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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news at 11:00. cheers, laughter and memories, an overwhelming show of support and respect tonight at the memorial service for the final victims of the san bruno gas explosion to be laid to rest. what friends and family said tonight about the family's legacy. also california's first execution since 2006 is set for next week. a look at why the state is carrying out the death penalty and what could stop it from happening. but first hot temperatures are on the way to the bay area, just in time for the weekend. kron 4's jacqueline bennett
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has the forecast details and tonight's top story. >> it was pretty warm today, temperatures in the widespread 80s and still definitely on the mild side, still 73 in antioch, 70 in concord, 70 in san rafael and 71 down in san jose. very mild evening out there. as we head into overnight hours it's going to stay on the mild side. so tomorrow morning temperatures won't cool off all that much, be nice to get out and get a run in early but heading into the afternoon it's going to get warm pretty fast. quick warming expected. temperatures in the 80s by noon and at the 3:00 hour another 5 to 8 degrees plus warming. we'll see that kind of warming again tomorrow. so temperatures near the triple digits in our inland spots. we'll see a lot of 80s and 90s out there tomorrow, the warming to continue through the weekend into next week. we'll have more details on this and your extended in a bit. meanwhile tomorrow is a spare the air day because of the hot weather ahead and unlike past spare the air days,
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there will be no free public transportation offered to cut down on traffic and there won't be a ban on burning wood, but the bay area air quality management district does say it would like people to keep driving to main in order to help cut down on the -- a minimum in order to help cut down on the smog and the district says do not cook outside unless it is absolutely necessary. tomorrow will be the sixth spare the air day of 2010. don't forget for the latest forecast details where you live just head to our website and click on weather. that address is hundreds of friends, relatives and well wishers turned out tonight for the memorial service of three family members killed in the san bruno gas explosion. 17-year-old william bulles, his father 52-year-old greg and his grandmother 82-year-old lavon were all killed september 9th. they were listed missing several days after the blast but just this week the coroner
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identified their remains through dna testing. we talked to many of the people who said they were a loving family. >> reporter: several hundred people packed this church, first presbyterian church friday, to remember three members of the bulles family killed in the san bruno gas line explosion. those victims were from three different generations, the grandmother, lavon, was a retired nurse. the father gregory was in the navy and the son william was a high school student. everyone said it was a wonderful funeral service. >> any time you have a service like this, a memorial, it helps bring closure not only to the immediate family but for the rest of us as well and gives us an opportunity to now move on with our lives a little bit easier. >> we've known lavon for some 63 years, went to school with her at university of california and graduated san francisco nursing school in 1951. >> she was a great remarkable
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lady. i admired her. she did a whole lot of things for me and that's one person i never, never will forget. >> to me her gentleness, love, patients loved her. >> absolutely, yeah. had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face. >> i remember greg. like they said, he liked to tell yikes and he was somewhat of a trickster and i feel that we need more left in our life. there's too many people -- levity in our live. too many people take things way too seriously. >> it's a wonderful service but it's a same it was necessary. it will be a long time before this town feels the same. >> reporter: a lot of people came to this high school after the service for a reception. family and friends say they'll miss will, greg and lavon. meanwhile investigators are looking at corrosion as a possible cause of the deadly explosion in san bruno. their theory is based on a
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similar explosion that happened in carlsbad, new mexico, in 2000. in that blast investigators ruled a combination of microbes and moisture caused internal corrosion in the pipe reducing its thickness and causing an explosion. the san francisco chronicle reports pg&e told california regulators last year they worried about the same kind of corrosion in the pipe in san bruno. new details tonight about california's first scheduled execution since 2006. late tonight lawyers for the inmate condemned to death next week announced they will ask a marin county superior court judge monday to block all state executions for the time being, but unless the court rules otherwise, the execution of albert greenwood brown is slated for wednesday. kron 4's dan kerman tells us why and how it will happen. >> reporter: u.s. district judge dan fogel convicted and
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cleared the way for albert greenwood brown's lethal injection to go forward. the judge said brown failed to show the execution would present a demonstrated risk of veer pain and to reduce the risk -- severe pain and to reduce the risk even further the judge has given brown the option to be injected with a single drug instead of a three drug cocktail now required by the state of california. if brown chooses the one drug option and the state refuses to do that, the execution will be put on hold. brown still has two options to stop the execution. one is with the 9th circuit court of appeals. the other is with marin county superior court. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> for analysis on the judge's ruling kron 4's jonathan bloom spoke with a law professor who studies the death penalty. >> reporter: law professor abram said the judge's 11 page
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opinion answers some questions about how the execution of albert brown will proceed but leaves open many larger questions about the future of executions in california. >> i think judge fogel was surprised when the state decided unilaterally to schedule an execution. this is the judge's attempt to handle the surprise in a very short window of time before wednesday. >> reporter: why is it giving the inmate the choice solves the problem? >> they're hoping some precedence in which giving inmates choices about this thing has been regards as sufficient compliance. this is not the first time it's been done. >> reporter: but giving him the choice doesn't necessarily guarantee that he won't be executed in a way that causes him pain. >> exactly. >> reporter: is there evidence to suggest using the single drug is less painful for the condemned inmate? >> there seems to be some evidence in this case which did not seem to be the case in the 2008 supreme court >> reporter: is that something that will continue to be -- decision. >> reporter: is that something that will continue to be a matter of legal debate long
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after this execution? >> quite possibly. this has the markings of a hasty emergency decision that has been coerced by the choice to execute this person on this particular date. so if anybody is looking for any serious answers as to the big questions that californians and americans need to ask themselves, they're not going to find it in this decision. >> reporter: she works with human rights groups that oppose the death penalty and notes there has not been a lot of outcry over the execution of robert brown who was convicted of raping and murdering a little girl and placing taunting phone calls to her parents after being let out on another rape conviction. one apartment complex, several sexual assaults, tonight authorities launch an investigation into the attacks at the park regency apartments in walnut creek. a look at who investigators want to talk to in connection with the attacks and why many of the women who live there say they will move out when kron 4 returns.
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president says he will consider ending enrichment of high level uranium and will restart talks on the program with world leaders if they send his country nuclear fuel for a medical research reactor. he also defended yesterday's comments when he claimed many people believed the u.s. was behind 9/11. u.s. hiker sarah shourd and her mother met with the iranian president today while in new york. shourd of recently released from an eye -- was recently released from an iranian prison. her fiancee and friend are still there accused of spying. the three were captured hike ago long the iran/iraq -- hiking along the iran/iraq border. actor lindsay lohan can be released from jail if she posts $300,000 jail. this time she was locked up for failing two drug tests. warm out there today but
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contra costa investigators are still trying find a man who sexually assaulted a woman in walnut creek last week. it happened at the park regency complex, the same apartments located at the 3100 block of oak road where a rape and two attempted rapes occurred a couple months ago. that suspect is in custody. authorities have their eye on a man seen on the property at the same time the late e female resident was -- latest female resident was assaulted. >> reporter: contra costa investigators want to question a man who was going door to door last thursday at the park regency complex in walnut creek soliciting carpet cleaning services. he's described as a white male 6 feet tall, 20 to 30 years old with a full beard. that's how the woman raped on the same day described her
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attacker. with this recent assault and two attempted rapes in june, july and august many female residents say they're trying to move out as fast as they can before they become the next victim. one woman i spoke with says she's even had someone try to break into her apartment when she was inside. >> july 3rd i was awoken at 4:22 in the morning to -- we have the latch that went like this and the door was pushed in. so i, you know, did what we were supposed to be and be assertive and i told him i have a knife and i will use it. one rapist. now we got another one, okay? i am looking for a place. i already found a place half the price, no crime. for my safety, my well being. >> i don't feel safe at any time and make sure the keys are in your hand really quick when you go in because now i'm like wondering if someone is behind me. so i'm paranoid now.
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>> reporter: the park regency management office said it hired an additional security officer and plans to fence off the entire main entrance to try and prevent more attacks from happening. turning to decision 2010, gop candidate for governor meg whitman appeared at a fundraiser in fresno earlier today defending earlier comments she made where she said fresno looks like detroit. she pointed to fresno's economy and the unemployment rate above 15% which she says is unacceptable. more than 80 union supporters protested outside her fundraiser criticizing the comparison saying that whitman has a wall street agenda. whitman was accompanied by louisiana governor bobby jindal who is popular among republicans. meanwhile a new poll shows california democratic senator barbara boxer widened the gap over her challenger in the u.s. senate race. incumbent boxer now leads
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republican candidate carly fiorina 47% of voters saying they support boxer compared to 41% of those surveyed who support fiorina. 12% of voters are still undecided. that poll surveyed 857 registered voters and it has a margin of error of 4.1%. warm told but hot tomorrow and that hot weather will last through the weekend. our weekend at a glance, upper 90s inland both saturday and sunday. we'll have just about 90-degree temperatures around our bayshores tomorrow and sunday and low 70s close to the coastline. let's look at futurecast and what we can expect out there. tomorrow morning will be fairly mild, temperatures in the 50s, the blue here and the low 60s, which is the green. we'll warm it up really quickly as well. by noon we'll have several places in the 80s, almost the whole area and that's all the orange here on your screen. keeping the 70s along the coastline into the later afternoon hours and 90s creaming up for our inland spots -- creeping up for our
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inland spots, the delta and parts of the north and south bay. 93 santa rosa, 90 san rafael, 85 viejo. upper 90s for our inland spots including 99 in livermore, 76 half moon bay, 91 in san jose, 96 for los gatos. look at your kron 4 seven day around the bay forecast, temperatures about the same both saturday and sunday but moving into monday we'll see our peak heating day triple digits for our inland spots, low 90s for our bay shores, upper 70s along the coastline. it wouldn't be a bad weekend to head out to the coast. we'll have nice weather at the beaches. into next week after monday things start to cool back down. by thursday and friday much more seasonable conditions. tim lincecum with another outstanding start tonight for the giants, but it took a big home run late in the game to send the rockies packing.
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gary has the highlights and all the scores. he's coming up next.
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good evening, everybody. the giants great pitching keeps them tonight in first place. here we are in colorado. the rockies trying to stay alive here. oh, guess what happens down the road? lincecum was great. five perfect innings, eight innings total, two hits, one run, nine strikeouts, no walks. bochy is looking at the olympic comer of old. this is kind of unusual. they've been talking about colorado keeping the balls down. now some people know they juice them in the postseason. lincecum tarped the ball back, said he didn't trust what was going on in colorado. hey, look at burl go deep, his two-run job and it's 2-1 san
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francisco. bottom of the 9th jason giambi versus brian wilson and his dyed beard, his 45th save right here, 18 straight games, giant pitching gives up three runs, two shy of tying the all time record. padres win it over cincinnati. giants now continue to lead san diego by one half game, colorado on the ropes 4 1/2 behind. the a's hope to keep texas from clinching in oakland. ron washington the former a's third base coach got the last laugh here and was passed over for the managerial job that went to the droll bob geren vladimir guerrero and then a nice play here for the a's, 10- 3 texas. their four-game win streak over. the rangers have an eight-game lead with nine to go. county rangers tomorrow or sunday clinch it in oakland?
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college football tomorrow stanford, 4 1/2 point favorite notre dame. a ranked football team in action, we're talking no. 14. it is funny how you can see college football pretty darn near every night, but they're worried about the student athletes and their library time. smu, oh, oh, but here we go, t.j. johnson intercepting the pass. fourth ranked tcu wins 41-24. they win 15 straight regular season games. we have a championship game scheduled for sunday in haywood, no kidding. the women professional soccer league, the fc gold pride, a south bay entry. they play this game sun against philadelphia for the league champion -- sunday against philadelphia for the league championship at 11:30 they begin. last year they were in the bottom. this year they go from worse to first. the pride, will be the fourth time the two teams meet this
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year. the gold pride won the first time and when you schedule a championship game on a football sunday with the raiders and 49ers, what do you say we buck tradition? want to go to hayward? >> yeah. got to support the local team. >> tweet me as soon as you arrive. you've got football, it's like a religion. don't schedule your game. have it 3 a.m. on thursday morning. >> as long as they win. >> exactly. what an attitude. it's about competing, not winning. >> as long as they compete and win. >> no. all right. did you know hockey season is here? yes. tonight last year's stanley cup hero practicing with his blackhawks helmet and pads. the sharks tonight lost to anaheim 5-4 and i'll say this in a very pleasant way. instead of getting highlights,
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let's rerun and keep our cameraman home on safe ground. we run some practice video from four days ago. >> good night, everybody. have a great weekend. greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway
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