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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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can. our top story. the weather, the bay area is in for big changes. the weather is already starting. >> yeah, it's not only the rain but very cold rain with temperatures only in the 40s and 50s and that heavy rain is now out towards the east bay. look at the yellow coolers
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toward me santon as well. most of it is on light side. and some steady rains now for the south bay. in terms of north bay things have dried out here as this cold front, this storm system is moving to the south. now we are in the thick of it right now. it's moving right across the bay area. behind this we're going to get a little bit of a break for tomorrow morning. there is a second and stronger system and colder system too. it's up here in the pacific northwest. this is dropping right down to the bay area for our sat. this is going to produce the chance of some periods of heavy rain going into tomorrow afternoon and evening, chance for thunderstorms as well. gusty winds that could be getting up to up over 30 and 40 miles per hour. by the time sunday morning rolls around, we could have
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snow down to 2,000 feet and maybe a few inches of know. i'll let you know how the weekend is shaping up for sunday a little bit later on. >> let's head outside to see what the conditions are like right now. where it's a wet and chilly evening. doug? >> reporter: cold night here. i'm sure that could be said for many parts. take a look at at the -- at the rain. it's been coming down consistently. so far it hasn't caused any major problems yet. take a look at the storms right here at the corner of 12th and broader. so no major problems, for experience covering the storms. , on the second on third day of the rain, on the first day, the ground is just getting saturated. this is the first winter storm of the season, so some people are still getting readjusted to
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this kind of environment. i notice here in downtown oakland some folks are ready. a lot of people have their umbrellas out with their thick jackets. i did encounter a few people who were not -- who were notaried for this weather. >> it makes it worse because it's doing it in all of this direction. >> reporter: are you upset? >> no. >> reporter: you guys don't have any thick jackets? >> i didn't expect it to rain. i wanted to go to the movies. look all cute but the rain mess up my stuff. >> reporter: aside from the rain, they're still in lake tahoe region this weekend, conditions could be hazardous and they're wanting people to be careful. also, the chp respond to more car accidents today than a
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typical days. authorities are asking drivers to slow down in this kind of wet weather. they're saying that folks need to slow down so if there are some kind of hazardous conditions they can slow down. live in oakland. kron4 news. >> it was a 10:00y gay all around. of course that means there's a snowy day in the sierra. this was a scene tonight on interstate 80. you can see the snow there. if you are headed that weekend, you can watch your tires and chains available if you're driving over any passes. hundreds of thousands of passengers are already gone or getting ready to head out. jonathan bloom gives us an updated report on a rush to leave town.
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>> san francisco one -- this is the official start of the thanksgiving travel season, when you combine all those people with the tsa new body scanning, it's recipe for long delays. this report -- >> it seemed to be. >> airport officials say this could be the calm before the storm in a year that so far has been shaping up as ffo busiest ever. 3.5million travelers came through in october breaking the record ten years ago and thanksgiving week is expected to see more this fall. by early evening the airlines were back on schedule and full staff including this 120-pound ticketing agent kept the front counters under control. lines of security were a bit listeninger. >> i think the scanners show a
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little bit more soft tissue than maybe necessary. >> i don't have a problem with it if i'm flying every now and then. but i do have a problem with it if i had to be subjected to it on a daily basis. >> for others, i think it's perfectly fine. >> when faced with a choice of posing or getting a pat down, the vast majority chose the machine over strange pair of hands. >> remember, this is just a start of holiday travel and busiest day will be this coming must understand. they're expecting more than 123,000 people. airport officials remined to get there at least hour and a half longer if it's international. >> our weatherq continues online. you can always find the latest forecast for your area on our weather section of and more for brian on our forecast a little bit later in the newscast. new details now on the richmond
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high school homecoming gang rape. the first of the hearing rapped up today. so far the judge has heard graphic testimony from police officers and nurses who care for the 16-year-old victim. 7 men ranging in age from 16-43 are accused of raping the girls outside richmond's home coming. >> reporter: the victim said she couldn't remember the attack, said she did remember someone holding u a bottle of alcohol so she couldn't stop taking a drink. the defendant's attorney says this statement was sprung on them with no warning and they wanted it thrown out as hearsay. >> certainly in my mind it is significant, you know, it's part of the assault included,
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you know, her not having a choice of whether she drank or not. there was evidence that she did drank voluntarily too. it's not like they held her down without any cooperation. >> there were question on the stands for two days, the victim's head was swollen and bruised. that her dress was wet and smelled of urine. she found foreign material near her buttock area. there was a suction wound with possible similar have. >> there will be much more graphic testimony on monday, that is when the second nurse who assisted in taking the rape kit will take the stand. the backlash against the new security measures continues. now the tsa has changed its regulation when it come to commercial pilot. look at the new rule, plus what some travelers are planning to do this coming wednesday, the
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day before thanksgiving. just ahead on kron4 news.
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president obama arrived in portugal for the nato summit today. he says that nato had agreed to his plans for new expanded defense system. this stop was a bright spot for the president who had mixed results on his proposals at the gd20 summit. a statewide stream of sex offenders admitted this weekend, 167 offenders were paroled violations in our region. the effort was spurred by the mistakes. the guard was held captive 18 years. the suites are -- sweeps are caused operation safe playground. the san francisco nursing student held by immigration in arizona and facing deportation monday through his native peru will not be deported after all.
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that's because of a last minute effort who prepared a bill to allow him to stay while congress considers her request. now, lee will come back here tomorrow. we have some wet weather for tonight and for this entire weekend, the possibility for snow as well. i'll have your forecast coming up. verizon's your home for samsung galaxy.
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right now patience is running low and government is back peddling. as of today pilots will not have to go through the new machines or suffer if they refuse t. transportation safety agency says, they will only need to present photo id to get through security, but for the rest of us, the government is standing by to use what it caused advanced imaging
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technology. the tsa web site includes a reminder that most people will not have to go through the pat down they will be used for passengers who set off alarms or refuse today go through the imaging machines. the tsa points to new poll showings, four out of five americans support the full body scanners. that is national day next wednesday traditionally one of the years busiest travel days, they are encouraging people to choose the pat down. tsa warns the protest could touch off a cascade of delays at major airports. >> some airports including sso and private companies to set up the tsa staff to do the screenings, those private guards must follow all of the tsas procedures. it is a cold and rainy night. we have steady light to moderate rain falling right now here on storm tracker 4. basically to the southeast of
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i-80 things beginning to dry out now as the back edge of this slowly moves to the south. it's going to be several more hours before this form banned of -- band of rain is out of here. so expect the rain to continue to come down for the overnight hours. more is on the way later this weekend. here is storm tracker four where you see the green and yellow, that's where we have the snow and a lot of it in the seer are tonight. they will be dropping to about 1500 feet by sunday morning, lots of snow is forecast here in the -- forecast here in the mountains. snow fall mountains over 3 feet. it's not out of the question that some of the higher elevations could get upwards of 4 feet of snow. with snow levels dropping, we'll see 3 to 4 inches possibly. here it is future cast at
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midnight, the light rain now into the east bay and moving into the south bay it will continue to push south through the nighttime hours tonight. we get a little bit of a break tomorrow morning with still some showers in the picture here for tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain arrives for tomorrow afternoon and evening. here is midday tomorrow. there is that first batch of showers. we'll see a few batches of these showers coming through through the afternoon hours for tomorrow. some of them could be heavy at times with the possibility for thunderstorms too. the heaviest rain arrives around 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night and that pushes out for the overnight hours tomorrow night and into sunday morning. by the time sunday morning rolls around we can see snow levels down around 1500 feet. high temperatures for the day 50s looking ahead at the 7 -- still some showers left around for sunday, micked in with sunshine, somehow -- mixed in with sunshine.
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getting nicer toward the end of next week, pam. new at 11:00 new online discussion right now on possible new uniforms for the national football league. take a look these new uniforms are allegedly designed by nike. the nfl will begin using these for beginning of 2012 season. we asked a few bay area football fans what they thought. >> i think that will be my top choice. bangels i like their current helmet. the patriots won, it was a little bit too much for me. >> more futuristic, i'm glad they're having fun with the new uniform, the new look. i believe the -- i'm more of a classic old school kind of guy, so i like the old raider uniform. i like what i see. i'm more fond of the 49ers say
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like for my first choice of the new uniforms. the raiders are good. i didn't care for the cincinnati bengals. the helmets are too busy. >> i'm more of a traditionalist, so, you know, i'm not a big fan of changing a lot of looks. coming up in sports, stanford get ready for tomorrow's game. the warriors came in tonight undefeated at home host the new york knicks. gary has the results in all the sports coming up next.
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he had 40 points tonight. if anybody can mess with me, it's the man to your right. i love that agent. feldman he's going for 35 and 11 assists. reggie williams scored 15 in the fourth quarter. they came back to trail by 2. then right at the finish. 23 over all. three triple. 125-119 warriors first home loss. side mire had 26 trying to play without david lee. it is a big game time. now kicking you have tomorrow 12:30. taking his 6th rank stamford team. they're 6 and a half point favorites favorites. cals coming up. they won the last 7 of 8 big
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games. >> it's always fun, you know, you go out there and you kind of have a position for the guys. you have -- you know them a little better than you know all the other type teams. >> it's what you play for. it's what college football is about. you're prepared all season every week. you have a game every week. this one is the one. this is the one you have to win, you know, the team will go 1-9. that's -- >> all right. boise state football you better duck if you're the opponent, man are they good. keller moore and the orange uniform were in need for the first time tonight. they win tonight 51-0 over fresno state. but it was 51-0. they are 4th ranked and going to finished undefeated. sunday is major profootball business around these parts.
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49 trying to keep juice in their season. in the morning. it's the raiders 7 point underdog than pitburg, oakland is -- pittsburgh. oakland is running a winning game streak. my prediction is the quarterback will feel confident. >> we're a very confident team, you know, we've won cup games in the row. guys are pushing each other to get better and better. any time you put a team like pittsburgh, you've got to be on your ps and qs. the. >> the panic comes from media and fans. we put that behind us and move on. our focus has been very good raiders team. >> last night we told you about yankees stadium is going to host game tomorrow, northwestern versus illinois. that's the new thing, pam, when
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you build a stadium, money is tight, jam everything into one film. a load of baseball fields, but they can play football too. >> good night everybody. ♪ ♪
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