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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a bloody trail to of the suspect to a nearby apartment building. the three family members of what were also rested for interfering with the investigation. the streets were closed for the investigation streets of since reopened know reason for the stabbing was given. senator dianne feinstein intervened dahlin has more
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on this story. >> immigration officials had the san francisco college did in to prove. it was previously scheduled for monday. sent a feinstein said in a statement that she had asked emigrations officials to halt the deportation procedures are waiting for congress to pass the dream act. if passed the dot to the jury mac will allow immigrants to stay in the country they had entered before 15 and were in college. >> i am optimistic but i am very very cautious, so we're hoping that this is an
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indefinite delay and not just the delayed by a couple of days. >> eat this case to national attention because his real connection to peru, he was born there, but that is because his chinese parents escapers to avoid political persecution in china. >> he is going term a more emotional roller coaster one of his being deported one of johnny's not >> it is have francisco dahlin kron4 news. >> what an amazing day today we had today sunshine and really want temperatures today. this afternoon. that is a lot warmer today the we saw the entire month of july. santa rosa the hotspot opted to 84 degrees. this temperatures some 15 to 20 degrees above average. for
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some are more warm weather is on the way. in fact of looks like you'll be just as one tomorrow as we had today. here's our future cat's-paw looking around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, still some 80 showing up here in orange for the warmest place is in the north bay. for the east bay as well. everybody else in to the '70s. now going into tuesday we will fast for the map here. tuesday's 01 temperatures employes however not quite as one. notice that the eighties are gone, but still a mild day for this time of the year with 60s near the ocean and '70s for the south bay north bay and east bay. it is going to save more for the beginning part of this week >> they have recovered a body of 0 will woman near
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highway 87 the 40 year-old woman is a transient, they are not sure how she died. they're still trying to determine a fall play was involved. on monday this bill will be arraigned in court after he threatened to blow up the bay bridge. it led to a standoff on thursday morning was shut down the bridge. he faces multiple charges including a felony false fog from felony kidnap. his daughter was in the vehicle when police pulled over on the bridge. they're investigating a deadly shooting, a 34 year- old to a recent harris was shot and killed early saturday morning it happened during a private party. authorities are asking for any help. it is unclear if the gunman was out the party showed up uninvited. officers arrested a man involved with an accident that killed five motorists last night. officials say that the man tried to pass a group of 21 motorists by speeding. another driver swerved to miss the car
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crashed into the group. five were killed three more were injured. police arrested the men across the grass for drunk driving. but as of tonight has not said it charge towards a crash. police are searching for suspects and shot a man and a leg over apparent traffic dispute. happen thereof 6:00 friday night. in a noticed a black lexus todo gave him and motioned for him to exit the highway. when the victim got out of his car the suspect drove by and shot him in the late. he is described as a black male in this league to late 20s. crab season is set to start at midnight, this news usually high dudgeon as crops across the bay area, but for most of you create industry might have to wait a little while longer. maureen kelly to >> plans live. normally the day before crab season these bursts here appear 45 would be empty. instead you can see crab boats loaded down with traps, and crabbers a
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water port in the trap so. early sunday morning the crab might not have enough meat in their shells to the fish >> a. some of them may be a little bit like, we are doing some >> testing. there are three crab boats out of the water right now. they are each setting out test traps, they will be bringing back sample looked on monday. those crowds will be cooked up and examined by both the crabbers and the buyers to see if those crabs are big enough and mean enough to be harder >> stand. we want these crops to be totally robust and fell down followed me, what about the top of their game for their final hot tub. >> test crabs are big enough, the local fish marketers to be cracking by wednesday, but if the crab and the tests come back late in these boats will >> stay birth. if we have to wait a couple of days or a week, and have to wait for
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them to grow. then we will way >> for wheat. those who crave for that sweet shellfish will have to keep making do with the expense of crabs out of state warren kelly >> kron4 news. coming up next, a dramatic scene as the ball jumps into a scene at a rodeo. congress will meet tomorrow to discuss bush era tax cuts. jellyfish stokes got a crush beaches. and the internet is buzzing on reports such this book will be bringing out a new e-mail service. all these stories and more coming on next.
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congress will meet tomorrow for a lame duck session high analyst how much of the bush era tax cuts. april williams explains what is at stake >> what house senior adviser try to claim clarify his comments. >> the president still believes that we have to
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move forward on these tax cuts for the middle class. the middle-class is taken a beating. we cannot afford to believe it borrow another $700 billion for millionaires and billionaires. >> the issue has become a big one as congress has entered its lame-duck session. republicans want tax cuts made for everyone, not just for someone making less than $200,000 a year as the president has a pop propose. >> senator john mccain, were in the midst of the greatest recession in them since the great depression, it is not the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> as axelrod noted because of putting tax codes permit for wealthy at 700 billion for over the next 10 years. the cost to make the middle class tax cut an estimated three trillion over the next decade. april volumes kron4 news. >> how would you like to watch tv from your letterman
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video chat at the same times coming out next you heard of site now here's the news quite tight be is it worth chatted up will let you know. well show you the niners melt butter next. >> it was a warm day today and for tomorrow temperatures will be just as what however there was much cooler [ bell rings ]
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that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? in will lose seven people have been killed after an explosion at a hotel. your can to mexico. the blast appears to be caused by a gas explosion. it includes five canadian tourists into mexican employees. within a dozen other people were injured including two u.s. citizens. moments of chaos after a bull jobs and to a crowded happen at a rodeo in canada. a child was pulled
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to safety just in time. the workers were able to pin the ball against the fence. four people were injured. in somalia a british couple held hostage for more than a year by pirates have been released. paul and rachel chandler or kidnap back in 2009, they had been sailing in the indian ocean. they were set free this morning in somalia and greater rachel chandler told reporters that they had been beaten during captivity. an ocean are living has thousands of jellyfish washed up on the beaches. tonight the stair still here based on a sunnier days. >> on this bright sunny day of ocean beach, those shiny beaches those shiny spots on the stand looked like shiny big water. but there are hundreds of jellyfish, this
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apparently compared to the 10 paled in comparison to the 10,000 that wash up on saturday afternoon. there is still an impressive amount of jellyfish lester and come up the beach. the jellyfish covered 8 3 mi. long 24 it stretch of beach saturday and that it had been seven years since they had seen this many jelly fish wash on the ocean beach. surfers to a been stung by jellyfish before thought about what it feels like. >> it's like a stinging sensation. not really a danger, it's part of the ocean. >> it feels like now we chromatic together. this particular type of
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jellyfish's known as the moon jellyfish but it ended the sting, but there still is so mild it's usually only felt by people with sensitive skin. but officials do not know why the jelly fish washed ashore this saturday, and just in case you're wondering yet jellyfish they do feel like jelly. in san francisco dave in don't at kron4 new >>. are you ready for phase bookie mel, i've made your announcement is expected in less than 10 hours and has the internet buzzing. there are reports that feast based book might be offering not e-mail to over its 500 million users. right now hot mill has 300 million yahoo 270 and female more than 190 million, tap plugs are calling this that she met a killer. this book will release its secret tomorrow morning in san francisco.
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>> a great beach state today in the weather today is allowed residents some of the days during the summer. temperatures right now is still one with three teams in the '60s and '70s and lots of places. that said 73 degrees. considering that is the middle of november and it is after 11:00 at night that is amazing. 74 sambar fell 65 for san jose in the '50s or concord. the winds have settled down you concede they are, right now. these north winds are really making for that warm weather. we have this big bowl of warm weather over the pacific right now keeping all the storm is a well to the north, this is going to remain in place
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for tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday. and it will keep readings on the mild side. so is going to be a breezy day from monday, with temperatures again the getting into the '70s and the 80 starting at 6:00 a.m.. already into the '60s, by the afternoon to 3:00 look for '70s whitlow eighties into the warmest ballets in the north bay. there could even be some eighties by the bay to. with the north once in place. looked like 83 percent rosette and sonoma 82 per petaluma these temperatures at 15 to 20 degrees above average, temperatures great for the beach again. 77 percent francisco 84 redwood city. richmond, into berkeley in albany upper '70s. fremont 79 degrees and
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gusty winds possibly 20 to 30 mi. per hour with highs in the upper '70s the low eighties for the east bay, and for the south bay just a fantastic bait day. upper '70s with blue skies. here's your 7 day all around the bay, we go from really want to really cool in just one week. by the middle week when state thursday noticing that temperatures to start coming down and then by friday that rain is coming in fact this is a storm coming in from alaska and it should bring in some cool weather by next weekend with is only in the mid-50s. >> the raiders that family and first place atop the afc west after that she's lost today. the niners however when just going to play their third win this week, twice as started and he played extremely well. smith passed for 356 runs and led the niners to 82320 overtime victory. actress of the bull
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is back resting at all 93 year-old gobble was submitted on body to the hospital with leg infection perry said she will not be treated at home, she is an office glut several times this year. does the customs in is getting married again. the reality stuff and singer has announced her engagement to a football player eric johnson. the news comes just weeks after her ex no cliche got engaged to longtime girlfriend and a salmonella. simpson was spotting kansas wearing a ruby red ink a drink. coming up as a movie without live stars are even a super hero, but this one is: they get at the box office will put gillette a fun will of these shows. coming up next.
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at the box office this weekend the road trip call money due date for third place. robert downey jr. and
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son star is a mature that is true hit their road together in may to $2.5 million. coming in second place that the action thriller unstoppable at $23.5 million this movie is based on an actual incident in ohio. and for the second weekend out of the animated to reedy, the mega my takes first place. the ageless castro we serb forces include will fail brushed the didn't and tin of fame made over $30 million this weekend. time now for tech talk with games played. >> skype tvs are now on the market. these are regular into them. you push one button and skype comes up from there you can make of your phone calls or video calls right on your tv. >> (laughter) we can arrange for one of those. >> that would be great. >> yes. >> it is video chatting for the living room made
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extremely easy. you connect your tv to your home wiifii or plug it in with a hard- line tier internet. the tv makes that easy it walks you through it. it all works off of a regular remote you set up this camera on top of the image. skype showed me a demo of a call in action. the person you are talking to is the bigger image and your image shows up here in the lower right hand corner, the audio sounded crystal clear, there was a little lag in the lip sync. but, nothing too bad. the video quality was good, the picture looked good. you can also make a full screen for a bigger picture. this could be a good tool for her friends and family to video chat in their living room from their tv. you do not need a headset, you get a nice wide shots of the living room, a good way to show the grandparents the kids. sometimes when they are zipping around is hard to keep kids in front of the computer for a video chat. skype tvs can do video calls with otherskype tvs or with pc computers. so basically, you can video chat with anyone on skype with a web camera. it is free to use there is no monthly charge to make these video calls. skype tvs are available on- cohanline and at stores like best buy.
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panasonic and samsung make different models the range in price from $800 to $2,600 depending on screen size. gabe slate, kron4 news. and that will wrap up for us have a good night everybody. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab. at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled
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