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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 20, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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>> negotiation over. >> deborah: and that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. thanks for watching. we will see you again tomorrow. potential problems with natural gas pipeline found all over the state. a list of 100 pipes released today but many are wondering why the san bruno pipe was not on the list. >> reporter: that segment was not on the list. >> reporter: nowhere was this piece of gas transmission lines that erupted. pg&e says the pipe didn't meet the definition of a risky pipeline. >> we were not aware of anything that would have met the quiteria to put it on the
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list. 237 pg&e had detected corrosion, that would have put it on the list or if there was an earthquake in the area. if records show the design was flawed or out dated. or if construction crews had been digging near the pipe, that would also flag it. >> if somebody is doing construction in the area we take that into consideration. >> reporter: there was no reason to mark the pipe as dangerous. to critics say this proves the system is flawed, pg&e says it is not ready to draw conclusions. >> we don't know what the cause was, that would inform us how we need to look at the segments and whether the process we are
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using is good or not. >> reporter: jonathan, kron 4 news. >> they are pleased pg&e replied with their quest. the list changes from year to year, today's list is the most recent list. they also requested lists from the last few years, they will review that information and decide if changes need to be made. here is a look for some of the locations are. in the north bay, napa, richmond, and on the peninsula and south bay, palo alto, and san jose zy. our coverage continues online, to read the list of 100 high risk pipelines log on to police are investigating cases of robbery and sexual assault around lake mare ud. police are holding back some of
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the details of where the attacks happened. police say both cases involved women coming back to their homes. >> there are some similarities and that's why we want to make the community aware. >> police describe the suspect as african american, early 20s, medium built. kron 4's greg talked to people about the threat of an attacker. >> reporter: police aren't saying when the crimes took place. you can see, plenty of people around, it's when you get closer to dusk people feel less safe. many are hearing about the attacks for the first time. >> i think we should always use precaution but the best precaution is to be aware of
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your surroundings. >> that's why i won't be scared. >> reporter: some people make themselves easy targets. >> there are mome that go around the lake at midnight by themselves. on telephones, dressed inrepresently. >> reporter: the business district is next to the lake, saying the idea of someone is out there is unnerving. >> it's a shame that this area people don't feel safe, it's a nice area, a-air where people walk a lot, and there is lots of shops. >> people have to be on their guard. in oakland, greg, kron 4 news. >> police are looking for a male suspect who attacked a jogger here. it happened yesterday. the suspect pushed the victim
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where he attempted to sexual assault her. she fought off the suspect. hispanic man in his mid-20s, 150 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. it was an emotional day for students at novato high school. here you can see students wearing t-shirts with a picture of isaac brott who was killed on friday. four other students were hospitalized in that crash, including the 16-year-old driver who was arrested for driving under the influence. a gorgeous day today with mild temperatures across the bay areas. inland areas 80s. 60s closer to the coast line. san francisco 68.
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70s for the rest of the bay area. san jose briefly at 80 degrees. tomorrow the fog is re-forming, pushing closer to the coast line. fog briefly touching the inland valleys. by the 3:00 hour, mostly sunny skies. we will have the fog along the coast but the rest of the bay area sunshine. 5-15 degrees cooler and breezy, wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour are expected. we will talk about a big warm up in store for the weekend in a bit. look at that. a grand night for jerry rice, his jersey was retired at tonight's game. gary was there. he is here now. >> it was something else. >> are you over it? >> almost like, another one,
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no. he deserves it. the game was great, the 49ers took the champions to the limit. 69,732. we will give you the split highlights. bit frank gore, 168 yards, two- point conversion, ties at at 22. drew brees brings the saints right back, right back and sets up the field goal kicker for a 37-yarder and the saints win 25- 22. 49ers are 0-2 and for the record, 19% of teams that start 0-2 make it to the playoffs and later we will hear from coach single tarry and alex smith. when you take the world champions within three points, that's pretty good. but then you listen to the fans
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calling in, very rough. >> but neat for jerry rice. big moment. >> to me, it was close. >> no. when i watched it, they were so -- >> so you are one of those people -- >> it was tough. >> okay. somehow you will get over it. go home and bounce back. my thing is, next week they play kansas city and they lose, they will be 0-3. i will be play kansas city and they lose, they will be 0-3. i will be back with complete gh♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins.
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we broke this story, a major flaw in the transit system. that's it. commuters found a way to open the gates with a wave of their
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hands. tonight stanley tells us how they are responding to the issue. it's a story you will see only on chron4. >> reporter: last thursday kron 4 showed you a flaw in muni's gate system. it's a flaw that allows anyone to enter the pay area with a wave of the hand. >> they all do it. >> this glitch was first thought to be a problem at the [inaudible] station. >> i saw it on tv. >> at church street with y found the same thing. fair gates opened by pushing your hand over the gate. this is a problem officials knew about. you paid for is. since i was the first reporter to show you the flaw, i thought it should be fitting i be the first to tell you this, a source told me, because of this
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flaw in the gate system, some major changes are coming. one of those changes, the rehiring of four station agents at $68,000 per employee so unmanned booths will have agents. they were layed off during the recent budget cuts. i am also told, there have been a significant increase in tickets issued. the increase is not related to the hand waving trick, it's because of electronic cars. some people think by having a clipper card is proof of payment, even though there is no money on the cards. one worker told me it was put online with zero input from employees. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you have a
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major changes with the introduction of the bay areas first express lane. runs along an existing carpool lane on interstate 680, on the map there, allows solo drivers to use the lane. the new hours are from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and costs between 30 cents and $6,bounding on when you drive it. >> reporter: the first toll road opens today. now has a toll road that alows
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solo drivers. drivers who are v a transponder can merge into the lane and censors pick up the signal and ç charge your account. and 8:00 ñrp.m. carpools of i]irxdor w3çmore  drive for free. -j(-becareful, cheaters çççiçis i]ç$381. the toll road is the çt(first others çare being discussed. sunny çr>s9d:hççó;pgd  temperatures today çkoxdçw3buç is coming tomorrow. close to ?mkthe coast line, thaç pushes çokçw3çwkçzçw3to çtç overnight. afternoon. teopit%m u$yç5-15 degrees cooler. sticking with the cooler
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weather on wednesday. let's talk about the fog lining the coast line tomorrow morning, long the bay shores and pushing into the inland valleys. i expect the çfog to push back to the coast line w3çqxdw3okin ours. temperatures cooler çtomorrow, 60 san francisco, same in richmond. lower 70s for the inland spots. 59 half moon bay, 50s for the bay shores. 7 day around the bay forecast, cool weather over the next couple of days. thursday is the ççtransition similar to today. friday, saturday, sunday, 9s inland and 80 along the shores. >> last week france announced changes to fleet -- san
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francisco announced changes to fleet week. expect to see more service members coming ashore. expect the return of big events. >> reporter: the changes are going to be seen in the amount of people that can access these ships. the parade of ships has been a parade of ship. this year there are going to be hundreds taking part in free band concerts. >> it runs le announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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but there's an even deadlier predator good evening. the 49ers took the super bowl champs to the limit.
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69,732. jerry rice, his 49ers jersey retired at halftime. joe montana on hand, and drew brees, the super bowl mvp, things started out in new orleans favor. ball snapped over smith's head, 2-0 new orleans. drew brees to reggie buse, over the middle. bush would injure himself, he will be out for a while. at this point, 9-7 new orleans. smith played decently tonight. vernon davis, 41. the 49ers have the lead at 14- 9. but mike's team can't stand prosperity. smith, despite the smile on his face, is intercepted, deflected, intercepted by
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porter. one of four 49er turnovers. here is philip adams, let the punt go through his hands. 22-14. with time running out, frank busted up the gut for 7 yards. 49ers down by two. very controversial play, this is why you have replay. smith to davis. at first it's called short. replay shows he was in the end zone, they give two points to the 49ers, tied at 22-22. this is why the saints are the champs. marcus over the middal and garrett field go from 37 yards out.
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49ers out gain the saints 1417 yards but the final score, saints 25-22. >> not to take away anything from them, world championship team, we did a lot of stuff to ourselves today. >> it's unfortunate. >> what they do? nothing. they didn't do nothing. we beat ourselves. >> 0-2 is tough. next week to kansas city, you lose that, 0-3 and you go, the rest of the year we may be playing for fun. they play in a weak decision and i think the 49ers performed well. jerry rice, the 12th 49er to have his jersey retired. montana, young, brodie, white.
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halftime, rice spending time with eddy, and his -- one of his former coaches. >> every time i stepped on the football field after the national athm, i would raise my finger, the finger that is closest to the thumb, i want everybody to do that for bill walsh. i love san francisco, thank you so much for this honor. let's go 9ers. >> you know what's wrong with the 49ers? the last 15 years anytime someone is honored it's from the old days. they got to get some new blood in here. the a's are heading for home, ladies and gentlemen, it is almost over for your oakland a's. there is still 8 games out in the race. gonzalez, 6 innings, no runs, the a's beat the white sox 3-0.
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