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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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56 for san francisco. chile up into the north bay santa rosa 50 and still in the '40's in napa. by about 10:00 a.m. we warming up and see plenty of '60s out there by about noontime we start to british '70s in our area.
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we'll get much warmer than that. no '80s and the forecast today cooling-off into the 50s-'60s by 7:00 p.m. some of the warmer spots only topping out mid-70s 643 san francisco, 69 in richmond, same goes for richmond, low sixties around the media bay, the coast low 60s. here 7 day around the bay of cool down the next few days chile wednesday then it thursday the first day of fall. the weekend it will start feeling like summer how ironic. >> no hot spots to report a close eye on 680 to see how conditions shape up there with the second day of operations. the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound ride building a better
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but still no delays meter let's have not yet been activated for your trip across the upper deck of the bay bridge approaches look good from 580 and 80. san mateo bridge is a good one. this is a commute direction heading over towards foster city no delays or back up on the approach to the bridge. even the 92880 looks good rationale. your marin county ride 101 culminating at the golden gate bridge no problems or delay itit is a smooth ride along the soil dries. you're right on the shore freeway in their state 880 the volumes are building but there is no slowing for the west bound 80 ride. public transit smooth
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start no delays reported. >> two women more robbed and sexually assaulted on sunday evening they are rich holdings when and where the attacks happened. they happen in secluded areas both were heading home when they were attacked. >> there are somewhat less similarities that's why we want to make people aware. >> the suspect is african- american early mid-20s 5 ft. 10. medium build he was carrying a weapon. other stories pg&e releasing the list of 100 most dangerous pipelines in california. this section of natural gas exploded in san bruno does not appear on the
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list. to make a novelist it would have had to meet one of four criteria. corrosion, ground movement, design, or if there was digging nearby. that would also fly get for immediate inspection. since the pipe that exploded was not on the list critics say this system is flawed. >> we don't know what this is cause was. that will inform us on how we need to look at these segments and whether the process were using is whether it is a good system or not. >> shall the company had ranked a pipeline to and half miles away from the blast as the rest. pg&e required with the complied with the request. the changes
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from year to year yesterday's list is the least recent list. it requested a list from the last few years as well. if they will review the information provided and see if changes need to be made on how it is monitored. a list of the top five highest-paid city managers in the bay area. it is coming from business talks novelist city manager of san ramon making $360,000 a year. mill valley city manager makes over $315,000 a year, danville 310,000, said clarence 3 03, sunnyvale making $301,000 a year. gov. schwarzenegger does not take a salary but if he did
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he would only make $212,000 a year. we will be back as kron 4 continues. a live look from millbrae where traffic is moving smoothly. waiting to hear about possible delays at s f o with low clouds in the area.
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gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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the sixth 1 01 north and south now moving smoothly repass mineta. san jose 55 degrees it will be cooler today 69 and noon close '70s this afternoon. all eyes on the weekend warm-up details sure ahead. new this morning tell a man claiming responsibility for shooting down a helicopter nine troops were killed two other injured. the deadliest proper cross in years. the names and nationalities of
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the troops not named. nato says no reports of friendly enemy fire in the area. nato disputing the fact that they shut down the helicopter. the senate is expected to debate gays serving openly. $726 billion in spending next year. john mccainç is amog those to keep those laws in place. it should complete a survey on the repeal of the fact on troops. pop star used the main rally to call on the state's senators to help repeal from the military's don't ask don't tell 2000 people attending these rally came out to see the pop star. she said along veterans who were discharged because of it to do not ask do not tell policy. a live look
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from the bay bridge toll plaza waiting for the back up its been pretty rough.
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a third suspect has been charged withçç shootingç a lot offict month.ok he was a charge with an accessory to attempted murder for pickingt(ç. sierra allegedg member a limited he helped him hide from police. he is accused of shooting todd young in east oakland. alameda care county is looking for a suspect who attempted to adopt a 12 year-old girl in castro valley on friday. the girl was walking towards the
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school when a man in a more in sedan pulled up next on her eighth the man repeatedly asked him to get her to get into his car and drove beside her. the suspect is described as hispanic man 40 years old short black hair unshaven with a goatee, he was wearing a yellow hooded sweat shirt blueç jeans and a gold watch. it was similar to a ford taurus. he has black cloth interior. al minute county is searching for this man 30 year- old dennis he is a poorly in a drug violation he is described as 6 ft. tall where in 210 lbs.. >> it will be a cool day toç dy tomorrow as well but if you can get through the next couple of days a really good looking weekend ahead of us. a shot of james lick and downtown san
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francisco clear shot dealing with fog this morning but nothing like we saw yesterday currently 56 degrees for san francisco noontime into the '60s high today of 64. first let's look at our 7 day around the bay because we want a highlight the weekend plenty of sunshine by friday. look at that jump in temperature. we go from '70s today all 08 to 80 is on your first day of fall and '90s friday and into the weekend. eighties around the bay and '70s for the coast. much warmer forecast ahead. in terms of today the fog settled around san francisco pushing into the space as well places like oakland. moving into concord down along the peninsula and the coast line patchy fog in the north bay.
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cool temperatures renowned in to the north bay 47 degrees in currently in san rows of 48 degrees in napa much warmer as you head down into oakland 61 degrees down in the south bay temperatures in the mid-50s at the time. we take it through the day here 10:00 hour bringing us plenty of '60s out there than by noontime we should warming up and bring '70s back into the picture. talk it out into the '70s day cool down into the 50s and 60s by the 7:00 hour. afternoon highs bringing up to 75 in santa rosa 68 novato: 7 cisco 694 richmond down and to the south bay temperatures in the '70s keeping in and to the '60s and '70s around the bay. >> we will start off with a bridge check is enjoying a hot spot for a driver on the bay area no delays for upper be short freeway here the bay bridge toll plaza things are slowing a bit because the traffic volumes are building
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here it is likely within the next 10 minutes we will see meter lights activated. it looks like is busy morning for this westbound bay bridge toll plaza san mateo bridge is another story is a good right here late yet and no delays across the span over the high-rise or along a flat section of the bridge code at the 92 interchange. and for your trip to marin county 101 southbound is ok no problems are slowdowns the ride on the golden gate bridge is a good one no fog this morning for the southbound truck the northbound lanes to of the moving smoothly with no back up along doyle drive as you head towards the toll plaza. the south bay and looking at another camera in san jose looking at the 101 north bound ride if this is north of the guadalupe parkway headed up to tremble the cruise. no delays with the smooth ride in both directions. southbound trip hardly backing up as your head
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in towards the end from santa clara towards downtown san jose. you're right on highway 580 out into livermore valley still good 1 no back up yet for that commute. >> waiting for wall street the opening bell here coming up intended stock futures were pointed sharply lower but only slightly down this morning everyone waiting to see what the feds are going to say at their policy meeting. central bank will announce interest rates this morning. they expect to leave rates unchanged. but they are waiting to see what policy- makers say.mçç u!çw3just repn new home constructionç for augt we saw a surprising jump. it is up 11 percent that is part of doe turned positive. labor department reports on unemployment for august. mark çher has settled all lawsuit tt
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sought to stop him from working from oracle. he agrees to route relinquish $14 million in stock he was given a severance package. but gov. schwarzenegger has canceled budget coveretalks. because he is under the weather. the governor had been scheduled tow3ç meet with leaders at and senate. we're 83 days into the new budget without a budget. it is the longest in past they have never gone without a budget. decision 2010 both candidates were quick to criticize governor schwarzenegger for reaching a dealçóç on how to say it solvee budget shortfall. they said they
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would start the process timber and lawmakers together much sooner. the problem one of them could inherit if the deal isç t reached soon. we will be right back as the news continues a live look from albany and the commute direction with their headlights on the shore freeway commute direction with their headlights on the shore freeway traffic picking up rumental music ] [ instrumental music ] commute direction with their headlights on the shore freeway traffic picking up a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders,
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as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman, voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate.
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i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. as a major flaw with the highç tech clipper cardç spirit think and wave their hands instead of paying to go through. stanley roberts tells us how they are responding. as it changes could be coming. last thursday kron4 showed you a major exploitable flaw in muni's 30 million dollar clipper gate system. it is a flaw that allows anyone to enter
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muni's pay area with nothing more than a wave of@ their hand, no card required. >> they all do it, they all do it. >> this glitch was first thought to be a problem only at civic center station. >> i did see it on t.v, so i reached around like i am coming from here. >> but at church street, i found the same thing, fair gates that open by simply passing your hand over the motion sensors. this is a system wide problem that muni officials knew about, but still allowed the gates to be put on line, and you paid for this. >> card i paid. >> since i was the first reporter to show you the flaw, i thought it should be fitting that i be the first to tell you this. a source inside muni, told me, because of this exploitable flaw in the clipper gate system some major changes are coming. one of those changes, the rehiring of at leastç four station agents, at $68000 per employ. so that unmanned booths will soon have agents. these workers were laid off during the recent budget cuts. >> you can keep the clipper
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cards forever it expires in 2038. >> i am also told that since clipper has gone on linew3 there has been a significant increase in tickets issued to fair evaders. they say the increase is not related to the hand waving trick, it is because of clipper electronic cards. some people think that by simply having a clipper card is proof of payment. even thought there is no actual money on the card. one muni worker told me the clipper system was put on line with 0 inputs from muni employees, and now it has problems. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> the numberç of people using the clipper card is on the rise. 16 percent since the beginning of the munch of more than 100 percent back in june. 50,000 mini riders use the cards. more than 40,000 are riders use the cards. clipper card can be used
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in ac transit golden gate transit and ferry in dunbarton express. they are scheduled to accept these cards later in the year. we will be back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. yesterday's big rally dow futures were negative this morning as the dow yesterday was up 145 points things were pointed lower. we got word that a surprising jump in housing jumped by 11 percent. will bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the day. we are following a developing story out of san jose police are investigating a solo trip crash that killed andl: year-old this morning. it happened around 3:00 a.m. preliminary report showed the driver of the ford explorer
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lost control and crashed into a light pole. an 18 year-old passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver taken to the hospital in not has been determined if and alcohol was a factor. will tran is joining us and on the phone. >> it will be sometime before the tear this intersection of o'grady. i am looking at the car at first i didn't know what it was because it was completely burned facing the opposite direction. it is broken up in several pieces. speed may have been a factor. investigators are doing their work as soon as i find out more i will pass along. as far as traffic this is a residential neighborhood. it
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looks like there are plenty of parallel streets for people to hop on and go around the accident. i will get it traffic report next time you hear from me. >> bay area weather is we switched gears and watching a warm-up later in the week. >> it will feel like beach weather on the weekend. today a bit of a coolçñr down a shot o. tam showing clear conditions but also low cloud cover as well. today some patchy fog not as bad as yesterday but we are seeing some problems with visibility of this san rosa. breezy through the afternoon and to the think last 25 mi. an hour and a nice looking warm-up for the weekend. to give you an idea for the fog is loading up into the north bay visibility less than a mile right now through santa rosa. down along the peninsula low
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cloud cover through oakland as well as morning. current temperature 56 degrees but still can of chili up to santa rosa and napa. mid-50s down in the south bay motíd you also san jose as well. 54 for livermore. your future cast 4 set for 1:00 showing temperatures into the '70s we will stay in thaó '70s heading towards 3:00 p.m. as well so then we will cool it off as we head through the day today and tomorrow. it's a day run the bay highlights a warming trend as we head towards weekend plenty of sunshine right after the first day of fall. here friday, saturday, sunday bringing temperatures inland spots in to the mid to upper 90s mid-80s around the bay '70s for the coast. >> right on cue they have activated the metering lights at the toll plaza and we already see the beginning of a back up. a fairly predictable pattern so
6:34 am
far was slow traffic from here in new the middle east parking lot no delays here for your right on highway 880 and its approach. the connecting ramp has not backed up yet so that is good news. san mateo bridge still as low as one year traffic volumes building but no problems yet reported at the toll plaza. the eastbound on commuteç direction heavier than usual here but no problems during the golden gate bridge you see traffic headed into the city from marin county looks good across the span no fog so an easier ride over the wall so great as well. three san francisco thinking of james lick freeway easy in bound central freeway. towards sfo should take you about 16-18 minutes down to
6:35 am
sfo from the central split. looking at 680 where the new express lane opened yesterday some problems notice right here at the '84 on ramp because commuters getting on here from bella cetus road trying to get into the express lane means you have to jeddah crossed all these lanes of traffic and that is jamming things up yesterday. interesting engineering. yoli will be heading there she is actually already heading there and will give us an update before much longer this morning. >> details with the gas safety. following the deadly gas line explosion in san bruno with pg&e putting out a list of high
6:36 am
priority pipeline projects the list reveals 100 locations that pg&e said is in need of monitoring repair or replacement. >> pg&e says it is constantly monitoring 60 some hundred miles of natural pipeline. evaluating them for the following rest corrosion, ground movement, the design from, or damage from construction. ç>> we need to make sure they understand it and they know where the pipeline is. >> questions of whether utilities criteria is flawed because sambar noted not appear >> the risk factors i described earlier we would say those are the errors we need to concentrate on the most. we were not aware ofçç anything in ths
6:37 am
area that would have had that the criteria that put it on that list. >> the investigation isn't news to be completed before they can learn one is to be improved. >> the question of that one of been on the list is because we don't know what the cause was. that will inform us as to how we need to look at these various pipeline segments and whether the process were using is a good process or not. >>okç kate johnson kron 4 news >> of the cpu see says it is pleased pg&e complied because they think it is important that the public has enough information. >> we needed to make sure we made a public so people could understand what's on list of what's not. what it is is what pg&e is attracting the closest. they can be for all kinds of reasons this is not the list of
6:38 am
dangerous. it pg&e thinks it is dangerous they fix it right then. it doesn't go analyst. the public needs to know after the accident that pg&e is doing the right thing to operate safely and we are overseeing pg&e to make sure it is safe. more formation is better and that's why this needed to be released. fifth off >> this list changes from year to year they also want to see the list of the last few years to see what changes have been made. we will be right back leveled at walnut creek far skies and a little [ bell rings ]
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portfolio lost a quarter of its value. retirement home system tried to reduce the bonuses but was under a contractual obligation. çxdreports coming out saying te city of bell which has been under fire for high pay had apparently it paidq off $95,000 in city manager loans. the times reporting a use $9,500 of public çófunds to pay off loans that te manager made to himself. the city put money in robert's retirement account which experts say could be federal wire fraud.
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çóç0 glyn nonprofit that operas 30 schools in california is the recognized with a $1 million donation from oprah. public- school was one of six reform groups honored with grants nearly 10,000 students in pauley also sacramento and l.a.. we will be back as the news continues alive look-ins' in francisco let our roof cannot.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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welcome back orders supervisor said to about all legislation which would ban tobacco sales. it bends legislation would extend the bill to all stars stores that have pharmacies. it will pass the first reading today before the finalç vote in two weeks. i]palo alto does not
6:47 am
like san francisco to a loss angeles bullet train. council declared air resolution that it has no confidence in the high- speed rail project. they want officials to pull funding for the $43 billion project. it calls on governor to stop ççfunding the project and less real authorityç is removed. >> it is a cooler forecast today temperatures starting to drop off but just for a couple of days and then we get a nice warm up towards the weekend. a shot right now the san mateo bridge. temperatures in theç '50sqç 56 çdegrees, your high today 67 bk down into low 60s by 8:00 p.m. here is where we are seeing the warm-up it really kicks in on your friday first official day
6:48 am
of fall is thursday and that's when everything turns around. we actually start to warm up and it will feel like some are even though it's officially fall. here friday, saturday, sunday, monday your temperatures in the '90s. eighties around the bay, and '70s around the coast. certainly beach whether a store for the weekend. satellite picture showing you the fog is visibility in san rosa is down to about needs of a mile right now. atçç the peninsula we are dealing with patchy fog. now floating in to the livermore valley as well. 56 for several cisco's tinkle of this san rosa napa temperatures in the '40's, the afternoon we should break into the mid 70's so much cooler them aboard word yesterday no east today in the '70s and some of the warrant inland spots for 73 '60s and
6:49 am
i]'70s right around the bay feared 69 for oakland 70 in red was sitting down to the south bay temperatures low to mid '70's. tiring house 648 a check gone your commute with george. >> so far no hot spots are big problems the bridge is still doing well the bay bridge has a backup for the west bound ride but it is fairly stable here back down from the end of these parking lot but stillç not back up to the 880 over cross or anywhere near the macarthur maze. westbound ride moving about moving well. sam to ride pretty stable here no increase at the toll plaza and no delays across the span for the west bound ride golden gate bridge still problem free southbound and northbound heavier traffic for the south bound ride but otherwise is to his commute. the bay shore mid peninsula around sfo and millbrae these headlights traffic moving.
6:50 am
looking at any minute drive time down to highway 92 from millbrae and sfo. north and no delays from 92 into san francisco. up past sfo sambar know, any see right through brisbane at the candlesticks. public transit is still trouble- free we checked on part they have no delays or problems to report. >> the city of san francisco announcing changes to flee leak. the 10. expect to see more service members come ashore also big events it says it will be one of the city's top events this year. off six >> the changes will be the amount of people able to access the ships. years passed the parade of ships have been the parade of ships. there will be
6:51 am
hundreds of sailors and marines across san francisco bureau be free band concerts. >> from october 7th thru october 12th. call open air for the full home opener a surprisingly close matchup to the super bowl champs in the 49ers one minute left niners running for a touchdown to point conversion. not by the call in the field by instant replay. a light late drive by the saints as time expires. more on their retirement of jerry rice is number. he holds
6:52 am
virtually every receiving record in the nfl. we will be back as the news
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plush dolls that harmonize and pillow pets, stuffed animals that convert into pillows. will be back as the news continues be back in two minutes. while st. not that bad of the day just down seven points after yesterday's game.
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o'clock residence after two women are sexually assaulted details coming up. p january missing 100 risk gas lines in the state. why critics say that's flawed.


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