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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 19, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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face. kron 4 kate thompson is live in martina's with tonight's top story. kate. >> after two days of being questioned, lawyers are finely finished with a nurse who took the victims break it. we have to do about what is coming out of court today. this is nurse emery re she testified the victim was quiet and withdrawn during the three hour exam that she did. the nurse on soil, debris and for material around the victims box. that her head was swollen and bruised especially on the left side and the victim was unable to take the pain of a vaginal exam. a big issue today was a statement that the victim's head nurse heard that the victims said that she was forced to drink that's you remember someone holding a bottle of vodka hall toward mouth and that she couldn't stop taking the train. saudi a's say the statement was well below them in court and they want
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it thrown out as your say. >> after having this statement admitted and having them cross-examined that it should of come in. i think one of the topics here which is often attacked again is to try to shift the blame to the victim. and i think that's one piece of their tactics. certainly in my mind it is significant part of the assault included her not having the choice of whether she trick or not. >> the second nurse who assisted in taking the rape kit will take the stand monday much more graphic testimony to come because this is the nurse which took the swabs and san samples from the victims genital recenregion. they've all been consolidated into this one hearing. each of those victims is facing their own charges. kron 4 looked into the charges in this is a story you will only see on channel 4.
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>> the seven defendants in the richmond homecoming game rape case are each charged with various crimes. starting with cody's net was 15 when the alleged gang rape occurred he smith is charged with forcible penetration with a foreign object in concert in addition to a one strike sex offense which carries with that of the sentence. that means instead of three strikes that he is convicted of one sexual offense of this nature he will be in prison for the rest of their lives. morales is charged with second-degree robbery rate and concert and one strike sex offense. peters is charged with raping concert to and a one strike cents a fence. and while ortega is charged with raping concert with the enhancement of intent to inflict great bodily injury. jose montano is charged with raping concert, rape with a foreign object in concert
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and a one strikes at the facts. hell this is charged with raping concert, rape with a foreign object in concert and sexual penetration of a drug or all conscious person. john is charged with raping concert in addition to a one strike sex crime. the contra costa district attorney's office said by the end of the preliminary hearings they're both possibilities additional charges could be filed today is the seven defendants in the rape case as well as some charges being dropped did on 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 news for continuing coverage of the richmond dole, the day right trial we'll keep you updated on the very latest details wrote the preliminary hearing. up protest tonight in oakland over this, this was a demonstration in march and november the fifth over the sentencing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle for the shooting death of oscar grant new year's eve 2009. hundreds of people marched through
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oakland what happened a residential neighborhood one veteran 52 people were arrested after police ordered them to disperse and the protesters refused. kron 4 dahlin was in oakland for tonights protest. >> about 20 people protesting for the alameda 40 courthouse they're asking to drop all charges against a 152 people were arrested. those folks were arrested after the rally did in march for the fruit fell apart station after it oscar grant was killed. the sentence john as much weight to two years in prison after killing oscar grant. this is a letter the protesters planned to hand to nancy o'malley the d.a. and demand her to drop the charges at gainst the protesters. the call to d.a.'s office seeking comment has not been returned. in oakland kron 4 news. >> developing news tonight
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is san francisco a nursing student who is facing deportation to peru will be released this evening after help from senator dianne feinstein. this is 20 year- old steve lee who was born in peru, was scheduled to be deported last monday lee has been held in arizona since october but feinstein requested a delay while she prepared a bill that would allow lee to stay in the united states. after introducing the bill senator feinstein said " it appears to me the only positive future for steve is that he be able to finish his education and remained in this country " steve leas lawyers said her private measure will buy him time while congress considers said. lee is expected to arrive in san francisco tomorrow afternoon. >> back now with brian van a can we were talking earlier about the raid and others more of it already showing up? >> is more on the way in fact all week and we could not only see the raid but thunderstorms coming up tomorrow.
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>> and is going to be cold. (laughter) >> temperatures getting in the 30's and 40's with only '50s and the day and here's the first band of rain. it's pretty light, the more active stuff is coming up for tomorrow look for a light rain to increase through the evening hours tonight. it's presently reading fairly steady rain for novato to petaluma, santa rosa have highway 11 toward silver. if this rate will impact the entire bay area for tonight as it pushes to the south. behind this system this is that the one that's even colder and its appearance in the pacific northwest in this is taking aim at the bay area. a lot with the rate expected to look for cool temperatures, a chance for thunderstorms and snow levels getting free low around the bay by sending warning there could be snow as low as 2,000 ft.. all tell you more about the forecast later on. pam. >> at 5:15 p.m. the busy
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holiday travel season is under way will take you live to airports around the bay 525 p on bay area rivers turning into rivers of trash a closer look at the problem at tonight's edition of people behaving badly. at 5:55 p.m. griping over groping how the growing drama at the nation's airports is going oral all over the world.
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for the first time in months the unemployment rate remained steady. california's unemployment rate remained unchanged from 12.4% that equates to 2.2 6 million californians still out of work. the state unemployment rate has held above 12% for the last 15 months. it the state's jobless rate continues to be higher than the national average was also held steady at 9.6%. catherine. >> you probably know people who get excited about the deals offered of black friday and of course a big
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sales day after banks giving. these are people who are camped out in were not talking hours were talking about whole week ahead of the sale. this was a scene in florida of families and a tent outside a best buy in st. petersburg what you're saying they're the best by people no promotion when they see one. the invited cameras they gave the family members free i pad their nine members of the family that been rotating shifts at the tent. there's some tips that you should be aware of 138 million shoppers expected to go shopping of black friday but consumer advocates say keep these things in mind. some of the door busters sales are misleading you can get in the store and maybe there's only a handful of the thing you want. what joe for what's known as a derivative model if you want a certain tv for example, it might actually have fewer features than the standard model so the bottom line check the small print of the sales add. >> popular discount retailer
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is selling apple bipods at a reduced price. it to the reporter kimberly tells us who and why this move may put them on apple's bad side. >> its t.j. max the confirmed on twitter it's not just black friday prices they're selling rate now 16 days i saw enable the irs seized $99 which is one of less than what they're going for apple and other stores. a lot of people were skeptical as apple keeps a tight lid on the retailers and how much their items are selling for, take a look at the pictures i found over on a gadget log showing that indeed there being sold rate now what select g g max stores across the country this was a new york. any bill has been making its run on the web that steve jobs reportedly said that t.j. max is not authorized i pad retailer leading people to speculate that t g max had bought the i pad said regular price and then sold them at a discounted rate meeting they lose money in the short term but other people saying this
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is potentially good long- term advertising. >> storm tracker for showing what whether making its way into the bay area and score to be a saudi and stormy weekend all of the forecast coming up. >> traffic in san francisco on this friday very heavy the top of your screen barely moving at all that's traffic and 80 headed toward the lower deck of the bay bridge. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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officials at sfo are preparing for the holiday travel rush the predicting 4 percent more troubles will pass through as a fall this year compared to last. i tell of 1.2 4 million passengers are expected between now and november the 29th which is the monday after the giving. the peak travel day will be this coming monday. the 123,000 travelers are expected at the airport. jonathan blum joins us live from sfo
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tonight how busy is and how jonathan? >> well pam it's been a steady clip all day in fact if you look behind me you see the security lined things are not backed up but there certainly hasn't been at deal afternoon. we'll show you video from earlier today when people going through the new body scanners for the first time or becoming familiar with the procedure and there's so much to do with security now you have to come to the beginning of the line and show some of your to get an id that you take your shoes off put your laptop in the tub and camcorder on the top take your shoes off step into the body scanner put your arms in the air and let me tell you that faces that we've been seeing of passengers going through the security wind had been quite long. airport authorities have been sent to been quite a number of travelers people who are obviously taking part by making their banks giving travel plans an entire week lot either that or they're taking it did to be deployed. the bottom line the scene and uptick in trouble today at the airport although the weather has been threatening to cause
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delays it has caused delays earlier today so far there have not been any weather delays during the evening time. if you look on the board you can see american airlines has a lot of the late arrivals in fact half of american's rivals are delayed probably a third of you at its rivals. those are because of weather delays that have flights at other airports earlier in the day and those are residual. for now as you can see behind me a steady clip of people for the security live most going through the body scanner we haven't seen any them in the last our request that down. the faces of the people not really enjoying it. live at sfo jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> looking at oakland international airport now we can see its ratings things are pretty fuzzy in the picture it's actually kind of a pretty picture with the lights into the cars pulling off a drop in passengers off as a hat to the airport goes for the same security procedures that jonathan just explained. again were heading into the holiday season so things will likely
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pick up as the days move along. what 5:30 p.m. the controversy over the airport pat downs as grating new viral videos plus, the new industry growing up to protect you. >> a soggy day around the bay area and in the sierra snow started to fall about an hour ago in parts of the sierra. roads were what for drivers making their way into the mountains along interstate 80 you can see it there as it goes on in the evening and it gets colder that could turn into black ice. brian is standing by to give is a sunset of the weather here is wallace and the weekend. >> very low snow levels unusually low for this time of year. here's future cast showing a forecast snow totals as weak and the heaviest snow was forecast for late saturday into sunday by 10:00 p.m. sunday the high road asians of the sierra could see about three to 4 ft. of snow and is not
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out of the question we could have about six to 12 in. as well as 2,000 ft. toward colfax and baxter. all winter storm warning is in effect for 10:00 p.m. sunday and get low snow levels and gusty winds it will be a very tough weekend to get through the sierra. it will be wet here in the bay area storm tracker for showing right its rating all around the bay area but the steady rain is to the north of the golden gate bridge for tonight. the band of rain is pushing to the south here is future cash showing the rain from the bay area. steady rain pushing solved between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. by midnight and overnight will see the rain part the north bay but still wet weather south of the cold bay bridge. basically south bay and east bay through the morning hours that we get a break into a a.m.. through the day the rain will intensify as the second system arise this right could be heavy at
5:21 pm
times and there may be even summon bedded thunderstorms as well. the heaviest rain expected through the evening between six and 10:00 p.m.. here's 7 day around the bay looking had a stormy weekend both saturday and sunday, saturday is the worst of the to perhaps a more sunshine coming up for sunday but very cold temperatures, low skill levels started off the day's sunday. a few showers expected to start out the week monday and tuesday but getting a little nicer for banks giving. >> live look inside a traffic on the golden gate bridge as you can see three pavement and the lights clearing as they move into the city. this is on the left side of your screen traffic headed is san francisco its medium to heavy in both directions there. the san mateo bridge its relief was in there because of the raid. you see the headlights' their east bound and very heavy headed east bound held the san mateo bridge. the right side of your screen is traffic was down.
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still roberts five major river in san jose that is no exception. on this edition of stephen roberts peeving badly. >> this is the julia street bridge across as over the guadalupe river directly under the bridge it is it active, sent him and with that is this, what you're looking at is piles upon piles of use bathroom tissue on the dry bed of the guadalupe river surrounded by piles upon piles of human excrement. sorry to route your appetite you could smell it is awful. this is lawrence's showman's the
5:26 pm
stage from a state agency. he's been trying get this and other areas from san as they cleaned up. you have to prevent people from doing that since this awful. apparently this is a police posted up notes that is talking about the clean up in the day is come and gone. this river is part of the sanitary water district although there's no trespassing signs everywhere there largely ignored. there's a lot of trash on the banks waiting for the next raid and the bay. this river has lots of wild life according to him even children collect water samples downstream. the rna, as well as in canada is located a hundred yards from social services. in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> what is the city of san as they doing about problem. critics clark talked with the city parks department which said it's trying to do something but is facing an uphill battle. >> we showed san as the
5:27 pm
parks department the rest along the guadalupe greenbelt she said it's a familiar sight as to the question why it's been there for so long she said it hasn't been? the city local water district clean up the site to six weeks ago the problem just keeps coming back with the homeless who live here. >> the challenges we schedule cleanup riposted, we remove the trash we do everything we can, was scheduled another clean up for a few months down the line and it's just as bad or worse in between that time. she says just going down there to clean up is risky this that particular area those who live in the area can be very aggressive. it's certainly not say for crews to go in and begin cleaning up. for that area of we do work with the police department and the escort us down there and we go in and do the cleanup. the water district will clean this up in january but the city expects it will it this way again. this is the homeless
5:28 pm
are moved out of there and kids down here but under current laws a limited pleas budget the homeless find ways to return soon after. >> it's all going as long as frivolous prom in the city will have this problem >>. in san jose credit kron 4 new >> is. storm tracker for showing rain headed toward the bay area and wide streets of san francisco. it's going to be what we can all have your forecast of the way.
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