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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm, or go online. >> live this is kron4 news >> the skies are clearing at but only after of flooded downpour. eventually the rate did it >> there is more rain coming this week so we have more time to enjoy sunshine for tomorrow. is looking ok.
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indicating dry conditions we can go to the sierra to find the rain and this note to. there is and how vigorously over the elevations for this evening and you need some chains if you're going across beat itt at there is a winter storm in effect for this year. there has been impressive rainfall expectations, it is always up to about an inch and a quarter for san francisco and oakland and san francisco's closer to an inch. some places are close to 2 in. of rain for today. here is the weather system that is now off to the east, in the wake of the storm we have some cool air coming in off of the ocean and you can see the clouds here. it indicates a cool out last so today be expected for cooler temperatures getting into the upper 30's and then tomorrow be sunshine but it
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is going to be a cold day in the temperatures of our time getting up into the 50s and the 60s with a brisk breeze that will be up to 30 mi. per hour sometimes. in is even colder was some temperatures getting to freezing point. we have more rain coming up this weekend i will let you know what to expect the coming up here >> today the fairly constant rainshowers caused a lot of problems around the bay. maureen connolly shows the problems that they face getting around >>. here you can see san francisco police officers lighting fires tried to warn drivers about a big problem, as a 60 but treat it came crashing that led to o'clock in the afternoon plotkin all of the lanes on martin luther king drive pierre and all this wet weather is saturated soils and is believed to be the cause behind all of this tree is operating. while low drivers are heard this time it was a close call for the crews inside a lot and villains. >> read before entry
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collapse they heard a crackling sound and it is them by a few seconds. in front of their experience you're lucky that nobody got hurt. >> wet roads made it tough going for a driver's to get around. conceived in picking up sheets, the literature of sheet along the great highway and here the oakland didn't see another, this one in policy and way, it is so big that it is even coming up over the sidewalk making it tough on pedestrians to. and see caltrans crews tried to fix the problem ended also flooded the on ramp to the northbound 180. they tried to use a giant vacuum on wheels to drained of the and and what a you're looking at now is one of the many accidents that cropped up on the freeway, you concede that highway sign that was in effect for the drivers on the cemetery and benicia bridges. they were asked to
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worry about the rain and the wind while crossing a dispenser for >> off and oakland pg&e is looking to restore power to thousands of customers, more than 21,000 residents lost their power and more so it was in the piedmont bailey and it was whether it related. it could not come at a worse time, the raiders fan what is sold it so it was not blacked out on tv but hundreds of them could not see the game because of the edits. but a game that was. back and forth the raiders thought at is of the oakland coliseum and in overtime asking in the mail the goal to win the game. the final score was 23-20 and after winning three straight games. johannes masterly could be added jail in six to seven months. the sentence was handed down on sunday and they caused many disturbances in the street. the runners were actually
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part of the rally and 152 that were arrested more out the charges will come later after their view of the events. the universal lot justices starting to launch its own justice. his family and friends of have to cases against bars so it is far from ever. dalian talks to them >> oscar grant's family's attorney has to judge who sentenced johannes into prison and that made him made critical mistakes. they plan to ask them to see what legal options are available. that way even the criminal case may not be over. aside from the criminal case the department of justice has promised to investigate whether he violated oscar grant's civil rights and the federal investigation is a bit to get under way. grant's family also wants federal investigators to include
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former police officer attorney. john believes that he was the instigator that made this seem so traumatic that led to oscar is >> death. he was a runaway officer and he essentially created hostile environment >>. aside from as early are is also facing trouble. oscar grant's mother filed for wrongful death against bert but is seeking millions of dollars. there also suing part part in excess of corporate there appear the two cases next may. the family believes that the legal battle will have a long way to go. >> it had lost his life in such an average as fashion. one should not rest until full justice hubs to insert. >> in oakland at dollar >> yet. there is an upcoming civil case stay with us for
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continuing coverage. emulsified video and reaction to the sentencing in the aftermath of our website at our kron4 news. com. 32 states have helped to borrow money from the government and it totals more than $41 billion and california bar of the biggest truck. they now of the fed's $8.6 billion after borrowing of for the last year-and-a-half and the first payment will come next september totaling $362 million and upload rate is now at 14 p 8%. >> coming up on kron4 news at discovery was made it on jumbo jets and republicans are taking aim again at health-care reform and rescue groups are tried to capture these birds that and spotted around the bay area. this next.
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a developing story quantum
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says they have found oil leaks after an engine exploded on one of the plans last week. this is the scene after a play made the emergency landing. it had been taking off of singapore and parts of the plane were found in indonesia. sex jumper jets will remain grounded for another 72 hours. while the president is in asia republicans are taking aim at the health care reform and again at just after they took control of the house. april limbs has more on the battlez fresh off there may election game's top of public fans like took their sights on has a black a bomb was health care reform program and up to >> the and all lot earlier this >> planting is not alone. several republicans are rebelling drastic changes in the law respecting it altogether. republicans have changed this so-called reforms are
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being financed by money that they do not have. still, they can see that it is in the upcoming battle >> it will be difficult with him in the way as best we can put a full regale on his desk and replace it with the common-sense reform that we were advocating during the debate, we owe it to the american people to do that. >> they're not at all faced. they're accusing the republicans >> they had a whole lot of money to misrepresent. it will also have the health care reforms with a nation for of long, long time. i'm april williams for kron4 news >> there have been several our initial settings of birds. credit how risky it said in is to help end of their us to the public not to if you see one. >> the rain is finished
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fortune and now we have to learn about some cool temperatures next few days. coming up.
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>> (drumm) >> sunny day in the bay area but the rain did not drown out the sound for the veteran prayed pretty much done however the rain did slowdown air-traffic in san francisco, some flights were delayed for a 20 to 30 minutes through the stormy weather also brought snow up to this year. this is video taken as soda springs preconceived cars and trees cut it in sele and just-in- time for ski season. the resource to be opening up later this month. >> all lot of rain and gray skies this morning. finally afternoon we're going to see this and put into the clouds and windows around the bay area. tonight the
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clouds are clearing and the rain is over but still a couple of puddles up there. the rainfall totals from today were impressive of for the higher elevations just to be over 2 in. of rain from today. it's close to 2 in.. it is about an inch and a half and more rain is on the way for tuesday night. they may be attend the villagers appeared in the meantime it reading will said cooler weather. it is falling into the upper 40's and for later tonight those ratings should be to the upper 30s for napa and cedras appeared the storm that we have today is over this here tonight and it is producing some heavy snow and the highest elevation better future cast model is showing indicating a 6 to 12 in. of passes. the winter storm is in morning until
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about 3:00 a.m.. it is dropping until 5,000 ft. and the chains are verbally at 80 and 50. another look at temperatures is 6:00 a.m. for north bay valley. santa rosa, of couple of spots in the east bay valets it could be into the upper 30s upper '30's, it is one to be sunny and breezy and a cool breeze of their peer temperatures and, we'll really have a hard time for me up by 4:00 p.m. a lot places are still stuck in the '50s with a couple of locations getting into the listing of these numbers are barely average. look for some fog, possibly this morning for visibility of time. it is upper 50s for the coast, 59 degrees. all lows 60 into be sure said it will be a cool day or a
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typical high-temperature i went to the mid to upper 60s by low sixties for martinez in concord and pleasanton as high as 62, of is late setting skies throughout the day and we are not lacking center of our we're lacking some of warmer regions. those six is and shall declare to san jose. tuesday night or tuesday morning rather. monday night, tuesday won a looks to be the cooler morning of the next seven days and possibly getting close to freezing for several is said that i and other locations in the market value and a chance for some light rain comes up by tuesday evening but it is not wood to be a significant system like today storm, a wednesday published hours morning and the rest of the day is looking nice and send it with warmer temperatures. vicki? >> several bird rescue organization are keeping an eye and segal's after they've been seeing them with beer cans step around their neck. as many as five have been spotted. since september there have been seen from stinson beach to
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have midday and organizations are trying to raise an athletic to capture the birds. it want to remove that beer cans and release the birds. dave look, was able to locate one in shows is how >> as lucky enough to find this goal at an area near san francisco university. at first thought it was an impossible task to find it amount of hundreds but with the budweiser and beer can that was that run its neck is back out on the west. a purge the bird to get a shot. >> i'm just a few feet away, that is the right there. >> i'm about 12 ft. away from the bird. other birds have plotted i do not of this bird has left because it isn't possible because it cannot fly. >> i wildlife organization called wild west is currently trying to raise funds to build the purchase of $3,500 now launcher that would enable a safe method of catching the birds that there asking the public to not catch the birds will redeem his capture the
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burden be friday and make an eventual catch less likely. the fact that this particular bird was not frightened of me being this close is probably the reason that some was it about the the can on its debt. as you can see the wild birds are flocking around the men as they feed them. caption the bird and the first place is not as hard. as for this call you can see how tight the can is gone around its neck. the experts say that is so uncomfortable it could eventually kill the bird and in case you're there, yes is broken still fly. and services climbed >> if you have the seat of the birds contact the rescue group, do not try and capture the bird. older man was suspended for violating nbc rules about making political contributions here heat build a $2,400 to
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very big hit in a tournament $5 million. and a classic game of monopoly. bob crowley it shows us why the game is a popular after 75 years. >> monopoly is the quintessential board game. it is sold in at 111 countries in 43 languages >> it is the best game to play. this is where monopoly is manufactured and this is the has pro game facility. it is the largest game that has been produced in the world. >> we produce up to 2 million games a year. >> my job is to make plastic parts of fort games. every employer is not delay >> it is something that is never bored to go away. >> i've been here 25 years and am working our monopoly line, and this is different, this is only 30 pieces in
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each pack. i think that this is putting your life. you make the right decisions and the life and you make your investments and how to save money and how to buy property. this is part of history. it is more fun with the family. the video games you just sit there and do this all day. >> this is the final assembly line. we are very close together. this is where the magic happens read this is the way to bring the families together. teaches you numbers of teachers to competition and it teaches you about relationships through life is just too hectic now, you lose a pace that you are not used to. it slows it down little bit. it is a perfect game. >> it is a perfect day to burn up the board games, what about the comet tomorrow? >>z will be ok to our, you said that the heater on in the cards and to build a bit chilly expression in a
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