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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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top stories police of the land of a continuing their investigation into what led to the murders of a lease for people a fifth dismissing these a to the victims. committees from north carolina to the hamptons to cape cod are keeping a close call on hurricane earl its. it is a hot one, as did the week today and that we have a spare dave, a live look care walnut creek. places like the creek will see some high temperatures. >> up into the triple digits today, you did see the sun is just starting to rise a clear shot of downtown san francisco, nothing in the way of fog, a warmer temperatures to a sharp drop. san francisco 68 degrees, oakland 67. savor hayward. 7 is this morning in to fremont. by about 10:00 hour we were not funny '70's. maybe a few days.
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by noon time all this red shows as we'll be working your way into the '90s. even as early as noon time. europeanize topping and in the '90s but also the triple digits as run by this purple on your screen. it cockling a gun down. keeping the '80s. a pretty warm day all- around even to the evening. 99 sonoma, low 90s and general of. mill valley. along the peninsula 86 degrees. certainly beats stay with temperatures topping and in the upper 70's and 80's. 94 and san mateo, upper 90s to call of the. upraise for berkeley, oakland, and in spots san ramon is area's temperature is warm is 11. same for livermore hundred degrees in hand dunces of bay temperatures topping and in the upper 90s from triple digits. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., cooler temperatures the state towards the weekend will allow significantly by your sunday
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this year later they will be much different bringing his 80s inland, seventies around the bay and '60s to the toes. >> it is hot, things are pretty cool on the freeways, and no problems, no hot spots, no delays. except for chrysler traffic there any act. same for the san mateo bridge. the one no one or the a.d. 92. injured golden gate bridge ride without delay. and five free this morning no problems. the red in interstate need zero westbound albany you can see the traffic is coming down to the us service delivery shore freeway moving without a hitch or delay.
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although later this morning we're likely to see some loris slower dry times as we have all this week. my time will work this morning. we see the back of later on. >> investigators in several law- enforcement agencies are looking for missing hercules man. he could be the fifth victim killed by a suspect take a look to the video and hercules says they're searching the area for the suns a 73 year-old ricardo salas. here's and data for a week ago his son, there as far on the right frederick is missing. he is killed by the chp in they waldemar he was involved as a fight with them reggie kumar has more from the layout. >> investigators have remained at the scene they plan to do so
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to find more clues, evidence at this home where the bodies of two women were found there reported missing this past weekend you can see this large truck. that is why churls written house was arrested and tortured having to expose of materials in the home. rittenhouse has only been charged for having expose of materials is not in church for the murder of his wife and her friends. another suspect authorities are looking at the mayor of committed the murders is efren valdemoro you may have remembered he was shot and killed by chp officers his girlfriend was also found dead inside the car. chp officers were pursuing him when they found him. investigators are still trying appeases whole puzzle together to define their to committed the murders and that won't. in vallejo, reggie kumar, kron4 news.
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>> we're also finally this is a continued fall the latest with this case, this morning as the neighbors say police were often called the vallejo house where efren valdemoro lived with reed and alan. they would say he would often be led of those in handcuffs because of the frequent arguments between the two then about a month ago efren valdemoro was a lot daylight to be at home, was spotted a few times during run a neighborhood. >> i don't think is normal, he. steers a you he i'd always gonna be like he is dangerous at a news this dangerous. from the lady i would always hear heard yelling then that would cut most and i would be of their pens efren valdemoro was a door in order she's crazy. >> our coverage of the multiple murder estacio newsletter web site. we have the latest details on the story of the above. >> new details on tropical storm
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warning that is been issued for long island coast, and the hurricane once that is an issue for area's of massachusetts. . to this case as the been told tn hurricane earl is headed that way. there is a mandatory evacuation order for the island is a category four. caring windsor hundred and 35 mi. per hour it could pose a did late today. maybe tomorrow. n.c. up to new louisa has been tracking the storm. >> after this winter hundred and 45 mi. rate now free strong ratings recurrence has perfected it. fresnel high debt level of and posted for cape cod and the islands. hurricane warnings and watches reed of the coast. is moving in looks like it is moving towards these skills, it will take a turn and move north,
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nw. we can actually see a minor strengthening of hurricane earl in the next 24 hours. back to you. >> thank you, watching wall street and other day yesterday that first day of september, the dow jones is entered and 54 points. the nasdaq is up 63. the futures are starting to turn rain now, as the unemployment numbers just across the wire a few moments ago and a number of americans requesting unemployment offense declined to set straight week. the labor department says the new claims for unemployment fell by 6000. before it is 72,000 americans filing for the first time last week. but economists were looking for an increase but instead the drummer's dropped to a four week average base of well as well as the first decrease after for st. john's. investors are watching then burning keep these testifying library now in washington before panel investigating the panel's crisis here said that the crisis had a single weapon is that
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that that too big to fail problem must be solved. he also said that these institutions to have these laws urgent is not a viable solution. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. on this warm nights. date. it's early. fladeboe company on the roads it is for the warm and san jose ready, i hope you had the allies to sleep
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welcome back already warm temperatures near '70s around the bay oakland 66 rain now near 94 high. with the hot weather grass fire to tell you about investigators are looking into what caused this fire in american canyon firefighters stayed in the scene for hot
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spots last night. the fire was near i 80. the hot temperatures. they contain the desert was headed up by hal no structures were lost. take a look at the bank robber that authorities are looking for he has hit nine banks in the area and he struck again yesterday in san jose this is our balance of these photos are from san jose in july when they were hit. he gave a note to the teller and took off with an undisclosed amount of money. he is believed to be responsible for robberies' in los gatos, daly city, and as a backup. >> we will be right back up pretty looking morning around the bay another weather and traffic update coming up.
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news 6:15 a.m. lookit mt. tam this morning sun starting to rise. we are free of fog this morning it will be another hot day. today could be warmer than yesterday. we could bring back triple digits inland. cooling trend kicks in tomorrow much cooler forecast for labor day. your afternoon highs. 92 assets sold, when hundred concord, napa and 95, this is how much above average some of these temperatures are. sfo 20 degrees above average, san jose 16 degrees above, oakland 16 degrees above as well. over all it is another heat wave began today. it could be warmer today
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than it was yesterday. craig beach weather plenty of sunshine. 67 oakland and hayward 62 in livermore and as we head towards 10:00 a.m. all the yellow shows '70s we will warm up quickly today as we head towards bringing '90s back into the forecast by about 3:00 p.m. triple digits start to work their ways and in places like livermore and antioch. we will stay warming to the evening by about 8:00 p.m. keeping those temperatures in the '70s. your 7 day around a day cooling trend taking and for the rest of the week a bit of coastal fog works its way into moral and cooling off towards the later part of your weekend and into labor day. fifth buhere is look at your moy morning travel report: sorry not
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monday and scaring everybody. >> we may see letter traffic today than yesterday it is possible we see an early get away for the long weekend. right now we look that great conditions no problems are hot spots in the area and it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza that will probably change about 15 minutes. make that 12 minutes. the will probably kick the metering lights on and see back up. although the volume is building on the san mateo bridge there are no problems for this commute. a quick look at the golden gate you will see the rights of bound, northbound bullet " moving well. san jose 1 01 camera pass troubled the cruelest no delays any see commun easy commute. trains runn
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time. >> deceased's and 2010 news the first debate in the books. in exchange are boxer and republican vin carly spared as st. mary's college over gay marriage afghanistan undocumented workers and more. with unemployment rate above 12% jobs took center stage. >> i know precisely why those jobs go and i will tell you why because china for example like texas and bridge well gives companies a huge tax credits they help them cut through regulations they reward. they provide access to credit that's what we need to do. we know she ship jobs overseas thousands of them and she fired workers tens of thousands of them we also
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know she has opposed every job spill we voted on. >> boxer seeking that third term curly running for office. republicans make up one-third of the registered voters in the states. >> san carlos police could be trading in their uniforms for county uniforms they are considering out sourcing the police department as to the sheriff's office is an attempt to close the three and half million dollar budget shortfall. if council approves the deal the matter would head to the county board of supervisors. tentatively said to take over the end of next month. oakland police officers are does being acclaimed that that city streets have become more dangerous since 80 please officers were laid off in july. oakland police officers
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association said last week crime has jumped 8.5% since the layoffs on july 13th. he said there usually is a spike in summer and violent crime is actually down and the city. he said oakland police may soon get help from state and federal agencies. >> this man efren valdemormay bd to the bay area today he is facing multiple charges including attempted murder carjacking and attempted carjacking. he will be arranged next tuesday. a day long blood drive was held for officer todd young who was wounded in a line of duty. he is in serious but stable condition. dozens of students fellow officers and members of the community donated blood. he has undergone three
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surgeries and they need more procedures and more blood transfusions. he is a graduate of santa clara high. young has two children in the district as well. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes on this bear the are day. ticket check out the cemetery bridge traffic of the are day. ticket check out the cemetery bridge traffic of and well and was done. ãqw@, you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing.
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jill weather forecast if you like the heat you will like it today. it won't stick around. things cooling down in the labor day. one more nice day the beaches before the fog returns tomorrow. if you kind of like the heat you have a nice day labor day. >> today is the mideast peace
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talks summit. palestinian president as well as the leaders of egypt and jordan. at the forefront is a blockade of gossip. new details on this bill that will remove the cap the temporary cap on the below well because the biggest disaster in u.s. history is not likely there will be any more crude leading gamleaking but the having well recovery ship on standby in case. bp says it is spending $5 million a week on advertising since the gulf spill. that is three times as much. congresswoman says they should be spending more money on spill victims unless some polishing >> their >> this man
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futures were slightly higher after the news of filing for
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unemployment dropped h-p crossing wires raising their offer for three par. to a bid del. >> the latest in the weather is the heat. this is beautiful shots of the sunrise this morning. it is the hottest day of our low heat wave. >> we could get into the triple digits the numbers for the highs today 92 degrees at s f o today concord about a hundred, napa and 95, this is how much above the seasonal average we are. sfo 20 degrees above, san jose and oakland 16 degrees above what we typically should be this
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year appeared he waved continues today. 62 for livermore and we are seeing '70s this morning we had some of been in antioch and fremont down to san jose 66 by 10:00 a.m. plenty of '70s out there it will warm up quickly today could get into the 90s by noon all the red shows us the '90s of those in by 3:00 p.m. even bringing the travel did just a livermore, antioch and the south bay as well. here's a look that some of your numbers ninth in santa rosa 99 degrees in sonoma it down to san rafael del valley is 94. along the peninsula to 96 degrees is differences good today nineties in december and all the way to palo alto palo alto could talk about into the upper 90s today. close to 94 oakland and berkeley
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those inland spot sabrina's triple digits. through walnut creek down and for the san ramon valley coming in at 1 01 your afternoon highs today south bay upper 90s and triple digits. your 7 day around the bay the warmer sparks 1 01, at around the bay 89, broncos 78 we will cool it down by the end weekend and labor day. >> we are seeing a back up at the toll plaza at 829 the metering lights have been activated and means we start to see of that of the back up again it is a meter and light back up here for the west bound ride. you can see things our slowest in the center lanes. ride in san jose still looks good no problems on 101 northbound or southbound of the guadalupe parkway no back up again. things are working smoothly but for highway 17 there's a problem so is bound just south of the
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summit a big rig carrying a load of beer has overturned the initial reports indicate not only is it spilling out onto the roadway. i know is that is the net. but the south on lanes may be blocked. it could be a big snake for the ride to santa cruz on 17 south. that would make highway 9 or highway wind the alternate route. initial reports both lanes may be blocked just south of the summit. the rest of the commune still looks good no problems or delays except of course slow traffic through antioch. >> more on developing news investigators in several bay area agencies are looking for a man who could be a fifth victim killed by a suspect who was gunned down by the chp in richmond during this is a man they're looking for. solace is
6:34 am
still missing this morning, reggie, has the latest. >> investigators will be at the scene all night you can see the large truck behind me is being used to load up chemicals investigators believed to make explosive materials that's why the man who lived in the home has been charged for possessing. he is being looked at for the murders of two women he found inside that home one of those women is his wife. also also being looked at in a suspect in the death of these two women caring still listen to get their clues that may link these two men to these two murders occurred in vallejo kron 4 news. >> here is the timeline august 22nd there were called to all home to break got an altercation and with on august
6:35 am
25th to delay all women were reported missing. august 28th solace found dead in his home, august 31st the bodies were found in his home in vallejo. on the 31st baltimore. august 31st they fatally shot and killed him during a high-speed cheat chase. bigger body of his girlfriend was in the car. our coverage continues on line we have posted the news conference and the latest details on air and on our web site. >> it may be a challenge for hyatt hotel managers thousands of workers are planning to protest what they call the high its attempt to lock workers into a permanent recession while management benefits from the economic recovery. there are
6:36 am
rallies planned throughout the bay area today at the hyatt regency on the embarcadero and in santa clara. we have new details pittsburgh elementary school. a 26-year-old pleasant hill swim coach has been arrested for possession of child pornography.detectives from the contra costa county office arrested 26-year-old alex bursch of antioch for possession of child pornography. several computers and storage devices containing thousands of images of child pornography were found at his home. bursch is a teacher at the los medanos elementary school in pittsburg. he was arrested this morning at the school without incident. bursch is also a coach and lifeguard for a local swim team, the pleasant hill dolfins. >> evacuation orders hurricane for rural approaching the east winds a hundred and 45 mi. an hour. here is an out line of the storm track. as people head to the coast. here comes this monster storm feared sandro enduro >> many people in north carolina
6:37 am
are stocking up and gearing up for a hurricane earl. >> or getting enough stuff for today's young kids get stuck in we have a gas barbeque we will barbeque of we need to appear >> mandatory evacuation went to affect wednesday for hatter's island which will be hardest hit. north carolina is already under state of emergency in many homes and businesses are boarded up to weather the storm appeared >> girl has give us an early. safety is always the barometer for north carolina and how we treat any weather event. >> the guy should not make landfall in the u.s.. many show it will be off the east coast making landfall in nova scotia. many will feel the force of the wind and rain. hurricane watches
6:38 am
and warnings are route. massachusetts, connecticut are being pulled up. many people have seen neighbors leave home " earl will pass by. >> maybe it will go by quickly will be get done. >> president barack obama declared a disaster. the strong winds and heavy and rain will hit here late tonight. north carolina i'm sam randolph. >> will be people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!!
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we have lost more to hardest on the bridge the traffic is moving well >> watching wall street the dow jones down to 5.9 south% of just
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crossing wires hewlett-packard raises their bid up to $33 a share they just a bill did del again. aol is saying google will offer search results under five- year deal the agreement in force as an arrangement that is in place since 2005 but the new contract extends cooperation on to mobile sites and appearance cell phones and other gadgets. video sites for the first time. >> working is selling itself to three g capital. today's $24 per share comes after a day of speculation burger king has until mid october to solicit better offers. >> we will be right back. it
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top stories police looking for look missing man as a continuing investigation into a series of events including the killing of four people. efren valdemoro was shot and killed when he refused to drop a meat cleaver. he is accused of killing his car for the three other people and the sun is now missing. >> in her first debate with barbara boxer curly blame being, but for policies that are devastating the state. in this debate boxer scolded the arena for shipping jobs overseas during the team as a seal at >> >> hurricane earl to giving
6:47 am
this east it is a category 4 hurricane the winds are hundred 45 mi. an hour forcing evacuation of the calories carolina's also cape cod eastern this stormless give up the side of the next three days. >> another heat wave today temperatures warming up. >> let kalikow there's a but dunderhead.look-out there's a br head. >> you guys scare me. we have temperatures warming up 64 by noontime 89 degrees. afternoon highs back down into the '70s by your o'clock hour. current temperatures aside regional
6:48 am
opera '60s for san francisco 54 through oakland. we will warming up quickly by 10:00 plenty of '70s out there by about noontime working their way into the '90s are afternoon highs topping out into the triple digits in some spots. here's a look by 8:00 a.m. down into the '70s very afternoon highs 98 degrees in san rosa 99 in sonoma down into san rafael mill valley 94 along the peninsula 86 degrees today keeping in the '90s dunnage redwood city palo alto, the state bringing home some '90s as well your inland spots today not just the '90s and the upper 90s said that the trouble digit so livermore, pleasanton, livermore, all coming in that trouble digits and the south bay
6:49 am
'90s and triple digits. a cooling trend over the next couple of days we will cool it off slightly to marketing of warming little bit of fog returns and then by the end of the weekend in your labor day we will lead off significantly. a check gone traffic and hopefully that spiders gone george. >> i think the giants later this 8 the bay bridge is gone now. almost every morning on highway 4 the westbound ride looks good out to the will pass some slowing but the concord pleasant hill right highway for all look good. it took until 11:00 a.m. yesterday for 24 to clear out after contractor should down the middle when traffic was still a gm if you got caught in that late rise you know what we're talking about. right now is easy
6:50 am
trip on a 24-hour westbound. not so easy ride for 17 in the southbound direction traffic being diverted off of 17 by the chp 43,000 lbs. of the year overturned some of it spilling onto the lane. help train on its way to this could be a mess through the entire morning against a detour has been set up for 17 south sound. the bay bridge westbound ride there is the giant spider that a the bay bridge toll plaza. but i was told not supposed to mention those things. but it's hard not to. it looks like a science- fiction movie. it is still holding steady it is a meter and light back up the traffic volumes are still low for the 6'knyñ;bay bridge. the golden ge bridge san mateo bridge all look 6'knyñ;bay bridge. the golden ge bridge san mateo bridge all look good san jose still picksp19uñ
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robert thank you and his wife arrested on drug charges after they smelled marijuana coming out of the car. they're arrested last night appeared they were arrested in west hollywood during that traffic stop. he was just recently released from jail jail after being held for >> gun >> we will be right back let's take along you can see the sun in the background waiting for a nice warm day. temperatures start going up a little today. a programming note for tomorrow this friday, the giants game will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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welcome back pitch runner scoring the go-ahead run on this crazy play a wild pitch and then a throwing error. tim and his five game loss. the giants gained another game on the padres. they are on a skid. padres have lost seven straight. the a's finally giving yankees competition kevin it to run homer in. as fell 8-1. this play helped breaking things open. the
6:57 am
yankees beat the a's again this time for-3. >> the 7 day around the bay it's the spare the year day the honesty of the week biking today with inland at the jurors about 100 by the bay 89 by the coast 78. when you can enjoy the beach and the long weekend it will go back down into the '60s. inland still looking good for the holiday weekend. hitting 90 be this sunday monday mid-80s for your labor day. a cooler week for unix work week. >> dow jones up 15 points we will be back as the kron 4 news continues.
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