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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 26, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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he posted leaving for afghan tomorrow night. if later that night he posted tonight's going to be good night we'll need to realize that afghan is coming up in a few hours. his next post as 3 1/2 hours until i stop my cammies on and had to afghan. he talked about staying on an air force base in europe than one of the most chilling pose said it just hit me that i should be a little nervous. his last post was on the whatever 30 as far as i phoned and said after a few days of travel and were finally going to be an afghan. us the data wednesday in a province in afghanistan the department of defense did not release the circumstances allow up to his death. the bank imposed by front of his said it's still unreal to me and everyone else. think for you for everything you've done, banks for the memories love you rest in paradise. x and san jose jeff bush kron 4 news. >> clause in walnut creek looking for three suspects
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to rugged diner early on the giving morning. employes at a black bear that there were locking up for the night with his 23 people in masks and black clothing for some back into the restaurant. force them to open the safe. >> they approach an employee has he left and behind that person after the assault him. >> please say the thieves had a 12 in. knife and a baseball bat they got away with about $600. 20 years after a triple homicide in monterey county authorities have finally arrested a suspect. police say ramon fled to mexico in 1990. he's suspected of shooting his 12 year-old son, his wife and her 23 year-old nephew. it happened outside king city he was extradited to the u.s. and is now police custody. >> @ this sierra has seen 9 ft. of snow in five days
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this past week so they've got a lot of it. a lot of snow though still on the side of the highway headed toward the mound. ski resorts are reporting some the biggest overall totals and years. kron 4 meteorologist brad >> or is more so coming up for this week and possibly one to 2 ft. of snow for the highest elevations of the sierra from this weather system here it's moving to the south the use of heading toward the sierra tonight and heading toward the bay area tonight as well. we will see the raid began here before midnight and into the early morning hours. before midnight early morning after midnight for the south bay temperatures right now cooling-off or the upper '40's from santa rosa to fairfield. san francisco checking in the low 50s. but the shots from mount tam this was 45 minutes ago beautiful view of this subset of the pacific. for
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this evening the clouds will continue its second in that leads up to the chance for rain beginning around midnight to some places after a period through the morning and look for steady rain at times was possibly heavy rain it will be on the left side for the most part. going into the afternoon it's going to be a mixture of sun, clouds and showers of more details on the forecast coming up. >> in national ms. president barack obama was injured during a friendly game of basketball today. he is sealed in the towel to his face. he was treated at the white house to get 12 stitches in his leg. the white house says an employee from the employe congressional institute areas accidently abel the president during the game he said the start. the bomb of family christmas tree as a rabbit the white house beautiful horses there 18 1/2 but douglas for broadband the first lady and first daughter's walk on the delivery. to the planning to
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display the huge tree in the blue room it's expected to take about a week to get a decorated and ready to show off. >> this is satellite checking in from afghanistan i want to say hello to all my friends and family back in walnut creek california. mom and dad, mack, kress, i'll be back to see you guys in the bay area. >> we would love to say hello to our west coast. we love you all would love taking care of our wooded warriors here in germany >> i'm based in kuwait on what to say hi to my mother anne-marie and all my brother's in san francisco california. i want to wish a merry christmas and happy california. i want to wish a merry christmas and happy new year. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari.
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federal agents on the total task force has found another sophisticated drug tunnel. it runs from home until 10 mexico tool warehouse about half mile away in san diego. several arrests have been made it their one has been confiscated and kron 4 as jonathan blum is a look at where this tunnel was found. chuck johnson >> this is a big title not only is it as long as seven football fields but it's also a lot more complicated than the last. it's about 400 ft. lower than the tunnel. here send it to big city and here's to what the big city. the to meet here this imaginary line that is the u.s.-mexico border and the tunnel is going across the u.s.-mexico border. tijuana has a residential neighborhood that such a raid by the 21 there airport and it comes within two blocks of the border. san diego has a warehouse district and that also comes within two blocks of the u.s.-mexican border.
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this green line is the 2,200 ft. tunnel that was connecting a house in tijuana with not one but two warehouses in san diego. this warehouse right here have told the floor of the back of the warehouse that led to a title was dug under the parking lots and st. spirited action stopped at another warehouse here and that when all the way across the border under basis and you feel the joy home into what that actually had a grosz big enough for small tractor trailer and was being used to transport thousands of tons of marijuana at a time. drug enforcement agent said what this was one the most competent of tunnels he's ever seen. >> having been in several tunnels this is one of the most sophisticated titles that i've seen in terms of the lighting systems and ralph systems and construction. tickets here say this was a tunnel were a lot of drugs were being pushed through. coupled with the fact that this total location was one of the first times ever seen where
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there was the construction of the electrical unit said everything or you would be able to access from both sides of the border to several locations. they don't know how much to their what was found in this tunnel and more was blocking the title. they haven't been able to get to it all yet. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> experts have suspended their work authorities found a large amount of explosives in this house. this it's just too dangerous to continue to work there. they're making plans to reap enter the home at another time. among the items found the same kind of explosive that was used in last month's attempted of the car bombing. >> rain is coming into the area future cast showing it at all like to know how long it will be here coming up. >> even on this friday after this giving a lot of people off work plenty of traffic out there. stay with us.
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in washington and teheran. >> this is a pretty scene your looking at union square san francisco the annual christmas tree lighting is going to happen a little while. if the zero special guests including pat burleson the giants, kathryn mcphee. as he could see a lot of people out there. it's expected happened at 6:47 p.m. >> and it's a nice evening with a partly cloudy skies and temperatures in san francisco right now the low 50s it feels very seasonal was cooler temperatures tonight and the chance for rain but that will hold off until after midnight
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tonight. good weather for the tree lighting. storm tracker for this day in the area. future cast attendee enshrine the rain still to the north of santa rosa but that makes its way to the cells so by midnight marin and sonoma as well as napa county is looking at light rain. that rise in san jose the south bay and east bay by 2:00 a.m. carried its initial going to be on the light side a little heavier for the north bay as indicated by the yellow color. the first batch of rain wraps up at 7:00 a.m. and it looks like will have a couple hours of dry weather before the second round of showers comes in by mid to late morning. there could be pockets of heavy rain with the second round of showers into the early afternoon hours by mid to late afternoon toward 4 to 5:00 p.m. the rain begins to wrap up and will see drying conditions into tomorrow night. future cast showing rainfall amounts on the light side nothing to have feet. about a quarter to a
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half-inch for spots on the day with hot sauce into the north bay. as much as three- quarters of an inch. lots of rain expected there's going to be a snowy day for saturday for the sierra but the snow ends for sunday start of next week. temperatures in the bay area tonight warmer than what we've seen the past couple of nights a look for '40's here in most places with 39 fairfield, tomorrow highs into the '50s with a couple breaks of sunshine. sunday mostly sunny afternoons with morning clouds. the dry weather continues for monday and tuesday the next chance for rain coming up wednesday. >> while most recognize the onion for what it is an entertainment organization of major news network could not seem to get the joke posted one of the onions articles about president barack obama without mentioning the story was not
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true. kimberly joins us with the story. >> the website is called fox nation its fox news opinion website and is today posted at one of the onion joke articles as truth. that's take a look at what the headline was exactly. frustrated 0, suns rambling 75,000 word e-mail. the riposted from the first to bear grass from the story without any reference of the pieces of fiction. let's take the next piece of video because later in the day they did add the onion to the title letting readers know it's from a satire site. i took a look at the comments majority of them still act as though it's real news. some include read it, learned, live it fox keep it coming with a harsh truths doctrine. another one said they should be enough to have him removed from office immediately. >> my name is alyssa arsenates and daughter
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camille we want to say hi from oakland california we love you. >> and here i can't virginia kuwait. on my way home. love your mother happy holidays and i will see you soon. >> i'm here in baghdad and iraq. what to say had to my mom and dad my dad in san pablo out what to say happy holiday.
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black friday shoppers have been out in force across the u.s. in some cases there were hot tempered along with hot bargains two women got into a fight over the last discounted t.v.. >> it's a tv. don't push me.
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wow. it's a tv. just one person one tv. because you're so nice about it you can have mine. >> people are fighting. >> thank you so much. >> and least attended well in southern california police were called to of malt and three go after reports abroad. 69 got into a fight in the food court we don't know what that was about. nobody was injured. hear stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> yes it's that time of year again time for you to get your holiday shopping on. this time of the year is a great time to find bargains. better believe
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it's also a great place to find people behaving badly. get out your official police parking lot placard apart in the firelight. when you get a flat screen tv make sure it can fit completely in the car. or tied to the roof. but not with twine. also try not to run over your brand new 46 in. samsung at least until after you can get it home. giving away balloons to shoppers is serious business just make sure you don't get caught selling balloons without a permit. if you insist on driving a $60,000 as you the into the city tried to make sure your registration is current. if it's not the san francisco police might write you a ticket or even total way. the driver told me she lives paki's most of the time so were doing the registration was on her list of things to do. don't use your cell
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phone while driving especially when there's a cops standing by. >> san francisco police department you were seen talking on the fall it's a violation. >> please give parking force and a break this officer was back on by a driver who did like being told to stop at red light. so shot safely and take this advice from mcleod. don't get put on people behaving badly. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. it if you of a comment or story idea for stanley e-mail us at people behaving badly at >> it's a nice night rain is on the way for tonight you will have your forecast coming up. >> today to kron 4 saturday from 7 to 8:00 p.m. and content highlights of the giants world series parade again that's tomorrow night at
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. hot deals and hot tempers the shoppers across the u.s. at the stores for black friday. in some spots the early morning maniac could return to chaos. as buyers got out of control tonight kron 4 has a look at the black friday frenzy across the bay area and why it's not too late to get your hands on some great deals. >> that was a nightmare for some charts that target in york at least one shopper trampled as the crowds really got out of control basically running away using it there. shoppers piled up on each other just seconds after the door opened. we're told people got mad and excited but nobody was seriously injured. in the best buy in san rafael hundreds of people would waited in line overnight finally getting inside and
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locking in calmly. the deal's not just at electronics stores as kron 4 crags car shoppers were just about everywhere today. >> great mall in milpitas is being blasted open at midnight you can see shoppers selling them all the lines are plentiful. this line to get into old navy a 20 minute wait. once inside the house a pack. the economy the lines are long and black friday here alleviate an hour to get to the register. >> this is our first time being here at old navy of for black friday used to light up we just wait for other days. >> that's nothing down the vehicles department store the line is even longer this one a two hour wait. >> and getting to pillows at the white for three years. (laughter) in two hours. >> it's black friday you have to shop. >> in places like the great
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mall their opening to stay longer than there used to accommodate >>. forcing more stores open up earlier >>. the milpitas great kron 4 new >> in downtown walnut creek deep discounts and sales that only lasted a couple of hours got hundreds of shoppers packing into the store is very early in the morning. >> we would appear wind and we went to target it and target was a complete totals do. we get a 26 in. of his hit tv for to a box which you can't beat carey and >> many of these veteran black friday shoppers say it's all about pacing yourself and coming up the planned to make sure you get you want. >> i got at $20 pair jeans from asian and terry and i had hearings and then get a free watch. and ice free watch. >> braving the crowds,
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looking a couch is getting toys for the girl's christmas shopping having a good time. >> here's a look that some holiday sales figures when hundred 38 million shoppers expected to take part of today's black friday sales retailers expect estimate sales to be up 2.3% from last year. for also projecting 4.4 $7 billion to be spent this holiday season. home shopping center in downtown san francisco is trying to attract stopper's by making shoppers easier with technology. kimberly shows is how works. >> it's the west field shopping center they launched it to not only helps shoppers with black friday today but also to help them draw up the holiday shopping season. as take a look see how that works. there are a variety of different buttons first of all will get directory lists all of the different stores that are the mall all those dozens of stores. when you click on one it gives you a description of the store are linked to the
6:04 pm
website on napa and even includes a phone number just in case you want to call the store and ask some questions. next up parking that's a big deal for shoppers are going to want to many people as a car because can't remember where the park it with this that it's no problem of lets you take notes on where you park to or make a voice memo. it says information about special events, retailer promotions, store hours and even has a digital map of the mall. it's available for free on the i pad, i phone tripod. >> the day after the eggs giving that means is time for the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony across the bay area in less than an hour it will be led. that's where kron 4 dahlin is live how was a glowing dots? >> i with a lot of people take a look to my right there are literally thousands of people here at union square waiting for the tree lighting ceremony. there's no place to movers dance across the street take a look they're literally thousands more people
6:05 pm
standing across the street waiting for the tree lighting ceremony from many families this tree lighting ceremony is a tradition to kick off the christmas holiday. santa claus and san francisco died at pearl will be making letting the trip since 45 so was of time here before that happens. in the meantime, there's a lot to do for those families, and ice skating land for people to skate the stage here were singers are performing christmas music, if in fact american that i don't want broadcast from a fee will be singing three songs at about 630 home heat of. they say this is a tradition they're going to pass on to their little ones. >> the big tradition so i'm trying to show my daughter when i was a kid i would watch the tree lighting it just a great thing. >> because the union square
6:06 pm
where do shopping and get to go ice skating with my two daughters today. >> it's amazing scene your taking a live look at the street you can see thousands of people lining up waiting for the tree lighting ceremony at union square. he can barely find a place to stand in barely moved. if you do want to get out public transit is your best bet. traffic as you can imagine is a mass the cars are barely inching along there's no place to park anyways. once you get here there's a lot to do and you should enjoy yourself. live here in san francisco dollar and kron 4 news. >> there's rain on the way for tonight but it should hold off until the ceremonies are complete its forecast to rise around midnight tonight. right now san francisco temperatures the low 50s over the upper '40's low 50s from the rest the bay area. here's the raid on storm tracker 4 just to the north and pushing to the south for tonight. we're
6:07 pm
looking at some wet weather coming up for sunday. increasing clouds for tonight from the system the club is beginning to overspread the entire bay area. the rain coming for the overnight hours it is forecast to be steady rain it could be heavy at times into tomorrow morning with showers lasting through much of the day. election know how long this will weather will stick around. >> were looking again live in union square in san francisco it's a very pretty sittingda k \lin. it's set to happen in about 40 minutes. stay with us.
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a number of travelers going to sfo was up compared to last year. kron 4 christine conley shows is how busy things have been at the airport today. >> over 100,000 travelers are expected to go through
6:11 pm
sfo today i did notice the short-term parking lot was filling up with people as they're coming to pick up their loved ones. this year sfo sought 4% increase in the number of travelers compared to last thanksgiving holiday. here's a look at the lines and security you concede they're not too long there sang on averaged about 10 minutes to get through security. of course there's been a lot of talk of a full body scan as a zoom in here you could see one of them here sfo. it's not even in use at this point. they say they haven't had complaints no major problems there was a protest earlier this week but that really didn't cause any delays here at sfo. one thing i noticed as folks are going serve here i have watched them tell them to put their bags in this size are here and if they don't fit in this and they're sending them back to ticketing so if you're traveling you want to make sure that your carry-on bag is the right size. they're telling people to get here 90 minutes before the flight to make sure they make it.
6:12 pm
>> he might have to wait awhile after winning for a license from the dmv. the department is blaming the delay and licenses and the enhanced security features. friday's for state workers another reason for the backlog licenses including images can only be seen with ultraviolet light. >> the rain is coming away for tonight it's good to be here for tomorrow. all tell you how long it's going to last for this weekend coming up. this friday only, buy one of these smartphones
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and get a great jawbone icon hero headset free. only at verizon.
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let's take a quick look at traffic the james lick is on the left to the bay bridge toll plaza on the right to we've been saying even though a lot of people not working today released on the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is beginning to pile up although traffic in both locations moving along fairly well. let's take a look at the top zero cameras this year with the hearing about this for really busy beginning season for ski resorts. there say they're
6:16 pm
getting most the most know this in a long time. the highway going up to now and as you can see are pretty clear but a lot of the snow on the side of the road before you do head to the mount check for any change requirement. kron 4 dan it was in this here today as more people were heading up for the holiday weekend. >> this year mountains plenty of sunshine and still lots of good times for people appear. the good news for today was highway 83 this year was as clear as he could hope for. sunny skies to a lot of folks up here to play in this note and they took exit 156 off 580 this is where you would of scene. hundreds of families applying in the snow. everywhere you look is that kids running as let down his little hills and building a snowman this kid climbed a trade route of the largest lead. people are having a good time in this it was much better quality time with their family been going shopping. >> this year i don't shop. i decided to spend time with
6:17 pm
children and family and have fun. >> more snow on the way for this weekend for saturday. another one to 2 ft. of snow expected over the higher elevations of this year would restore whether an affect on saturday mornings for a sunday morning was snow levels dropping to about 2,500 ft. from the system here it's moving to the south headed toward the sierra. at 10:00 p.m. the rain north of santa rosa but was to this house so by midnight the light rain beginning to appear for napa, marin, sonoma county and by 2:00 a.m. to light rain overspread the entire bay area to the east bay and south bay with heavier rain beginning to show up here for the north bay. first batch of rain is over around 60 7:00 a.m. and then we get a break and are more showers arriving for the late morning hours. some showers could be heavy at times briefly heavy rain for
6:18 pm
the early afternoon and by 4:00 p.m. the showers will begin to become more standard and die down into the evening. for rainfall totals as far as they go look for about half inch to three-quarters of an inch around the bay area with highs of us here in the north bay. though temperatures tonight not as cold as what we've seen look for '40's most places with highs tomorrow once again into the low to mid '50's. if there could be break the sunshine but it's going to be a fairly what date. that's not the same for sunday though, mostly sunny skies on the way the highs in the fifties will be dry for monday and tuesday with a chance for rain returning on wednesday. catherine. >> this is a marine has died in afghanistan during his first tour overseas was just months after he arrived. jeff bush tells you about the young marines life and the people loved him. >> 19 year-old lance corporal hart and joseph
6:19 pm
died in the province of us can stand the day before the giving. he was on his first appointment into the combat so it was working as a combat engineer. the department of defense did not release have died. he graduated from piedmont high school last year and joined the marine shortly after that he made several posts about his to climb on his face book page. leaving for afghanistan tomorrow night, later that night he posted tonights going to be a good night to won't even realize that afghan is coming up a few hours. his next close as 3 1/2 hours until i saw my canby's on and had to afghan treated them one of his most chilling pose said it just hit me that i should be a little nervous. his last post was on september 30th from as i phone it said after a few days of traveling were finally going to be an afghan carried at thanksgiving posed by a friend of his said it's still unreal to me and everyone else. thank you for everything you've done, thanks for the memories,
6:20 pm
love you rest in paradise. in san jose jeff bush kron 4 news. >> the silicon valley aids leadership center in san jose is closing its doors because of money problems. santa clara county cut funding to the organization and donations have dwindled. the center raise money annually for hiv programs and it was the main organizer of the annual aids walk in san jose. it's not clear if another organization will step and to put on the aids walk next year. on a study suggesting that secondhand smoke kills more than 600,000 people are around the world each year. second-hand smoke researchers found 40 percent of children more than 30 percent of nonsmoking men and women regularly brave and secondhand smoke. scientists figure passive smoking causes 3079000 deaths from heart disease, 165,000 from lower respiratory disease, 37,000 from asthma and about 21,000 from one cancer. this
6:21 pm
holiday season, is giving banks to the men and women who are serving our country overseas. here's a look at some local troops share in their holiday greetings. >> johnny borden, who live in germany and like to say hello to my daughter brittany in hayward california very christmas happy new york >>. hello friends in california currently deployed here in afghanistan. i would like to send in their christmas to you to my dear wife and i love you a nickel and amelia. happy holidays to >>. a grease fire
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
interrupted the family meal keep your eye on the stove. >> get the turkey out of
6:25 pm
there. it's open. the fire is out. there. >> nice that everyone state, the woman was intent on trying to save the turkeys someone else was too. it is a once they did get the fire out to they were able to salvage the turkey dinner. that's cute little video this year santa's little help here it is your smart fall with the holiday shopping season now off and running retailers are making sure wherever shoppers go, the discounts and deals follow. the holiday shopping season is officially underway, shoppers are using smart phones to ring up deals from comparing prices,
6:26 pm
the fighting must have items. santa has else but you have a mobile phone. >> start simple find your favorite retailer on twitter of facebook for its close of discounts for fans and followers. the picture your checking in on gps that's like forswear. j.c. penney and toys arrests are among those with special perks for holiday shoppers. >> with four square for going to give you the opportunity to get a special jeffrey badge. >> the shot capped his livers were wonderful when you walk into stores that target and best buy. the sign exclusive deals based on your geographic area. meanwhile amazon price check what to scan bar codes in store and compare prices from different retailers. be sure to get deep daily discounts from group buying side since your mobile device ever morning. group bonn has kicked off a
6:27 pm
festive holiday ideas started living social starts 12 days of double items on december 13th. >> for helping consumers buy gifts for their loved ones carry >> and kimberly kron 4 news. >> temperatures turned a pilaf right now 45 and livermore, the rain is on the way for tonight allege no one to plan on that coming up >> live union square in san francisco hundreds and hundreds of people all excited about the annual christmas tree lighting said to happen and about 20 minutes. stay with us.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
tonight's big stories in one big block of news, more crews more stories right our top story. >> in san francisco thousands of people are packing union square for the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony take a look around me there and literally thousands of folks around here packed like
6:30 pm
sardines. there are no areas to what though, no place to move it in fact there lot of folks standing across the street is while waiting for the tree lighting ceremony. it santa claus and severed his good giant hasbro will be letting the tree at 645. in san francisco dollar in kron 4 news. >> in walnut creek black friday shoppers wrote in force. thousands of people packing downtown try to scoop up those sales, bargains and those deals before they disappear. many stores offering deep discounts especially today and then they're gone. parking spots hard to come by and a lot of crowds people said the target will that creek was absolutely crazy. reporting walnut creek kate thompson kron 4 news. >> in the south bay there plenty of shoppers to buy with the economy might be at the great wall. the moguls run the story goes for 55 minutes of leas. >> that's nothing eccles
6:31 pm
apartment store the line is long or this is a two are white. >> it's a crazy line. it's black friday at to shop. >> places like the great mahler willing to stay open great war hours of their use to carry >> at sfo over hundred thousand travelers are expected to go through the airport today this in a 4% increase as passengers this thanksgiving holiday compared to last year and they're also cutting off one of the busiest months in sfo history that's in october. the lines your security or averaging about 10 minutes for people to go through their recommending you get your nine minutes before your flight. christine conley kron 4 >> news in san jose a marine who graduated from piedmont high school died earlier this week and get the stand. 19 year-old arden joseph died in the helmand province the day before banks giving while serving as a combat engineer. he posted regularly of face book about his first applied them. the department of
6:32 pm
defense did not released because of his death. federal authorities discovered a lack bridge and tunnel carrying marijuana from tijuana to san diego this warehouse district. you can see the tunnels have a mile long 20 to defeat it started in the kitchen of a home at two-story home two blocks from the border here police say this is the most leverage tunnel they've ever seen it had fluorescent lighting hardwood floors and a system of rules that could carry drugs from one end to the other. there were 20 some odd tons of marijuana still left in the tunnel. jonathan blum kron 4 news >>. in the sierra mountains sunshine is all make for great times to be had. all
6:33 pm
the snow that has been removed from the parking lot has been turned into a winter playland get hundreds came here to play. it took advantage of the extra payoff they took the kid sledding. the reasons no arm drop any snow is to concede a sell-off. the good news is the roads were as clear as to call for them to be carried the lack of snow is coming crews enough to get the snow off the street and off the shoulder. >> rest of going to the syrup tonight and rain to the bay area will see the weather in place for tomorrow. the heaviest rain in the morning hours and starting to get lighter by mid to late afternoon. temperatures for the week hit in the '50s both saturday and sunday. dry weather to be in place for monday and tuesday but more of the rainy weather is on the way for wednesday with highs into the '60s. >> president barack obama injured during a friendly
6:34 pm
game of basketball today you will see him there holding a talent to his mouth he was treated by the white house doctor. he got 12 stitches in his letter. the white house said the employee this man accidently abel the president during the game. this is his photo he says he's sorry. fresh all telerate loss for north korea this as part of a hydro not aimed at a south korean island. this is video from the blast on tuesday. north korea warned today that it plans if southern and u.s. put the and its law on the brink of war. a north korean official said the country's military attack was punishment for the south's military drills. the bomb administration is warning that a release of classified u.s. files could endanger lives. white house officials say there warning government snell across the world. the u.s. and its highly the allies are bracing for what might come
6:35 pm
the release of hundreds of thousands of state department cables expected this weekend. with key lakes is not given an exact release time. >> stationed in united kingdom i would like to say hello to my sister dion in california and the rest of her family happy holidays i love you >> and i miss >> i'd geffen and like to say happy holidays to my mom, my sister nancy and gave and to my friends and family back column >>. happy holidays everyone i'm robert kerrey did like to say hello to my son patrick and all my family and friends in moscow's bay area. happy holidays.
6:36 pm
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now get up to $300 back via promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. first is black friday than cyber monday nowt small business saturday american
6:39 pm
express is doing a marketing blitz to encourage people to shop locally of locally owned stores. barry and businesses are hoping that catches on. >> i think it's a good snap back reactions for people who don't like black friday but had the saturday event it's a separate entity and i think it will be great if we get the word out. >> to encourage customers american express is giving a $25 credit to the first 100,000 cardmembers to register their card and use it to shop but small businesses on saturday. organizers say for every $100 spent at a local store, $60 does go back to the community. were accorded the store such a hassle wouldn't be easier to shop online? for some items the answer for retailers is yes but as kron 4 craig shows us there's still some price and service advantages to doing it the old-fashioned way. >> fighting traffic they be fun for some but getting
6:40 pm
great deals on line is still alternative but calling up a web site for store like old navy still has its limitations of black friday carried you can buy a sweatshirt on line but the stores to bring something else to the table this what your costs $10 in the store us and it would cost on line. the children's clothes are a better deal to. he can buy one get one free get a deal unit to that store not online. the number of offers of local store chains that come from breathing the crowds. >> with a door buster this morning didn't have one on line for the first is to customers we gave away next box connected dance revolution game. we also gave away cozies sox. we had some advantages of coming out today carried over radio shack another example coming in the website has price deals on your computer screen for cell phones and other items. inside the store the bundle together accessories that are available in cyberspace. >> you get the right away with your gps. it's always better to come in. >> during peak holiday
6:41 pm
season stores are going out of the way to offer web sites can't. in milpitas kron 4 news. >> sgt allison this is my wife tracy. happy holiday season to my sister cynthia and oakland california. happy holidays. >> safire into the cortes in korea. that would like to say hello to my family and friends out in san as the california. >> i like to say hi and happy holidays to mark and stephanie in southern california love you can't wait to marry on december 19th. >>
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
yes it's the time of year again time for you to get your holiday shopping on carried this time of the year is a great time to find
6:45 pm
bargains. as believe it's a great place to find people behaving badly the dutch official police parking tracker and parked in the fire late because we all know how hard parking is to find. we did your flat screen tv make sure conflict completely in the car. or tied to the roof but no twine. also tried to run over a year ban new 46 the ashes of a least until after you get home tonight giving voice belongs to shoppers a serious business off just make sure you don't get caught. >> selling bullets without permit if you insist on driving a $60,000 as you need to the city try to make sure your registration is current. if it's not the sentences copley's what richard ticket or even total way. the driver told me she lives back used most the time so renewing registration was on her list of things to do. don't use
6:46 pm
yourself, while driving especially when there's a cops standing by carried >> san francisco police department, you're seen talking letter from that's a violation >> please giving parking and forced a break this officer was back on by a driver who didn't like being told to stop a red light. shot safely and take this advice from a cloud. don't get put on behaving badly. and severed his go stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> get a comment or story idea for stanley e-mail us that people behaving badly at or going to head back out to da lin for the annual tree lighting. what's happening? >> it should happen any second inning and now it is scheduled to be led around 6:47 p.m. i think riding around that time now. santa
6:47 pm
claus is talking that's what i understand and san francisco giant hasbro will be letting the tree any second. in the meantime i want to give you a live look at what's going on. he see thousands of people are literally waiting for the tree lighting ceremony this place is packed to were talking about so many people that there's no room to moves it and no room to walk. the carefully get anywhere because it there that many people out here. in fact they had to shut down parts of gary street so they can accommodate all of these folks. i'm hearing some excitement coming from the tree and i don't know if they're letting it i don't hear a countdown right now support or to keep talking out to be fun facts. let's listen 3-52-1 (cheering) >> isn't she beautiful? 80
6:48 pm
ft. christmas tree right in front of macy's. let's give you fun facts about the street. it is 80 ft. in height, it came from mount shasta the it is about 30 ft. in wet the bed weighs about 30,000 lbs. and their 20,000 it alley delights around the trade it took the workers about 7 days to decorate the street. now the big task is safely getting it to thousands and thousands of people out of union square. all going to set it right back to catherine. >> that was beautiful we got to see it happening. thank you so much da lin. as we continue to look at beautiful tree one of the best college football games in recent memory. highlights coming up next. >> and kimberly stock amado right now on check out stanley roberts
6:49 pm
page as he investigates people behaving badly all across the bay area. it watches video report showing last minute thanksgiving shoppers creating chaos in the birthday party not. oakland residents using fake placards getting better free parking. if you're the star for stamina of the information on how you could e-mail him on this friday only, buy one of these smartphones
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be sure to tune in to kron 4 saturday from 7 to 8:00 p.m. you can catch highlights of the world series parade. and what's got to be the college football game of the year undefeated operate took on defending national defending champion alabama at an hour ago. as alabama jumped out to a 2420 lead the touchdown coming out on a 12 yd pass from greg that tied the lead
6:53 pm
24-7 1/2. here come the tiger is new and hooks up with carol zachary for 7 yd touchdown lead is now only 10 points. 24-14 alabama. the fourth quarter 27-21 alabama and and froze a 7 yd pass to felt would singer. for the winning touchdown in the driver's seat for the national championship game. the final score 28-27 the tigers. it the next up is the nc seat national championship game. the forty-niners are 3-7 but only two games out in the nfc west. after a spectacular gain the week before christmas and forty- niners offense struggled against tampa bay the team suffered its first home shut out since 1977. what can be
6:54 pm
expected from the new quarterback an offense monday night. >> last week we found troy a third stop. really when you look at that were still having to find out to attack what does this. what is that. what cannot do what situation cannot all be hand carried as he goes through the situation it's not the time to find that out. he have the ability to break and play there's to be games we have to work and recorders. i don't know exactly where is always going to play at obvious the tampa bay did some things. that week is in the past now were moving forward. point well taken as far as the team now are going to do different things. >> congratulations are in
6:55 pm
order for the warriors defeated fremont 42 did. to the oakland athletics championship they are now 12-0 this season hope to get it to play in the stable game. on to college hoops the cal bears facing no dame in the semifinals of the old spice classic that's in orlando. hoping to get to the title game but the irish would have none of that. carlton's got scores inside for no dame incredibly cal only scored five points in the first half and the irish led by 16. second-half the bears just throw in a three- pointer in the calicut's the lead to 10346-36. cal suffering its first loss of the season. in indiaand minneapolis high-school.
6:56 pm
let's take a look. (music) the students say they're now working on another video they're going to try and do one for the super bowl they have a commercial competition. good for them. believe he was a live look at the scene in san francisco union square were moments ago we watched that beautiful big trade being
6:57 pm
led. hundreds of people out there to enjoy it. as we watch that to we will see you again at 11:00 have a good night everybody. the black widow spider's severe bite
6:58 pm
can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
6:59 pm
inside this weekend's box office battle. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. ♪ welcome to burlesque >> our special holiday movie preview. >> cher, gwyneth, ann. whose movie will be the biggest box office hit. >> behind the fashion scenes of vera wang. >> the wedding dress designers affordable ready to wear line. it's vera wang for less just in time for the holidays. >> michael douglas. >> it's a challenge to stand up. >> one of his


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