are not paid. in fact, they pay a fee to be part of the troupe. and the circus partners with local organizations to help raise funds. >> most of our revenue actually comes from our ticket sales and from donations from people. but this year, we've actually developed a partnership with cabot, who has been instrumental in making sure the show goes on the road. >> years ago, when my daughter was about 3, the circus tent showed up in our farmer's field. and my daughter ended up actually going to circus camp. i've seen almost every show over
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the last 23 years, and it's just a natural fit. circus smirkus is vermont's homegrown circus, and vermont is the maker of the world's best cheddar cheese, so cabot is very happy to be a sponsor this year. >> reporter: by the way, if you're wondering how the circus got its name, the legend goes like this -- when rob mermin announced to his mother that he wanted to start his own circus, she supposedly replied, "circus smirkus, get a real job." and the rest is history. hanging around at the circus, i'm tyler for "teen kids news."
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when it comes to getting ahead in school, a lot of little things add up to success. here's natalie with advice on how to make the grade. >> as faithful viewers of "teen kids news," you know that over the past months i've been giving tips on how to find a part-time job. after all, i have one.
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well, finding the job is only the first step. getting it is the next challenge. usually, the big hurdle is the interview. okay, so no need to panic. here's a few simple things to keep in mind. dress neatly. even if you're looking for work mucking out stables, you want to make a good first impression. make sure you're not late. leave earlier than you need to, just in case something unexpected holds you up, like your bike gets a flat tire. shake hands firmly, even if you're a girl. speak clearly, and look the person directly in the eyes. that's important. be ready with the name and phone number of someone who has agreed to be a reference for you -- a teacher, neighbor or someone from your place of worship. and decide before the meeting just how many hours you can handle a week. it's better to start with a smaller commitment and build up than to take too much on.
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the good news is that future employers and colleges consider getting a job to be a real achievement. and it is. i'm natalie with "make the grade." we join the women's halfpipe finals, where the entire u.s. team is still in contention for the gold. >> well, italy is definitely a big blur. you know, i just remember the highlights and being so stoked. >> look at that big front-side 540 snail pitch. oh, lands that clean with the grab! >> another olympic run from teter! >> i was basically like, i can't believe i just friggin' did that! >> hannah teter is the gold medalist. >> torino was amazing. i did everything i wanted to do. >> there's a 900! whoa, unbelievable! bleiler goes ballistic! gretchen bleiler, a silver medal. >> it was just -- it was magic. >> heading into my last run in torino, i was sitting in
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fourth place. i had just gotten bumped out of the medal position. i knew what i had to do to win that event. i knew i was going to go for it, and that's just what i did. >> front side 900 -- oh! kelly clark sits on her landing. >> yeah, she was just flying so high and doing so well. i would have definitely probably been a happy second placer if she had landed that. you know, watching hannah and watching gretchen stand up on that podium, that was an amazing thing to watch as a friend. snowboarding's such a different sport than any sport out there because you are competing with your best friends. i basically live with the other girls when we're on tour. so they feel like family. we travel around the world together, and we compete together, and we compete against each other. >> i love snowboarding because it's not so cut-throat competitive. it's not this crazy rivalry. most people are like, "don't you hate your competitors?"
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and i'm just, like, "no!" i wouldn't be doing this sport if we didn't get along. >> it's definitely great to have friends who, you know, you can relate to, go through the same things you are, and kind of on the same journey that you are. it's time for "word!" here's a chance to test your vocabulary. find the real meaning that matches the word. let's start with this one -- ephemeral. is it an adjective that means having to do with art painted on a wall? is it an adjective that means lasting only a short time? or a noun that means the generic name of a pain relief medicine? the answer is -- lasting only a short time. this game of "word" is ephemeral, but the lessons last a lifetime. we hope. let's try this one. irrigate. it's a verb. maybe it means to annoy constantly? or it could mean to make wet or supply with water? or it means to drill with a rotating tool? ouch! no, irrigate is a nice verb.
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it means to make wet or supply with water. farmers irrigate their land so crops will grow. now let's try this -- superfluous. it's an adjective that means either beyond what is necessary? extremely graceful? or being really, really sick with the flu? superfluous means beyond what is necessary. just your thanks for this game of "word" is enough. anything more would be superfluous. but i'll take it anyway. ephemeral -- lasting only a short time. irrigate -- to supply with water. superfluous -- beyond what is necessary. that's "word!" for "kids news." when you can experience
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it's one of the biggest concerts of the year, z-100's zootopia. and nicole got to rock with the stars. >> welcome to zootopia. >> come on! come on! >> reporter: each year z100 hosts a concert where rock meets utopia. ♪ the result is "zootopia." and the energy is intense. >> what's up? >> give it up for ciara! ♪
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>> and we have a very special guest on stage -- >> reporter: the acts were so impressive, even "gossip girl" star taylor momsen showed up to enjoy the show. >> how are you guys doing? rock and roll? ♪ >> reporter: and rock and roll they did. ♪ let me know that i've done wrong ♪ ♪ when i've known this all along ♪ >> kelly clarkson! ♪ here's the thing ♪ we started out friends ♪ it was cool but it was all pretend ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah >> reporter: but zootopia is about more than just having a good time. it's about giving back.
2:54 pm
for each ticket purchased, a dollar went to a local charity fighting hunger. ♪ you the baddest little thing that i've ever seen ♪ considering the size of the crowd, that's a lot. ♪ if you've got a man, why don't you tell him that ♪ >> when we return, we'll hear some advice from soulja boy. see you in a minute. i spend three hours on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my friends. mom: how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more with our fastest internet speed ever... with speeds of up to 24 megs. or call now to get great deals
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richard: and i've got my medicare... cathy: and i've got the turkey! poppo: did you get that online too? woman: so here are the keys. congratulations! it's officially yours. i'm sure you'll have many happy years here. except for you. because you'll be gone three years from now. struck down by the same disease that got your father. so you won't be around for them. and sadly, it could have been detected early with a simple test. but you didn't have it. ok! who wants to check out the back yard? announcer: for a list of tests every man should have, go to we're back at z100's zootopia, where i caught up with soulja boy. he's been recording since he was 14. now he's a major star, known for
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his upbeat music and frenetic rhymes. what's your advice for other teens who also want to be successful? >> when i was in high school, i had a composition notebook that i wrote out all of my list of goals that i wanted to accomplish in life. and one of them was to have a platinum album, you know, to be successful as a famous musician. and you know, just my advice to anybody who want to be successful, i just say believe in hard work and determination. because i am living proof that your dreams can come true. >> soulja boy's awesome advice made me wonder, what do other stars think it takes to be a success? do you have any advice for people who want to follow in your footsteps? >> don't rely just on myspace and the interweb to get your music out there. you've still got to do it the old-fashioned way and learn how to play your instrument. >> ciara has her own message on how to get ahead. >> really challenge yourself and keep staying on top of being
2:58 pm
educated because that's important with the economy changing and getting so rough, education is becoming much more important for kids. >> black eyed peas member is so committed to education he even set up his own scholarship to help teens pay for college. >> i set up a scholarship, the "i am scholarship" because someone at some point in time believed in me, in my dreams. and i want to provide that same opportunity for some kid that has dreams, especially in this economy. you know, you don't bail out on kids just because the finances are not there. you still have to let them know that their dreams can, you know, become a reality. so i wanted to do my part. >> okay, so let's recap. to be a success like these guys, you need to write down your goals, work hard, focus on your education and believe in your dreams. seems doable. at zootopia for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. >> that's all for now. but we'll be back soon with more "teen kids news."
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>> thanks for joining us, and have a great week. -- captions by vitac -- >> transportation for "teen kids news" provided by tom's livery. for impeccable limousine service call 888-325-2475. >> here's a shout out to pr newswire for including "teen kids news" on their big screens in times square, new york city. >> write to us at


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