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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 3, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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for ricardo sen. his name is rhetoric. he is still missing. some areas have banned >> they're just trying to wrap up the search here. the been here all morning long in pittsburgh. this at humongous landfill may be able to pinpoint of 1 a. point behind the hills where they are searching and they're going through about 3,000 t of trash. to listen to what police had to say just a few minutes ago about the search. >> are you going to ask of a herd to start the material and the individual of that as well as the canines. we know he is alive and well coat >> this is believed they're
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talking about. on tuesday they found that escalate the issue is driving after his father was killed. the escalator had been parked for some time in the north shore business park and there's no sign of him in the car. they did a thorough search on wednesday and they found no clues. the trash had already been picked up from the park. and that is what brought investigators to the landfill to look through the trash from the business park. they'd been out here as i said all day long looking through about 3,000 lbs. of trash. bill back tomorrow and they'll be here as long as it takes to look through the trash in this area and another thing we learned today is that they did find frederick solaces cart that toyota. the did not tell us exactly where they found if they did located. reporting live from pittsburgh and christine connally for kron4 news and >> at fraud had been dating since each man on did offer two
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years. he owned and lived to the house where it rhetoric and ricardo lived. he might have respected thought of relationship between adair the sun or the father. that these two women. it read and carol smart. their bodies were found. his friends of both lemon and one theory is that the two were killed because they had been telling send the trend to leave him. i've run had also been living with rita allen and her husband charles where invert for the last 10 years. charles river house is now being arrested on suspicion of having explosives and being questioned and the death of the two women. they found him living on the property with the two decomposing bodies of his wife rita and her friend. >> meanwhile a friend of the girlfriends in the trans are remembering her tonight trying
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to find the strength after she was found strangled in a car. tonight our co-workers and turf friends are holding a candlelight vigil in front of the vallejo's salon where they work. there live from the land now where the investigators are. >> that is right can family and friends are holding a candle light vigil and ricardo salas. the vigil is granted take place around 7:00. city tram worked as a hairstylist at a salon for about four years and they're looking at as station where she worked out of. in fact a lot of her customers dropped flowers and cards off at the swan after hearing about the murder. the murder of the salon says she is like a family member and the other workers. the other people here are getting to know her trio trans. provincial again as
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when the how the 7:00 in front of this airline and the owner is expecting 50 people. it is including transit for adult sons ranging from 14 rolls to 20 rolls. >> at from had been dating since each man for two years. she owned and lived. the police believe that ricardo and the body was found be in the house. now these two women. read alan and carol smart. their bodies were friends of both of the lemon one theory was that they were killed because they had been telling said the trend believe them. she has little to has spent on and off during the
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past 10 years. they say that he was arrested on suspicion of possessing explosives and as being questioned in the death of 2 lemons. police found him living on the property where the two decomposing bodies of his wife rita and her friend were found. >> our coverage of the multiple murders continues online. they have every breaking detail on this story. a slot on tour website. a news around the bay area tonight authorities are trying to identify human remains after recent discovery and then ran headlines. they recovered a school as well as several other bones. clothing and a necklace. in redwood shores chris can recover in the wreckage of a plane crash that killed all three people on board and in salinas at helicopter landed upside down on the highway when a one. no other vehicles were involved and the pilot to walk away from the rack what was
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taken to the hospital this to be checked out. i did city council the council has agreed to outsource the police service with the san mateo sheriff's department. a group that oversees compensation for crime victims' says it will most likely reject the claim made by j.c. the guards mother. they say she was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. the mother says she suffered psychological and emotional injuries because of the kidnapping of because of parole and the suspect the man it should have been discovered. the state has already awarded than $20 million in a settlement. >> i live look out side from the golden gate bridge. the fog and the birch tower. fog is up and down the coast our a is starting to make its way into san francisco. and temperatures are
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cooler this afternoon about 10 degrees cooler in the afternoon. it is still warm and lands with a warm '90s at this hour. 70's around the bay shore and here is what we're looking into tonight and tomorrow. pushing into the bay this evening to our evening were looking for coastal and they fought all the we will briefly see the fog bank move into our inland valley. it is like to be sent up there but still cooler. the temperatures continued to slide through the weekend of the warmer weather into labor day itself. i >> live look out side into the traffic on this getaway friday. boy this is the bay bridge toll plaza and it is moving well in both directions. that was side is having no problems either side. to write back.
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tatiana who was shot while surveying is still on the hospital tonight. he was last reported to be held in serious but stable condition. this is his picture. officer of young's wife talk about her husband. >> here at highland hospital and oakland a press conference was held today on the status of that man who shot. officer todd young is still here. she doctors said he was making good progress. say that press conference the surgery is that worked with him. they all spoke. the committee thank them for the outgoing support especially to those that donated blood. she also thank you both for saving his life. i >> just gone home from taking the kids up from school and taught called me. he called me
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and said he is at highland hospital. he was ok. he does on hand in the leg. aside for the kids and a car we can appear. i was told on friday that things were looking good and they did not think he is one to make it off the operating table. and my whole life turned upside down and at one moment. >> the doctor said officer john may still require more surgery and is unable to talk because he's heavily sedated that could change in the days to come. >> mean time a man suspected of shooting a body on is in the bay area this evening. this is his mug shot. he is a suspected gang member in charge with 10 felonies including attempted murder and carjacking. he faces life. >> cooler weather expected for
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this holiday weekend of the saturday and sunday as we head into labor day weekend it will be a warm-up. will talk about a little bit more right after the break.
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we now are temperatures just don't make up their mind. they're getting cooler and then they're getting warmer. this is what is what happened into the weekend. it's quality continued to warn as the storm passes as to the north near when the sec breeze when spic and cooler temperatures. in the spots are dropping down of the 60s along the coast. getting into monday or verse and things will be gone like the sea breeze and. it will be warmer weather has hit 93. and 70 along the coastline. it is labor day weekend. enjoy the nice weather. fog tracker 4. the fog is, female unexpected. will be slower to peel back end at 7:00 in the morning it is not quite making it back to the bay
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shore. will be shrouded in fog. back to the clothesline built a little bit later on in the morning the fog will stay there. it is quite to the court as a result of lots of sunshine out there. a look neighborhood by neighborhood and we're going to continue to slide in the north. and once box down into the upper 80s and low 90s. 70's for the most part and 80s down in the south bay. a look at yourself a first day getting cooler. the warm up the score into be short- lived. we will see extensive fog cooler temperatures and we'll start to warm up. >> powerful 7.4 magnitude
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earthquake struck near new zealand. even see the rubble and debris in christ church. the friends of at least five buildings have collapsed. there is no reports of injuries. sharing the aftermath of the quake kimberly. >> the pictures were posted on twitter. let us take a look at the feel of them. they're all across the area completely phasing the building where they have called off. this is the home where the home does crumbled. you can see all of the brick walls that fell down. we're right here right into the street where there blocking traffic. concerts just imagine how long it'll take to clean off. carr is completely cresson
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this one is have crushed but probably i usual for a little while. to check out more information on our >> web site> mexican soldiers killed 25 suspected drug cartel members yesterday and are rated near the u.s.. two soldiers were injured. they came after it president phillippi called on with the increasingly bloody drug war during the states said union address he gave. more than 28,000 people have been killed between soldiers and the drug cartel since 2006. and indonesia and the volcano has showed no signs of quieting down. it has awakened after a 400 years of sleeping. has a new powerful burst of hot ash. it has sent frightening residents. eruption
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of the volcano has caused many chaos before 34,000 people. the emergency shelters. the details about the minor. you're looking at details of the miners never shot yesterday. the thing about mass of doctors and engineers. they don't have a regular day and night sleeping any to boost their vitamin d. the nasa team is there to help maintain their health. they are nearly half a mile underground since august that. that matters could be stuck there till december. >> this just in. we have just gotten word of the fire that is putting l on and that firetruck. highway 24 traffic is very slow right now in both directions.
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you have friday night traffic to begin with they concede there even see on our traffic map that is very slow. here is what happens. the pickup truck caught fire in eastbound direction. firefighters were able to cut it out but there is smoke and a lot of traffic back up since this fire. it is on the side of the right for it left lane where the truck is right out side of that board. we're taking a really close i that there is one to be a back up here for awhile. bildt said the law as they move the truck here we will keep you posted look at friday traffic. this is the golden gate bridge we cannot see the towers because of all of the cooling fog rolling and bet on the right side of your screen the northbound on on the left side your screen is moving no problem. let's check this jam detailed bridge right now. it is going into a word in
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the commune is both directions of moving very well here will be right back leather setting back
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and labor day. of all right deceit the sea breeze cut off into warmer temperatures and below '90s inland's degrees on the weekend. proceed to back his head into next week >> much of what we have seen in hurricane earl has been underground. it's as well as look like from the day. kimberly? >> nasa astronauts has pictures of a storm subsided take a look at the pictures. you can see part of a deceased it and the
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storm swirling about on the left-hand side. a hurricane earl is a gathering storm and is incredible. when you are dealing with this force of nature we have left it out over the it plan to seek an see the sunset with the spiraling bands said to read all about it you go to our web site. >> now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.. >> according to an e-mail i received this envelope has a check for less than $9 million. it is supposedly sitting and ed d. h. l. office. i does need to claim it. i inherited all of the money just for being me. it is supposed to be delivered overnight. the check will be in
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british pounds, 5 million, at 8,000 lbs.. all i need to do is fill out a simple form and complete a few other details that are spelled out for me and it e-mail. tonight at 630 i will show you how and elder lady it is named to be a millionaire. >> we have a programming change to talk about tonight. nbc will air the giants game so kron4 news will air dateline nbc and at 10:00 p.m. we had a special edition of kron4 news. the w w e smack down moves to 10:00.
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live this is kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. >> of landfill in the east bay is the focus of a search for frederick solace. he has been missing since saturday and possibly a victim >> we sincerely would like to
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find him alive. >> they have him speak about what they might is balanced and the has been another victim appeared in court. he was too hard to was stockpiling explosives that is home. they prepare for a vigil in her honor. new information is in bay area cities. that man has of connections to the murders of his girlfriends in beach ran along with two of the friends. at least one of the male has made its has been seen there. there still is searching for ricardo's son. he is still missing. several areas look for clues of his whereabouts and in fact there is a search for a landfill. for kron4 news as christine connolly she is standing by the latest. >> the rescue crews are just
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wrapping up their research here. they've been here all morning and is this huge landfill. devon able to pinpoint 1 a. area here. they're going through 3,000 t of trash here and back in these hills right behind me they have concluded that they are wrapping up the search for today and they will be back tomorrow. that is go ahead and roll some video and walk you through why they're here. >> the search for frederick solace landed here >> we continue to be helpful but we also have to continue it to follow the lead as they come. >> this is that lead. the escalade had been a partner for some time in the north shore business park. police did as thorough check of the park. they
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found no clues. the trash had already been picked up from the park. that is what brought the investigators to look through the trash from the business park and because the park was so close to the home where he was killed and because they knew that area so well >> is the work for a private security sandino's the area very well. >> police will continue to search as long as it takes to go through all kinds of trash. another thing we have learned today as well is that they did find the tell you of our route four. they do not know exactly where they found it or when they located it but they do have it now in their possession. i'm christine connally for kron4 news. >> the violent detail that ended in richmond it began five days earlier at this home in berkeley. the police responded
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to a call from said the trend of the call fight with her tenants. the officers say as i walked and i saba card on top of waldemar of who was lying face down on the floor. all tomorrow was completely naked. after taking pictures of his injury they took him to the police station where he signed a complaint charging the two men with battery. on saturday afternoon the police found his body at the home he had been beaten to death. on tuesday hercules' police named him as a murder suspect. at the same time vallejo police were discovering the bodies of two more victims at home that he was known to frequent. hours later police say that the car was spotted in pleasant hill. they led police on a summer chase to richmond where he was shot to
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death. they found his strangled body in a car. new >> while the has banned made his first appearance in court today. he was arrested after they discovered explosives and vallejo. they tell us what happened at today's arraignment. >> 72 rural charles were in halas' pleaded not guilty. the chemicals used to make explosives were found tuesday and is run in the upland husk for home. >> i think he's the victim in this case. >> he is not been charged in this case with their able to get a whopping $200 bills said. he remains behind bars while the murder investigation continues. i do not to know who killed him.
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there is another potential client that my client told the police about into other cases he was certainly a thorn in his side. >> he had been moved a couple other times to get away from him. he was followed to the houses and he continued to break into the house steal the car keys and he repeatedly stole my clients life. >> how 80s he had lived in this, among the dead bodies? the attorneys say he didn't. >> he did not believe the bodies were discovered there is some time today. among other things you know he did file a missing person's report a few days back. it does not really make sense to have the body of someone is killed in their house. >> the attorney has as that the bill is reduced and a hearing
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will be held on wednesday to determine whether or not that will happen. in vallejo and temperament for kron4 news >> the attorney for rittenhouse announce that they were doing little to remove him from the home. authorities admit that they responded to ed doesn't disturbance calls there. neither rittenhouse or his wife filed charges against him. >> be provided both him and his wife steps on what to do. a restraining orders and things of that nature. we have a couple of options they're not all whole lot that we can do. meanwhile
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the girlfriend is of being remembered tonight. she is found strangled to death in the car that he is to try and escape police. they're using a candle light vigil where she works. were the vigil is set to begin very san >> that's right she spent four years working at seven salons all right behind you and they're going to have the candlelight vigil and for the owner of the salon says this is her workstation or she cut her customers there and in the next couple of years many for customers drop off flowers and cards and it was like a family member. many of the workers here also got to know ricardo and
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they want to have a candlelight vigil for the two of them which starts in about an hour. the salon owner said she expects 50 people to attend the candlelight vigil tonight and try to attend. on 14 to 21. i'm dahlin for kron4 news. >> our coverage continues online and we have every breaking detail on this story. just log on. >> temperatures are a little cooler out there today. believe it or not they're still over the '90s. we have 10 degrees cooler in the north bay and close to the coastline of fog is having the coastline. in san francisco. a look at our satellite picture it shows the fog that is
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transitioning and we are seeing the fog push into the bay area. this evening were making it into the inland spot. it's coming back a bit. does it as will be back in a bit.
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tatiana the fremont police officer of atlas shots while attempting last friday is still in the hospital tonight. close last reported to be in serious but stable condition. there and at highland hospital today with a wife talk about her husband. >> here in highland hospital the status of fremont officer todd young was shot to one week ago today. it is making good progress. surgeons who worked with them all spoke. the have
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and l going of support especially those that donated blood. >> i wasn't home. i discovered the king of my kids from school and he actually called me. he called me and said he was at highland hospital. he was ok he had just gotten hit in the leg. i through the kids in the car and i came up here. i was told on friday that it was not looking good and they did not think he was going to make it on the operating table. my whole life turned upside down and that one moment. >> he still the acquires 1 more surgery niece still unable to talk. he cannot get to talk because his heavily sedated but it may change in the days to
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come. >> meanwhile this is the newest photograph of andrew out there and those. he is the officer charged of shooting todd young. police arrested him as he is trying to flee. today he is back in oakland and behind bars. galley and those is charged. with >> cooler weather on tap for the holiday weekend as we head into the weekend. see reasons will die off and we'll get warmer temperatures as a result.
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salvage crews are pulling the plane out of the libyan into the water. the of the map that shows you where happens. three people were killed and it crashed into a lagoon. shortly after it taking off kron4 news is
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correct shows us the work being done today. >> cell which crews are working on and what was being crossed. the plane was in the water and was pulled over to this side of the shore. they're killing the played out and putting it on the bed before they do that they have to pull the two bodies of of the plain from yesterday's crash. >> 92 year-old was followed by bill hickey who also died in the crash. a woman in her '40's also died. her body was recovered quickly. these floater banks to pull off the plane and then floated the lagoon. that claim was put up onto a flatbed truck rolled be brought over to san francisco to try and figure the cost. in kron4 news >> great shows the work that's been going on all day. this is a live shot from the scene and they are continuing to work
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through the evening to pull plain out of the water as well as the bodies of the two other victims. you concede the crew members standing by to have been working on the efforts. that is a bit of a plane that we a scene there at the tail of the planes that one into the lagoon. it is all being moved for further investigation. >> i live look out side. foggy. it is all up and down california cool weather expected. the bring us more fog as we head into monday reversal of wind. warmer temperatures and 83 along with the shore. 70's on
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the skyline pretty nice for labor day monday fog extending figure where did you say that little bit earlier by 5:00. will remain to the north and a short period and 80s down into south bay. a cooling trend into the weekend saturday and sunday. as we head into monday a warm-up is expected not to stifling not to cool. all be perfect down there.
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though head into the next rest of the week much cooler temperatures and inexpensive fog cover for the week as we head into friday. it is lg of what was the head into the weekend. >> hurricane earl has now dropped to a category one is still threatening to evocations of a number people along the east coast. the island of nantucket and the direct path of the storm. it is too dangerous to go into the water. harbors and airports are closed. between boston and new york. some roads under the fine sea of water. >> we have incredible pictures of the world. this is the coast guard boat being tossed around of the coast of atlantic new jersey. look at this metal roof. they got really the brunt of the
6:22 pm
storm over night. this kite cadillac and in fresco north california is a better way to the mover and today. but this one step in the middle of floodwaters. >> taking a look at our latest satellite picture it there's a hurricane actually meeting up and merging with another storm and that is all the yellow there on the screen. is really heavy rainfall. it is clear to continue over the next several hours. so this will be right back after this.
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what does say he back now to redwood shores. this is a live picture we can see all of the plain is pulled out of the blood in there. this is the crash that happened yesterday morning. people call people on board end the almost crashed into a shallow lagoon. one of the people on board was a steel
6:26 pm
company owner from 1954 thousand palo alto. the pilot was killed. two bodies were moved today as well in any to get the bodies out of the area. the crew is still on the scene there. all of this debris it will beat move to sacramento and now a powerful earthquake showed most of new zealand today it is the nation south island. it is near christchurch. take a look at the damage. this is this the in christ church where buildings should apart. you concede a minivan right there it was crushed by all of the debris.
6:27 pm
there is also reports that many collapsed buildings and power outages occurred. at this point there is just too many injuries which is remarkable despite all of the damage. many pictures have been posted online and kimberly brings us a look at the aftermath. truly? >> i have a picture is posted on to better. complete sides of buildings just crumbled and here you can see it. several rooms and one of those bricks came flying down and landed in the streets. here you see a whole side of the building and fried to and several cars. it was completely destroyed and it also cracked the earth. for more of the quake could go to our
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website. >> of look at the extended forecast. cooling weather for this weekend and casual: as we head into wednesday appeared to be brief, said details are just a few minutes away. stay with us we'll have top stores and a comeback.
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that 630 the top stories. >> and pittsburgh's search and rescue cost crews have been looking through landfills looking for any sign of ricardo salas. he is believed to have been killed by a saffron. they're looking for 1 a. area of 3,000 t of trash. they're expected to be here all weekend while the search for frederick continues. >> continuing with our coverage charles has pleaded not guilty
6:31 pm
after being charged with have been explosive dispenses. there are found on tuesday when he had reported missing bodies. the attorney would not comment about this poses a she says that she would have nothing to do with the murders. in >> vallejo and >> (inaudible) >> (no audio) >> the frog had been dating since the transfer to a half years. she owns and lived in a home. but she believes that from may have suspected a relationship between her and a condo or frederick. these two women read alan carol smart, their bodies were found in her home and city transit was friends of both women, one
6:32 pm
theory is that they're both hills because they had been calling us and each man to leave him. police say that charles has now been arrested on suspicion of possessing explosives and a question of the death of the two women. they it found that one man in the house where he lived. >> family and friends will be having a candlelight vigil for her and her friends and the vigil will be taking place right beside the salon at 7:00. they work this on for four years. they're setting up location and now it is right next to the salon a expecting 50 people to come l and a lot of those of the friends and family as well as some customers as well. the
6:33 pm
owner of the salon of and to those who work there. live also gone to know and that is why they're getting the candlelight vigil is theirs to the was 7:00 tonight. live for kron4 news. todd young was shot last week. he's making good progress. and his wife ezekiel. and his wife spoke today and said she is grateful for this support. she said the hospital saved his life. >> here redwood city it costs lives of three people. they freeze to bring a lot from down
6:34 pm
below and they brought it across. once there the bodies of remaining victims would be removed and sent to sacramento. investigators to the closer look to investigate the accident. >> look at this crumpled helicopter that landed upside down on highway 10 wind just after 6 this morning. it was labor day weekend traffic and you could see an officer on and this scene. they used to spray pesticides or farms but there were no pesticides on board. but a show you where this happened on google earth. this is the salinas airport right here and we'll show you what happened. they're saying that the helicopter took off from the municipal airport and the pilot was headed west. the pilot told police that he became disoriented and had a verdict co and lost control of the helicopter crashed into the
6:35 pm
right lane of highway 101 south of airport boulevard. no cars were hurt hits and the pilot had minor injuries. >> our big weather story is cooler and warmer in week day. let us look at the forecast. the temperature is continuing for at the weekend as we get more intense of winds. it makes it inland by sunday and 72 around the bay shore. it's 50 long the court. the wind will be taking over and there's a world as a result. it is 93 and linz and seven day along the coast. it will not be too stifling great weather for labor day. >> and we take you back live to redwood shores to show you live picture of the plain that the crews just pulled from the water. three people were on
6:36 pm
board and it went down yesterday morning. they're having difficulties trying to remove the plain and on board robert forman ec was the owner of a company in east palo alto. he owned it since 1954. all of the plane at all of the debris collapsed today. investigators are determining what caused the plane to crash. there was difficulty getting to two of the bodies. and they're about part of the process here there's a much more ahead. we will be right back after a quick break there is still so much news and sports ahead. stay tuned.
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now here is stanley roberts to some people behaving badly.. >> according to this e-mail i just inherited 5.8 million lbs.. that is 9 million in u.s. dollars. apparently she is not sure why it sheet shows the past not to worry. ec issues an air crash in 1958. she even provides this light to cnn. it shows her ex-husband. according to the e- mail she is too weak to spend money herself so she is decided to give me $9 million. all have to do is give her my name and address it sick and send me a check. so i did. and then i got something the next day. all i had to do was send western
6:41 pm
union $268. and they would send the $9 million. i know you're saying. wait until they send me the 9 million and then turn around give them the time is 68, except they do not operate seat- boat-beat. the trick is there's no inheritance. it is as real people trying to get your money. that marked the must them and never give out any personal information and do not send money. you'll never see and dime. you'll just end up losing your money. and the newsroom stanley roberts for kron4 news. >> restaurant and sacramento has agreed to take-off of its many after the group he that called them ". >> it is called dancing shrek
6:42 pm
and before they're served their bay of them saki and had their tails removed. it exposed less of it and try it and realize their e in. the animal rights group received dozens of complaints and p that contacted the company. you read about dancing fish controversy. >> coming up next. is joined by his lovely wife felicia and open up the mail bade and ask your questions and comments. kerrey has details coming up next.
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the evening everybody is cutdown
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day in the nfl and we have the surprise and a 49 in can't michael robinson who is not a great running back. he's known as serviceable and was very good on a special team that take no room for him and he was cut to the rookie running back anthony thought great in the preseason. he is it apparently expendable. concede that rest of the cuts. one of those young kids you're working for nt is gone. the { whose cut and who's not. michael bus. he does make you laugh and it was out there that he broke your thumb. the raiders said i'm not an italian one where the other and it does appear that their point have to carry the ball. extensively with the raiders open and michael bush will not be available. i
6:47 pm
actually believe that that is where we're headed. it is no doubt that we do feel good about ourselves right now. he's talking big stuff and he's getting started this morning. >> there's stanford quarterback sacks and the running back shane perception is if they shine so will their team. >> the attitude. the ability. they're making the right decisions and when it comes to being the quarterback. you know all of those things. >> just imagine on saturday big enough to drive a truck. it is averse to tell back.
6:48 pm
>> both are projected the nfl projects. but what could be the top quarterback could get the next year's draft. for now enjoy the show. i'm here for kron4 news sports. also tomorrow san jose is clear to give the sacrificial lamb and a plate no. 1 alabama. they will get beat up by at least 40 points. he has since added eight days for his actions and i give him credit. you know if he came out and started throwing some punches we understand that he was born and raised in san francisco said there you go. one of the biggest suspensions of the year. and native. tiger woods is playing of golf. i faxed copy to ed
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chance when ted million dollars. what could be very interesting. his mind is clear, how good is he going to be. he took out alone for 54 million. no joke. his plan to pay back by 2014. bill wallace is 54 million. instead of paying cash he can write it off forever and it says he can pay back in 2014. he is tied for 87 and currently a 50 moret million dollar loan. i play up front that nothing can take as much criticism. lisa is writes about and is just like old times. i get every friday at this time to decide what you
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need to know. believe me it may seem like a bit of rock but every friday at 645 i'll talk with myself.
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>> ok here we go. >> mario? i ha this baseball gamei hate exhibition football.i cannot remember last time i kate to see football. you pay full price and pack 30 bucks to park. expedition baseball u.k. beet 750 or 1050. you pay $70 and the fans are getting smart.
6:54 pm
there and 60,000 ft. stadium you can't rip the fans off like that. i'm a man of the faith. >> fair enough >> you're right sarah. you're probably right. my thing has always been if you're bored to be the highest-paid guy in the room you have to be the best guy in the room. his is not a very good and it to triple that. and you do carry a broken record maybe she is right. the fact remains if you're bored to take 126 million metric happened >> make happen baby >> (laughter) i'm just talking
6:55 pm
and make that. and he is pitching tonight. also happens. >> what as well budget deal? = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = you have broadcasters sitting on pillows and experts and lakes. saying to me did this and to me did that. it is basically it robotic and i'm not been called by a nickname and be a need to me to me it can play and not know the need there appeared i think we to be in the club all the time edges rubs me wrong. >> ok, fair and as you said it.
6:56 pm
>> would be rather he gonna do not play in? >> i owe you one. when you go to one of those tall flame things believe me you just feel that it and everybody says hi, sorry. the board declared go ahead go there. but ford show off. >> and i am one of them. >> yet you're in the club. and when to be a jack ass when i'm on the air. i do appreciate it. and l chairs the memories. i used to be somebody. but nobody cares anymore.
6:57 pm
>> from the bottom of my heart race: i do not believe that right somebody else. of it to the
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
in depth on today's big celebrity headline. i'm lara spencer." is on.tol pa under fire tonight. pretty ugly stuff right now. >> sarah strikes back at the scathing new "vanity fair" report. >> gutless reporters take anonymous sources and cite them. >> the worst stuff isn't even there. then -- >> angry about the press. backlash against the skimpy outfits. is bristol turning into a diva before "dancing with the stars" even begins. and -- >> there's no situation that the hoff can't handle. >> why the hoff is taking on the situation.n take down george clooney at the box office this weekend?


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